The Peace Process Is a Game Israel Can’t Win

page_KerryNetanyahu1262013_w437_h328No matter what terrorist atrocity was committed against Israel yesterday, the call goes out for a return to the peace process today. For two long decades of terror that has never changed.

Diplomacy is a strange twisted business of lies, deceit and badly mixed drinks served at hotel bars that are a year away from being blown up. The motives are so twisted that everyone often ends up doing the opposite of what they set out to do. But even by the standards of international diplomacy where mixed motives and terrible ideas stew in a solid gold pot for years before they explode, the peace process between Israel and the PLO terrorists is in a horrible class of its own.

The one thing that everyone involved in the process, from the PLO terrorists to the Israelis to the international diplomats who arrive with a Bluetooth in one ear and a talking point in the other, can agree on is that it will never work. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not in a million years.

But that doesn’t mean that they’re about to stop.

Israel realized it wasn’t working a few years in after buses began blowing up more often than they were arriving on time. And the PLO can’t reach a final agreement because it’s not an independent actor. From its earliest days, before the Six Day War, it was a puppet of other countries. It’s still a projection of state power by Muslim countries in the region who want to perpetuate a conflict with Israel without spending too much money on bombs and guns.

A peace process that never works involving a terrorist state funded by the US and the EU is the second best thing to happen to Saudi Arabia since those infidel geologists found all that oil.

Even if the Saudis didn’t take their Koran seriously, and except when it comes to their taste for booze, women and young boys they do, they have every reason to go on undermining Israel. Israel was their only real regional diplomatic rival in the West. Now Israel is permanently on the defensive and the Saudis got away with funding a Sunni-Shiite war while telling international diplomats that the region’s problems could only be solved with an Israeli-PLO peace deal.

The PLO isn’t interested in the peace process, but it can’t opt out of it without losing American money. And it can’t follow through on the peace process. Not if it doesn’t want the Saudis sending some local flavor of ISIS its way.

So the PLO has to sabotage peace negotiations each time while blaming Israel.

This isn’t as tricky as it sounds because international diplomats have to find a reason to blame Israel each time or admit that their brilliant idea to give a terrorist group its own country was actually terrible in a really obvious way. And they obviously aren’t about to do that.

This time around the PLO did its best to sabotage the negotiations in every possible way, such as refusing to show up and making demands for concessions before the negotiations even began, but when that didn’t work it formed a unity government with Hamas. Israel threw up its hands and the diplomats blamed everything on it for possibly thinking about building some houses.

Israel is aware that the PLO doesn’t want to negotiate, but due to pressure from the US and the EU it can’t pull out of the negotiations until the PLO comes out and admits that it doesn’t want peace. Israel sets out to prove that the PLO doesn’t want to negotiate by negotiating and agreeing to the PLO’s demands. The PLO escalates its provocations until Israel is forced to drop out.

Israel then gets blamed.

Despite this latest round of Lucy in a burka holding up a halal football, Israeli leaders remain convinced that if they just hold out until the very end of the negotiations, the PLO will finally blink first and admit that it doesn’t want peace. And the Western diplomats will realize it too.

The Israelis have yet to pull this off because you can’t prove to the referees that they’re idiots. And that is what Israel is trying to do.

But American and European diplomats can’t back off the peace process. They think that it’s their best shot at appeasing the Muslim world. The Saudis insist that the “Palestinian” issue is driving all the Muslim conflicts in the world. And the diplomats rush to address the problem with a piece of peace theater that they know by now won’t work.

The real goal of the peace process is a conclusion at which various Western diplomats appease the Muslim world by blaming Israel. It’s a rigged game that can’t be won because the purpose of the game is for Israel to lose. All three corners of the peace triangle know that the negotiations are worthless and will yield no results. Instead it’s all about the positioning.

Israel is trying to prove that it’s the reasonable party. The PLO is trying to sabotage negotiations while blaming Israel. The international diplomats are trying to prove that the whole thing should keep on going because they like running up hotel bills and appeasing Muslims.

They also really hate being proven wrong.

Since the PLO’s tactic is to sabotage negotiations by behaving more disruptively while Israel’s tactic is to make more concessions, a gap arises in which Israel looks reasonable and the terrorists look like… well terrorists.

The diplomats bridge this gap by moving the diplomatic goal posts to maintain the fiction that Israel is the guilty party. The worse the terrorists behave, the more Israel has to be sanctioned. The more concessions Israel offers, the more the terrorists have to be praised.

Whatever the PLO does, the diplomats have to maintain a consistent moral and political distance between it and Israel. If the PLO kills an Israeli, the diplomats have to insist that Israeli houses in a small village somewhere are the real obstacle to peace. If the PLO nukes Tel Aviv, the diplomats have to claim that an Israeli speck of dust near Eilat is making peace impossible.

The worse the PLO behaves, the more the diplomats have to define its deviancy down while defining deviancy up for Israel to maintain a consistent distance between both sides. The longer the peace process goes on, the more extreme the PLO’s actions become and the more diplomats accept the previously unacceptable while denouncing Israel for the formerly unobjectionable.

That is how we got to the point that the State Department is defending a PLO-Hamas unity government and denouncing Israel for “building settlements” in Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world.

The peace process is a political game that Israel can’t be allowed to win. The only way for Israel to win is to stop playing. Charles Schulz’s Lucy and the football gag dates back almost to the modern rebirth of Israel. That’s how long the variations of this game have been taking place.

Israel is trying to win a political game whose purpose is to prove that it’s evil. The PLO wins by keeping the game going. The diplomats win by keeping the game going. The Saudis win by keeping the game going. But the Israelis keep losing for as long as the game keeps going.

These aren’t just paper losses. The longer the game runs, the more Israel’s image suffers and the more emboldened its enemies become. If Israel doesn’t end the peace game, the game will end Israel.

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  • chezwick

    >The peace process is a political game that Israel can’t be allowed to win. The only way for Israel to win is to stop playing.

    The first sentence is absolutely correct, but the second implies Israel can “win” in any context. If “winning” is maintaining control of the West Bank for Israel’s security, then by all means, end the farce of negotiations for that reason alone. But let’s not pretend that if Israel opts out of the “peace process”, there won’t be repercussions. The BDS movement will gather steam and possibly become mainstreamed. The Dems and the Euro-left will do everything in their power to diplomatically and economically isolate Israel.

    I’m not at all disagreeing with Daniel…the “peace-process” is a farce wrapped inside a charade. I’m merely pointing out that which ever road Israel takes, it’s going to suffer for it.

    • HermitLion

      They’re doing it anyway. The threat of ‘repercussions’ has been used to bully Israel into this continued charade. It’s not the negotiations farce that makes Israel a lucrative business partner – it’s its viability as a business partner.

      Winning is not maintaining control of Judea & Samaria. Winning is survival.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The BDS movement has been mainstreamed by the peace process. It’s an outgrowth of the anti-Israel movement which picked up steam when Israel allowed itself to be wedged into a lose-lose scenario in which it makes concessions, but always comes out looking like the villain.

      The peace process is an open wound. Open wounds attract predators.

      The only way to discourage them is to bind up the wound. Without the smell of blood, they’ll be far less keen.

      • Chezwick

        >The BDS movement has been mainstreamed by the peace process.

        The BDS movement is still in its infancy and its effects on Israel have been negligible (mostly psychological). Someday, possibly sooner than later, Israel could be subject to bona-fide international sanctions that could do very real damage to its economy. Opting out of the peace-process could very-well hasten or even precipitate that day.

        Again, I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you, Daniel. I think your arguments are sound. I’m just saying that there are repercussions for every policy. You’ve adroitly explained those repercussions Israel faces by continuing the so-called “peace-process”. I’m merely pointing out the potential repercussions – specifically, the prospect of a very real diplomatic and economic isolation – should Israel opt out.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          The sanctions are coming either way. They’re more likely to come if Israel shows that it is vulnerable to pressure.

          The constant back-and-forth encourages the BDS movement by giving them fodder.

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  • truebearing

    The Peace Process is a franchise with multiple owners. The problem is that only the Muslim owners profit from the venture. Israel should quit this game, but more importantly, so should Europe and the US.

    The United States and Europe could end this farce if they would make energy autonomy a real priority and forget the green energy nonsense. Oil is what binds us to this ridiculous process. Even if Europe couldn’t become entirely independent, we could expidite production and fill a high percentage of their needs. If neither Europe nor the US needed Middle East oil, Saudi Arabia would lose its leverage, and a lot of revenue. With that loss would come more motivation to negotiate an agreement, especially if Europe and the US strongly backed Israel and stopped the one-sided blame game.

    Russia and Saudi Arabia fear the geopolitical upheavel American fracking could cause, which is why they are funneling money to the Left to prevent our energy independence. If Obama really wanted to achieve peace between the Palestinians and Israel, he’d be encouraging American energy independence through fracking. In the process, he would put Russia back on its heels and strengthen our relationship and leverage with Europe. But then, why would he do that when it would redound to America’s credit, help our economy, strengthen the West, weaken the Muslim oil producers, impoverish Russia, and reduce chaos? Obama does nothing that helps Israel or the US.

    • BagLady

      With that loss would come more motivation to negotiate an agreement,
      especially if Europe and the US strongly backed Israel and stopped the
      one-sided blame game.”

      And what would they have to do to “strongly back Israel”?

      “impoverish Russia, and reduce chaos?” How would impoverishing Russia (which has done nothing to deserve your disdain) reduce chaos? Granted it would put dollars into US coffers if you were the sole providers of dirty fracked oil. How would Europe benefit? Russia is on our doorstep and provides cheap fuel. What are you advocating? A US monopoly?

      Go ahead. Dig up Canada (I know Stephen is all for currying favour with his neighbour). Get Sarah Palin on side. She’ll go for it.

      When all this has been achieved, what will the negotiated agreement look like? Do tell.

      • Habbgun

        Yeah. You’re right. No value to fracking. Just a geopolitical maneuver for the Jews. No need for heating oil, fuel for cars, etc. Just a crazy thing the Jews lied about so that the Saudis could get rich and hate the Jews so that they could fund the Palestinians just so the Jews could have an enemy because the Jews actually want an enemy so they can be victims while really running the world.

        Please refrain from using any combustible material. Its all a Jewish scam.

        • etan

          yah’ habbgum the arab oil is running the world

      • Webb

        There will be no negotiated agreement, Skaggy. The homeless arabs have it the best it will ever be for them. Their lives will never change for the better. This is their future. You should stop yammering and move on.

      • truebearing

        “And what would they have to do to “strongly back Israel”?

        Huh? I have to explain that to you? First of all, they could stop undermining Israel by condemning the behavior of the Palestinians instead of mouthing empty platitudes, false equivalencies, and then blaming Israel any and everything that happens. Make the Palestinians responsible for their failures and crimes instead of ginning up ridiculous victimization narratives.

        All aid should be contingent upon behavior. Continued terror earns no money. Instead, take the money that would have been given to Abbas to pilfer and send it to Israel. That should get the Palestinian leadership’s attention. All aid should be merit based. If they don’t like it, they can change. If the other Muslim countries don’t like it, they can fund the Palestinian scheme by themselves. They are the ones who invented it, after all.

        Russia has done nothing to deserve our disdain? Are you on a morphine drip? That comment doesn’t deserve a response it is so ridiculous.

        Russia has Europe by the throat, and anyone with the IQ of a french fry ought to be able to see that. Russian aggression is increasing and it is fueled by its oil sales. Putin is a ruthless SOB that the West could do without. We should play hardball and deprive him of his cash cow. A US monopoly is far better than a Russian monopoly. I can assure you we wouldn’t be annexing Ukraine over oil.

        The fact that you don’t like Sarah Palin means you don’t like the US. I love both. If Palin was our president, we’d be swimming in oil and enjoying a resurgence of prosperity, not to mention international respect. Notice I said respect. I don’t care if envious losers don’t like us. There will always be envious losers that hate success.

        A negotiated agreement would start with an acknowledgement of Israel’s right to exist, and to control Jerusalem. It would also tie aid to behavior, as previously suggested. There would be no return to borders that serve only the purposes of genocidal Islamists, and there would be a stronger defense pact between Israel and the US, and hopefully NATO.

        The so-called “Palestinians” are Muslim Arabs. It is time that the surrounding Muslim countries own up to the problem they created and solve the problem themselves instead of making genocide their only acceptable solution.


          truebearing AKBAR!

        • Americana

          Sorry, no, the first thing would be to take Jerusalem out of the equation entirely. It becomes an Open International Protectorate United Nations city and that’s that. You want an honorary capital there, be the honored guest of the United Nations. But this freakin’ quibbling over each and every square inch of Holy Land by all sides is stopping here and now.


            Apply your sharing to open Apartheid Mecca first.

            Let’s see how that works out.

          • Americana

            Making Mecca an Open International City has never been floated as a concept because it’s not considered a holy city for all three faiths. It’s never been fought over and it’s consequently never been put at risk.

          • Boleslaw Bierut

            You are either mad or a Muslim. I find no other alternative. So Israel, to accommodate bloodthirsty Muslims must renounce its capital city and for what, the UN Protectorate, while we all know whose side UN, with its Islamic oily block, is on? Worse than ridiculous, it’s suicidal.

          • Americana

            Allowing Jerusalem to become an Open International City wouldn’t change anything substantively about its status viz Israel. If you’re that bizarrely attached to the whole physical recreation of King David’s Kingdom then you’ll object to anything and everything that might help solve this. Giving up Jerusalem is suicidal? How do you arrive at that assessment? Besides, if you’re really concerned about the city being preserved, this might be the better way to go about it than to let it continue to be argued over like the last piece of gefilte fish.

          • Boleslaw Bierut

            Then you must be just stupidly naive. Nothing has ever worked while under UN protectorate. Not in Rwanda nor in Bosna and elsewhere. Besides, Jerusalem already is the capital of Israel and hopefully there will never come an Israeli idiot dreaming of changing it.

      • zoomie

        what’s the matter with cleaning all that dirty contaminated soil in Canada – brainless libturd

      • Pete

        How is fracked oil dirty oil?

        You can frack with gelled natural gas. There is already natural gas in the rock. You add more gas to to crack the rock and then let it come out.

        “In the hydraulic stimulation process, a high-pressure fluid (usually a gelled liquid, foam, or gas) is injected into the well along with a proppant (generally sand)”

      • Pete

        I would rather not dig up Canada. I would rather not them reduce ridge lines in West Virgina. the hunting would not be as scenic or as good.

        But we are in a bit of a pickle, where as soon as anyone moves or breathes there is an enviro-nut saying we can’t.

        We could use thorium reactors. We could use a pebble reactor design.There is not really a chance of a pebble bed reactor going crit. We can design reactors so that the coolant flows regardless of a power failure. So there are reactor designs that are so much safer and also produce little or no waste. Chernobyl was a 1950s reactor design managed by LEFTISTS (i.e. the USSR).

        Instead we have enviro-nuts telling us what we can do and making damn sure if there is an effort not approved by them they will hold it up in the courts or in the bureaucracy and guaran-damn-teeing cost overruns.

        Enviro-nuts are always there as an unelected policemen but never as a power provider.

        Enviro-nuts are very good at killing birds, bats and tortoises. with the wind and solar farms

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Saudi Arabia and its allies have very effectively divided and conquered the West, pitting country against country.

      This is how Islam originally conquered the territories of what was left of the Roman Empire.

      • Higlac

        Please don’t forget the TREMENDOUS help the Moslems have been – and are!!! – getting from the Marxists, who turned to Islam to be their ally in destroying our Western, Judæo-Christian civilisation when the USSR collapsed and China decided to embrace economic capitalism.

        • Americana

          That was a temporary assistance rendered to the Palestinians during the Cold War and that kind of fifth-columnist assistance no longer holds any sway over the Palestinians. Besides, Russia no more wants to embolden Muslims within her borders than she’d like to embolden Muslims to form a large Caliphate on the western edge of her border.


            And that’s why KGB Putins Russia is selling weapons to Fascist Iran – because KGB Putin sees Fascist Iran as an ally against America.

            Today Socialism is a regressive ideology – as it was in WW2.

          • Americana

            Pres. Putin is selling arms to Iran because Putin doesn’t want a Caliphate on his western border. Putin is not all that worried about America striking out at Russia. Why would he be? Russia hasn’t really done anything to merit American military action. Don’t bring up Crimea in the context of American military action…


            KGB Putin is selling arms to Fascist Iran to screw over the US, but KGB Putin has a Muslim problem of his own and he foolishly thinks he can buy some time by appeasing Islamfascists.

            It’s a modern day repeat of the Socialist Hitler/ Socialist Stalin non-aggression pact of 1939.

            The Russian invasion and annexation of Crimea is current day Russian Imperialism – ignored by Regressive Progressives.

          • Americana

            That’s not quite the understanding you should have of Pres. Putin’s arms deals but believe what you will.


            How “progressive” of you.

          • Boleslaw Bierut

            Russia will always do as competitor of America and where American arms don’t go, Russia’s will. Not much of ideology involved but still some influence remains.

          • Higlac

            You’re forgetting something: while Russia may no longer be involved, there are LOTS AND LOTS of Marxists in the West!!!!! Some of them aren’t even always aware of what they’re agitating for…

          • Americana

            There aren’t nearly the number of Marxists that people here seem to be claiming. I argue w/some Marxists on other political web sites as well. They’re in the same boat as any other political philosophy — they’ve got to recognize where their philosophy is an utter failure.

          • Higlac

            That tells me just how little you really know of Marxism, especially relative to its culturally-related mutations!!! [Things to read about: the Frankfurt School, the philosopher Antonio Gramsci (thank God he repented before he died…).]

    • bigjulie

      Such moves are not on the Jarrett/Obama menu. They have other plans, the upshot of which are the diminishment of American influence or, perhaps, the outright destruction of America altogether! Obama’s motives and inability to be decisive about almost everything is manipulated constantly by many allied interests and the Muslim interests, in particular. Daniel is perfectly correct! The entire 22 year process’ main aim it to wear down Israel, not bring peace of any kind, and its continuance will certainly bring down Israel once and for all!
      Unfortunately, an ultimately aggressive move on Israel’s part would bring much world condemnation down upon it…such because of the leanings of the Leftist-controlled media. Israel’s unenviable position is between the ultimate rock and hard place!
      Still, Israel must do SOMETHING and soon because the so-called peace process is ultimately a death trap! The more I think about it, the more rational the “ultimate aggressive” move sounds. Jarrett/Obama is not to be trusted under any circumstances. Israel can only hope for a strong conservative congress in 2015…strong enough to override Jarrett/Obama’s vetoes!

    • Americana

      The Palestinian jihad would carry on regardless if there were no peace settlement that didn’t arrive at a Palestinian state. Sure, energy independence guarantees us a certain insulation from the energy fallout from troubles in the region, but energy independence doesn’t solve the issue of what happens if Israel decides to NEVER SETTLE w/the Palestinians on a state or, worse yet, ENFORCES THE BALFOUR AGREEMENT just because she can manage it militarily. That’s when we’ll really see the sh*t hit the regional fan if the standing Muslim governments aren’t overly occupied w/fighting jihadists.


        There will NEVER be “paleswinian” state in Israel.

        The best chance would be a “paleswine” in Syria or the collapsing Iraq. ISIS will only succeed in building more disgust of the oxymoron called “the Religion of Peace”..

        • Americana

          Says you. And why do you make this fatuous claim? Let’s think on it for just a moment. Let’s ponder all the rationales for your claim as well as claim why you WORDED THIS CLAIM like this: “There will NEVER be a “paleswine” in ISRAEL.”

          First, that isn’t all Israeli land now nor was it meant to be under the recognized United Nations partition plan. For you to make the fatuous claim, but very telling claim, that you consider this to be all Israeli land is WHY the Palestinian jihad has gone on for so long and has escalated from its inception.

          The only way to test out the two-state solution is to attempt it. Do one thing which will set the tone for the talks like make Jerusalem an Open International City (as it was meant to be under the United Nations partition plan) where neither state has a greater hold over its historicity and go from there.


            There will NEVER be a Pal-e-SWINE in Israel.

            The five attacking Arabs armies, none of which was the army of “palestine”, broke the UN partition plan, thinking that the Jews of Israel, the surviving wretched refuse of WW2 and the Holocaust of 3 years earlier, would be easy to defeat and massacre.

            Thankfully Israel is too powerful and Islamofascists, world wide, are too bloodthirsty. Every Islamofascist terrorist attack builds more animosity towards Islam.

            Even Muslims hate fellow Muslims. And if Muslims can’t get along with fellow Muslims, how can you possibly expect Muslims to get along with Infidels and “the sons of pigs and dogs”?

            Israel needs to stay strong, and wait for Arabs/Muslims to self destruct. The world sees Islam as a savage cult. Regressive Progressives need to change the focus from Islamofascism to Israel – but they will fail.

            You can test your “two-state” solution in Iraq. A sunni state and a shiite state.

            If that doesn’t work, then your test is a failure – and smart people know that we all learn from failures – except regressive progressives and brain damaged socialists.

          • Americana

            A two-state solution between two Arab states and two Arab Muslim sects is a different test scenario than a test two-state solution between Israel and Palestine. Of course, if Israel doesn’t want to honor that, then Israel should simply admit it in front of the United Nations. Maybe you or Webb should volunteer to be the spokesman for this event.


            Arabs can’t get along in ONE state – Iraq.

            Arab ISIS is murdering Arabs in Iraq.

            Arabs are murdering Arabs in Syria – 160,000+ and counting,

            There can NEVER be a peaceful Pal-e-SWINE because a Pal-e-SWINE would consist of Arabs – who kill fellow Arabs.

            Your peaceful Pal-e-SWINE is an IMPOSSIBILITY – until Arabs of various backgrounds can live with each other.

  • mollysdad

    If you’ve got a tip of the range chess computer you always lose against, then change the game from chess to kick-boxing.

    Undertake the gradual but steady expulsion of Muslims from Judaea, Samaria and Gaza and encourage Jews to make aliyah and settle in their place.

    Letting displaced Christians in wouldn’t hurt either.

    • BagLady

      “Undertake the gradual but steady expulsion of Muslims from Judaea, Samaria..”

      Do you mean to drive them into the sea?

      • mollysdad

        No, just across the border. Saudi Arabia’s just around the corner, and the Islamic State isn’t that far away.

        • Habbgun

          Wow…you are Baggie’s worst nightmare. A non-Jew that doesn’t love Islamists. In her crowd that simply isn’t done.

        • BagLady

          So, by your own admittance, there is no difference in your desires and that of your ‘enemies’. Each one trying to drive the other from their home, whether it be to sea or to sand. Neither alternative offering an existence. So childish. So futile. So…..


            PigLady must think that WW2 Britiain was as bad as national SOCIALIST na zi Germany.

          • BagLady

            Germany failed in it’s attempt at taking over Europe using brute force but seems to be doing so much better using financial tools.


            The UK is doing even better by proclaiming how diverse and multi-cultural it is by opening its doors to the WORST of the Third World.

            The Third World that bombs London transport, beheads Brits like Lee Rigby, openly threatens the UK with 9/11 scale massacres, threatens gays.

          • BagLady

            What do you want me to say?


            Say you’ll do anything I want for $100.

            I’ll say, OK, paint my house.

            That’s Henny Youngman.


            National SOCIALIST na zi German didn’t just “fail”. It was defeated.

            Democratic Germany is doing well financially because it is making smart decisions – unlike the rest of Eurabia.

          • mollysdad

            There’s this important difference. Judaism and Christianity are God’s religions. Islam was invented by a false prophet who was such a notorious paedophile that his name would be Jimmy Savile if he were alive today.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Not only from Judea and Samaria, but mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage, which is really non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad for the nefarious purposes of mass Muslim infiltration of our societies and for eventual demographic conquest, must be banned and reversed ASAP.

        As a matter of fact, unless something very drastic happens in the near term, there are several Euroloon countries in Europe that inevitably will become Muslim majority countries thanks to demographic conquest in the second half of this century. Those minority Euroloon infidels will then be rendered into harsh and degrading dhimmitude via the imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law, and treated exactly like Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, and all other infidels living under harsh Sharia laws are treated today throughout the Islamic totalitarian world today. In other words, they will be harshly repressed and oppressed, when not outright raped, kidnapped, or murdered in cold blood.

        Thus, unless the infidel world wants that manifestation to be their future, we have no other choice in the matter but to act responsibly and ban and reverse mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage. PC multiculturalism be damned

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Probably, he means to”push them” into other Muslim countries. Not a bad idea …

        • Habbgun

          Its happened before and worked fine. You don’t see Pakistan wanting to disband.


        The sea of Saudi oil.


        Drive them into the UK which is already Sharia compliant thanks to constant pressure from the BBC, the fascist Der Guardian, MPs like george gallowsway, Islamia Lauren Booth and Jennie Tonge.

    • HermitLion

      Your idea about displaced Christians is great. I’d love to see Israel publicly calling them to come, after the world is silent about the genocide they experience throughout the Middle East.

      • Habbgun

        I’m not for the displaced Christians idea. I want the Jewish state to be the Jewish state. With that said there must be a place in the Middle East for Christians. A partition of Egypt or Lebanon or some such thing. Certainly there must be an entity that will safeguard Christians lives in Africa, Middle East, etc. That obviously won’t come from Europe.

        In fact isn’t it funny how supposedly primitive Europe during the Crusades came to the aid of racially different Christians but so called enlightened modern Europeans don’t care, don’t acknowledge and feel that no loss if “those kind” disappeared. It isn’t lost on me for a moment.

        • HermitLion

          I don’t think even a million Christians would endanger Israel as a Jewish state. Much less so than a million muslim-Arabs endanger it on a daily basis.

          It’s all talk in the air, anyway. Nothing so bold or humane would be done either way – Christians are abandoned to be butchered by muslims, and not even the Pope speaks on their behalf.
          These are strange times we live in.

          • Habbgun

            Sure it is all talk in the air but funny how it could become an election issue one day. The Left and the Islamiists are one and the sides are lining up. Many people don’t know they have a natural side but they are going to have a rude awakening.

            But the Christian state should be outside of Israel.


            Lebanon, Syria, Turkey.

          • Habbgun

            Iran, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Yemen. So many possibilities. So little time.


            Wny not open currently apartheid Mecca to all people?

          • Habbgun

            Why not bring it up for a vote in the UN? At least advertise on the Internet. They do have those stupid poll ads.

            I would love to try. Do you support Obama keeping Mecca infidel free? Yes or No?


            I support keeping America Obama-Free and opening Mecca to all people.

          • Habbgun

            Mecca for the Masses!!! Mecca for the Masses!!!!


            LGBT Pride Week in Mecca – for “Queers for Palestine”.

        • mozart

          Between 1948 and 1953 a number of Arab countries forcefully expelled their Jewish populations, a total of about one million people. They also confiscated their property, real estate etc. Known as Mizrachim in Israel, they formed the political base of the new Israeli right.


            Russian Jews lean Right because they lived under Socialism in Russia – the real, day to day Socialism – and reject Socialism because they saw first hand what a failure and regressive Socialism is..

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I doubt displaced Christians from the Middle East want to come to Israel.

      First of all they were be considered traitors, which would endanger their extended families.

      Second of all, they would have to still fight their way in a Muslim dominated Arab sector that has successfully driven out Arab Christians in the past.

      Israel maintains very limited policing over Arab towns and villages which are effectively no-go zones.

      • mollysdad

        Their extended families are endangered anyway, and their persecutors – or rather their exterminators – have all the excuses they need. If they were given Israeli citizenship and admitted as Christians for settlement in Judaea and Samaria as well as in Israel, they’d be in a similar position to the Christian Israeli Arabs.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          There’s endangered… and endangered. The Jews had to leave en masse. Not all Egyptian Christians, for example, are prepared to do that. Most of them want to move to the US, which is a wealthier place and where a lot of their family members already live.

          they’d be in a similar position to the Christian Israeli Arabs.

          Who are actually also not doing all that well as a minority. They’re not as endangered as in Egypt or Syria, but any place where they fall under the control of the PLO, bad things happen.

          Asking them to settle in the West Bank areas that might be handed over to the PLO would be unfair to them.

          It’s something that an ideal Israeli government might do, but we’re unfortunately dealing with less than ideal governments.

          • mollysdad

            In Area C of the West Bank, Jews outnumber non-Jews by 2 to 1 and the Area is under exclusive Israeli control.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Sure, but who knows what the future, the near future, holds. If the left gets back to power, its big priority will be just that

  • HermitLion

    Excellent and clear analysis, Daniel. How unfortunate it is to see this game unfold over the past 20+ years. Israel has never been in a worst position, and Jews were never so openly reviled since its rebirth.

    Not to mention the considerable amount of traitors within our own house, especially those Jews who live safely abroad, and seek acceptance from their ‘enlightened’ associates. I fear the future looks bleak.

    • Tradecraft46

      Don’t forget that there is a strong peace movement in Israel itself. If you look at the record N-boy has really worked hard to keep the lid on in the face of terror attacks going back years.

      • HermitLion

        Yes, ‘peace movement’ by their own declaration. They have a continuous and growing detrimental, subversive effect.

        • Tradecraft46

          You have no idea how much Muzzie activity has been covered up by N-Boy.

          He has frequently said that his actions are necessary so that ‘people won’t start getting ideas’.

          • HermitLion

            Excuse me, but I’m not sure who N-Boy is. Are we talking about Netanyahu?

          • Tradecraft46

            Who else? All of you should follow Arutz Sheva for good local coverage.

          • HermitLion

            I actually do on a daily basis, but never heard of the term. Anyways, learn a new thing every day, right? :)

      • Daniel Greenfield

        I know it quite well. The rotten new left did its work well.

    • BS77

      The “peace process”. Is there any euphemism more absurd, more totally meaningless. What “peace process”??? How many hundreds of rockets are being fired into Israel every year? This is peace?

      • HermitLion

        A more fitting name would be the ‘surrender process’, but we live in the age of euphemisms. Dismantling the fake name would’ve been a good start at dismantling the process.
        In short, lots of rage in Israel, but no leadership.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s the peace process that led to Israel and Jews being reviled. No one respects weakness and once you begin retreating, you’ve accepted guilt and you no longer have a defensible moral position.

      • HermitLion

        Just adding here that it’s especially true when retreating from your own lands. We’ve seen in the past countries drop lands that weren’t considered ‘core’ territories, although reluctantly.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Yes once you give up a territory that embodies your national values, you admit that your values are flase

      • rsilverm

        Good point.

  • Johnny Palestine

    This nonsense began 22 years ago with President Clinton. Actually it began in 1976 under Presdient Carter. Withdrawing from the Sinai must have been a first when the victors no longerwish to enjoy the beenfits of their feat of winning and in this case whata feat it was!!!! in one afternoon Isrel killed thousands of Egyptian soldiers.

    It withdrew and was now surrounded. AGAIN. It was inevitable that another President wishingto create an hommage to himself will demand that Israel relinquish more territory gained through an attack by Arab Muslims.

    Has the US ever withdrawn from territory? No. In fact it deported or killed all natives to make room for more Europeans. The US was ruthless towards natives who were living and hunting on territory filled with resources re;Choctaw tribes in OKlahoma, Tennessee, etc.

    22 years later 3 boys are slaughtered. 22 years of idiocy. 400 plus dead Israelis. Only thing logical is to deport every Arab Muslim to Syria or Egypt or Jordan. Any man who cannot agree with this is not a man.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Withdrawal always leads to the same conclusions. If you begin retreating, it becomes hard to stop.

    • Judahlevi

      Good post – although I don’t think agreement is dependent on gender.

      Any rational or sane human being should know that the two-state solution is finished and that there should only be one state – Israel. Palestinian Arabs either agree to live in Israel or move to nearby Arab states with homes built by the billions of dollars given to them.

      Time to end this.

    • mackykam

      Sorry: It started with Britain when they divided the Mandate lands illegally and the Jews said nothing. Then the Israelis acquiesced to a ceasefire when they were winning in 1948. Then they gave back the Sinai in 1956. Then they gave back the Sinai in 1979. They have no trust in God.

      • Richard O. Mann

        It started with Abraham, and an Egyptian hand maid.

    • Americana

      Any man who cannot agree w/this is a sensible strategist. How does this solve what the Palestinian Arab jihad is against Israel? Aren’t all the external Palestinian terror groups proof enough that Israel can’t chase out and deport the native Palestinians without simply moving the jihadist chess pieces to another location? No, this will be as much a failure as the current stonewalling of the peace process.


        If Israel were “the problem”, then Arabs/Muslims would be living in peace with non-Zionists/non-Israelis/non-Jews elsewhere in the world.

        But Islamofascists are at War with EVERYBODY. Even fellow Arabs and the wrong kind of Muslim. See Syria, Iraq, Egypt.

        You blame Israel for Arabs/Muslims being at War with everybody.

        You are dishonest.

        • Americana

          I’m not dishonest in the least. Israel is a problem because of her demands within the negotiation process just as the Palestinians present problems within the negotiation process. Neither side is blame-free on this score of forcing the negotiations to grind to a halt over stupid requests. I’ve never claimed that there isn’t ongoing strain within the different branches of Islam, but those strains aren’t reflected in the Palestinian jihad at all.

          If Israel dropped the BS requirement that the Palestinians recognized the “right of Israel to exist,” the Palestinians would continue to sit at the negotiation table and hammer out all the physical aspects of a peace settlement. Considering that might be a way to get beyond the stupidities and get to the point where the realities might entice both sides to see peace as achievable, I’d say it’s worth trying. Then again, I’m a pragmatist. Since it doesn’t fundamentally change the military situation on the ground, it’s not the worst thing that Israel could do to keep the peace process moving forward.


            Americana, your above post exemplifies your deceptiveness.

            You state that Israel has “her demands”, and palestine “presents problems”

            Not “palestine” has demands too – unreasonable demands in my opinion – and as long as “palestine” continues to brainwash Arab children with disgusting depictions of Jews as the sons of pigs and dogs, the Peace Process is a sham by Arabs calling themselves “palestinians”.

            Your whitewashing the “strains” within Islam that result in the death of hundreds of thousands of Arabs in Syria and Iraq – that’s Arabs killing Arabs, is deceptive.

            The fact that Arabs kill fellow Arabs by the hundreds of thousands, make a peace deal between “palestinians” and Jews/Israelis unlikely.

            Islam has to make peace with itself FIRST.

            If “palestinians” demand recognition, why shouldn’t Israel demand Arab recognition – REAL recognition, NOT a false, bide their time Taiqyya recognition.

            Also I hope you admit that there are Israeli Peace groups. Peace Now for instance.

            Where is “Salaam Now”?

            An Arab/palestinian group that calls for peace, and denounces racist depictions of Jews by hamass?

            An Arab/palestinian group that demands the nullification of the hamass charter?????

            Until that time, I expect your home country of the UK to continue to welcome Arabs/Muslims into the UK, Arabs/Muslims who have clearly stated their goal of dominating the UK and installing Sharia Law in the UK.

          • Americana

            There have been two peace treaties between Israel and two former Muslim adversaries, Egypt and Jordan. Those peace treaties are still holding and they’re decades old.


            Egypt kicked out its Muslim Brotherhood president. That is why there is relative calm between Egypt and Israel – plus a demilitarized Sinai. Plus Egypt hunts down and kills islamists in the Sinai.

            Jordan is on shakey ground – the 60% pal-e-swinians threaten the Hashemite kingdom. Thanks to King Hussein and King Abdullah and American support Jordan is quiet. There are no rocket attacks from Jordan on Israel.

            On the other hand Fascists hamass murders anyone who opposes their rule – and drags their body through the streets of Gaza behind motorcycles.

            Syria is flowing with blood – Arabs killing Arabs.
            Iraq is flowing with blood – Arabs killing Arabs.

            Fascist Iran murders the opposition in Persia.

            Your worst enemy is the latest news from Arabia which shows Arabs killing Arabs.

          • Americana

            Listen, Screw, the Egyptian peace treaty is STILL IN FORCE. Just because Egypt kicked out the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t mean either of those governments wouldn’t have continued w/the peace treaty as it stands. After all, they both could blame it on a previous administration and take no real blame for having committed Egypt to this peace treaty.

            So WHAT if Jordan is on shaky ground? We are talking the here and now and, the fact is, Jordan is also continuing w/abiding by her peace treaty w/Israel. What happens in future is anyone’s guess if the Caliphate pushes on into conquering the larger politically solid entities like Jordan. But for now, both those Muslim countries are STILL ADHERING TO THEIR PEACE TREATIES. Peace treaties can be CONCLUDED w/Muslims.

          • Boleslaw Bierut

            And what difference will your peace make? None, I think, because so called Palestinians refuse to accommodate so called refugees within their state borders and insist on their returning to Israel proper + Israel out of Jordan Valley. And because this is a no-no there can be no peace and no two states.

          • Americana

            It depends on who are the Palestinians who complete a peace treaty and how equitable the peace treaty is, I think.

          • Drakken

            The next time you have a thought, let it go.

          • Americana

            The next time you have a thought, anything other than advocating genocide, let it rip… I’d love to know if you’ve got anything else going on in there. There is never a single solution to a problem. Genocide doesn’t solve anything other than very temporarily. Genocide, especially in the Arab world, would simply guarantee a longer running feud.

  • JVictor

    Every single Muslim-dominated country/organization/terrorist group/___________ has language in its charter or bylaws words to the effect that one of their primary goals is to kill all of the Jews all over the world and to push the Israeli Jews out into the great sea. Until all of those Muslim-dominated (fill-in-the-blank) organizations remove that language from their core values, then the non-results will be the same. And, since this is a battle for spiritual territory and not physical territory, as some very wise columnist recently noted, that language will never change!

    I believe it was Einstein who said that insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Calling all of these gyrations a “peace process” is patently insane because the antagonists want one thing: the total annihilation of every Jewish man, woman, and child. Not a very peaceful end result.

    And, after they accomplish that, they will come after the rest of the infidels in the world.

    • BagLady

      “And, since this is a battle for spiritual territory and not physical
      territory, as some very wise columnist recently noted, that language
      will never change!”

      Then you had just better give the name of this very wise columnist for I was of the opinion it was all about land, borders and natural resources.

      Money makes the world go round not spiritualism.

      • The March Hare

        They call them infidels, not tightwads.

        • BagLady

          I see you are being manipulative The Middle East is in turmoil (as planned). Tribe is fighting tribe for control, using G-d as an excuse to gain the upper hand. Europe and the US are singled out as the infidels. Not because of religious beliefs but for lifestyles and who they back in the interim.

          This is the sort of thing that gets them going and which you do not have (I hope) In Israel:

          They will kill each other this caliphate grab.

          This has nothing whatsoever to do with the ‘troubles’ between Palestinians and Israelis. A totally separate issue and for you to jump on the Islamic extremist bandwagon will not wash with most of us our here.

      • JVictor

        The wise columnist is none other than Daniel Greenfield.

      • Americana

        It is all about land, borders and natural resources. The whole “kill all the Jews” thing is merely a strange footnote in a religion that vilifies Jews for whatever reason it’s become one of the tenets of the religion. I’m sure part of the hatred was instilled from the earliest threats against Jews by the first official Muslims. The fact Islam finally had to come to some agreement w/the Jews means that the Muslim forced conversion was an abysmal failure so the Muslims had to come up w/another tactic to deal with the Jews. The Jewish hatred in Islam is a horrifying, terrifying religious footnote but it’s only a footnote. If it were other than a footnote, if it was meant to represent reality, all of the Jews or far greater numbers of Jew would have been killed already.

        There have been massacres and there have been needless wars fought over the Jewish state but they have only come about because of Israel’s founding in that location. If Israel had been founded elsewhere, the assault on the Jewish state by Arabs and Arab states wouldn’t be ongoing. As for the Palestinian liberation groups being all empowered by other Arab governments, their source of support is almost immaterial to their choice to continue their jihad against Israel. If the Palestinian Arabs want their land back, it’s because it’s their land. They wouldn’t be arguing over that land if that belonged to Egypt.


          If you idiotically think that Israel should have been founded somewhere else, you can apply your wisdom to recommending that Pal-e-SWINE should be established somewhere else.

          I’d recommend Syria, Iraq, Fascist Iran, Turkey, Egypt (the birthplace of yassit arafat).

          • Americana

            Ah, you must not be aware of the Uganda land offering by Britain to the British Zionists group? It didn’t get very far but, let’s not quibble, there were several other locations that were initially discussed for a Jewish state. If Israel had been founded elsewhere would it have created the regional mess it’s spawned? I doubt it.

            I didn’t suggest Israel be founded elsewhere. What I’m suggesting is that Israel realize she didn’t conquer that region on her own. Israel was given a toehold in the region upon which she expanded her sphere of influence during wars. Does that give Israel the right to continue to impress that land rather than sign a peace settlement w/the Palestinians considered that’s been the demand of the United Nations for umpteen decades? No, it doesn’t.


            Uganda, populated with African people, can be the home of Pal-e-SWINE. Let the two groups come together and deal with each other fairly. Snicker.

            The regional mess the Middle East is in is due to Islam and backing of anti-democratic Socialists.

            “My version of Islam is the one true version. You other Muslims are followers of the false Islam”.

            Israel has the right to survive, thrive and defeat its attackers.

            Hamass is a genocidal regime that cares one iota for Arabs living under its rule. Any “appeaser” is executed and dragged through the streets of gaza behind a motorcycle.

          • Americana

            It’s a question as to whether Israel has the right to the entire Balfour Agreement footprint which was negated by the later partitioning of the United Nations. The fact Israel is appropriating more and more land w/stealth settlements while tacitly sticking to her stated aim of ‘no more settlements’ makes the Palestinian assessment of Israel’s overall aims bang on. Listen to many here saying Israel is entitled to all that land, after all it says so in the Bible. Hahahaha…. Biblical land deals. You’ve gotta love it if it weren’t so offing unbelievable.


            Koranic supremecism? Ha, Ha, Ha!

            According to the Koran, Jews are the sons of pigs and dogs? Ha, Ha, Ha!

            Islam is the Religion of Peace – all those who oppose will be dealt with severely. Ha, Ha, Oops!

            The fact Islamism is killing more and more people all over the world, w/overt Jihad while explicitly sticking to their stated am of ‘no more Israel’ or homosexuals of uppity women and no education for girls and hate of idolatrous Hindus and Buddhists.
            You try to frame the worlds problem with Islam being due to Israel – while the facts of world-wide Jihad against all people prove that Israel isn’t the problem, Islam is the problem.

          • Drakken

            Israel has every right of conquest and gets to keep what it kills, you on the other hand want to hold hands and wish upon rainbows and unicorns and click those ruby red slippers together wishing that there is no place like home. Don’t worry, Darwin loves you.

          • BagLady

            Quite so. two adherents to bibles, both claiming theirs to be the truth while the rest of us embrace the 21st century and reality.

          • BagLady

            and a 2 year old kid is shot in a hail of bullets chasing a balloon by snipers from a watchtower. A nine year old is dragged down an alley and booted by heavily armed soldiers. A young girl is shot by a passing soldier in a jeep as she goes shopping for her mother. Another boy is shot in the back.

            None of this behaviour would be acceptable in the civilised world unless you had total western government backing.

            If you want sympathy, then clean up your act. Atrocities committed by your soldiers and police must be transparent and investigated by external powers and punished accordingly, not internally justified and swept away without a second thought.

          • Drakken

            The effing ragheads are not civilized, and that is what people have been trying o tell you to no avail. Sorry but, Kumbaya and wishing upon rainbows isn’t going to cut it anymore.

          • Drakken

            How many goddamn TIMES HAVE YOU BEEN TOLD PEACENIK! The effing ragheads don’t want peace, never wanted peace and never will give the jews peace, if you love and empathize with those inbred effing ragheads, go join them. So if you want the effing ragheads to quit shooting at you, you killem all and let allah sortem out.

          • BagLady

            Ooh Drakken, you peace loving softie you.

          • Drakken

            Oooooh Baglady, sorry, but my little right of Attila the Hun came out to play. Bad Drakken! bad Drakken!

          • Boleslaw Bierut

            I wouldn’t be surprised if this Americana was a Muslima doing what they are so good at: propaganda.

          • BagLady

            What’s wrong BB, can’t you slander people directly to their face?

          • Boleslaw Bierut

            I’m sure she is as diligent as yourself in reading all posts in this thread.;)

          • Americana

            Not a Muslima in any way, shape or form. I’m a dual national British-American. As for propaganda, it should be abundantly clear that both sides have expertise in propaganda and all sorts of related skills. It’s hard to tell who the genuine ‘real folks’ are given the circumstances. However, I’m quite real and my concerns are quite real.

          • BagLady

            I too have often thought that ‘Israel’ could have done so much better elsewhere, leaving aside the religious affiliations all those of the Book have with the Holy Land. I imagine they could have become the breadbasket of Africa and brought the country into the 21st century to the benefit of all Africans, not just themselves. And what a wonderful environment: Never too hot, never too cold. Plenty of rainfall. Half-way to everywhere with easy trading access. Pluses everywhere you look.

          • Drakken

            And just what would the African’ts do with the Jews in Africa? Hint sparky, look at South Africa and Rhodesia as a reference point.

        • BagLady

          Wouldn’t it be nice to get back to the 19th century when the inhabitants of the area all lived in harmony, each bowing to his separate G-d while living together as good neighbours?

          A rhetorical question since I don’t expect you to agree with me

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Muslim identity is still rooted in a tribalism based on Islam. Until that changes, little else will

      • Bill #2

        And Islam is based on Arab nomadic tribalism: each side reinforcing the other and perpetuating practices, customs and behaviour that are locked in place regardless of the external changes in environment and technology.

        • BagLady

          Perhaps they are taking much longer to ‘meld’ with their neighbours because they have always had wide open spaces. When Amazonians go to war it’s in a canoe through the jungle, because their neighbours are nicking all the plantain from within their space.

          We have had our personal space reduced from 2 hectares of arable land per person to tiny high rise apartment blocks with no compensation for loss of land. I’m sure everyone on here has very varying needs as far as personal space is concerned.

          We are huddling together more and more, in ever increasing numbers, and being forced to water down our beliefs and do a bit of tolerating.

          I imagine standards will plummet as we become more of a blob — they seem to be on that trajectory — but, hopefully we will grapple our way up again as we ‘moderate’ everything.

          One things for sure. Life becomes much cheaper

          • Drakken

            You do lots of drugs don’t you?

      • JVictor

        Indeed. 7th century tribalism fought with the weapons of modern warfare coupled with the evils of antisemitism and a near universal ignorance of history is a devastatingly dangerous combination.

      • BagLady

        Isn’t Judaism tribalism? If it isn’t, then what is it?


          Isn’t the UK a clusterfuck of klans?

        • Boleslaw Bierut

          If Judaism is tribalism at least we don’t have mayhem and murder on our “to do” list for the world and that’s one good thing those blasting muslims should copy from us.

          • BagLady

            I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am to hear that, and once you get a new leader it may well become true.

          • Boleslaw Bierut

            New leader? what new leader? Do Jews have a leader, like some ayatollah? Judaism is about justice not world’s rule and that’s where we differ from allah worshipers.

          • BagLady

            I did wonder whether I should be more explicit, but then I took the logical view: Jew>Israel>Netahnyahu.

            I’d rather not discuss your President.

          • Boleslaw Bierut

            I see. I’m sorry to say but it seems to me you are an idiot. Not all Jews have a PM or president; just Israelis and I’m not one.

          • BagLady

            The article is about Israel as the homeland of all Jewish people, irrespective of their chosen country of domicile.

            They can go home any time they please.

            I wrote with that fact in mind..

          • Boleslaw Bierut

            Well that’s what Arabs want but Jews won’t do, why should they? Israel is home to Jews that live there and Jews living outside have homes even where you schlep your store cart, bag lady.;)

  • retired22

    To Johnny Palestine!
    No Johnny this didn’t begin 22 years back with Clinton,nor the Peanut farmer before him.It began when it was baked into the political cake 1700 years ago when the emperor Constantine cut his deal with the the early church leaders.They would work together to keep the peasants toiling on the land for the betterment of both parties,Jew hatred was part of the formula.The European aristocracy & the churches needed scapegoats to legitimize their governance over the great masses of humanity that they abused & tormented.
    In the 19th century,with the advent of the Indusrial Age, the peasants & serfs became urban workers & the landed aristocrats became industrial oligarchs,corporatists & central bankers(today’s EU).They had a big problem,the urban workers kept revolting & the army would need to come in to shut them down.This state of affairs was very inconvenient for the ruling elite,they had to keep the workers docile & under control.Leader like Otto Von Bismarck instituted social reforms in the 1880’s & tossed a bone to the workers in the form of entitlements.They set up phony,contrived Social Democracies with legislatures & politicians controlled by the “Monied Classes”(sound familiar America?).Once more they needed negative input concerning Jews to justify their governance.After all,their status as rulers always has been their claim of heavenly favor,a claim that the Jews could destroy.
    WW2 was not a war for freedom & democracy,it was a war against the Jews.As far as the wealthy European ruling classes were concerned all of the Jews were Bolsheviks & all of the Bolsheviks were Jews,a threat to their dominance!Hitler encouraged this belief early in the 1930’s & positioned himself as the savior of Western Civilization,he would destroy the hated Jews.The western “Democracies” only fought Nazi Germany when they themselves were attacked by the Germans & had no choice!
    The same anti-semitic Jew haters still rule in Europe,Brussels,

  • BagLady

    Israel threw up its hands and the diplomats blamed everything on it for possibly thinking about building some houses.”

    Very naughty of you Daniel and, if I might say so, weakens your argument. I know your livelihood depends on your articles in a very Right Wing magazine but surely, even within these constraints, you could paint a more balanced picture that we outsiders could commiserate with but you don’t. You purposely skip any despicable acts carried out by Israeli ‘terrorists’ and bang on with the imagined ‘existential threat’ to Israel. (Something that hasn’t existed since World War II and then only for the European Jewry. (Funnily enough the expression was never used during the War but came into common usage some years later)).

    Back to the “some houses”. Between Netanyahu coming to power and now some 20,000 units have been built in occupied territories for imported foreigners. That works out to around 11 per day. These foreigners have been responsible for many violent acts: killings, burning of homes, farms, trees, mosques and churches.

    This is considered illegal under international law — as you well know — and is one of the sticking points in the so-called negotiations.

    Will Netanyahu do anything about this or will he just throw his hands in the air and call everyone at the table anti-Semitic?

    “… and making demands for concessions before the negotiations even began…”

    What demands did the PLO make before negotiations began? You don’t say.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      With all due respect, you don’t know me or what my livelihood depends on. It’s foolish to make such assumptions.

      This is actually a balanced overview of what is really going on, on all sides.

      As for the “existential threat” to Israel, tell that to the Syrians and Iraqis. Israel lives in a violently unstable region surrounded by a regional majority of violent religious fanatics.

      Israel has one of the highest population densities on earth. You might want to look at housing prices in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, the latter resulted in massive protests not long ago.

      Israel has a healthy birth rate and people need to live somewhere. Expecting houses not to be built, or expecting everyone to cram further into the Tel Aviv metro region is unrealistic.

      People are going to live somewhere regardless of international law.

      • BagLady

        Whilst most countries are trying (or pretending to) stop mass immigration, Netanyahu is offering hard to refuse settlement deals around the world. I can understand his desire for bums on seats but it does rather swell the numbers.

        You are speaking of house prices in major cities. Afraid your two don’t make it to the top ten. Tel Aviv is No 17 in fact.

    • Drakken

      So called international law carries as much weight as a law chair in a hurricane, the victors say what the rules are, not some sniveling leftist like yourself. As for your pali friends, killem all and let allah sortem out.

  • sportyone

    Thanks Daniel. Your message on the so-called peace process delivered the unalloyed truth, in clear and decisive language.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      thank you

  • Pepe Turcon

    The Peace Process Is a Game Israel Can’t Win

    It was never meant to be won or lost, it’s supposed to be a “pin down” strategy to keep the trouble out of the zillioners Arabs territory so that the few they may enjoy the oil money. Israel is being way stupid with this, they should use nuclear weapons from Tripoli to Teheran, turn them back to sand. They need the guts they did not show when they allowed the Germans show them the way peacefully in herds to the gas chambers during the last recent war. It’s time to once and for all, end this.

  • Clare Spark

    Is Israel really playing the game? Or is it making the best of an insoluble situation? Time to take another look at Bat Ye’or’s EURABIA. See

  • Johnnnyboy

    A long time ago Henry Kissinger put on a conspicuous display of how a peace process works. When the parties have ideological differences a public process will always consist of the different groups putting on a display for the sake of pandering to their own supporters. And so the public process always goes nowhere. Real negotiations, if there are to be real negotiations, have to be done in private. They go public only after an agreement is reached.

    At least some of those in our political class seem to lack the cleverness necessary to figure this out, although the majority seem to engage in the process primarily the sake of display.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    It’s not very complicated, Muslims can’t make peace with infidels, as subjugating all infidels and all religions into Islamic totalitarianism through both violent and non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law, to ultimately make Islam supreme throughout the world is the sole fundamental purpose of mainstream orthodox Islam. Thus, any Muslim advocating making peace with the Jewish infidels in Israel would be instantly executed for blasphemy.

    Hence, the so-called peace process in essence is non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad to not only weaken the will of the Jewish infidels in Israel, but to also dupe and bilk Euroloon and Ameriloon infidels out of their respective taxpayer’s money to help further fund the jihad.

    The solution to all our worldwide collective jihad problems is not to engage Muslims in hopeless peace negotiations. The solution instead is to render the Islamic totalitarian world totally defenseless and in total abject poverty, then to totally isolate it. If we have no interaction with the Islamic totalitarian world, they can’t possibly wage jihad against us per the dictates of Islam, and Islam in time will inevitably wither and die on the vine.

  • Habbgun

    Peace of the Brave = War For Shmucks

  • Ronald Thomas West

    “Israel realized it wasn’t working a few years in after buses began blowing up more often than they were arriving on time”

    Last time I checked, it was Menachem Begin had detonated the first ever car bomb in what was to become Israel:

    ^ And quoting Eyal Weizman…

    “For refugees, camps were shelters for the reconstruction of personal and social life, but were also seen as sites of great political significance, the material testimony of what was destroyed and ‘all that remains’ of more than four hundred cities, towns and villages forcefully cleansed throughout Palestine in the Nakba of 1947-9. This is the reason refugees sometimes refer to the destruction of camps as ‘the destruction of destruction.’ The camp is not a home, it is a temporary arrangement, and its destruction is but the last iteration in an ongoing process of destruction.

    “This rhetoric of double negation – the negation of negation – tallies well with what Saree Makdisi, talking about the Israeli refusal to acknowledge the Nakba, has termed ‘the denial of denial’, which is, he says, ‘a form of foreclosure that
    produces the inability – the absolutely honest, sincere incapacity – to acknowledge that denial and erasure have themselves been erased in turn
    and purged from consciousness.’ What has been denied is continuously
    repeated: Israel keeps on inflicting destruction on refugees and keeps
    on denying that a wrong has been done” Eyal Weizman: ‘The Least Of All Possible Evils’ (Humanitarian Violence From Arendt To Gaza)

    Restated in terms of folk proverbs, ‘it takes two to tango’ (or in this case, Israel is not entirely innocent in this)

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The refugee camps are really full fledged towns maintained by foreign aid and run by terrorist groups as part of an arrangement with Arab countries who want to use their people to carry on terror

      • Ronald Thomas West

        That’s a pretty blanket and one sided condemnation. I wonder what you’d call the colonizing West Bank settlements and the ‘price tag’ behaviors supported by the neo-con objective’s ‘greater Israel’ ?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It’s not a condemnation. It’s a description of reality.

          The term “settlements” has very little meaning. Some of them are built on land that Jews lived on before ’48 and then had to leave when the land was captured and then returned in ’67.

          Jerusalem housing is described as a “settlement”.

          We’re talking about areas that have gone back and forth and have supported a mixed population.

          Finally an indigenous population cannot ‘colonize’ its own land.

          The price tag “attacks” are fairly minor for the most part and a reaction by frustrated residents to being marginalized by the government.

          They’re meant to embarrass the government and the police.

          • Ronald Thomas West

            “Some of them are built on land that Jews lived on before ’48 and then had to leave when the land was captured and then returned in ’67”

            By this logic, in an equal circumstance, one might expect the Palestinian villages (ghost towns) in Israel proper would be allowed to repopulate (right of return.)

            What kills Israel in public opinion is the numerous counts of hypocrisy. For instance the nuclear non-proliferation treaty that Iran is subjected to and Israel is not.

            At any rate, good luck with your Christian Zionist AIPAC allies, because at the end of the day they are as dedicated to the destruction of Jews as you make out the PLO to be… (the enemy of my enemy is my friend is going to come back to bite in a big way, my opinion)


            Ronald, Why do you continue your brutal, racist occupation of Native American land???

          • Habbgun

            Why? Because he’s got a nice view.

          • Webb

            Because Ronald McDonald is a bagass who wants to see Israel forced to give the homeless arabs some free land. But that’ll never happen. So he snipes around the edges and whines instead of leaving the homeless arabs squatting in the dirt, getting a life for himself, and moving on.

          • Habbgun

            What gains islamists in “public opinion” is that they do just what the Left would do if they could. When it comes to trusting a Christian over a Leftist. Give me a Christian. Leftists are low lifes. I live in NYC so I know.


            “the enemy of my enemy is my friend ”

            The basis of the Red/Green regressive progressive/islamofascist alliance.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            New Muslim villages and towns are going up all the time.

            Iran engages in terrorism. It’s no brainer why no sane person would want a country that is tied in with multiple terror groups to have nukes.

            Ah yes, those Christian Zionists. Not like our Quaker pals.

          • Drakken

            It is a very simple choice, you either side with the Islamic savages, or you side with the west, sorry, but there is no longer any middle ground to stand on.


          Why shouldn’t Israel retaliate against islamofascist attacks?

          Are the 160,000+ dead in Syria the work of Israel or Islamofascist savages?

          Why is Islam at war with the entire world? Even at war with the wrong kind of Muslim?

          • Higlac

            Islam is COMMANDED to war with everybody and everything “un-Islamic” until it conquers the ENTIRE WORLD!!! You’ll find it so written in the Qu’rân and the Hadith.

            One Hadithic quotation is in Sahih Muslim, Book 001, Number 0033:

            It has been narrated on the authority of Abdullah b. ‘Umar that the Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, and they establish prayer, and pay Zakat and if they do it, their blood and property are guaranteed protection on my behalf except when justified by law, and their affairs rest with Allah.

            Also see Qu’rân 9:5 and 9:29. [In fact, the entire ninth chapter of that “book” is violently anti-infidel.]

          • Americana

            If this were true in the strategic sense that’s it’s being used in these discussions, there would never have been the dissolution of the various Caliphates other than briefly and the separate national identities of the various Muslim countries would never have arisen.

          • Higlac

            NO??? What really did the caliphates in (aside from internal quarrels, which already were present as early as AD 656 when ‘Othman {#3} was killed}) were the Mongols of Jenghiz Khan and his immediate successors like Hulagu. Besides, never forget that Moslems don’t think in Western terms (neither relative to our Judæo-Christian civilisation nor in comparison to the Ancient-Greek and Imperial Roman precursors)!!!

            In fact, when the Ottomans came on the scene, they claimed to be the Caliphs no less.

        • Drakken

          Your lucky that I am not in charge, for then I would show you what a real nakba looks like, it looks like Carthage.


      Last time I checked it was a bunch of islamofascists who

      – hijacked 4 passenger planes on 9/11 and murdered ~3,000 people

      – bombed London transport on 7/7/05
      – bombed Pan Am 103
      – parked a truck bomb in the garage of the WTC
      – a “paleswinian” who assassinated US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
      – murdered American servicemen in Fort Hood-
      – bombed the Boston Marathon
      – invaded and hijacked the ’72 Olympics and murdered atheletes
      – tried to bomb an inflight passenger plane using a bomb hidden in his sneakers and another in his underwear
      – try to bomb passenger planes with liquid binary bombs
      – terrorist attacks necessitate the checkpoints at airports world wide
      – stone girls to death over “family honor”
      – shoot girls in the head for wanting an education (Malala)
      – execute gay teens in Fascist Iran

      What is “progressive” about siding with regressive islamofascists?

      • Americana

        Most of the above attacks are specifically because of the failure to arrive at a legitimate peace treaty w/the Palestinians. If those types of events continued to escalate after a Palestinian-Israeli peace treaty then we might be having a different discussion. If the Irgun and Haganah were still using terrorism to achieve a homeland after the Holocaust and after 70+ years of being stonewalled, what would their current choices of American targets be? Provided the U.S. was the country standing in their way, of course.


      Ronald Thomas West,

      Do you think that the FAILURE of 5 attacking Arab armies, none of which was the army of “palestine”, to defeat tiny Israel in 1948, just three years after the end of WW2 and the Holocaust was a catastrophe?

      Happy Eternal Nakba!

    • Drakken

      Well by golly, put your effing leftist money where your mouth is and go join your poor oppressed Islamic friends in Fakestine, I am absolutely sure those lovely jihadist will welcome you will open arms and finally someone has a target to shoot at. I can hear Rachel Corrie screaming for more company from here.

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    You can’t negotiate a lasting peace, especially with someone who wants to exterminate you.
    Either you kick their ass and dictate terms to them, or the do the same to you.

  • subee7

    send Kerry home with his burka between his legs…… there can be no peave with any Muslim group… read their Koran for heavens sake. It clearly says DO NOT MAKE PEACE OR CONTRACT WITH THE INFIDELS.

  • kevinstroup

    Just out of curiosity, what would happen if Israel simply overran Gaza and took it over and pushed all the terrorist out?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      world condemnation, peace

      in that order


        Eurabian entities might copy such a move and push out the islamofascist elements that have taken hold.

    • Drakken

      The chattering classes would have a case of the vapors and spill their collective cup of tea and shake their finger at Israel, and that would be about it. Your going to have to give gaza a lethal dose of Carthage in or for there to be any sort of peace though, so why invaded when rolling arty barrages and air strikes on anything standing would do the trick, and when their kissing your feet for food instead of waging jihad, it will be a nice lesson to the next inbred muslim as to what will happen to them if they get a case of the jihads.

  • etan

    in few words: hamas says in youre face” we dont want pece we want israel “you see it clearley in israely tv.but avcause they wont show it in bbc or cnn.

  • Underzog

    Israel cannot prove to the world that the peace process is evil because the world is evil. During the time before the Six Day war, the world said nothing or as then Sec. MacNamara said, “we are neutral in thought, word and deed. Now, the world feels liberated to unleash its primal scream against the Jews in the best kristallnacht style. And what is Israel doing about this? Is it responding like a frightened, abused child that resolves if it were better behaved to its sadistic, abusive, antisemitic parent; i.e., world opinion, the world will see the light? That will never happen! Israel and members of my tribe make antisemitism too much fun for the antisemites with the supplication Israel does toward her direct murderers and the murderers’ cheerleaders through out the whole world.

    • Glenn

      Why was the U.S. obliged to do anything else during the Six Day War? Your breathless revelation seems to imply we should have supported Israel then. Why? Why now? If Israel disappeared from the earth tomorrow, it would have almost no effect on Americans whatsoever. It has small population, no natural resources, no ports and depsite the repitition, no it’s not our best ally in the mideast, in fact, often Israel works at cross purposes to us, as all allies do. We do not need them for our national security

      Have you ever examined why you think the U.S. should support Israel? It’s a religious state – anathema to American values. Why should we guarantee its security? If you are going to say for the safety of Jews, I just have to laugh. Jews aren’t safe in Palestine, in fact, no matter what the U.S. does, it’s very likely Israel won’t exist in 100 years as the Arabs will eventually put together a large enough army that Israel cannot stop.

      In fact, the only place on earth where Jews are truly safe is in the U.S. I say we offer every Jew asylum here, as long as they give up Israel. Jews do very well in the U.S. culturally and economically and in many other ways. They are a huge positive for our country – I love that policy. It’s give Jews security, makes our nation better – oops, wait. But Jews don’t get the land God promised them back, that’s right. Well maybe I have to work on that a bit…


        Why should the US and the entire world continue to be gouged with overpriced $100 per barrel oil?

        If the US took over the oil fields of Saudi Arabia it could lower the price of oil back to $10 per barrel. That would benefit the entire world and hurt Fascist Iran and the rest of the OPEC petro dictatorships.

        The Arab Middle East is in the midst of a terrible civil war. 160,000+ have died in Syria (that’s Arabs killing Arabs). We see Islamofascist ISIS taking hold, Boko Haram kidnapping girls and bombing churches in Nigeria that has already killed people in the West.

        Nip this “caliphate” in the bud or the world will suffer greater tragedies.

        • Glenn

          Indeed, you have identified yourself as a bloodthirsty, imperialist bigot in the past – so yes, from your enraged and ignorant lens I can see why you would recommend that. How sad it must be to be you.


            Glenn, you have identified yourself as an ignorant, bloodthirsty, imperialist socialist fascist in the past.

            I suggest an Intervention to cleanse your poisoned mind – but I don’t think it will work.

            Now FOAD Glenn.

          • Glenn

            You first. And I’m no socialist, of course. Just someone who’s actually informed.


            Informed? By what? Fascism, socialism, regressive progressiveism, Islamofascism, Talibanism?

            Happy Eternal Nakba!

            May all your and your friends Jihads turn into personal Nakbas!


            Are you a Libertardian MORON Paul bot?



            First you say:

            “Have you ever examined why you think the U.S. should support Israel? It’s a religious state – anathema to American values”.

            Later you say “that Jordan, UAE and Saudi Arabia are great allies.

            Isn’t Saudi Arabia a religious state? Is Saudi Arabia anathema to American values? Is Muslims-Only Apartheid Mecca in keeping with American values?

            Why the double standard? And Saudi Arabia is gouging the US and the rest of the world with $100 per barrel oi AND Saudi Arabia is the home of 15 of the 19 hijackers of 9/11.
            With allies like Saudi Arabia and Islamic Regime of Pakistan (safe haven for osama bin laden), who needs enemies?

          • Drakken

            Informed is not the word I would be using if I were you, for it makes you look arrogantly stupid.

          • Glenn

            Nice to hear from the king of the bigots. Still jacking off to pictures of dead Palestinians?

          • Drakken

            Call me what you like, it makes no difference, useless idiots like you of the left matter not one iota in the end. Besides, your too much of a puzzy to do anything besides bitch and whine.

          • Drakken

            Well coming from a puzzy communist like you, I would call it a compliment. The really sad thing is, is that you have to depend upon better men than you could ever be, to defend your stupidity, I say let Darwin have his due.

      • rsilverm

        Lord knows where you get your information.

        Israel has 5 ports.

        Natural resources… massive discoveries of oil and gas under the eastern Med recently.

        Jews may not be safe in Palestine, wherever that is, but they’re safe in Israel.

        Not best ally in the ME? You can’t name a better one.

        Israel tolerates all religions. That’s one of the many reasons most Americans have a positive view of Israel.

        Israel existing in 100 years is not dependent on what America does. Israel will continue on, prosperous and happy, because of what Israel does.

        The idea that the Arabs can put together a large enough army that Israel cannot stop, that’s funny. Back in 1948, five Arab armies could not beat a few Jewish men and women standing around in the desert with old rifles and no air force or armor.
        And the odds are much better for Israel today, armed with superior Israeli technology and arms that can only evolve in free countries like Israel and the USA.

        You make me laugh.

        • Glenn

          Jordan, UAE and Saudi Arabia are great allies, as are more than a few others. As for ports, wow, in just this answer you demonstrate a dishonesty that you should take a look at. Israel has no important ports, that give strategic access to something strategic. All nations have ports – how silly of you to try and derail an actual dialog about strategic interests in this way.

          As for Israel’s religious tolerance, I just direct you to the following links.

          1. Netanyahu publicly announces opposition to religious intolerance in Israel. If Israel doesn’t have an issue with intolerance, why fight it?

          2, Here’s an activist rabbi working on developing religious tolerance in Israel

          .3. Here’s an article on how Israeli religious intolerance is alienating American Jews

          4. Here’s another rabbi talking about it

          The issue is that the Ultraorthodox have outsized influence in the legal/political system and enforce many ideas and policies that many Israelis might not overtly support. This issue is alive and well in Israel and your weak attempt to lie about it here reveals your hostility to reason and reality.

          I could go on but clearly you are just doing Hasbara. Good luck, with that.

          • Underzog

            Saudi Arabia is a great ally, eh? Let’s see…. Part of being a great ally is stealing our oil and trying to murder us with it. Besides many of the 9/11 hijackers being from Saudi Arabia, our great ally’s former ambassador to America’s wife, Princess Haifa, gave money to one of the hijackers and he obviously made use of it on 9/11. Prince Bandar — the husband of Princess Haifa and the former Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. — was a great buddy of Pres. Reagan and described by Arnaud de Bouchgrave as James Bond(!). What Arnaud de Bouchgrave didn’t mention is his hagiography of former Saudi Ambassador to the U.S., Prince Bandar, was that James Bond’s wife gave money to one of those who carried off the most successful Islamic, terrorist attack on the U.S. and world history itself (we did elect a president who declared his Muslim faith, afterall). Also, your recommendation that we do nothing to stop a second holocaust (there are six million Jews in Israel) or even raise a protest about it shows that you are part of the evil word I wrote about. Thank you for the confirmation on your part of arrogant and snooty evil.


          • Drakken

            I can see you have never been to the ME, or otherwise you would not run you ignorant mouth about how good the Saudi savages are. Please put you big boy pants on and go live there for a year and lets see if you have the same inane thought process coming back. Libertarian, bah!

      • Drakken

        Israel is part and parcel of Western Civilization and if Israel falls to the Islamic savages, we are next, so with that thought in mind, Israel must be defended not only in word, but deed.

      • knowshistory

        we do need Israel for our national security. if only Israel will go ahead and succumb to islam, the sight of jewish people being exterminated by our moderate muslim friends might, just might wake up stupid American liberal fools to reality. probably not.

  • etan

    the hamas say in youre face we dont want peace we want israel you can see and hear it in israely tv .nautraly they wont show it in BBC or CNN……

  • Walter Sieruk

    Actually Israel will win in the end .This is because the game in rigged. In that God has overruled the agenda of such Islamic terror groups as Hamas .Hezbollah P.I.J.etc. In that theses jihadist groups are fated to lose in the end. Thus the members of these Islamic terror entities they are striving against the Will of God. Thus that makes them wicked. So even if Hamas, Hezbollah P.I.J. and other like minded Muslims groups join all their militant forces to destroy the State of Israel they will lose in the end and lose hard. As the Bible teaches in Proverbs 11:21. “Though hand join in hand the wicked shall not go unpunished.” [K.J.V.] This area of land in the Middle East that now composes the the State of Israel belongs to the Jewish people by Divine Right. As seen, for example in Genesis 28:13-15. 35:10-12. Deuteronomy 32:48,49. Psalm 105:7-11. 135:4. This land also belong to the Jewish people by historic rights. As shown in First Kings 4:20,21,24,25. 8:55,56. Nevertheless, in all fairness, there is one way that the members of these Islamic terror groups just named above can convince God to change His Mind concerning what He has declared about being for Israel and thus turn His back of Israel and thus have that nation be no more. That way is for the members of these jihadist groups to change the laws of astrophysics. Including that of the sun, the moon and the stars. For God had said in Jeremiah 31:35,36. “Thus saith the Lord, which gives the sun for a light by day and the ordinances of the moon and stars for a light by night…The Lord of host is His name. If those ordinances depart from before me saith the Lord, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before Me forever.”

  • Dale Warner

    So Saudi Arabia will be the next country thrown up against the wall? I guess the only choices left were Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The list of seven countries designated for destabilization will be complete when Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Iran have received the “treatment.”


      Fascist Iran needs the treatment, badly.

      But Obama wouldn’t help the opposition in Fascist Iran – in keeping with his apology tour of the Middle East.

  • Hocky

    So right. The PLO are the pimps (Hamas) whores who do the dirty work of keeping the war going. My recommendation; send rockets back into Gaza every time they send them into Israel. Don’t use overwheming force such as IAF and tanks, just rockets, and watch how quickly the rockets will stop. Gazan rockets have no eyes, they hope to go when one of their brain dead lights the fuse and points it. Israels can use rockets whithout eyes. Trouble is the Hamas PR people convince the world Israel is the world’s killers. Israel should hire those PR folks! Hamas wants their people to die for the publicity of it and less they have to pay out to their slaves. The US should be ashamed of itself for funding UNRA to the tune of 500 mil that goes to Hamas and PLO. What a waste!

  • Gee

    There is only one solution to the problem – the only solution that Israel has never tried – WAR.

    An all out military solution that starts with targeting the Arab leadership and ends with an unconditional surrender.


      Israel needs to execute the hamass leadership – Give haniyeh, mashaal the Snake Yassin and Rantisi treatment.

  • Jesse Kaellis

    A brilliant dissection of the byzantine game being played out in the Middle East. Thank you, Daniel Greenfield.

  • Drakken

    Time for Israel to quit this fools game of peace at any price stupidity. Time to give those sub human muslim savages a really nice taste of Carthage in both Gaza and West Bank and call it a day, for a dead muslim is no longer a problem.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    Martin Sherman has suggested a solution that would include incentivizing Palestinian Arab households with large sums of money if they agree to relocate to an Arab country. Whether Arab countries will take them is a question I have. Likewise will the authorities of the PLO and/or Hamas allow individuals to accept the cash or will they and their families be executed and their funds stolen before they ever get to leave Judea and Samaria (often mistakenly called “the West Bank”)? However, even if Dr. Sherman’s suggested solution is not tenable, the peace process is going nowhere, and needs to be aborted. How did Israel live before the Oslo Accords? They have to go back to that point in time and in mind before the sneaky left started their maneuverings. They have to go back before Jimmy Carter and the Camp David Accords. They have to recapture the righteous fervor of a land that will take no crap. Then, if deals are to be made, it will be in that context. However, if one is afflicted with crapophilia (otherwise known as self-destructive behavior) then he or she will find it incredible that a civilized country would actually deny itself the opportunity to participate in a peace process. In fact, I know some very civilized, educated people who love to talk about peace processes from morning until night, in their living rooms, in Starbucks, or in nice Upper West Side restaurant/bars with tasteful engravings on the wall. I hope someone with more authority than I is reading Mr. Greenfield and taking his sometimes humorous, but quite serious, suggestions very seriously. Why? Because he is absolutely correct.

  • FactsRule

    Fantastic, brilliant article that was a pleasure from beginning to end!!!
    I’d liked to have see three additional things mentioned.
    One: This game has resulted in the Arab Muslims murdering, maiming, dispossessing & torturing hundreds of thousands of innocents plus their families & friends, which has also costed Israel’s people an unimaginable amount of money.
    And, Two: this game has caused a many-decades-long genocidal narrative against Jews & Israel by the world media & haters of Jews & Israel worldwide currently on a dangerously high level, which erupts regularly worldwide into torture, murder, & generalized terrorizing of Jews.
    Three: I’m not surprised the article didn’t include the following, that the ONLY EFFECTIVE AND COMPASSIONATE solution to the overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslim population occupying Israeli-as-yet-un-annexed areas west of the Jordan River is for Israel to hold large scale press conferences laying out Israel’s history since 1967, specifically the history of the thousands of efforts it’s made in every imaginable way toward attempting to create a peaceful 23rd Arab state on the tiny strip of land west of the Jordan River AND the hundreds of thousands of victims that have suffered because of it making all of these efforts at the bloody hands of the so-called Palestinians, with an even bleaker future clearly identifiable.

  • Nabukuduriuzhur

    “Has the US ever withdrawn from territory? No”

    Actually we have and most of them were mistakes. When we took over Cuba and the Phillippines from Spain, instead of making them states, we let them go and both did very poorly.

    The Philippines is a particularly bad case. For almost 50 years, we held it and taught the public how to run a country. And in less than a generation they forgot almost every lesson, electing corrupt people like Marcos and the Aquinos.

    Cuba became corrupt almost immediately after independence, and eventually castro turned it into a place where people drop from malnutrition and preventable diseases.

    We have had successes in withdrawals. We withdrew direct control from western Europe and from Japan not long after WWII, but both of those areas were determined to change and change they did. Japan abandoned Bushido and became a modern nation. Germany made reforms that still affect how it is governed, their much greater privacy standards than ours being an example.

    Iraq was given a chance, but it blew it. The factions couldn’t stop hating each other long enough to build a nation. The go out and kill thy neighbor of Islam was simply too strong for them to exist with a representative government.

    Afghanistan is going to be an even worse failure when we withdraw. Like Iraq, when a culture itself is based on evil, both people and government do evil things, even when you put a veneer of representative government on it.

    • American Patriot

      Actually, pre-Castro Cuba wasn’t such a bad place. During the 1950s, Cuba had a higher per capita income than over half of Europe. More Cubans visited the United States than Americans visited Cuba during that time period and more Americans lived in Cubans than Cubans lived in the US. Cuba had political problems before Castro, but not socioeconomic. Before the so-called Revolution, Cuba had the second highest per capita income in Latin America. Now, it is the second lowest, just above Haiti and below Belize and Honduras. You should read Humberto Fontova’s books to learn the truth about Cuba. The link to his website is here:

  • mackykam

    This entire discussion boils down to a single fact: The Europeans want to restore the Jewish Ghetto, tell Jews where they can live, how many building they may build and how many marriages the may engage in, and how many may be slaughtered each year. They think they are still living in the middle ages. Unfortunately, many Jews in the Israeli government agree, and act more as Judenrat council members than free Jews. The fear of leftist Jews have of Goyim has not changed. Oddly, only religious Jews have no such fear. They put their trust in God; the leftists in man.


      Trust in G-d and superior firepower.

  • FrontPgSubscr

    Well Put!

  • Geoffrey_Britain

    The author states; “It’s a rigged game that can’t be won because the purpose of the game is for Israel to lose. All three corners of the peace triangle know that the negotiations are worthless and will yield no results. Instead it’s all about the positioning.”

    So Western diplomats do realize that the PLO doesn’t want peace. The Obama administration and EU behave as they do because they seek to appease the Muslim world. The real goal of the peace process is a conclusion at which Western nations appease the Muslim world by pressuring Israel into a suicidal agreement with conditions that ensure Israel’s destruction.

    The West even knows that Israel’s destruction is unlikely to appease the Islamic beast but appeasement seeks at all costs to satiate the crocodile, even if only temporarily. Moral cowards do not face the futility of their flight.

    “Israel is trying to win a political game whose purpose is to prove that it’s evil. … These aren’t just paper losses. The longer the game runs, the more … emboldened its enemies become. If Israel doesn’t end the peace game, the game will end Israel.”

    Agreed. What is preventing Israel from ending the game are two factors; firstly, Israel refuses to face the actual source of its enemy, which is Islam itself. The PLO are indeed “a projection of state power by Muslim countries in the region” and those Muslim countries are in turn a projection of ideological/theological power by Islam.

    What is most probably preventing Israel from publicly identifying Islam itself as its enemy is its mistaken assumption that to do so would require Israel to make war upon 1 billion Muslims. That is indicative of a failure of strategic perception.

    Effective consequence is the key but requires that risk be placed upon Islam, not primarily upon Muslims. It’s a given that Islam does not care about Muslims. The only thing Islam cares about is the perpetuation of its ideology. That ideology is NOT focused upon ordinary Muslims but instead upon the agents and symbols that perpetuate it: i.e. its Imams, Mullahs, Madrases, Mosques, holy sites and shrines. Retaliation should properly be focused upon these factors not the jihadists who are merely Islam’s cannon fodder. Let the ‘devout’ (radical) Mullah and Imam know what will now be the consequence, the incremental elimination of these agents and symbols.

    That ultimately, the Kaaba itself is hostage to Islam’s good behavior.

    Secondly, Israel mistakenly believes it cannot survive without American support. The price for American support is being hamstrung and knifed in the back. It is 5 years past time to end it, indeed Israel has already lost American support. Ironically, it is Obama who is disabusing Israel of its belief that it has America’s support.

  • George Alexander

    Excellent article, but you end it in the middle. You need to now tell us how Israel can end the peace game.

    • Drakken

      Simples, no more muslims, no more problems.

  • Edie_VA

    Mein Kampf is one of the best selling books in the Middle East. I am talking today, not the 1940s. Hitler adored the Mufti of Jerusalem who lived a comfortable life in Berlin while ordinary German workers had rations which barely kept them alive. In a sense, the mufti was Hitler’s Arabic twin – but the mufti’s homeland, at that time, was feudal with semi-literate serfs, not capable of manufacturing a bicycle much less a mechanized tank. Oil wealth now enables weapons purchases by Arabs unimaginable to the mufti.

    In the west we think of literacy as a “good thing”. After Gutenberg invented the printing press, book printing was mechanized, though slow, but it improved every decade. Without Gutenberg, there may have been a reformation, but not in Martin Luther’s lifetime.

    Is radical Islam really radical? Or is it just that so many of today’s practitioner’s read well enough to understand the archaic Arabic in which the holy books are written? When a book is considered the literal word of a deity, and it calls for killing, why would sincere practitioner not do what the words of the holy book say he should do? Luther did. .

  • Bklyn Farmer

    If there is any doubt about the average Palestinian’s insincerity concerning a true peace process, the following poll should put that to rest:

    “Reclaiming “all of the historic Palestine from the river to the sea” within the next five years should be the region’s national goal, say 60 percent of Palestinians, according to a recent poll.

    The study, commissioned by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, found that just 27 percent of those polled favor a “two-state solution” that would begin with the end of occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Ten percent of respondents said the goal should be a one-state solution, or a “state in which Arabs and Jews will have equal rights” in one country.”

  • YoshiNakamura

    Excellent article! Thank you!

  • SoCalMike

    This fraudulently named “Peace Process” is diplomatic and political heroin American and European officialdom need to stop using.


      Israel needs to kill the leadership of hamass.

      If the replacement leadership are savages, they will need killing too.

      Repeat as necessary.

      That will result in Peace.

  • Ted S,

    Daniel manages to deliver a depressing message with a subtle
    sense of humor that aptly conveys how pernicious and at the same time
    ridiculous the so called peace process is. There is no such process and there
    never was one. Failing to recognize the obvious right from the beginning is the
    hallmark of idiots. The biggest being the Israels
    as it is Israel
    whose sheer existence is at stake.

  • wildjew

    Mr. Greenfield, Martin Sherman links to your piece. Cowfy Kaufman (comments) ‘am i mistaken in that sun tzu in the art of war contends you should not fight a war you’re not sure you will win’.

    Is it because this is a fight Israel cannot not win she should not engage in this phony peace process?

  • knowshistory

    only fools chase a mirage. there are plenty of fools.

  • Serge Krieger

    The logical conclusion should be that the whole conflict must be brought to logical conclusion. One side must be defeated, accept defeat, accept all conditions by winning side unconditionally and yes, sue for peace. Until that happens mess will continue indefinitely. Albeit, knowing Jewish national characteristics I can predict with high accuracy peace based upon decisive and final victory is impossible.
    Sorry, but Jews ain’t Romans.