The Only Job Ex-Journalist Jay Carney Can Get is at MSNBC


Jay Carney used to be the Washington Bureau Chief for Newsweek. He worked for Time reporting on Moscow. And if these reports are correct, then after spending years flacking for Obama, the only gig this former “journalists” could get was at MSNBC.

How pathetic and predictable.

Sources inside MSNBC say former White House Spokesman Jay Carney, who recently resigned from his post at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, will likely be headed to MSNBC.

Carney is in talks for a contributor position.

If it happens, Carney would follow in the natural footsteps of a few other aides to President Obama who were welcomed into the MSNBC family upon leaving their jobs. The last White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, became an MSNBC contributor in May, 2013, while David Axelrod, a top aide to Obama, became one in February 2013.

Except those people weren’t career journalists. Carney was.

Now the only gig he can get is spewing hate at Republicans on MSNBC. And that’s really sad since Carney believed in Obama so much that he took a pay cut to lie for him.

Now he can’t get a serious job in journalism.

Carney recently admitted that, “I’m not going to go back to being a journalist full-time… I’m not going to disappear from view.”

Then he whined about how shallow the press was.


  • VivianM

    Spewing hatred, eh? You should know, Greenfield. What is this piece doing, sending olive branches? How hypocritical.

    • Pete

      What is Mr Greenfield doing. Telling the truth. Keeping us informed. Aggregating news stories that the once extremely powerful 4th estate, MSM, omits from the news.

      I go to a blog for economic news, because … I distrust the SM

      I go to a blog for news of foreign affairs and war, because … I distrust the MSM.

      I can compare the aggregation of news stories and analysis of the blogs to the MSM and it tells quite a story of malfeasance.

      The MSM omits stories or the hide stories in time (Friday news dump; telling stories later if at all: Hello blue dress).

      Even when the MSM does retract it is much, much later. Like this year from time magazine we learned butter is good. The LEFT has been on a jihad since the 1990s trying to ban coconut oil in popcorn, Chinese food, Mexican food and everything else. 10 years ago we learned that men and women are different. the
      Time article on men and women being different put a nail into the tabula rasa BS the Left has been trying to push for several decades.

      • VivianM

        Oh you poor Right Wingers, you’ve been so abused by the left. You have almost no news resources, don’t you? I am going to say a prayer for you tonight. You poor downtrodden people. The left wing Jihad has been so hard on you. I’m going to go an light a candle and pout it in my window for you right now.

        • zoomie

          a lot of very brave men died so you could live free. in your case it obviously wasn’t worth it.

          • Pete

            Maybe you could hold a beer summit with Vivian at the Seattle International Beer Festival.

            Mellowed out drinking a beer they might be less pugnacious and more open to a honest political discussion at the Pike Place Market.

          • VivianM

            I come from a military family, so I am not sure what you are referring to. Look, I am not seeking to start a dogfight about ideology, despite my rantings. I originally was merely pointing out that it is ironic to speak of “spewing hatred” in an article that is obviously spewing hatred, albeit hatred-lite. Us libs and conservatives actually care about the same things in the big picture, and it would be more helpful for us to try and identify the issues we have common ground with and attempt to move some positives forward. To that end, I’ll say happy Fourth to you all, and thank you for caring about our nation’s strength and prosperity, even though I think your policies often injure many decent Americans in the process.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            We care about rather different things.

            We want small government. Your party wants big government.

            That’s the fundamental issue that divides us.

          • VivianM

            We want good honest government. We may disagree on how to get there, but I assume that we all care about our country, our families, and our children and want a strong economy, a healthy environment, and just society. We may quibble about how to get there, or how to measure those goals, but I believe that all decent Americans want essentially the same things. If you were in a car accident I would not hesitate to risk my life to pull you out of a burning car. I assume you all would do the same in return, regardless of difference in political ideology. Perhaps I am wrong, but I don’t think so.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            big government and good and honest don’t go together

        • Pete

          No actually we have a growing number of news sources.

          Girst we had Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. it has only grown since that time.

          The 5th estate has been particularly hard on the 4th estate.

          A display of several Time magazine covers along with the their cover stories demonizing something and being retracted several years later will be entertaining and damning. I have started collecting the covers.

          The truth will be hard for a over-the-hill, bitter clinger like yourself from the Seat-Tac area.

    • DogmaelJones1

      If Greenfield was sending olive branches to Jay the Carneyville Barker, then Al Capone was send hearts to Bugsy Moran on St. Valentine’s day.

      • rich poorman

        Greenfield’s blog “Sultan Knish” is day-in and day-out, the best political and cultural commentary on the net. In a just world, he would be a headliner in mainstream media, syndicated and sought after. The only one who comes close to him in insight and verbal acumen is Krauthammer.

        • DogmaelJones1

          I second that appraisal about Greenfield, although I have some reservations about Krauthammer.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          thank you, but in a just world, we could all just go to work without worrying about any of this

  • ObamaYoMoma

    He should fit in nicely over there.

  • Bob

    That job is to good for him

  • Pete

    Jay Carney would have made more money if he would have left a year ago.

    He stayed on so long when thing were going south that he reduced his future paychecks. Jay is on their side, but he was defending the indefensible, so now he has become toxic to their cause.

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  • Jason Vickers

    At least he won’t have to stop lying by working at MSNBC.

  • Johnny Palestine

    Chris Matthews ( D), Carney (D), Axelrod( D),Gibbs (D) >> all pining and wailing against the GOP for (P)MSNBC. When I discuss PMSNBC, I am describing the men who labor therein!!

    Another employee at MSNBC, possible female, is a creature named Maddow who once was a colleaque to Senator Al Franken at Radio Air America, whose guests usually were employees at the ” Center for American Progress”, a leftwing thinktank, commanded by Soros acting as agent for Rothchild.

    Therefore, who is the controlling party of MSNBC, Center for American Progress, may also be the controlling party or part of the controlling parties of the Democrat Party.

    Is it possible that these are the same parties that control the GOP? What is theater and what is not theater?

  • Enzo

    GREAT place for him Pew Research already deducted they are 85% OPINION He should do just hunky dory there provided anyone even watches which is a big IF in liberal LA LA LAND.

  • sjccoach

    More proof that MSNBC is part of Obama’s and Democrat Party’s propaganda machine.

    • VivianM

      Thank God FOX News has no bias whatsoever, right?

      • sjccoach

        All news is biased. Fox is biased toward the truth. While MSNBC is biased toward lies and propaganda.

        • VivianM

          One man’s truth is another man’s propaganda.

          • sjccoach

            Spoken like a true liberal. There is absolute truth.

          • VivianM

            There is, and it does not confirm to ANYONE’s political ideology, thank you.

          • sjccoach

            Your welcome. But I beg to differ with you. By the way yelling doesn’t help your argument. Also it is conform not confirm.

          • hiernonymous

            “Your welcome. But I beg to differ with you. By the way yelling doesn’t help your argument. Also it is conform not confirm.”

            Also, it’s “[y]ou’re welcome,” not “[y]our welcome.”

          • rich poorman

            Indeed, truth does not conform to anyone’s ideology. But some ideologies conform to universal truths, and some are conceived from fantasy. Adherents to the latter reject all evidence that challenges their dogma, and are willing to perform grotesque and savage acts to repress and eliminate critics.

        • miller22


          • sjccoach

            A typical stupid liberal response.

        • rhzszm

          MSNBC is anti-American.

  • Bruce Price

    Obama blew a kiss to this guy. He can put that on his resume. Now that Joan Rivers has spoken, that kiss should be given more ample coverage.

  • hiernonymous

    “…the only gig this former “journalists” could get was at MSNBC.”

    Did you write this on the basis of a report from MSNBC that Carney was heading their way? Or did you do a bit of actual journalism, contact other sources and other media outlets, and determine that Carney was not welcome elsewhere? What other sources did you use, and how did you come to this determination?

    “Now the only gig he can get is spewing hate at Republicans on MSNBC.”

    And “spewing hate” is a embarrassing job for a professional journalist.

  • joepotato

    That was predictable… BSNBC can always use another lying Obot to prop up TXE Islamo-Marxist with TXE fake ID and stolen/ borrowed SSN….

  • rhzszm

    I wouldn’t trust a single thing this puppet writes. Minimum wage labor is all he can ethically be entrusted to. I wouldn’t let him shine my shoes.

  • John

    Poor Jay!