The Only Way to Sell Amnesty is by Pretending it’s the Opposite of Amnesty


The real takeaway from the GOP cliff dive that is amnesty is that if your policy is so unpopular that you have to…

A. Lie compulsively about it before you even introduce it


B. Your lie is that your policy is the opposite of what it really is

Then maybe you should just stop.

The GOP has kept on trying to sell amnesty by mislabeling it as border security, which is the opposite of what amnesty really is. It’s like trying to sell sentencing reform that will free convicted murderers by pretending that it’s a tough on crime policy.

Now it’s regrouped to selling amnesty as… getting right with the law, when it actually ignores the law.

Supporters of immigration reform have carefully poll-tested the words they use to advocate an overhaul of the nation’s immigration system. “The language on this stuff is really important,” says one expert who’s been intimately involved in the work.

The language is really important when you’re using it to lie to people.

What does work? Words and phrases that focus on the law. “Rule of law,” for example, is quite effective. But perhaps the most effective phrase for reform advocates now is “get right with the law,” as in requiring currently illegal immigrants to comply with strict legal requirements as a condition of allowing them to live openly in the United States.

“Get right with the law” is popping up a lot in the immigration debates. For one thing, it was included in the House Republicans’ 804-word statement of principles released Thursday: “Our national and economic security depend on requiring people who are living and working here illegally to come forward and get right with the law.”

Let’s get right with the law… by legalizing heroin.

We need to get right with the law… by freeing serial rapists.

It’s time to get right with the law… by completely discarding it when it comes to illegal aliens in this country.

“When you’ve got an issue that would … allow folks who are here illegally to get right with the law … you shouldn’t be looking for an excuse not to do it.” — President Obama, Nov. 13.

“[There] ought to be a rule-based system so that we secure the border, interior enforcement, while we fix and get people right with the law without producing amnesty…” — Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Jan. 30.

When you start sounding like Emperor Pen and Phone, you’re not right or with the law.

  • scook84

    What part of the word, “Illegal”, do they not understand??

    <3 Muah!

    • CaoMoo

      All of it they have redefined so many words they no longer even speak english.

      • danfan

        boy, what a lot they have in common with the newmericans – wait til this obamanation starts giving tax breaks/incentives to the illegal alien invaders so they can buy up all the houses that were built, bought and paid for by LEGAL CITIZENS so they, too, can live their dreams…
        thanks commie govt bastids

  • Mr. Smith

    Just as you describe. We have Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) saying “there is no amnesty”

  • Habbgun

    Let’s face it. It’s the heads of our constituency that ain’t right. Anyone who says amnesty actually IS forgiveness for breaking the law spends a night in the box. If you object to the law being flexible for some people but rigid for you, you spend a night in the box. If you think being Republican might mean support for vouchers and not a Common Core curriculum where your children are told anyone, anywhere is a geographically displaced America who can come at any time while you must at all time be apologetic to other cultures and less than a human let alone a citizen spends a night in the box.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Obama’s 2012 Amnesty Dream Act Executive Order and the threat of more to Executive Orders to come by Obama including more for Amnesty is a mental block, the emperor has no clothes, to continue the Republican bashing.

  • Erudite Mavin

    tea party saint Rand Paul is for a process that will turn millions of illegal aliens into citizens. But he doesn’t like to use the word “Amnesty” and now he decided that he doesn’t like the term “Path to Citizenship” either. So he’s against the word and the term, but he’s for the process.

    Rand Paul delivered a speech which did not use the word “citizenship”, but said that the 12 million would integrate into our society. When asked afterward if he meant citizenship, he said yes

    Ron Paul when in congress voted every time Against bills that would fence the border.

    Where are the articles exposing the tp and libertarians for full blown amnesty
    and no security at the border.
    Here are the Facts

    Obama in 2012 did an Executive Order for the Dream Act Amnesty and will be doing more of his Amnesty Executive Orders.

    Obama said the other day, if congress does not go along, he will do it his way,

    executive Orders.

    Amnesty is already here thanks to Obama and those here who sat at home or voted third party.

    More of Rand Paul

    Sen. Rand Paul: Illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain legal status

    By Rosalind S. Helderman, Published: March 19, 2013

    …Paul also called for expanding legal immigration — not a universally held position in the Republican Party. Some of its members believe that allowing more legal immigration will make it harder for Americans to find jobs.

    Paul said he sought to turn illegal immigrants into taxpayers, which could ultimately lead to their becoming citizens. Despite early reports that he would endorse a pathway to citizenship in the speech, however, he did not specifically address the citizenship issue.