The Magical Thinking of the Left

1228_World_-AntarcticaShip_full_600The Supreme Court of Iceland has ordered a halt to road construction because of the environmental impact on the elves. Most of the modern world no longer believes in elves, fairies or gnomes; but environmentalists still do.

Members of the environmentalist terrorist group Earth Liberation Front refer to themselves as “elves” and to their acts of sabotage and vandalism as “elving” or “pixieing.” Environmentalist eco-pagans divided themselves into “fairies” and “trolls” with the fairies sticking to non-violence while the trolls were more apt to get physical.

The Dragon Environmental Network, which in its own words “links environmental action with magical practice,” is one of the more successful environmental neo-pagan activist groups. DEN boasts of using “eco-magic” to stop progress and “channel positive energy.” The basic principles of their environmental activism include “honoring the fair folk”; better known as the fairies.

Trolls, fairies, goblins and elves are easy enough to laugh off and those who believe in them can be dismissed as irrational; but the fairy hunters fool more people when they slip out of their tunics and pointed ears and slip on their white lab coats and parkas.

The “Australasian Antarctic Expedition” set off to another cold place not in search of elves, but in search of melting ice.  Unlike the original expedition it knew exactly what it wanted to find. One of the purposes of the expedition was to “determine the extent to which human activity and pollution has directly impacted on this remote region of Antarctica.”

Considering the shortage of human activities in Antarctica, the reasonable answer would be zero, but the elves in parkas weren’t interested in being reasonable. They were out to provide a few more reels of propaganda showing that human industry was destroying the planet.

The AAE was supposed to provide supporting evidence that the East Antarctic Ice Sheet was on the verge of collapsing and melting. Instead it got trapped in the ice that wasn’t supposed to exist. A blizzard set in surrounding their vessel with pack ice and an expedition member who took off his gloves to write an email couldn’t move his fingers as they turned white.

The Snow Dragon, a Chinese icebreaker dispatched to save the AAE expedition vessel, MV Akademik Shokalskiy, from its own stupidity was forced to turn back because of the heavy ice. A French ship, L’Astrolabe, also had to pull out. Now the fate of the Warmist expedition rests with the Australian icebreaker, the Aurora Australis.

It’s not the first time that Warmists went looking for warming in the coldest places on earth and found only frozen ice.

This summer, MainStream Last First attempted to bring attention to the threat of melting ice by crossing the Northwest Passage in a rowboat. The effort was dubbed as a voyage made possibly only by climate change. Instead it also ran up against the ice that wasn’t there.

“This has been the coldest season with the most ice since we started Arctic Watch in 2000,” the expedition’s final entry quoted. “Almost no whales. The NWPassage is still blocked with ice. Some of the bays still have not melted!”

But true believers in elf magic and cow flatulence don’t give up easily even when surrounded by acres of evidence to the contrary. The entry concluded: “Our message remains unaffected though, bringing awareness to the pressing issues of climate change in the arctic.”

In the spring, another Warmist expedition set out to cross Antarctica and “make a decisive contribution to our understanding of the effect of climate change upon the poles.” It lost its leader, the explorer Ranulph Fiennes, who came down with frostbite and whose evacuation was delayed by a blizzard. Then the expedition had to be halted due to the difficulty and announced that it was turning its attention to science education instead.

Science education might have helped avoid the whole fiasco, but Warmists never learn from science or from recent history. No matter how often they freeze off their toes or have to be airlifted from the ruins of their ridiculous publicity stunts, they insist that the warming is there.

If you just click your green mukluks together three times and wish upon a Carbon economy.

In March, a Congressional hearing on global warming was snowed out. In February, a “Forward on Climate” rally in Washington complete with idiots in polar bear costumes waving signs reading, “Hands Off the Arctic” shivered through the cold. And finally, the White House convened its Task Force on Climate Preparedness this winter while the nation’s capital was shut down by a blizzard.

“You don’t need a weatherman/To know which way the wind blows,” Bob Dylan famously sang. But unlike their more famous scientific peers, the weathermen actually do know which way the wind is blowing. A quarter of them say that global warming is a scam. Only a third believe in man-caused global warming, or cow-caused, as the case may be.

The professional Warmist PhDs sneer at the weathermen, but unlike the theoretical experts, the local weatherman actually has to get the weekend forecast right. If he doesn’t, there will be real people angry at him for telling them that the sun would shine when instead it rained for three days straight. He can’t refuse to release his data or lecture angry viewers that the rain they’re experiencing is only an anomaly.

The Warmist PhDs are as detached from the vicissitudes of real weather as the Dragon Environmental Network is from the laws of physics. They make their money from grants financed by special interests hoping to ram through a carbon tax and turn their investments into a massive carbon economy. They don’t care about accurate weather predictions. Instead they hide their data and reinterpret it so that the sky is always falling and the ice is always melting even in the coldest of blizzards.

Every now and then an Arctic expedition into the ice that isn’t supposed to be there comes face to face with the fact that the polar ice doesn’t seem to be aware of their settled science. But just as the lack of elves never disproves the need for elf environmental impact studies, all the ice in the arctic can’t stop the wannabe elves in their expensive parkas from believing that technology is destroying the world.

The left likes to claim that it’s part of the reality-based community. But the reality that it’s based on exists only in the human imagination. The unreal left lives in an imaginary world of fantasy economics where money is infinite, in a world of fantasy science where cow flatulence is the greatest threat to mankind and in a world of imaginary politics where everything is possible if only they believe it is true.

A sufficiently advanced technology may be indistinguishable from magic, but the left’s ideological eco-magic is no substitute for science.

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  • camp7

    Let’s not discourage the cultural significance of elves and fairy tales. They portray a continuing liturgy of humor and surrealism paradoxically common with the make-believers of the contemporary pure. They are all cute in an innocent way – dancing on the iceland of fantasy, circles of illuminated saviors of terra firma.

    Never mind the carbon footprint of icebreakers and helicopters. It’s only in the footnotes, far from the fantasy’s theme.

    • Michael__Durham

      yeah, they’re “cute”, alright – until they find out they don’t get their way…and then get hold of their beloved AK-47s and firebombs.

    • carpe diem 36

      they have their theories and to them those are hard as facts. what I would do is not rescue them, let them live their fantasies. maybe eventually the others will join them and we will be rid of them.

      • camp7

        I know some of (them). Puffed up promulgators of their own preposterous points of contention. Amusing in a way..

  • A Z

    This is going to take some more investigation. Mainly how many of them are like this. When you here Gaia, you know some take it seriously and to others it is just an icon without serious belief.

    Many of these people are rejecting monotheistic religion because it is the religion of the majority and they feel disenfranchised. Life is tough. The 1% get all the new electronic gizmos 10 or 15 years before the rest of us.

    It is a fallacy to believe everything was better before the Judaism or Christianity. There were the gladiatorial games that grew out of funerary games for the village or city (polis) 1%. The Celts were head hunters as were the people of the steppe. The Ligurians use to decorate the lintel of their doors with heads. They had the Etruscans, Romans & Celts weirded out and afraid. These people were well in tune with nature and Mother Earth. they were like communists and socialists. They had several varieties of Gaia worship. One of them was bound to have been the real thing, yeah?

    • justquitnow

      Well…monotheism’s been great…it had a great run and it helped organize and motivate civilization like never before….so, what’s next.

      • A Z

        Yours is a rather strange post seeing as it came from you. It almost sound conciliatory in the 1st part.

        Maybe you should study existentialism. Think about ti, we are all going to experience an existential failure at some point.

        I am not an anti-theist. I am more like those electron plots around the nucleus of an atom. I dearly love my culture. I regards the stories of the Greek, Norse Gods as stories. I have moved beyond the staple of the Greek and the Norse into Asian, Indian, Slavic, African …(you get the picture).

        seeing as to how all these people are weak minded ad other are bent on tearing down the culture, I am feeling rather ornery. I leave you with this thought.

        I would not take much to make these magical thinkers to believe in head hunting and that you can obtain a part of a persons power be kiIIing them and keeping their head.

        Is that next?

        Not a far cry from the knockout game to head hunting.

        • justquitnow

          I was being kind of a sarcastic there…

          I’m pretty well versed in a lot of different philosophies. Existentialism is a means to an ends…I don’t think anyone settles down there.

          “Religion is an insult to human dignity. Without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” – Steven Weinberg

          • Daniel Greenfield

            “But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

            ….Or Socialism.

          • justquitnow

            Yeah, I guess that would included anything you want to believe in with cult-like devotion.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            And if good people are willing to do evil things, were they ever really good people?

          • The March Hare

            It has been theorized that good and evil exist in all humans and the nurturing of parents control the direction of the dominating factor. The surrounding influence of others, culture, environment, etc., can and will, determine the nature of your life and behavior if you don’t have a strong foundation instilled in you by your upbringing. Socialism is a strong influence and getting stronger, but in order to even make a dent into your belief system, your belief system has to have some weakness in it. Parents that are “open minded” can often fall for the seemingly innocuous teachings of socialism, not understanding the horrible truth of what it really is, and start their children off with a poor foundation thinking it to be the right thinking for the “good of humanity”.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            The lack of cultural transmission of moral codes is a major factor in social breakdown.

      • A Z

        What is next?

        Backpedaling to the year 1000 AD or 1 AD and head hunting?

        It is not a far cry from the knockout game to head hunting!

        • carpe diem 36


  • A Z

    As Palin of Monty Python pointed out no one wants anger Muslims. Hate to break the news but pagan religions are treated more harshly under Islam than religions practiced by peoples of the book (Judaism And Christianity). Christians are getting massacred in Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria. No Jews are getting kiIIed there, because frankly the Muslims can’t find any or they would. So what do you think they do to pagans?

    So word to the wise all those neo-pagans had better convert to Judaism, Christianity r Islam, because if they don’t some will scream Allahu Akbar and that will be it.

    • BagLady

      What has your rant got to do with climate change?

      • A Z

        The whole term pagans set off the train of thought. That and the knowledge that if a person holds militant leftists view on one subject they usually hold them on them all. It is a rule of thumb and I bet it hold 51% to 75+% of the time. So the rule has utility.

        These are the type of people that believe the putative norm is bad and so they are anti everything from anti-war to anti-Israel to anti-traditional values, etc.

        So, if they are eco-Pagans, they would probably call the readers of FPM Islamophobes. I am just pointing out what is in store for them.

        • kikorikid

          V.I.Lenin called for a “Vanguard” to lead the Marxist
          Revolutionaries to a workers paradise-Utopia.
          Sayyid Qubt called for a “Vanguard” to lead
          a “Global Jihad” to achieve a World Caliphate-Paradise.
          Both believe they are the “True Believers”.
          Both follow “the ends justify

      • A Z

        Please note 10 people got my post, so either you are very smart or you are very dumb.

  • Troll Hunter

    Ditto the Left’s Islamo-magic.

  • justquitnow

    “We’re stuck in our own experiment,” the Australasian Antarctic Expedition said in a statement. We came to Antarctica to study how one of the biggest icebergs in the world has altered the system by trapping ice. We … are now ourselves trapped by ice surrounding our ship.

    I think the writer of this article has zero respect for science, the truth, or the intellect of his audience.

    • Norbert Haag


      What you call science couldn’t further away from science.
      It is in fact a religion, where you have non-believers, heretics and saints together with a priesthood of so-called scientist that don’t give a dime for the scientific method but make “science” by acclamation.

      Science is logical reasoning using only the scientific method and taking what you get.

      What you call science seem to be scientism a new religion with no other connection to science as the terms the priests of that religion use.

      • justquitnow

        WTF are you talking about man? Heretics and saints? Methinks thou dost project too much.

        The writer said “The AAE was supposed to provide supporting evidence that the East Antarctic Ice Sheet was on the verge of collapsing and melting. Instead it got trapped in the ice that wasn’t supposed to exist.”

        I don’t know man…if you were entranced by the “did you know environmentalist were into pagan magic” bit I guess this sloppy bit of writing was worth it…for the joke or the point. What’s a little fib?

        • Norbert Haag

          If you don’t know what I am talking about you might want to educate yourself a bit about the environmentalist religion that calls itself science.

          You see scientist where called heretics because they didn’t buy into the “theory” of Man

          So if you do not know what I am talking about it just shows your lack of knowledge in that area.

          • justquitnow

            Yeah…no I understand. I just usually like my non-sequitur diatribes about what I believe on Tuesdays.

          • davarino

            I dont know what his point was (justquitnow). This shows the sloppy thinking of the left.

          • justquitnow

            Don’t let that stop you from posting. I posted from a Fox News article about why they were going there. They didn’t take a boat to go show there was no ice and get caught in ice. That’s a real knee slapper, I guess… it’s just not accurate.

            As per usual, having a problem with bad writing (I hesitate to call it journalism) is like a sweet smell of honey to some to swarm around and hand me beliefs and then argue against those beliefs in the same post. You don’t see that because you do it too. Where would you be without “lefty”.

          • Drakken

            You really are dumber than a bag of hammers, please don’t breed, we can’t afford more stupid people.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Saints? They are those who agree with the “consensus”.

          Heretics? They are those who don’t …

          The punishment for heretics, in the modern science world, is being cut off from funding.

          Mr. Greenfield used the environmentalists’ own language against them, in making reference to pixies, faeries, elves, and trolls. You may have trouble with this, but they use the terminology. Complain to them.

          In a world that has eschewed the monotheistic religions, the yearning of humans to worship has been replaced by science, which often is not true to the scientific method. Indeed, environmental science is almost never true to the scientific method.

          • The March Hare

            Yes. Most of what is passed off as environmental science isn’t environmental science, but propaganda.

    • edlancey

      “respect” – a fashionable cod word for unmerited deference – is exactly what the pseudo religion of global warming does not deserve.

    • y3524m

      if you honestly believe your own BS then you are honestly an idiot. are you paid to troll by some community outreach/activist group?

      • justquitnow

        I’m confused about what is BS? That quote was taken from a Fox News report of same.

        • y3524m

          “I think the writer of this article has zero respect for science, the truth, or the intellect of his audience”

          your FN quote was one thing but your premise quoted above was the BS

          • justquitnow

            Well thanks for stopping by like your the popo. OK…you think he respects you…whatever.

    • Drakken

      Judging by the complete idiocy that you post, why am I not surprised a progressive like you, believes the nonsense spewing from you cockholster, you are the prime example of our re-education system and you have zero critical thinking skills but sure spew the latest leftist garbage and show that you are educated beyond your capability and simple understanding.

  • Hass

    “the Australasian Antarctic Expedition”

    I am so embarrassed…

    • jude newman

      Only be embarrassed if you agree 2013 was the hottest year on record

      • Hass

        LoL, I’m an Aussie.

  • DogmaelJones1

    The basis of a new Kevin Costner movie, “Field of Dreams II” — if you go there, the ice won’t be there. A dramatization of the primacy of consciousness, as opposed to the primacy of existence.

  • Bamaguje

    Note how some of the clever-by-half warmists have disingenuously changed tack to ‘man-caused climate change’, as there has been no evidential support for global warming in the last two decades… with occasional reports snow in unlikely places like Saudi Arabia.

    Apparently, climate was static before we pesky humans came along and assaulted it with civilization. Never mind that ice ages came and went long before we Homo sapiens evolved.


    The BBC and the Guardian had journos on board the icebound ship, but remain curiously silent…….propaganda comes before truth these days unfortunately.

    • Edgar Davidson

      Sky have been much worse than even the BBC and Guardian in their obsessive ‘climate change’ agenda. Someone there has a very strong motive for covering up the truth. Even their online news service is maintaining the cover-up about the expedition. Their latest story on it ( says: “The scientific team on board had been recreating Australian explorer Douglas Mawson’s 1911 to 1913 voyage to Antarctica. That comes right at the end of the article and nowhere else is there any mention of the team’s objectives.

      • MLCBLOG

        To me, it’s a God thing. Cold blasts during the climate conference in Europe a few years ago signaled the ongoing demonstration.

  • Edgar Davidson

    In the UK I have been watching the BBC and Sky News coverage of the AAE fiasco since they were stranded (they have now been rescued by helicopter) and not once has the objectives of the ‘scientists’ been mentioned. In fact for the first few days of the fiasco all UK news reports were insisting that the ship was filled with ‘tourists’. To make matters even more bizare the story was presented as yet another example of man-made ‘climate change’ – finding ice where it should not have been been. In the last few days most reports have referred to the people on board as being scientists, but not one of the TV reports has mentioned what kind of scientists they were or what they were hoping to find. On the last but one line of an online BBC article ( they finally do mention that “One of the aims was to track how quickly the Antarctic’s sea ice was disappearing.” However, this comes at the bottom of many paragraphs and photos, and after a paragraph which says “Despite being trapped, the scientists continued their experiments,
    measuring temperature and salinity through cracks in the surrounding

    • BagLady

      I stood ready to embark on a trip to the pole from Ushuaia, Argentina. I changed my mind when I learned there would be many ‘scientists’ aboard and I felt sure they would spoil my enjoyment with their exclusivity.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    I could sure use some global warming here on cape cod.

  • wsk

    Isn’t it a bit early for the April Fools Edition? Pixies, elves, trolls, environmentalists, REALLY?

  • Jerry G

    The Chinese, French and Australian governments expended money and resources to save these environmental nuts from freezing to death. Will they be reimbursed, or at least thanked?

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Not to mention expending carbon to saves their axxes …

    • DonA

      If these carbonphobes wished to remain true to their church of environmentalism, wouldn’t they have told all those carbon spewing icebreakers to remain where they are, and have willingly given their lives to save the ice and polar bears? It seems they have plenty of resolve when getting rich selling carbon offsets, but none when it comes to actually sacrificing something real for their cause. Much like Algore getting rich flying around the world and living in homes that consume as much energy as some small towns.

    • Albert8184

      Oh… I’m sure the globalists will cover the costs associated with rescuing their enviro-Leftist employees, through the usual “insider channels”.

      • MLCBLOG

        I once took a real estate class where the instructor said if people can figure out how to sell air then they can really get rich!! Carbon is only one part of air, too!! fortunes can be made here.

    • BS77

      I read the Chinese ship is now stuck in the ice, just like the first ship… was reported this was the heaviest sea ice seen during the Antarctic summer….as it grows colder, more ice formation is likely. We are having the coldest temperatures and some of the heaviest snow in the mid west and New England in the last forty years. Global warming is a hoax….one scientist said that even tho global warming might be plausible….it would take at least a thousand years of climate data to confirm this…not just a few announcements made by shills of the carbon fraud over a decade.

      • BS77

        Today Monday Jan 6 some of the lowest temperatures in the last thirty years …..40 below zero in upper Minnesota and the Dakotas….yep, global warming or that more neutral and meaningless idiocy: climate change.

    • Fritz

      Hopefully they will be sent a bill, I know that Tony Abbott would like to, or at least cut off any grant money they got from the Australian government.

  • Edgar Davidson

    Following on from my earlier posts about the cover-up I just looked at the website of the expedition leader Chris Turney. It says the following:

    “I am an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow and Professor of Climate Change at the University of University of New South Wales
    where my team and I are focussing our efforts on using the past to
    better understand the changes we are seeing today. To do something
    positive about climate change, I helped set up a carbon refining company
    called Carbonscape
    which has developed technology to fix carbon from the atmosphere and
    make a host of green bi-products, helping reduce greenhouse gas levels.”

    So Turney (and presumably some powerful backers) has a major financial interest in the whole man-made climate change myth…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The real green is money. It always is.

      • Dodd Flea

        Wonderfull article Daniel. Your humor is “middle earth” munchkin approved.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Does that come with a stamp?

          • Albert8184

            If they give you a ring…. don’t put it on!!!

          • Daniel Greenfield

            No shopping at the goblin market either?

          • Albert8184

            No! Nice article, by the way. Gave me some good jumping off points for research. Hadn’t heard of these neo-pagan type enviromental groups. Makes sense though that they would exist.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            This stuff is bigger in the UK. Also US West Coast.

          • Albert8184

            West Coast! Isn’t that a shocker.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            These are the roots of environmentalism.

          • y3524m

            God help us.

    • Chris Gait

      Great. We’re going into either a mini-ice age, or maybe even a full blown mastodons on the barbie kind…and these idiots are making a buck off lame swindles in the name of ‘cooling the planet.

    • Leland64


    • Fritz

      Too bad for him that the jig is up, the Australian people booted out his buddies in the Labor Party and replaced them with the Liberal Party lead by Tony Abbott. One of his first orders of business is to scrap the carbon tax and end the gravy train Labor created for the Earth Warming Industry, in fact he calls man made climate change “Bullshit”.

      • MLCBLOG

        I want to hear more about this and see it happening elsewhere, too.

  • Clare Spark

    Reds have infiltrated the Greens and twisted Darwin’s biography. See “Darwin and the climate change debate: the Greens have it.”

    • Drakken

      Funny how ole Darwin will have the last laugh, for Darwin always loves a winner.

  • Aizeta

    Rescue operations should have been postponed until Spring, by the way: who is footing the bill?

    • Thomas L. Stafford

      It is summer in Antarctica now. It may have still been spring when they got stuck. That fact makes the whole thing more laughable.

      • glpage

        I wonder how many of the MSM journalists in this country, who are currently feeling the effects of winter, know that little tidbit of reality. Most probably assume it’s winter everywhere.

  • sheikyermami

    These climate shysters are not even back on Australian soil, as “our” ABC, our “most trusted news source” (taxpayer financed to the tune of over a billion dollars p.a.) keeps banging the warming drums. “2013 hottest year on record”, climate deniers will get us all killed…. there is no end to this. Spit.

    • Americanish

      Vermin in the LSM, who give themselves the exalted title of journalist, think they can spend a little work throw together a few sound bites, interviews and reports and they will convince of anything they want.

      In the case of global warming to overcome some of my objections to their arguments and laws they would have to lobotomize me and erase my college education.

      Did anyone’s parents take them to a Nature Center when they were growing up. There would be the forest walks, viewing the exhibits in the center itself and of course there was browsing the store. Of course if you were a certain persuasion you would buy books on dinosaurs and the rise of mammals.

      Regarding the books on the rise of the mammals there were invariably the included temperature charts. They looked saw tooth with wild variability all before homo sapiens sapiens, cars & factories.

      I bought a number of cool books and spent time leafing through many more. And they had those sawtoothed temperature charts. These people would have to erase the memories of my youth to make me believe their lies (sh t).

  • fredbailey

    The only thing that irony could have done to slap these fools in the face even harder would have been for Mother Nature to wipe their azzes off the face of the planet before they cause some real harm…

  • Anon

    So many great links to magical wizards and their goals, the emerging population will be ultra magical having played with Lego k-12 disguised as science and math in true science’s replacement, STEM…

    The magical thinking grievance group of elves and trolls added to the grievance pool. Amnesty for pixies!!! Troll bias! Stop Elf trafficking !!!
    Even scientific American acknowledges and gives magical thinking a thumbs up!

    • The March Hare

      What Scientific American gave thumbs up to was that what you believed about your self and your skills and ability was the true factor and if you gained that belief from some object or ritual, then it would still hold true. It is your belief that counts, not how you came to believe it.

  • Anon

    Lego funds common core hmmmmm,
    Common core = communitarian cognitive restructuring:
    Loves magical thinking!!! Constructivism, learn by doing, create your own reality! Learn nothing!!! Know nothing ! Be a compliant cog in the wheel!

  • RAS

    Solution: Close the mines, shut down the power plants and let the idiots freeze to death in the dark. Alternative: Read some real science, starting with “Unstoppable Global Warming, Every 1500 Years” by S. Fred Singer and Dennis Avery. Then get a life.

  • Rick

    I am
    getting a bit confused about this. First it was a cruise ship full of
    tourists stuck in the ice and a French ice breaker tried but failed to rescue
    them. Then the ship was a scientific vessel studying global warming and an
    Australian ice breaker was dispatched to rescue them, but failed and turned
    back, then a Chinese ice breaker went to the rescue, and again failed and is
    now in danger
    of being stuck in the ice, so the returning Australian ship has
    been asked to remain in case the Chinese ship gets stuck in the ice.
    Fortunately the tourists/scientist were taken by helicopter to the Australian
    ship, where they now sit and wait to see what happens to the Chinese ship.
    Very confusing.

    And the
    scientist aboard ship have somehow been able to blame all this ice on global

    The New York Times should be sent to investigate and straighten this whole
    thing out so we can understand exactly what happened. Perhaps they
    will find
    that global warming causes water to freeze at higher temperatures
    than ever
    before. Of course that report would take 13 or 14 months.

    • RLande

      The Times will figure it all out by interviewing the penguins.

    • justquitnow

      An article about it from outside bizarro world could clear it all up for you in half a minute.

  • aloysiusmiller

    I am waiting for them to say that the extended ice pack is a result of global warming and that the ship got stuck because it alternately rained and froze.

    • Hass

      Antarctica is the driest continent. It never rains there.

      But I agree with your analogy.

  • emptorpreempted

    All scientific thinking is akin to magical thinking. The only thing about it is that it works. Where common sense might say that a spate of unusually cold weather shows that there’s no global warming, or that the absence of humans in antarctica constitutes decisive a priori proof that antarctic ice cannot possibly be affected by human activity, scientists have long since figured out that there is more to cause and effect than meets the eye. Imagine that.

    • Geoffrey_Britain

      “All scientific thinking is akin to magical thinking.”

      Only in your fevered brain.

      “The only thing about it is that it works.”

      Which is WHY science is NOT ‘akin’ to magical thinking, which does NOT work.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “All scientific thinking is akin to magical thinking.”

      Many pursue the unexplained. Some pursue evidence and rational analysis. We often call them scientists. Those who stop short and still declare knowledge are guilty of magical thinking. Some of them are called scientists too, but really we shouldn’t.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “…scientists have long since figured out that there is more to cause and effect than meets the eye. Imagine that.”

      Yeah, well that is what leads to the search for answers. Declarations require rational analysis of evidence.

  • nimbii

    Thank you Mr. Greenfield. Your making fun of these jokers is a good step. The facts you provide are needed to stop the crony-capitalist scoundrels behind them.

  • RobinGOOD63

    Not that I would want the monetary loss on the owners, but I would find it hilarious if the ice were to crush that trapped ship like a beer can.

  • philbest

    In New Zealand, development has been brought to a halt since ten years or mow ago at most locations due to P.C. observance of indigenous Maori “beliefs” (no longer held by any Maori anyway) in the existence of mystical creatures like the “Taniwha” and nature spirits, and the “sacred” nature of inanimate landforms.

    Just in case you make the mistake of thinking that the enlightened Anglo world is immune from the Icelandic sort of nonsense. Australia has a similar problem but less pervasive as yet, with traditional Aboriginal beliefs.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      That’s exactly what the Soviets wanted.

      • philbest

        There is an absolutely brilliant essay on this very point by a New Zealand writer.

        Reuben Chapple: “All ideas have a pedigree”

        This is an updated and expanded version of a 2009 essay he did on the same subject: “The Nature and Origins of
        Racial Subversion”

        • objectivefactsmatter

          That is very useful. Thanks. Keep the URL handy.

        • BagLady

          “Gramsci’s adherents embedded themselves within our universities with the express agenda of helping their students to understand that the major social sciences, including geography, economics, sociology, history, political science, anthropology, and psychology, were not neutral and impartial. They were instead instruments of race, gender and class oppression. These views are now considered “mainstream” in the Western Academy. ”

          Gramsci was right, or at least partially. Science is, and never was, impartial. It follows the money. That’s logical, n’est pas?

          Sad to read there is rising discord in New Zealand. The Maoris and Settlers always had a much better relationship than Ausies and Aboriginals, but then of course they didn’t have the same level of butchery.

          • A Z

            “Science is, and never was, impartial.”

            I could have got that by inspection or from another pundit without all the baggage that Gramsci has. I thought I recognized that name.


          • philbest

            I think it is unfair to claim “butchery” of Australian Aboriginals; historical revisionism against the evil white imperialists is responsible for overblown claims of this nature. The same overblown claims are occurring in New Zealand, which is a tragedy, as the voluntary adoption of Christian and western civilisational values by New Zealand Maori, of which the Treaty of Waitangi is an exemplar, should have been cause for sustained progress and celebration.

            The Maori Battalions who fought Naziism in World War Two had their own patriotic song which ended, “For God, For King, and For Country……Au-e!…..

            Ake, ake, kia kaha e!…”

            These noble warriors of the King, and great Maori leaders of the Colonial era, would be spinning in their graves if they could see what European leftwing radicals and the long march though the institutions has done to their people now.

            Where science and the “constructs” of a civilisation intersect, is in the recognised “value” of “objectivity”. If it is not “objective”, it is not scientific. Cultural relativism is anti-objective and anti-scientific. Historical revisionism based on cultural relativism is also anti-objective and anti-scientific.

            For example, the idea that evil white imperialists deprived a “nation” of indigenous people of “their land” and “their resources”, and this is why the indigenous people are falling behind socio-economically today, is pure nonsense. “Their resources” were undiscovered, “their land” unimproved and unutilised due to constant tribal warfare and no concept of property rights, and any concept of nationhood other than as conquerors of rival tribes, was absent.

            There is historical literature that is being tipped down the Orwellian memory hole in New Zealand by the leftwing academic establishment, regarding wise Maori chiefs in the first half of the 1800’s making voyages of discovery regarding the rest of the world, competing values systems and human progress; which led to a perfectly rational desire to lead their own people out of barbarism. And what better way to achieve this than to voluntarily become subjects of the British Crown by way of a formal Treaty? This treaty was not between the British Crown and a “Maori nation”; it required the voluntary assent of dozens of different tribes.

            The revision of this colonial-era history is a classic example of what I mean, of history being politicised and revised in total opposition to objectivity and science.

            Your point about “following the money” is partly correct – vested interests are usually to be found. But there is a world of difference between “science” examining the world and reaching objective conclusions so as to enable universal betterment, often by way of a combination of science and entrepreneurship; and “science” hijacked from the outset by politics with malice aforethought.

            Lenin referred to a “capitalist” being willing to “sell you the rope you will use to hang him”. Stigler’s theory of rent-seeking builds on the premise that virtually all economically relevant political behavior can be explained by economic self-interest. It is a natural extension of standard microeconomic theory to political behavior. In this theory, a special interest generates substantial personal benefits for a limited number of identifiable constituents, while imposing a small individual cost on a large number of unidentified members of the public. The majority faces the collective action problem in that an individual’s contribution to the achievement of a common interest is unlikely to have a sufficient impact on the advancement of that interest to warrant the costs of political engagement. In this situation, a well-organized minority interest will be able to have their way. The neo-Marxists are masters at exploiting this Achilles Heel of democracy against it. Viz; Goldman Sachs up to their eyeballs in “carbon trading”; the Rockefellers up to their eyeballs in “smart growth” advocacy; and a “Treaty Industry” in New Zealand.

    • Hass

      Yes mate, I can confirm we’ve had the exact same with the Abo’s.

    • BagLady

      By “development” I presume you refer to the application of concrete to nature.

      • philbest

        Humans have to exist somewhere and somehow. Ironically, it is “save the planet” urban planning that is resulting in the unsightly and unhealthy application of concrete and the creation of concrete jungles for humanity to exist in as a kind of penance for its “impact on sacred nature”. Humans like greenery and like to live among it. But no; the greenery must be preserved in its own environment and humans cooped up like battery hens in their own environment.

        Opposed to this, there is landscape urbanism and Frank Lloyd Wright and “eco villages” and so on. But this stuff is definitely not allowed in New Zealand any more, 0.7% of its land mass is urbanised and it would be sacrilege against the Gaia Earth Mother to increase this at all. Never mind that there are MORE aspects of “sustainability” that are compatible with LOW density living than there are with high density – and this might require 1% of NZ (and the world) to be “urbanised” instead of 0.7% – shock, horror!!!!

        Definitely a key plank in the “long march through the institutions” program of sabotage, especially given the economic and socio-economic effects of this “urban strangulation” program. Then there is mining, which has the potential to spoil 0.000001% of NZ’s land mass; something that absolutely must not be permitted regardless of the value of the resources concerned.

        • BagLady

          So much I could say in response, simply because I love New Zealand and have seen little that hurts the eye. I love that the public bus drops you at the door, regardless of whether it’s an authorised stop or not. The ‘dry’ organic toilets in South Island work just as well as the modern flushing system without the adverse effects. Even a music festival with 400 guests does not faze these corkscrew bogs. I love how they turn their waste into building blocks and have extended the lifespan of landfill sites by decades Most everyone you meet is healthy and enjoying a good standard of living. The air is so clean there are holes in the ozone layer and the sheep are very plump and absolutely everywhere.

          And my idea of heaven is Golden Bay.

          I see Gina Rinehart is getting her way up in Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef is to be sacrificed to the god Profit.

          Is this the way forward for New Zealand?

          • philbest

            New Zealanders want things like modern health care and free education. That means an economy that uses resources and pays its own way in the world.

            People who want pagan animist values to apply should go and live in the jungle and stop sabotaging the livelihoods of the rest of us. Modern free market capitalist progress and development is perfectly compatible with improved living conditions for humanity, you’re a fool if you think otherwise. Among the books that absolutely everyone should read, are “The Rational Optimist” by Matt Ridley, the Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjorn Lomborg, and “Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout” by Patrick Moore.

            The lunacy in New Zealand from the Green Left is illustrative of the depths to which these cultural Quislings will sink, and the capacity of humanity to be deluded by lies. It is especially ironic in this day and age of Google Earth, that people fall for rhetoric about “paving over paradise” and ruining the scenery with a bit of mining. 29 miners died in a tragedy a couple of years ago in a mine explosion that in a more rational age, would have been open-cast. But it is nigh on impossible to get permission to do one. But no-one would ever have seen the mine without hiring a helicopter and going looking for it.

            Oh, but the watermelons say, we shouldn’t be doing mining at all. Then go and live in a jungle somewhere and leave the rest of us to lead a rational modern existence. It is the cultural Marxists, including the watermelon Quislings, who are the threat to humanity, not “resource use”.

    • Gringo_Cracker

      The National Historic Preservation Act as Amended requires all U. S. federal agencies to consider direct and indirect effects of development projects under their jurisdiction on cultural resources, which includes not only listed archaeological and architectural properties, but also traditional American Indian beliefs. Consequently, the potential impact of any proposed undertaking on some “sacred” landscape must be assessed along with the panoply of other environmental factors. Most native religions are based on animism, which imbues all matter, living and inanimate, with spiritual qualities that are immune to disputation or refutation. The possibilities for Luddite mischief are infinite.

      • philbest


        Everyone should be familiar with “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis” by Lynn White, Jr.

        White is a radical environmentalist who’s thesis, published way back in 1974, is that pagans had respect for nature, and Christianity is to blame for the “ecological crisis” because of its utilitarian regard of nature, in contrast to pagans and animists respect for its “spirits” and so on.

        As a Christian, I proudly put my hand up and say “yes”; Christianity, contrary to what most secular atheists hold, is indeed responsible for introducing humanity into the era of the greatest scientific, technological, economic and material progress it has ever known. The criticism from someone like Lynn White Jr is like a badge of honour for Christianity and an exhibit of evidence in its favour.

        Of course “the enlightenment” in so far as it represents a repudiation of Christianity, is what has given humanity Jacobinism, Bolshevism, Naziism, and the Malthusianism that is currently resurgent and on current trajectory, has the potential to be the worst consequence of “enlightenment” ever. Ironically, “enlightenment” icons like Galileo and John Locke regarded themselves as exemplars of true Christian clear-mindedness. Malthus himself was probably genuine, but the contemporary florescence of environmentalism would not exist without the basis of the politics of envy and sabotage.

      • Fritz

        That’s easy to lick, give the Indians a cut of the profits, or employment, from such projects, it usually works 80%+ of the time. Most of the time mines need laborers in remote areas and Indians need work so it can be mutually beneficial. Most Indians have converted to Christianity many moons ago, other then a few traditional rituals I doubt whether 5% practice the old spiritual beliefs, most were more along the lines of parables and morality plays anyhow rather then a formal religion.

        • Gringo_Cracker

          What you say is doubtless true, Fritz, as far as it goes. Pro-development Indian groups already require a certain number or percentage of jobs for tribal members as a condition of permitting projects under their jurisdictions. But not all groups are blessed with natural resources, desirable real estate, casinos, etc. As with the manufactured Washington Redskins imbroglio, Anglo anti-development activists have no problem recruiting minority-group members to express (or allege) a suitable grievance, which neither the environmental laws nor their regulators are inclined to doubt or verify.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          The people who push for their cut are often not exactly members of the laboring classes.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Interesting. Would have added that to the article.

      • philbest

        Here is an introduction to the NZ Resource Management Act 1991:

        Scroll down to:

        1.5.5 Tāngata whenua involvement in the RMA

        Here is a typical 2003 Council “District Plan” section on the “Maori beliefs” requirements of the legislation, to guide their staff and clients:

        The opening chapter in the 2013 RMA Reform Bill (in process) acknowledges (at pp 5-6):

        “There are many examples of iwi participating successfully in resource management processes. However, engagement is inconsistent across the country and in many areas Māori values are not always effectively recognised in resource management processes, or the decisions that come out of those processes. In a number of areas there appears to have been differing expectations about the role of iwi in these processes and this has lead to uncertainty, costs, and delays while matters are debated in the Courts.”

        This document goes on to recognise explicitly the need for the RMA to be reformed to “provide greater certainty” and “achieve greater clarity” on the role of iwi and hapū in local government resource management planning (at p 8). The document states that reforms will centre on requiring councils to seek and have particular regard to the advice of iwi and hapū on draft plans, and requiring councils to include members on hearing and review panels with understanding of local tikanga.

        Here’s an NZ rent-seeker (a “planner” wanting more consultancy revenue) arguing that things have not yet gone far enough…….

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Is there any specific mention of the spirits?

          • philbest

            I am honoured to be discussing something with you yourself, sir. I am a huge fan of your writing. Try this document (you couldn’t make this stuff up):


            Especially pages 266-273 (pages 18-25 of the PDF).

            On pages 290 and 291, (42 and 43 of the PDF), there is a discussion of the legal precedents established so far specifically regarding “metaphysical beings”.

            Of course the “metaphysical beings” are just one aspect of the whole racket. You should read the whole thing to see just how far NZ has gone down this path of cultural cringe. It is a goldmine for lawyers and consultants and bureaucrats, and a heavy expense for property developers and developers of projects involving mining, water management, roads, etc; including the government itself.

            Absurdly, an overwhelming majority of Maori have for decades, identified themselves in the Census as Christians and lesser proportions of them as having another religion or no religion (atheism). The purported “Maori beliefs” are merely a means by which vested interests (including Maori “representatives”, lawyers, consultants and bureaucracies) can shake down developers, businesses, and the government, and by which cultural Marxists may sabotage the NZ economy.

            Here are a couple of items by the late, brilliant and sorely missed Owen McShane (1941-2012):


            “……These government authors might respond that they are just passing on “the Maori world view”. That may be so, but where are the multitudinous Maori who actually believe this stuff? The huge majority of Maori who claim religious affiliation on census night describe themselves as Christian of one kind or another.

            These beliefs are most commonly dished out by young white university graduates of our Planning Schools telling applicants for resource consents that they cannot do this or that, because they will destroy the mauri of the water, air, soil or … (tick the relevant box).

            Mauri is a potent tool in these young planners’ hands because applicants have no means of measurably mitigating any degradation of this mysterious plasma. No wonder two young planners in two different parts of the country had reported that mauri is the “quintessence of resource management in New Zealand”.

            Who teaches them this stuff?

            This new religious movement is not limited to young planning graduates. The Bishop, the retired Chief Justice and the two Doctors who served on the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification declared that:

            “Mauri is the life energy or soul and is shared by all living things. Even inanimate objects like cliffs, stones and especially water have their own mauri”.

            So now we know……”


            “……..Aristotle, who loved to bring order to the world, suggested there was a natural progression from the inanimate rocks, which had no soul, through plants, which probably did, through animals, which might have a glimmering, to humans at the top of the autonomy tree.

            The debate about the existence of soul, life force, and the human condition, had started and has been a lively one ever since.

            But by the time Wohler synthesised organic urea from inorganic chemicals in 1828, western civilisation had long abandoned the idea that spirits inhabited all things and should determine how we live and work and play. Wohler’s synthesis broke down the “life force” distinction between organic and inorganic chemicals.

            However, New Zealand politicians of all hues seem determined to claim another world first by abandoning 2,500 years of systematic thought in favour of primitive superstition.

            What drives this return to Pre-Socratic animism?

            Some few Maori on the make may be benefiting from this rebirth of the old time religion – but I don’t believe they drive it.

            These documents all come from our environmental agencies and are almost certainly authored by Dark Green fundamental animists. They have abandoned Christianity in favour of nature worship.

            They insist we have no right to log the trees, or mine the minerals; that any resource-use rapes the Earth Mother and is a dark and deadly sin.

            They don’t want to say such things outright, and risk being sent to the funny farm. So they co-opt the “Maori world view” as a Politically Correct testament to their own religious cause……”

            David Round is an extremely incisive writer on the subject – in fact he is a true culture warrior who is widely overlooked.


            His series on “Multiculturalism and Diversity” should have put him up among western civilisation’s culture warriors all over the world (eg the great Daniel Greenfield, Theodore Dalrymple, Mark Steyn, etc):


            Parts 2 to 7, and “Conclusion”, HERE:


          • Daniel Greenfield

            Are there any professional leftist ‘white’ Maori? Australia seems to have a sizable professional leftist white aborigine problem.

          • philbest

            This is definitely the case in NZ too, only the situation is slightly different in that NZ probably has no “full” Maoris at all, unlike the cohort of Australian Aborigines who have remained on reservations without intermarrying with other races. Maori intermarriage with other races has been so common that for several generations, more than 50% of Maori in each generation have married non-Maori. This, and indeed Maori integration in modern society should have been one of the world’s best ever success stories of racial harmony, and would be if not for neo-Marxist European radicalism.

            Maori were widely regarded as attractive people right from the start and if there has ever been any taboos on intermarriage with them, this would be on the part of so few people as not to have affected the rate of intermarriage, which began right from the earliest European explorers and whalers. There are many Maori (actually part-Maori, of course) celebrities in popular culture today – Keanu Reeves was a star of “The Matrix”. Kiri Te Kanawa is world famous in opera and Maoris are probably over-represented in opera as a profession- they are magnificent singers. The NZ popular music scene is one of the world’s still as yet unique unexploited gold mines. Whatever music you are into, there will be some Maori artists or groups who will impress you.

            THIS report (buried by the establishment but preserved on numerous non-government websites) has a lot of interesting data on the “Maoriness” of the people who are “Maori” in different statistics:


            Regarding professional “White Maori”, I doubt you could find anyone claiming representation of “Maori” on cultural issues, who was NOT a “white Maori”……..! Some part-Maori retain stronger Maori features than others. Some of the activists change their names to sound more Maori – “Hone Harawira”, for example, is really “John Hadfield”. But there is Ken Mair; Tipene O’Regan; Ripeka (Rebecca) Evans; the late Syd Jackson; Joe Hawke; Mike Smith; Maria Bargh; Willie Jackson; etc etc. Current MP’s include Shane Jones, Te Ururoa Flavell, Tau Henare (real name), Nanaia Mahuta (real name), Hekia Parata (real name), Pita (Peter) Sharples, and several others. (Part) Maori are well represented in the NZ Parliament and are to be found all over the political spectrum, although more on the “Left”. Most of them are no more culpable of the modern day cultural Marxist cringe than the entire flock of MP’s from both mainstream political parties. The “centre right” National Party (currently in government) has shamelessly sold out in an effort to gain (part) Maori votes and keep the parliamentary support of a few “Maori Party” MP’s (who have nevertheless been punished at the polls for giving their support).

            Some of the staunchest opponents of the Maori grievance industry are (part) Maori – of course because they are Maori, they are safer from the dreaded “racism” charge. Winston Peters, John Tamihere, Alan Duff, Ron Mark, Tim Wikiriwhi (a rare Maori political libertarian), all deserve honourable mention.

            Most certainly the “professional Leftist race hustler” did NOT originate among the ranks of Maori and even now, many prominent people in the whole racket are fully non-Maori, cringing European leftists and rent-seekers. In so far as there are any professional leftist (part) Maori, these are ALL without exception comparatively recent disciples of European leftwing academics and activists commencing probably from the 1960’s. “Maori leaders” up until then were more of the Martin Luther King stamp; desiring individual cases of injustice to be addressed within a political-cultural structure they respected.

            One of the greatest of all, Sir Apirana Ngata, wrote a once-famous book on the Treaty of Waitangi that has been thrown down the Orwellian memory hole because it is so contrary to the modern leftwing academic interpretation of the Treaty. Of course, it represents mainstream understanding of the Treaty at the time Ngata wrote his book, in the 1930’s. This understanding is quite rationally the correct one and the modern one is pure cultural Marxist revisionism.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Fairly similar situation as an in Australia and the US with aboriginal peoples then.

            Too bad.

            Thank you for sharing the information

  • truebearing

    It isn’t the cow flatulence that is threatening the planet. It is the toxic gas emanating from the mouths of the deluded Left.

    Elves…Pixies…Fairies…well, OK, the fairies are real. I’ve seen plenty of them in Madison Wisconsin, but no Elf or Pixie would be caught dead wearing Gore-Tex or Thinsulate.

    • cheechakos

      In parts of Ireland there was an ancient belief that fairies lived in peat bogs because there were mysterious little bursts of greenish – yellow lights at night. Turns out it was gas being released from the bog sludge

  • LogicinFloriduh

    Fairies and elves are just as believable as some magical man in the sky that listens to all of your prayers and then ignores them.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It’s OK for you to believe that but not OK for you to integrate delusion in to your politics and make use your fantasies to come up with policy ideas.

      Your resentment of the Bible is ironic and shows you don’t know much that’s true about Western culture and what allows greatness to spring from it.

    • Hass

      Why don’t you get on the pro Muslime sites and drivel the same?
      Or is it only the well to do Christians that trouble you?

      But everyone knows why Liberal imbeciles like you won’t. Coward!

  • blert

    My understanding has been that they are largely funded by OPEC Arabs who are all out against Canadian tar sands… whose scale threatens the cartel.
    Likewise, they are not too keen on Orinoco crude hitting the market, either. But, at least there, they have the despots directly in charge. (Venezuela)

    No mention is ever made that planets NEED carbon dioxide to live — and that about 8% of all current crop yields are due to the enhanced partial pressure of carbon dioxide now present.

    This correlation was discovered half a century ago by NASA experts who were trying to close the bio-cycle in orbit. They found that ALL plant grow is accelerated — remarkably — if the partial pressure of carbon dioxide is raised.

    All known bio-diesel schemes use intense carbon dioxide injection for just this reason.

    BTW, the effect is an exponential one. Such is the nature of chemical equilibria. The coal seams of the world were laid down when carbon dioxide was a glut in the atmosphere — yet we’re still here! Amazing how that worked out.

  • Nhóm Đào Tạo

    which often is not true to the scientific method.
    ve may bay di Singapore
    ve máy bay di My

  • cacslewisfan

    Isn’t is summer in Antarctica?

    • Idl

      The height of summer. The sun doesn’t even set this time of year.

  • Trapper

    Why didn’t they just get on the Elf hot line and get help. The fact that the elves are in Iceland shouldn’t be a hindrance to the “fair folk”.

  • Gamal

    The global warming madness is a sociological phenomenon. There is a great book on global warming from that perspective called Roosters of the Apocalypse. The revised and expanded edition has a lot of information on Obama’s role as well.

  • Gamal

    Turner the leader of this expedition said that global warming was still taking place in other parts of the world even though he was stuck in ice.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s warmer out – global warming
    It’s colder out – global warming
    It’s raining more – global warming
    It’s a drought – global warming
    There’s more hurricanes – global warming
    There’s no hurricanes – global warming

    • T Bone

      Climate Change you uneducated hick!!! Sarc.

    • wlrpaul

      How can the communists EVER lose?

  • A Z

    “But just as the lack of elves never disproves the need for elf environmental impact studies”

    Yes I would like for there to be elves. I’ve read more myths, legends and stories form the sci-fi/ fantasy section of a book store than I can recall.

    I found the movie The Brothers Grimm disappointing (37% Rotten Tomatoes score) yet entertaining. I would like to see more movies in that genre.

    Yet no matter how much I would want there to be elves, it just not true.

  • Conniption Fitz

    We are living in a new age of Mythology – political myths invented for propoganda purposes and political agenda objectives and forced on everyone through media and laws…ignoring and denying all facts, evidence, logic to the contrary.

  • Donald J DaCosta

    These self serving individuals take advantage of the fact that most who are the recipients of their doom and gloom message don’t have the ability, time or inclination to seriously investigate or understand the science of weather and Anthropogenic Global Warming, aka Climate Change. Couple that with a fervent desire to crush what they perceive as a corrupt Capitalist system that exploits the poor who have an innate fear of the unknown and a morbid fascination with the “end of days,” disaster scenario and these intellectual alarmists have a recipe for mischief on a grand scale. And, while they plot, scheme and cherry pick experimental data and process it through a variety of computer models in a concerted, deceptive effort to convince the world that man made greenhouse gas emissions will destroy the earth, to maximize their reputations and largely undisclosed financial interests, they self righteously belittle and demean those destined to be financially destroyed in the process and their skeptical scientific contemporaries whom they’ve cleverly labeled “deniers” and “flat earthers.” All the while sitting on their intellectual throne of purported unbiased, selfless honesty, infallibility and concern for humanity, which they are likely convinced is an accurate portrayal.

    That their efforts will result in overall economic disaster, massive inflation, unemployment and various unintended consequences is not a consideration. They’re about “saving the planet” and they are the front line troops, in the trenches. What could be more important or grandiose than that? Get it!

    It’s worked and continues to work because the Left have so successfully demonized corporate, industrial, America as a bunch of evil, greedy, selfish, overpaid bastards who’d just as soon poison their mother rather than give any consideration to environmental responsibility and we are constantly reminded that the “deniers” are on their payroll. This is pure deception and deflection but it and the environmentalists scientific and academic credentials gives them an undeserved air of infallible authority and decency. How could a cadre of professors and academics be guilty of what can only be described as a massive con? But think of what, at this stage of the game, admission that they may not yet have the science right and their alarmist portrayal may not be valid could do to their reputations, careers and the religion of environmentalism.

    Until the zealots are exposed for the charlatans they are, guilty of the excesses, self aggrandizement and greed that they so readily and consistently accuse others of and hide behind their faulty science, feigned concern for mother earth and all humanity, this environmental Kabuki dance will continue, unabated.

  • dougjmiller

    I’m glad that all those people stranded in the Antarctic ice field are safe and sound. And I hope that all the rescuers get back home unharmed. In Antarctica, where the ice has expanded dramatically, and around the world many millions of people are suffering through, and are endangered by, record cold. The recent widespread snow and ice storms dramatically demonstrate that the earth is profoundly threatened by a new weather phenomenon, “Global Cooling.” If left unchecked the earth will turn into a frozen, lifeless ice cube like Mars. This calamity is being caused by the atmospheric changes brought on by all the rich left wingers. By overheating their large mansions, flying around in their personal jets and spewing toxic waste from their mouths, they block sunlight from reaching the earth. Fortunately, there is a solution. By imposing a 100% tax on left wingers we can save both civilization and the earth. Al Gore, we’re gonna get our money back.

    • ylem

      If you go back to the 70’s, Newsweek and Time Magazine had a cover that the planet was going through Global Cooling due to man.

      Whichever way the wind blows, the Left will use it to scare and control the masses.

  • mackykam

    Should have left them to freeze to death from global warming.

  • cheechakos

    I wonder how much environmental damage these people caused in the otherwise pristine area.

    Mother nature sure has a wicked sense of humor.

  • American1969

    Love the sarcastic tone of this article. It aptly describes the kind of irrational thinking that Regressive Leftists routinely engage in.
    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

  • Consider

    “Most of the modern world no longer believes in elves, fairies or gnomes;”…
    …but still believes in the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit (the silent fucker), Moses, Abraham, Y-H-W-H, the Prophet, Inteligent design, Creationism, etc. as if the later have more plausibility than the former. And this belief qualify those who believe as “moral”, “people of faith (therefore good)”, the “bulwarks of society” etc.

  • The March Hare

    From The New Zealand Herald:
    The hapless Australasian Antarctic Expedition is finally homeward bound – and thousands of trees will have to be planted to offset the carbon footprint from the prolonged rescue effort.
    Really?? What a laugh!! Three small ships and a rescue helicopter needs that? If that is the ratio they think is needed, then given the activities of all humans using cars, ships, airplanes, helicopters, power stations, and everything else, every day, then we needed to be planting millions upon millions of trees every day. And since we haven’t been, then why haven’t we become extinct a long time ago? These people are nuts.
    I always do the math. Some years ago they put out figures regarding the aids scare and to show how dangerous it was, pointed out the number of aids cases among gay men and stated the average number of sexual encounters each of them had each week, and then those men would do the same, it was spreading quickly and so we needed to act fast. If you did the math, then in one week a thousand men would pass it on to 3 to 4 thousand who would then the following week each have 3 to 4 encounters resulting in 9 to 16 thousand who would then… I figured if they were right, all gay men would be infected in a very short time and would be dying off quickly. They just make up big numbers to scare or impress people.

  • jordonvuz355

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    XC60 SUV only from working off a macbook air… why not look here B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

  • sgeast

    In addition to the power of greed, these global warming souls have a penchant for shaking their fist in the face of God, saying “We can fix the weather!!”. God indeed does have a fantastic sense of humor.

    • wlrpaul

      Wag their little frostbitten stubs maybe!

  • Nhóm Đào Tạo

    Jews are getting kiIIed there, because frankly the Muslims can’t find any or they would

    ve may bay di Malaysia
    ve may bay di Singapore
    ve máy bay di My

  • Mo86

    Can you send some global warming over to my city? I think it’s something like negative 11 degrees right now, and with piles of snow everywhere!