American Fakectivism

eich460What do the forced departure of Brendan Eich from Mozilla and #CancelColbert have in common? They are both examples of Fakectivism.

Fakectivism is social media activism by small numbers of people that is integrated into the news cycle because it matches the media’s political agenda.

Every Tea Party member knows that media coverage of actual protests is unequal. Twenty students, most of them volunteers at an environmental non-profit, protesting Keystone will get media coverage that a thousand Tea Party members protesting ObamaCare won’t receive.

The same is true of online protests.

Many of the real life protests covered by the media are fake. For example, unions hire non-union protesters to protest on their behalf, a fact that the media organizations covering the protests rarely point out. (That same privilege wouldn’t be extended to Tea Party members who hired professional protesters to yell at the cameras for them.)  Other protests pretend to be grass roots when they actually consist of members or even paid employees of a single organization.

Fakectivism online multiplies the problems with media coverage of left-wing activism by completely distorting the number of people participating in a protest and their credibility in representing anyone except themselves.

In real life protests, the media routinely reported higher turnout for left-wing protests and lower turnout for conservative protests. Online, Fakectivism dispenses with head counts. If it’s a trending topic, then it’s news. And sometimes it’s news, even if it isn’t.

Fakectivism begins with left-wing agitprop sites selectively collecting tweets in support or against something. The handful of tweets are described in collective terms as “The Internet” being outraged about something. The use of the collective “Internet” is a staple of Fakectivism because it conflates a manufactured story with the opinions of billions of people.

Successful Fakectivism moves up the ladder to higher end left-wing websites searching for teachable controversies. These websites have enough status that they are monitored by producers and editors from the mainstream media looking for stories.

The mainstream media harvests content from sites such as Slate or the Huffington Post and reframes it in biased but credible language while disguising its sources. Twitter Fakectivism is invariably described as a “backlash” or a “firestorm”. Phrases such as “Twitter was lit up by outraged users” give non-technical readers the impression that the complainers represent the consensus of the site instead of a small number of overactive users.

The manufactured Fakectivism becomes a major news story by a successive filtering process that disguises the dubious source and the credibility of the originating event.

Eich’s donation in defense of marriage had already become an issue two years ago. The same Twitter attacks were curated by left-wing Fakectivist websites, but the ‘spark’ that would allow the story to go mainstream was missing. Instead Eich walked away, mostly unscathed, because the protests did not gain traction in the media.

The Fakectivism directed at Eich in 2012 fizzled away because without media involvement the professional social justice activists are nothing more than their own feeble rage echo chamber.  It’s the mainstream media that makes Fakectivism work by choosing to report on it. Its outlets put the final “fake” in Fakectivism.

It’s not mythical grass roots outrage that seals the fate of someone like Brendan Eich. It’s the mainstream media. The social justice Tumblr and Twitter activists like to think that they can claim scalps, but the only scalps that they claim are the ones that the media allows them to take.

Fakectivism is really a means of allowing media professionals to pursue their political agendas through selective reporting. The left-wing online ecosystem lives or dies by its ability to move “edgier” material and agendas into the mainstream media and the media decides whether the time is right to force the agenda on its viewers, listeners and readers.

Media and social media Fakectivists both calculate their stories around a larger agenda.

It’s the role of the social media Fakectivists to aggressively push their most radical agendas and of the media Fakectivists to moderate their tone. The media act as the formal gatekeepers of liberalism determining which radical agenda can be mainstreamed this week while the social media activists keep forcing the gates to open even wider.

It’s never about the facts. The media and social media Fakectivists only care about emotional manipulation in the service of their agenda. Their stories are morality plays that expect the audience to view a human drama and come down on their side and for their agenda. The drama is the narrative which both sets of Fakectivists skew their way through misleading reporting.

In the Eich case, the media deliberately misreported facts about the Mozilla Foundation. For example, media stories claimed that board members were resigning in protest over Eich’s role. That was untrue. Mozilla was in turmoil and had been for some time, but the reasons for that had nothing to do with Eich’s views on marriage. Eich had stepped into a thankless role that he didn’t want in an organization whose signature browser had been steadily losing market share.

Likewise the media failed to explain Eich’s major contribution to the modern internet while highlighting protest Tweets from a handful of Mozilla employees, mostly non-technical and/or associated with the Open Badges Project.

Some of this can be attributed to sloppiness, but had Eich been a gay CEO targeted by Twitter protesters angry over his sexual identity, there is little doubt that the backstory would have been researched and accurately clarified. Media sloppiness is a calculated blindness on stories where research would only damage the narrative.

The media outsources much of its research to left-wing sites and often only rewrites their stories. A belated fact check may occasionally shoot down a false story, as with the Washington Post’s Keystone attack on the Koch Brothers, but mostly content from Media Matters, Think Progress, Salon, Gawker and worse streams uninterrupted into the newspapers of record and the wire services with changes in style, not substance.

The media now mainly reports on trending internet content, whether it’s Twitter protests, pop stars or cat videos. The distinction between CNN and any random website that collects the same viral content is that the viral site is likely to have it first. That’s increasingly the same distinction between NBC News and the Huffington Post.

Fakectivism extends a convenient relationship in which the media acts as a gatekeeper for social media into the political realm. The difference is that while the media is agnostic when it comes to passing along cat videos or reporting on a pop star’s trashy antics, it carefully curates which protests it takes seriously, which causes it advances and which people it gets fired.

The media has come to embody a decentralized relationship between different levels of left-wing content providers from major activist groups to random aspirants for social justice fellowships trying to get a hashtag going on Twitter. What we think of as the media is only the formal tip of the iceberg with its billion dollar brand names and national and international operations.

The real media isn’t a station or a newspaper, it’s an agenda. It’s a network of relationships between open radicals and covert radicals. The media has become a closed loop of the left, inventing its own stories and reporting on the stories that it invents.

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  • Reader

    Very well said, but does it come as a surprise? Everyone who cares to think for him/her self will have smelled something fishy is going on in the MSM, but Daniel Greenfield has put his finger right on the gaping stinking wound.

  • Hass

    Case in point Egypt…

  • tickletik

    I don’t agree with this analysis. Basically it amounts to a lot of crying and hand wringing about the “mean ol’ leftists not playin fair”. Leftists lie and propagandize, that’s true, and it’s important to remind people of it. But Eich had options to fight back and he didn’t take it.

    From this post at vox day

    What he should have said is: “Like everyone else at Mozilla, I am free to donate to any political organization or cause I choose. It is no one’s business here to tell me to whom I can and cannot donate my money, in the past or in the future. I have donated another $10,000 to [some anti-homogamy outfit], fired Mr. McAvoy for cause, and I will fire any other Mozilla employee or volunteer who publicly demands that this organization to cater to his personal political or ideological beliefs instead of pursuing our corporate objectives.”

    This failure was a failure of nerve and leadership ability. You are being tested? Oh boo hoo. Girl rejected your advances? Well, I guess it’s time to have a good cry and throw a tantrum. Failed to make the shot? Well basketball is a rigged game.

    Hey! This is REAL LIFE. In real life THINGS GO WRONG. At some point a man has to pull it together, stand up for his damn self and fight. I’m not saying you should get out and start a fistfight with someone on the street. But there a times when backing down is the worst possible option.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      This isn’t about what Eich should have done, it’s about analyzing the left’s media propaganda structure.

      • James Foard

        Bulls-eye Daniel. No chasing rabbits.

      • The Facts

        Which is identical to the propaganda structure at Frontpage.

      • Dan Borden

        Daniel, I respectfully disagree. While you have properly diagnosed the intellectual and moral disease of the media, please remember that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ”

        When Eich walked he handed the radical homosexuals and the rabid left plenty of fresh meat to chew.

    • clavdivs

      Maybe so, but Eich doesn’t have some moral duty to be CEO. One gets the impression that he simply didn’t want to deal with so much nonsense and left. He’s already a wealthy man and doesn’t need the job. Can you blame him?

  • LeungChiSi

    Brilliant – another Daniel Greenfield brilliant, cogent and insightful, most heartily welcome and timely analysis.

    Thanks so much.

  • rightrightright

    Over a million bikers streamed into Washington to protest the projected – and failed – Moslem rally last summer. Not a squeak out of the media and Obama’s pro-Islam regime even swapped video evidence to “prove” that the streets were empty of bikes. Risibly, the fraudulent video street scenes showed that it was snowing.

    As usual, regime and media hand in hand.


      Sounds like the Soviet Union or West Pakistan (formerly known as the UK).

  • DaCoachK

    How dare anyone have an opinion that runs counter to the fascist-homo-Left. This is America, and we can’t have individuals who don’t conform to the homo standards. How long before it is simply against the law to be white, Christian and heterosexual (normal)?

  • guest

    Of all the horrible acts which happen on the internet, Silicon Valley protests a $1,000 donation.

    Silk Road sells heroin in the mail and sets up a marketplace for contract killing
    Facebook willingly ignores child molestors and pedophiles pushing child sex workers
    okCupid, craigslist, and many other “dating” and webcam websites serve as fronts for pimps who beat women if they don’t sell themselves to some fat disgusting john

  • Crazycatkid

    Yes and sadly many Americans- especially “older generation” and normal, busy apolitical folks still turn on TV to hear “the news” tragically mistaking what they hear for factual reality.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      I do watch Brett Baier’s show in the evenings, and appreciate some of the panelists. But do I completely trust them? Of course not …

      Ronald Reagan said … concerning the Soviet Union … “trust, but verify”. This is a philosophical tenet that works well, whatever media we watch, read, or listen to.

      • MarilynA

        Note that Fox News not only canned Glen Beck, but has delegated Hannity out of prime time and added Alan Colmes and juan Williams to O’reilly’s regular pundits. Note that colmes was dropped from Hannity and Colmes because his opinions were repugnant to any thinking listener. Colmes and Williams just parrot the official Dem. party line talking points and have never seen any action taken by out dictator in chief that they don’t agree with and defend. Since Fox has followed in the foot steps of our Universities and Colleges and sold our country out for the Wahhabi dollars we don’t have any unbiased news sources any more.

        • truebearing

          Fox has either submitted to the desire for better ratings, or becoming a tolerable news outlet in the eyes of Obama and the Left. Maybe both. Nearly every show is a yammerfest between a conservative or Republican, and a representative of the Left. Invariably, the lefty babbles incessantly and tries to filibuster. Little truly important information makes it through the din and the viewer, if already poorly informed, stays that way.

        • RevnantDream
    • Shel_Zahav

      Young people understand still less.

  • tagalog

    I think the media today (and for about the past two or three generations) is tilted toward the left, all right. But it’s because the left has sexier messages to sell. It’s always a bigger sell to say “Things should be more equal” or “more free,” “The government should solve this problem or that one” or whatever, than it is to say “Leave people alone to make their own decisions.”

    It’s also easy to call a philosophy of leaving people alone hard-hearted. Remember how easy it was to say that that point of view translates into “You’re on your own,” as if that’s somehow a bad thing?

    But the bottom line is that the media will follow the dollar, and will cleave to whatever sells the most product.

    • kasandra

      I’m afraid I disagree. The left, including the media, arrogates to itself the right to decide, for example, what’s fair. Fairness may be a “sexy issue” but who says what’s fair? By way of example, I don’t think it’s fair that, at 65 years old, I get up and go to a full time job to pay taxes so a perfectly healthy 24 year old woman like the one I was behind at the grocery store recently can use the WIC or SNAP programs that I, and millions of others, work to pay for while she sleeps late. I don’t think its fair for people with far lower objective credentials to be admitted to prestigious schools because of their race or gender. But, even if fairness may be a “sexier issue” you’ll never, and I mean never, see stories about such unfairness covered in the mainstream media. Never. I conclude that the media are not concerned with, for instance, the issue of “fairness.” They’re concerned about promoting the left’s agenda.

      • tagalog

        That’s what makes a horse race, eh? Differences of opinion? If the media has its way, we’ll all agree on everything and there’ll be no differences of opinion.

        I also expected you or someone else to catch me up on the issue of “freedom” and remind me that freedom is no longer an issue in this nation, only equality. We’ve given freedom up in exchange for a half-baked stab at equality (an effort that will fail because their conception of equality is unworkable) long since.

        • bigfred41

          I disagree with that.

          • tagalog

            Give me some odds, I got $20…

        • kasandra

          I certainly agree that we’re in the process of giving up freedom in the name of “equality.” And the notion of equality has changed, as many have observed, from one of equality of opportunity to one of equality of outcome. That necessarily leads to totalitarianism and the complete loss of freedom because people will naturally want to keep what they have earned rather than to have it redistributed to others. That’s why Communism/Socialism always invites repression. See you at the re-education camp.

          • tagalog

            Put another way, equality needs to be enforced because it’s unnatural, while freedom only needs a weak government (and a vigilant populace) that doesn’t have the power to roll over our freedoms.

          • kasandra

            Hadn’t thought of it before but you’re right. Since for equality, especially of result, to exist it must be coersed, it requires a big (and repressive) government. Inequality being the natural state of affairs, doesn’t need much government at all. I like it. Thanks.

  • kilfincelt

    Actually, this has been going on for decades. Back in the 60″s, a lot of what happened at U of C at Berkeley was staged by a well known magazine that was very popular at the time. This was according to a former Berkeley professor who saw it all.

    In the mid-70’s I attended a well-known midwestern university. I remember a protest that was held on campus that involved maybe 200 students, if that. When the media reported on it, the protest looked like many more people where involved and it was a bigger deal then actually was.

    • kasandra

      Reminds me, I attended the University of Michigan in the late 60s/early 70s. The anti-war left had this clever tactic. On football Saturdays, when the football games let out, they placed themselves at the front of the 101,000 person crowd leaving the stadium and unfurled anti-war banners to make it look like there was a massive protest at U of M. In reality, it was just a lot of people walking back to campus from a football game.

      • MLCBLOG

        Typical. I used to watch it with my own eyes.

        Cheaters never really prosper. May they be torn down by their own evil practices.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Yes, but now the internet makes it worse.

      • truebearing

        We used to hear about “the Moral Majority.” The word “apathetic” should have been added in there somewhere.
        Now we have the Magnified Minority, where Fakectivism (great name) is energetically employed to create the illusion of consensus from an undefined majority. It’s hard to stop now that they own the echo chamber we call “the media.”

        I believe the only way to compete now is with aggressive grassroots media, and not just passive forms where people have to turn the radio or TV to a specific channel, or go to a particular website to get the truth. How should I e-mail you my theory?

  • fiddler

    “Fakectivism online multiplies the problems with media coverage of left-wing activism by completely distorting the number of people participating in a protest and their credibility in representing anyone except themselves.

    In real life protests, the media routinely reported higher turnout for left-wing protests and lower turnout for conservative protests. Online, Fakectivism dispenses with head counts. If it’s a trending topic, then it’s news. And sometimes it’s news, even if it isn’t.”

    Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

  • James Keir Baughman

    Yes, we know! Perfectly recounted Daniel. But, the question is what are we – as Truth Revolt – going to do about it? Why am I – as a determined volunteer – not getting “assignments” to attack this Communist-leaning media and internet it’s connected Fakectivism. That’s what we said we were going to do. We have done little this year except expose Jewish folks who attack Israel. I’m behind that 100% and have done my part in every way I can. But the enormous, if not fatal, danger to America is the anti-American, Communist-leaning, media.


      and academia, NGOs, regressive progressives…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There isn’t an easy 1-2-3 solution, but we are crowdsourcing our own alternative media.

      People who share conservative stories on social media are already doing that. We do have to find ways to scale that up.

      • tagalog

        Quite right, although getting conservative stories to the masses the way CBS, NBC and ABC get THEIR slant out will be the hard part.

      • quousque

        Without C^3 you have nothing. When you have C^3, you have organization susceptible to penetration and provocation.

  • johnnyangel10

    This same fake massive activism began to be notoriously reported during the Nixon White House years. Under the Johnson administration,being a liberal Democrat,the SDS certainly began to ratchet up their communist protests,but when Nixon took over, they spiked the protests up and completely changed the course of this country ever since. Outside of a “lull” due to Reagan, the communists in and out of government,have continued on in any way possible to undermine this country! Obama is the culmination of these Masters of Deception, as JE Hoover called them. He saw as well as Whit. Chambers an onslaught of communist tactics and the usage of the media to break down traditional values of Americans. Think this is incorrect? Look at the country and unless you like what it has become, you will see what I mean! The younger generation(those under 30), do not remember a different USA and can only fall prey to every communist ploy thrown their way,unless instructed by their family or patriot groups to the true reality of freedom,religion and ethical political government. Otherwise,what we are seeing under Obama and the other neo-communists in government IS THE FUTURE !!



  • logdon

    It’s called the narrative.

    A collective mindset of political masters and their lapdog msm based around Frankfurt Marxism, political correctness and ringfencing of so called vulnerable minorities.

    It has nothing to do with truth in an objective sense but a ‘truth’ conjured up by proponents of the western left, Islam, the UN and the EU (to name but a few.)

    Here’s how it goes.

    Recently we had a series of debates in Britain, the last one is tonight, between virulent EUphile apparatchik, Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg and the redoubtable EUphobe UKIP leader, Nigel Farage.

    The msm including of course our bent BBC are Europhiles to the core and following the first debate they all rushed off with their twopenneth, either proclaiming a Clegg triumph or at the very least a close run thing.

    As it turned out snap telephone polling of 1000 people by YouGov revealed quite the reverse with around fifty five percent in favour of Farage and about thirty five percent for Clegg.

    Out of touch?

    You bet, yet in their bubble, immune from the slings and arrows of mere mortals onward they plunge.

    Here’s what I wrote at the time……..

    ‘This is the New Order and it must be obeyed despite it’s mind bending consequences.

    We are beholden to forces beyond our control and the puppeteers which infest the high echelons and their high on diversity useful idiots bask in a self righteousness which candy coats the lies and lo, not only does two plus two now equal five but black is the new white, that is of course, until the string manipulators decide otherwise.

    On Wednesday we, in Britain were treated to a broadcast debate between two polar opposite politicians.

    One was the Liberal Democrat, Nick Clegg, the other UKIP head, Nigel Farage.

    It was interesting to observe the differing debating techniques, on the one hand the by now tried and tested, honed by St Anthony of Sedgwick fact free emotionalism of Clegg and the robust, almost archaic blunt offerings of Farage.

    A quick round up of the journo lobby would indicate a resounding Clegg win, or at the very least a draw. That’s how they are conditioned and true to form that’s how they performed.

    Meanwhile out in Realsville which miraculously seems to be hanging on to elements of it’s core of sanity, a quick poll by respected research outfit, YouGov indicated a fifty three/thirty five split in favour of UKIP.

    Ain’t reality grand? And what an indication as to how far down that rabbit hole our establishment has sunk.

    That snap of the finger and they come a running, tongues lolling, eager, bright eyed and salivating that their little construct is the only hooch in town and it all comes crashing down on their pretty little coiffed heads.

    Next week we’ll see a repeat but this time on el-Beeb territory.

    The adjudicator and I can’t even be bothered to find out who he is, (for it will be a male despite all the protestation of equality) will be of the nodding dog stripe and so steeped in the narrative that his head will be so firmly stuck up his lily white fundament that all he can read are his own thoughts going round and round in a crazy circle of intra-brain dissembling.

    Farage knows this of course and it will be interesting to see how he assembles his defence against the sallied forces of cultural marxism’.


    The second debate, despite my pessimism was a Clegg rout and a joy to behold.

    In polling he fared even worse with around twenty five percent approval to Farages seventy.

    Don’t write us off yet. The Bulldog may well be regrowing it’s gnashers!

    • Larry Larkin

      I’ve seen video of those debates and Farage cleaned Clegg’s clock in them. Anybody thinking differently is watching them through watermelon coloured glasses.

      • logdon

        Clegg, the establishment talking point, talking head, talking his well honed and oft repeated lies versus the plain unadulterated truth speech of Farage.

        It was no contest. Farage wiped the board and then some.

        How the pundits clucked like brainless farmyard hens fed on a diet of corn fed lies they so willingly will themselves to believe despite the glaring beacon shining into their blinking miopic eyes. And it all collapses.

        The momentum must be kept up. The ruling classes have had it all their own way and have grown fat on their own contentment.

        The whole thing is a mirage of smoke and mirrors worthy of Kafka but this tottering edifice, top heavy and rotten from within is collapsing under its own weight of unsustainability.

        From Climate Change to the Ukraine, Clegg tried on the old memes and found sadly lacking when faced with real challenge.

        It was a true Augean Stable moment and a pure delight to watch a man in denial squirming this way and that like a skewered worm.

        The final summation nailed it beautifully as Farage with the effortlessness of the truth demolished the half witted Clegg who once outside his comfort zone ran around in ever decreasing circles.

        If only it was all like this?

  • Geoffrey_Britain

    The media long ago turned into the propaganda organ of the far left. They have betrayed their very reason for existing. They are actively engaged in sedition and treason.

    “Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace… Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.” James Madison, Father of the American Constitution and 4th US President

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      I grew to manhood respecting one media figure more than anyone else … Walter Cronkite. My father loved the guy, since Dad was a WWII veteran.

      By the time I got to Vietnam, in the Fall of 1968, CBS didn’t send Cronkite into country, anymore. There were at least 20-30k men who would have shot him, on sight. They felt a keen sense of betrayal, by him.

      Concerning your last paragraph, the oppressors already have the first two. Now, there’s only one more condition left for tyranny to win the day.

      • Geoffrey_Britain

        Pretty much the same story here, only I didn’t awaken to Cronkite’s liberalism till my political conversion in the 90’s. I can’t fully agree that the left has the first two conditions completely achieved but at the least, they’re making real progress in that direction.

  • Habbgun

    Back to what I read in Beyond Survival by Gerald Coffee when he was a POW in Vietnam. The media was simply an extension of the North Vietnamese government. If what was going on favored the NV the media got off the bus and photographed and got the story. If things weren’t working out in the NV’s favor they simply stopped taking pictures and reporting.

    The most shocking was a parade of POWs through Hanoi which got out of hand (the POWs later learned the NV military thought it was a bad idea all along but the civilian gov’t wanted it). It was a full scale riot which threatened the prisoners and especially children that were present. POW’s tried to help kids separated from their parents while running for their lives. The media was out taking pictures and getting statements and when the riot happened got back on their bus and simply ignored everything. You can’t argue censorship. They did collaborate.

  • nimbii

    Daniel Greenfield, you just keep on nailing it. You juxtapose their hypocritical positions with telling overlay. Thanks.


    The real media is an agenda. I like that. Certainly rings true.

  • bigfred41

    When the verdict for Zimmerman came back as not guilty, my local paper immediately reported that nearly every local person was “shocked and dismayed”. But the comments showed 99% approval of the verdict.

  • bigfred41

    Here’s one for you Daniel: a radical gay bigot actually claiming that gays weren’t really much involved in forcing Eich out:

    while Mozilla heartily apologized in its “News” for not purging Eich
    quickly enough, they are ignoring the throngs that are leaving negative
    feedback at:

    Total lies and hypocrisy, as usual.

  • Horace Yo

    I agree wholeheartedly with your Fakectivisim analysis. That is all absolutely true. It seems a hopeless cause to try and get a message to the 300+ million people in the USA when the “media” is a giant impediment to the free movement of news and opinion and controls what people see and hear. What can be done about it? I think the traditional freedom loving American Constitution and Founding Fathers respecting citizens could do a lot better with semantics. First call the “media” what it really is: “The Democrat Party Line Media” every time we use the word “media”. Hammer this name home over and over until it is widely disseminated and used and then the American People might be motivated to look behind the new “Iron Curtain” of leftist news control and be motivated to seek out the facts before it is too late. Use the “Iron Curtain” phrase to refer to the leftist news gatekeepers one sided abandonment of Journalism in favor of Propaganda and their tricks of manufacturing phony leftist news to forward their agendas.

  • Shel_Zahav

    I was just reading about Denmark legalizing bestiality. Gives a new meaning to “Great Dane”.

    • clavdivs

      I guess sexual perversion overrules animal rights in the hierarchy of the left. Like the Ayaan Hirsi Ali thing (black female overruled by Muslims), it’s interesting to see how these conflicts play out. It seems Islam and homosexuality are at the top of the left-wing food chain currently.

      • Shel_Zahav

        They are major factors but not at the top. Above them are these related goals: destruction of America, destruction of Western culture, destruction of Christianity.

        Above those is the ultimate goal: destruction of the nuclear family to make everybody dependent upon government. Read in the Bible the story of the Tower of Babel and you will see than mankind has been here before.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    No wonder the Democrats are so desperate to license journalists.

  • WeroInNM

    Obama is the Manifestation of a Multi-Generational Soviet Plot to Destroy America!
    “Food For Thought”
    Hello: When Are Americans Going To Wake Up-God Bless America!
    Semper Fi!

  • Mike B

    If you doubt the truth of this piece, just look at Mozilla’s feedback page here: The site provides a graph of numbers of positive vs. negative comments by date. Display the graph for 30 days and you will see that the numbers didn’t budge when Eich was named CEO on March 24 but there is a huge jump in negative comments after Eich was fired April 3, which is only now starting to abate and is still 3 or 4 times the baseline. Now search on “Mozilla firestorm” or “Mozilla backlash” – most of the hits will be articles about the made-up firestorm over Eich’s appointment rather than about the actual firestorm over his dismissal. Try it.

  • Ellman48

    “Every Tea Party member knows that media coverage of actual protests is
    unequal. Twenty students, most of them volunteers at an environmental
    non-profit, protesting Keystone will get media coverage that a thousand
    Tea Party members protesting ObamaCare won’t receive.”

    Daniel, you have exposed the media’s bias with examples which make it undeniable and crystal clear. This bias has become more pronounced since the 1960’s and is now at the point where watching the major news networks on TV or reading the mainstream publications like the NY Times is a willful indulgence in being propagandized by the leftist extremists.

  • Ellman48

    “It’s not mythical grass roots outrage that seals the fate of someone
    like Brendan Eich. It’s the mainstream media. The social justice Tumblr
    and Twitter activists like to think that they can claim scalps, but the
    only scalps that they claim are the ones that the media allows them to

    Of all the progressive institutions we have today, the MSM is the most baneful. It has become the Propaganda Stream Media for Leftist causes and agendas. The MSM is the Propaganda Ministry for the Obama regime and every Democratic ‘progressive’ government.

    The Left has taken the country the Founders gave us and thrown it overboard into the ocean with an anchor tied to its feet. Unfortunately there’s very little we can do about it despite champions of freedom and liberty like Daniel Greenfield.

  • Infidel4Ever

    Bravo, Mr. Greenfield. I can testify to how seriously social media mavens take the faketivism. My very progressive daughter in law buys into every single scam outrage the left manufactures. She’s the main reason I stay off Facebook, my wife who is on Facebook often shows me what she shares on a daily basis. If I was on Facebook I would have to respond, usually by mocking whatever non-sense she shares. She does not take mocking well. My wife now only very rarely goes on Facebook because even she is getting tired of our daughter in law’s constant outrage over these silly, made up stories.

    • hiernonymous

      Yes, a constant stream of outrage gets very tiresome, doesn’t it?

      May I suggest that there are responses one can make other than mocking? Mocking can be fun, and sometimes appropriate, but perhaps a calm examination of the logic and underlying support would serve better? It also helps you get your own thoughts in order.

  • clavdivs

    Muslims behead people and share it on Youtube, but yeah, the important thing is we can’t allow someone to say two men can’t get “married.”

  • Fritz

    The joke is ultimately on the Tech/Software industry themselves. The days of a Northern Californian elite calling the shots in that industry are ending, and they are in complete denial about that. India is producing software and other engineers by the score, and unlike the Sillycon Valley types they care more about the end product then which cocktail parties they get invited to.
    The fact that Mozilla was in trouble before Brenden Eich took over the helm, and was the entire reason he took over the helm. The fact that he was thrown under the bus for the most trivial of reasons, shows where their priorities lie in that respect. No wonder Mr Eich resigned, any organization where the management is more concerned about what the gossips at the country club say then about getting the corporate house in order, and turning a profit, is pretty much doomed to start with. Lets just say that he won’t be out of work for long, I’m sure that even if he’s blackballed in the U.S industry he will not be overseas.

  • bardyt
  • blastise
  • Crazycatkid

    I think you wandered into the wrong site. Go on home, Troll.

  • Gislef

    And yet none of it makes the media.

    Your “example,” kinda misses the point.



    Happy Eternal Nakba!

  • Dan Borden

    Sparky, as the official islamic apologist on the Frontpage comments, we were anxiously awaiting your take on other subjects.

  • Drakken

    You fell off the shortbus didn’t you Sparky? Maybe your mommy didn’t give you a cookie and tell you how special you are? Otherwise boy, your dumber than a bag of hammers and there is no helping you.