The Most Corrupt Village in America

dsWhen the police stopped Luvina Mobley Smith, they found a pound of pot in her car and five EBT food stamp cards which drug dealers often take in payment for drugs. It would have been an ordinary enough story except that Smith, despite being a convicted felon, was also the Deputy Clerk of Alorton.

Luvina is the daughter of Callie Mobley, Alorton’s former mayor, who had collected double her salary and served time in jail for income tax evasion. Mayor Mobley, who had been the mayor of Alorton for two decades, had been doing the same thing back to her days as liquor commissioner.

St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly warned, “Alorton City Hall is becoming a criminal narco state at the expense of the citizens of Alorton.”

Alorton, an African-American village run by Democrats, may actually be the most corrupt village in Illinois and the United States.

Alorton’s violent crime rate has been as high as ten times the national average.  Its biggest employers are health care, fast food, welfare and education.  The unemployment rate for black men is at 31%.  Half the people in Alorton live below the poverty line. 70% of poor households consist of single mothers.

The village has the fourth highest poverty rate of any place in Illinois. Its corruption and misery are examples of what happens when the Democratic Party’s power goes unchallenged.

Mayor Randy “Rambo” McCallum Sr. came into office telling cops, “I run this mother___” and ordered them to rob competing drug dealers and split the money with him. When drug dealers were busted, the seized drugs and money were brought to his house where he pocketed the money and resold the drugs.

McCallum Sr. stole so much money that there were no bank deposits for a year.  When an undercover informant went to his house, he found crack cocaine on the kitchen table being prepped for sale.

Alorton’s police chief, Michael Baxton Sr., set up surveillance cameras in the police station that he could monitor from home to alert Mayor McCallum when the seized drugs and money were coming in.

The police chief went down for stealing Xbox video games from the trunk of a stolen car telling another cop, “This ain’t (expletive), I’m gonna put you on some real (expletive), teach you how to be real police.”

Baxton Sr. had already been decertified for earlier felony convictions for theft and burglary and should not have even been serving as police chief.

His son Michael Baxton Jr. remained on the Alorton police force where he was hit with three Federal lawsuits for physically abusing people. He briefly became the police chief of East St. Louis until two black board members won a lawsuit because after they were harassed for supporting a more qualified white candidate for the job.

Baxton Sr. had replaced Alorton’s former police chief, Robert L. Cummings, who had been locked up for income tax fraud that included paying the parents of eight children to let him claim tax deductions for their offspring. His brother, Streets Superintendent Ronnie Cummings, who had a previous  conviction for selling cocaine, was locked away for attempting to obtain a high capacity gun that he planned to fire through a bag to catch spent casings.

Corey Allen, Alorton’s interim police chief who replaced Baxton, later went on to be indicted for selling a gun to a sex offender who was running from police at the time. While waiting to go to prison, he beat and choked a woman who told his girlfriend that she was his mistress. In between his duties as assistant police chief in Centerville and his criminal activities, he also owned a car wash and played the sax under the name “Sax-Mo.”

Like Luvina, Mayor McCallum’s son, Randy McCallum Jr. followed the family tradition and was charged with a double murder committed while he was under electronic monitoring for yet another crime. Even though one of the murdered men placed a recorded 911 call naming McCallum Jr. as the killer, the trial ended in a hung jury because a holdout juror was facing a battery charge for attacking the killer’s cousin.

Other jurors identified her from her mugshot.

Meanwhile during the time that McCallum Jr. was in prison and his father was still the police chief, McCallum Sr. admitted smuggling marijuana cigarettes to his son.

Determined not to let Alorton’s police department hog all the glory, fire chief Carlos Darough’s car was searched after he ran a stop sign. Inside the car were pot, crack cocaine and a scale. When cops showed up at his house, Carlos’ wife Lanella was caught trying to dispose of more drugs. At another of his homes where undercover police had bought drugs, they found more cocaine and a whole lot of guns.

Carlos had already been on probation after serving eight years in prison for a cocaine conviction.  He had been with the Alorton fire department since he was 14 and had been repeatedly arrested over two decades on a variety of charges ranging from drugs to domestic violence.

Alorton’s Public Safety Director, Harry “Dink” Halter, a former police officer and tow truck operator, who had already been arrested for forcing a female driver to perform a sexual act on him and gotten away without being forced to register as a sex offender, was charged with wire fraud and tax evasion for, among other things, taking a grant that Mayor McCallum Sr. gave him to put a fence around his tow yard, kicking back $800 to the mayor and using the rest to pay for his boating expenses.

Mayor JoAnn Reed, Alorton’s current mayor, faced her own set of charges before the election for smuggling a cell phone into jail after her niece had attacked a pregnant woman. The niece posted “I’m in jail but auntie snuck me my phone don’t tell no 1″ on Facebook.

Despite these charges, Reed won the election.

Reed, a former records clerk in an Illinois sheriff’s office, was not exactly a criminal mastermind. Back in 2004, she had been arrested for threatening the son of Mayor Randy McCallum with a flashlight that she pretended was a gun.  During her time as a records clerk she accidentally sent a fax reading “Dismiss this case. The guy is the son of one of our deputies” to a newspaper, instead of to the village attorney.

Reed went on to become deputy clerk and then mayor after Mayor Tremylla Johnson was charged with violations of the Illinois Open Meeting Act. Johnson had pledged to restore the confidence of voters in the integrity of Alorton City Government after the arrest of McCallum, but had been appointed mayor at a secret meeting held in her house.

In response to the charges, Mayor Tremylla Johnson resigned for 3 minutes and was reappointed as mayor by a majority of trustee votes, including her own.

These stories can go on being told forever not just about Alorton, but about hundreds of Democratic Party controlled towns, villages and cities. What these places have in common is that their corruption emerges from the absolute rule of one party.

By giving away their votes wholesale to the Democratic Party, African-Americans have handed over power to a corrupt political machine that offers them no alternatives; only poverty, theft and misery.


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  • USARetired

    Sounds like ‘Little Chi-Town’ to me!

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    In parks management of wild life they have learned that when you remove certain species, other species controlled by those removed get into all sorts of trouble. They have reintroduced wolves in some parks to cut down on the ill in the deer population. Since America’s law enforcement is not managing in cases such as this, perhaps a reintroduction of the KKK would become beneficial to the country. Sadly, the simple presence of a black man in the White House (for whom I voted the first time around, I’m ashamed to say) encourages the worst elements of the black community. His reverse racist attitude followed by Holder, of course, makes it all the worse. Remove Obama and the progressives, clean house from the top down and in a decade or two America might begin to look like a civilized country but a lot of damage has been done and it will take a great deal of work to repair it.

    • David Caskey

      Actually the Mafia controlled a considerable amount of the security in any given town. When they removed the Mafia in my town, things got much worse.

  • frjm

    Kinda sounds like obama’s home town of chicago. And now washington dc

  • AZRanger

    Maybe the Illinois militia could help the citizens restore Constitutional government! Oh, that’s right. The men in illinois has been disarmed and de-balled!
    So, how are those “Nanny-State” demorat politics working out for you?”
    My point is this. If you don’t like wanna-be tyrants in your state, then quit whining and get rid of them!

  • curmudgeon

    Luvina, where is the book where they come up with these names. These clowns give new meaning to the term “wild west,”………..except they’re in Illinois. It’s kind of like if you’re not a crook, you need to live somewhere else. I heard somewhere that Obama is sending them the normally requested “bailout money.” Well actually, I wrote that down and read it, I believe everything I read. I think I’ll go there and follow Luvina and her dad around and at the end of the day, rob them of the stuff they managed to steal. What a story, you just can’t make this stuff up…….I dare you to try.

  • fare_the_well_obama

    Rambo Mccallum Sr is a misunderstood Community Organizer. This post is just a stepping stone to the Democratic Party nomination in 2016.

  • Seek

    Blacks running a town on the Illinois side of the St. Louis area. Gee, what could go wrong? Of course, the whole place is corrupt. What else does one expect with a virtually all-black community? The leaders and the led are of the same substance.

  • MartinWinkdale
  • Eli

    They can’t change, they have become dependent upon their own corruption. Sounds like southwest missouri where I exposed extreme corruption to the FBI and the Federal Prosecutor after my brothers murder went unprosecuted…..the end result was notice to me through a local friend…..cease and desist or a cop would pull me over put a bullet in me and that would be that. Kansas City, Omaha, and many other large cities have a good thing going, slaves for the prison industrial complex if you get out of “line” and they run the drug trade….come on they hafta make a living too.

  • Pat_Loudoun

    Someone please tell me again that there is no cognitive difference between blacks and the rest of humanity?

    Exactly where, where they have control, is the place not a miserable corrupt sewer?

    And remember, Zamunda was fictional.

    • JP

      But the King’s family had it all!

  • Berceuse

    I’m hoping it wasn’t Mr. Greenfield’s intention in writing this piece to unleash the barrage of ignorant racist scum that have crawled out of the muck to post here. Or maybe it was, who knows? I’d be interested to know.

    In debates with leftists, I often argue that bigotry and intolerance are not exclusive to one side the spectrum, that racism is not a partisan problem. The posts on this thread prove that my argument, sadly, cuts both ways.

    • cjkcjk

      To race baiting Lefties like you the truth is racist.
      I’m not hoping for anything from the likes of you because it’s obvious that you’re a truth rejecting racist hypocrite.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The final paragraph sums up my intention. People really need to focus on the article instead of the reactions.

      • Berceuse

        I admire your talent and appreciate the reply. Fair enough.

      • CosmotKat

        Daniel, I always appreciate your writing and this story is amazing in for all the reasons you cited in the final paragraph. However, I was struck by the similarities to the do gooder NGO’s and the money that is sent to third world countries to be misused in similar fashion. It defies my explanation other than the fallibility of man, white or black/brown. Is it racist to see the similarities?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          There are similarities, but is there any race or group of people whom training to dependency while maintaining one party rule leads to good results?

          • CosmotKat

            No disagreement from me on that score. However; what the previous poster was lamenting was the fear of race mongering by your readers. It’s hard to dismiss the tendencies for this type of corruptive behavior showing up in certain cultures and the issue in my mind is why does this happens? If one publically states these concerns or links these behavioral tendencies you are labeled racist. I sense a conundrum.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Culture and race though are not the same thing.

            There are obvious cultural problems, but that’s different from the genetic fatalism some put forward.

          • CosmotKat

            I’m reminded of something Jean-Francois Revel wrote regarding willingness to submit to authoritarianism. He found that the mind-set of Western Intellectuals who, live in democracies, found much to admire in gulag countries like the old Soviet Union and Cuba and much to detest in free ones-like the USA. “Why was that,” he asked and went on to say:
            “The Totalitarian phenomenon,” he observed, “is not to be understood without making an allowance for the thesis that some important part of every society consists of people who actively want tyranny: either to exercise it themselves or-much more mysteriously-to submit to it.”

            I think this gives light to scenarios of which you wrote.

          • cjkcjk

            They aren’t the same thing, but the truth, truth is that they seem to be inextricably linked.
            I’m not drawing conclusions at this point, but the truth of it is towering and undeniable as the sky is blue.

    • WordsFailMe

      The fact that this community is mostly African American, destitute and morally corrupt is coincidence. Look at all the African American communities that are bright, well run and incorruptible. 1)….

      The only thing that Alorton is missing is better community organization and more programs. (gags)

      • WordsFailMe

        Here’s another instance of shear coincidence that adversely reflects on the noble, insightful and long-suffering African American community–I don’t know what some ancient African American did to insult Tyche or some other pagan deity, but she certainly has made sure that African America will have nothing but bad luck: Again- how coincidence and fortune jointly conspire to make African American look violent and corrupt–It’s a shame:

    • truelies2

      Argument? What argument? When it guts right down to it, you are either right or you are wrong. There is no gray area. This is not a matter of race, rather it is a matter of honesty, integrity and love for your neighbor. You can trust God and do your best to obey Him, or not. Eternity is a long, long time.

      • Berceuse

        Well spoken. Thanks for posting. The “argument” refers to discussions I’ve had with those on the left who promulgate the false narrative that racism is somehow an exclusive component of conservative ideology. As I say, it’s a false narrative…although you might not know it based on many of the posts on this thread.

    • Danny

      Probably not the intention, maybe just an added bonus for the author?

  • Bill Cervetti

    Ann Marie, this recitation of virtually bottomless graft,corruption,mayhem,self-dealing and violence was presented with such well-documented thoroughness,that I almost thought it was made-up.I found myself chuckling in disbelief.All the more amazing, since I never heard of Alorton,even though I spent the first 35 years of my life in Chicago.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Yes, the whole thing is nightmarish in scope.

    Thanks for the link

  • penguincompassion

    Alorton is even worse than Detroit.

  • Mommamia1


  • Lars

    Romney really did get 2 million votes in Illinois, so they have that going for them.

  • Matthew

    If you like your crooked police chief, crooked mayor, ruthless drug dealers and crackheads, you may keep your crooked police chief, crooked mayor, ruthless drug dealers and crackheads. . Where have I heard that on before ? Matt

  • ricoC

    Burn that town to the ground and start over.

    • cjkcjk

      They already tried that in Watts and Chicago’s West Side, didn’t work.

      • Drakken

        Your going to have to pacify the population as well, or all it is, is an exercise in futility, otherwise we shall be paying them for another 100 years.

  • Hinned

    I Think It’s Time To Bring Back Segregation…

  • Christopher Riddle

    This place sounds to me like another Obongo Paradise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CosmotKat

    Does this sound any different from third world Sub-Saharan African corruption? I can imagine there are white communities with corruption, but this so emulates the third world it’s amazing.

  • Jerry S

    What a thoroughly researched and well written article!
    Mr. Greenfield, I read your articles and op/eds religiously, but this one takes the cake!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      thank you Jerry

      • Jerry S

        No. Thank YOU!
        You are truly an inspiration to everyone and to me personally as a writer. It never ceases to amaze me how you constantly produce well-written and researched articles, one after another, at such an incredible pace!
        Keep up the great work!

    • JettieG

      Agree; great research & reporting Mr Greenfield. I’ve lived in many real third-world villages, but none were as corrupt as this.

  • Major

    Whats the beef? I just see a normal day in the life of these people…they choose it for themselves….errrr “democratically”?.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    It takes a (corrupt) village to raise a (corrupt) child.

  • ForGodAndNation

    When will you “conservatives” stop this nonsense with this being a Democratic problem? I really don’t care for the Democrats either, but please show me just one of your magical black towns run by Mayor Famous Amos, the magic black conservative who exists only in Limbaugh’s fantasies. Conservative means conserving the race that built America, the white race, which is the only race that supports the Constitution by a majority.

  • Tim Wise

    It’s no different from what’s going on in DC! Obama is the most corrupt and least competent president in history. Meanwhile, ni99ers like Eric Holder are committing LOTS of crimes and getting away with it. Not to mention letting lots of ni99ers off like the Black Panthers and the Knockout Game.

    The USA needs a race war!

    • sixfeetofdirt


  • jeepwonder

    Did Obama win this village with 134%?

    • lapin.grove

      Actually it was 175%… : (

    • Sarrah Goldblume

      Diebold can give any result needed.

      Bev Harris hung a light on this topic….

  • grande

    The african america village…..

  • BagLady

    Let’s look at the ‘black’ problem. It begins in Africa……

  • BagLady

    Just pulled this from the news. and intend to pursue it. I guarantee it will lead to a foreign AID project where the ground needs to be cleared for the ‘good’ of the world.Always Africa eh?

  • Porkys2istan

    What I read from this is that Alorton needs a lot of new good paying city jobs filled and they aren’t too picky about who they fill them with. If Alorton where near me I would already be in my car driving with job application in hand. If you show up in your uniform, at least pretend to work, don’t deal drugs, rape, or kill anyone then you’re practically already employee of the month.

    You think I’m joking. I’M NOT. A job’s a job.

  • Dallas25305

    Oh you have to love the People’s Liberal Socialist Democrap party, corruption and destruction are job one. Firstly, of course 97% of blacks will vote Democrap. They are racist, they will always vote for the Black guy regardless of how corrupt and incompetent he is. They don’t have the brains to do anything else and besides they will blame the problems on Whitey anyway. Whitey isn’t providing enough jobs, Whitey isn’t providing enough welfare. Here’s a tip Blackie, get off your A$$ and stop blaming your self imposed problems on somebody else.

  • Charles Fuhro

    Alorton is just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri. It’s a place where most White folks with a brain in their head never go. Shootings happen every week over there, and the only redeeming fact about the city that I’m aware of is that they have not yet agreed to allow the nude dance clubs and massage parlors into the city, something neighboring towns such as Sauget, East St. Louis, Washington Park, and Centerville, Illinois have all done. All of these cities are Black, and all of their citizens live in poverty, surviving on food stamps. welfare payments, Medicaid, and public housing. And of course, none of the citizens of any of these cities have an education, nor are they employed. And why should they work when the government is there to hand out money and allow them to live without needing to think about work. What they should do is come in and clean all of these cities out, including Alorton. But that’s never going to happen as long as there is a Democrat in the White House. And the fact that Obama is Black has nothing to do with it. The Democratic approach to problem solving is to simply throw money at problems, but sometimes you have to actually DO SOMETHING about a situation, something the current administration has no intention of ever doing.

  • TheDudeAbides

    This article hast to be satire. No way any town is this corrupt. It sounds like something out of a movie.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Life trumps art all the time.

  • Liger

    Being Cuban/Hispanic I have always said that the ONLY politicos more corrupt than our own politicos are the Blacks.
    Living in Miami I do not care about political party which is a joke and means NOTHING here , I look for ANY candidate who is not Hispanic nor Black .
    As a rule we lose when “our own” are in office . Our political and police standards are ZERO.

  • Axion

    And where is the price to corrupt in America? I prefer play myXbox One with GTA V and destroy all politicians