“The Makeup Girls Suffered the Worst”: Piers Morgan’s Staff Speaks

Piers Morgan 1011

Now that CNN showed Piers Morgan to an elevator and pointed him north, his abused staffers are coming forward to tell the story of what it was like working for a man who was a legend in his own mind.

You’ll be shocked to hear that working with Piers Morgan was almost as much fun as working with Kim Jong Il.

His own co-workers are glad he’s getting the boot. Staffers at “Piers Morgan Live” are actually relieved that CNN has canceled the show, sources tell Confidenti@l.

“He was always such an a—— to people working for him,” one insider says of the bombastic Brit.

“The makeup girls suffered the worst — he was rude and belligerent,” says our source. “The general feeling is Morgan didn’t show any respect to anyone working under him — the people who were trying to make him look good.”

You can’t help but feel sorry for the makeup girls who had to spend two hours a day trying to get his face to match a normal shade.

I bet some of them wished for an assault rifle every time he sat down in the chair.

Morgan was questioned in November in London by cops investigating phone hacking, but a CNN spokeswoman said that interview was not a factor in his show being canned.

Yes it wasn’t his criminal activity, it was his personality.

Meanwhile over at MSNBC staffers have few good things to say about fellow liberal blowhard Alec Baldwin.

“What a moron. Baldwin barely knows anyone at MSNBC, especially those that he bashed in his article,” one well-placed insider tells us. “Maybe it was a homework assignment from his anger-management class. I guess they don’t call him the Bloviator for nothing.”


  • Steve Cornelius

    Couldn’t happen to bigger azzhole than him. He gets what he deserves. Go back to where you came from and stop hating gun owning Americans before someone takes you seriously Piers!!

    • Softly Bob

      No, he’s not going back to where he came from. We don’t want him. Maybe Putin will have him.

      • darnellecheri

        That is funny. I would like to see what a former Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB would do with the likes of Piers Morgan.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Piers would eagerly serve him.

          • A Z

            Piers would eagerly serve Putin?

            We might find out. Piers needs a job. He could work for RT.

            Many journalist worked for the KGB willing or unknowingly throughout Europe and the U.S. so there is precedence

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Piers would serve Satan for a chance to be self-important.

          • A Z

            I was reading his biography. He was cited by British authorities many times. He made 20,000 pounds on a stock deal based on a news report in a financial journal


            “In 2000, he was the subject of an investigation after Suzy Jagger wrote a story in The Daily Telegraph revealing that he had bought £20,000 worth of shares in the computer company Viglen soon before the Mirror ‘s “City Slickers” column tipped Viglen as a good buy.[27] Morgan was found by the Press Complaints Commission to have breached the Code of Conduct on financial journalism, but kept his job.”

          • oneteedoffpatriot

            He already did.

        • Drakken

          Putin was a General of the 1 st Directorate of the former KGB. Personally I would love to see what Putin would do to him.

      • nomoretraitors

        He wouldn’t last a week with Putin

  • Tanker74

    He was an incredibly stupid person, even for a Brit.

    • Softly Bob

      Thanks…… I’m ashamed to be a Brit as it is LOL

  • laura r

    check out piers vs. larry elders. they argue about racheal jenteel. piers thinks she has great potential. larry insists she is a loser. piers annouced he was paying for racheals college. wonder what happened to that one? what an idiot.

  • wileyvet

    So typical of leftists who are the self professed champions of the little guy, yet are so condescending, so arrogant and down right mean. Petty maritnets, who never lets one forget how important and how above the common man they are. It is nice when their hypocrisy and their character are exposed for all to see, and to show what truly crummy human beings they are.

    • Softly Bob

      Piers was also a typical privileged Leftist, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Never known poverty, never known what it’s like to work your way up from nothing. A bit like the rich Leftist kids who go to Harvard.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      See Moore, Michael and Nader, Ralph. The horror stories of their volunteers are out there.

    • Contrarian

      It’s also typical of Hollywood liberals. They are totally oblivious to the abyss that exists between what they say and what they do.

  • James Brown

    For pity’s sake don’t send him back here . Please !

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Maybe we can get the Aussies to take him?

      • Softly Bob

        The Aussies will probably accept him, but as soon as he starts spouting his crap, they’ll kick his ass!

      • darnellecheri

        The last convict transport to Western Australia was in 1868. Damn.

      • Larry Larkin

        Nah, we got our fill of him earlier in the summer when he was out here for the cricket. Pompous windbag didn’t go down well and pretty much got laughed out of the country.
        This is from one of our most leftard newspapershttp://www.smh.com.au/national/piers-morgan-broke-ribs-in-showdown-with-brett-lee-20140101-3067s.html

      • Larry Larkin

        Nah, we got our fill of him earlier in the summer when he was out here for the cricket. Pompous windbag didn’t go down well and pretty much got laughed out of the country.
        This is from one of our most leftard newspapershttp://www.smh.com.au/national/piers-morgan-broke-ribs-in-showdown-with-brett-lee-20140101-3067s.html

        • Daniel Greenfield

          New Zealand? Iceland? Mars?

          • Moa

            Um, here in New Zealand us Maoris could well eat him. So send him on over :)

          • CaoMoo

            But he looks past his sell by date

          • nomoretraitors


          • Merican

            Piers should rag along w/ Rodman’s entourage to NoKo

          • chelmer

            Syrian TV: The Chop with Piers Morgan

    • edlancey

      I see Al Jizz-eera in his future.


        Or RT TV – along side the fossil Larry King.

  • Bobcat Booth

    maybe he will go to fox news and take his viewers with him ,,

    • Rhoda R

      “…and take his viewers with him.” BOTH of his viewers?

  • Jeremy White

    Seems Morgan is still upset we beat them in the Revolution. You’d think they would be over it by now!

  • tkellybal

    No name to the source? Just one source? I need more than this, Daniel. I want to believe this but c’mon. I need more than one anonymous source.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s the New York Daily News. I’m just quoting them. And obviously they’re not going to go on record.

  • Olorin

    I think he was terribly useful and served an outstanding niche: I know six liberals who changed their mind about gun control (pro —> questioning —> anti) as a result of listening to his gibberish. It led them to come to me and my household and ask us questions they might not otherwise have about things he said. That led to asking about life and death stuff. Hard stuff. Policy, history, and experiences.

    We could then have a quiet, honest, interactive set of discussions about RKBA and the Second Amendment. Then took each one of ‘em shooting, at different times. Four have since joined various pro-2A organizations. I took one (a self-proclaimed progressive feminist lesbian) to her first gun show, where she decided upon her first pistol and her first rifle, to be purchased as soon as her CCW arrives in the mail. Two more joined two of my gun clubs, and yet another is researching becoming an NRA certified RSO.

    Thank you, Piers Morgan, for opening minds by showing yours to be so closed!

    • http://www.windsofchange.net/ Joe Katzman

      The power of pity, compassion and reasoned kindness must never be underestimated. Nienna would be proud, Olorin.

  • johnlac

    Gee whiz, somebody must like Morgan? Maybe his parents (if they’re still living) …..relatives, acquaintances, the odd tin foil zealot? Who stands up for Piers? I mean I’m glad to see him gone as well. But other than being a total jerk, why is this guy so hated? Was it is his goal in life to be despised by millions of people on all the world’s continents. What do the penguins have to say about Piers?

    • carpe diem 36

      why was this man never vetted by the CNN? maybe for the same reason Obama was never vetted. they pick them on no info.

  • Steve Cornelius

    I say we send him to the Ukraine where his anti gun policies could work for Putin


      Send him to Syria.

  • De Doc

    Apparently Mr. Morgan’s British voice and Euro trash demeanor didn’t sell very well with CNNs mostly liberal audience. Perhaps content does matter after all…

  • Tommy

    A truly arrogant liberal jackass. Good riddance hope I never see his face again.

  • nomoretraitors

    “the people who were trying to make him look good.”

    A fool’s errand, if there ever was one

    Hopefully the tide will take this turd back to Britain