The Southern Poverty Law Center Stands Up for Hamas

MorrisDeesTwo years ago the Southern Poverty Law Center named me, a bar sign and a brand of gun lubricant as hate groups. It wasn’t the punch line to a joke about a Minister, a Rabbi and a Priest. Instead it was another tribute to the research skills of the country’s wealthiest, dumbest and laziest civil rights group.

Morris Dees began in the mail order business and ended up in the mail order civil rights business. Every month elderly retirees receive envelopes covered with pictures of Klansmen burning crosses. Those photos are the SPLC brand the way that the “swoosh” is for Nike and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Dees had already trademarked the KKK.

Their checks bulk up the Southern Poverty Law Center’s $245 million endowment, a few pennies from which are used to hire DailyKos diarists who turn out poorly researched attacks on “hate groups.” That might explain why “Casa D’Ice Signs,” the signs outside a Pennsylvania bar, continues to be listed under “Active Anti-Muslim Groups” by the SPLC despite two solid years of internet ridicule and mockery.

Left-wing cultural revolutionists have a loose definition of “hate,” but they can usually get the “groups” part right. The Southern Poverty Law Center can’t even do that.

With solid research like that, the SPLC’s latest Intelligence Report has everything you expect from an organization that lists a brand of gun lubricant as a hate group. There are random attacks on celebrities like former Homicide star Richard Belzer and former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson. Belzer is deemed guilty of promoting JFK conspiracy theories and Jackson called the TV show Glee “sickening.”

It’s not exactly the KKK, and Belzer, who is Jewish, was unhappy to be implicitly associated him with the Nazis. “As a Jewish person whose grandfather represented Israel at the United Nations before it was a state and an uncle, who as a member of the Resistance, fought the Nazis in World War Two, I am deeply hurt and offended,” he wrote.

But Belzer was not the only Jewish person targeted by the SPLC in an issue exploiting the Kansas City shootings around a Jewish community center. Instead the SPLC decided to launch into a full-throated defense of Hamas supporters and attacks on Jews opposed to Hamas and its domestic front groups.

After the Kansas City shootings, the SPLC rushed to the defense of one of the left-wing bigots whose attacks on Jews had been cited by the killer. It defended Max Blumenthal against charges of bigotry when even the Forward, a left-wing paper, described Blumenthal calling for the ethnic cleansing of Israel’s Jewish population.

But the SPLC did not stop there.

Instead it attacked David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer, as well as me, for calling attention to the terrorist ties of the Muslim Students Association. It based this attack on the writings of an Islamist who had been a board member of Berkeley’s Muslim Students Association.

This was the MSA chapter which the ADL reported had distributed copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Hatem Bazian, who has called for Jewish genocide, had headed this chapter. While at Berkeley, Bazian had responded to the arrest of members of his anti-Semitic SJP group for disrupting a Holocaust remembrance event by accusing Jews of controlling the university.

Wajahat Ali, the MSA board member, whose rantings the SPLC’s attack is based on, defended the Holy Land Foundation, which was shut down by the Treasury Department for funneling money to Hamas. In a Guardian article, he urged the United States to engage Hamas and on his blog, he ran an outside article calling the head of Islamic Jihad in the United States “one of the earliest victims of the ‘war on terror.’”

The SPLC’s attack on David Horowitz accused him of “leaning right” on gay rights. Meanwhile its entire piece was constructed based on the writings of an Islamist who claimed that the left hates Muslims because they “have certain beliefs contradictory to radical feminist and gay ideologies.”

But the SPLC’s Ryan Lenz didn’t stop at quoting a man whose behavior suggested support for Hamas. Instead Ryan Lenz went out of his way to defend an admitted supporter of the genocidal terrorist group.

At UC San Diego, David Horowitz had confronted MSA member Jumanah Imad Albahri and asked her to condemn Hamas and Hezbollah.

After a brief exchange, Horowitz said, “The head of Hezbollah has said that he hopes that we [Jews] will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or against it?”

Jumanah Imad Albahri answered, “For it.”

The SPLC would never doubt a Neo-Nazi who admitted on camera that he supports the Third Reich and another Holocaust, but when it comes to Jews and Muslim terrorism, the SPLC and Ryan Lenz felt the need to defend this Hamas supporter.

The question was a “trap” and a “trick,” Lenz claims. He describes her reply in support of Jewish genocide as “bashful.” The SPLC doesn’t usually describe the bigots it writes about as “bashful.”

“If she supported Hamas, Horowitz argued, the Muslim Student Association to which she belonged was actually tied to a terrorist organization, as defined by the State Department,” Lenz writes, describing the nature of the “trick.”

The “trick” was asking a terrorist supporter if they supported a virulently anti-Semitic terrorist group.

Despite Ryan Lenz’s desperate lies, Albahri admitted in her defensive letters that, “I refused to offer Mr. Horowitz a blanket condemnation of Hamas that night. I felt that doing so would be a blanket condemnation of the Palestinian cause.”

“I condone Hamas in its ambition to liberate the Palestinian people,” she wrote.

Maybe that was another one of David Horowitz’s traps somehow set off by remote control. Or maybe Ryan Lenz and the SPLC should stop defending bigots like Jumanah Imad Albahri and bigoted organizations like the MSA… while smearing those Jews who tell the truth about them.

The SPLC hit piece claims that David Horowitz is a self-promoter who is only out for money. That same accusation has been made by liberals about SPLC boss Morris Dees who has been called a “con man” and a “fraud” by prominent liberal civil rights attorney Stephen Bright, a recipient of the American Bar Association’s Thurgood Marshall Award and the ACLU’s Roger Baldwin Medal of Liberty.

The Nation called Dees a “millionaire huckster.” Harper’s Magazine accused him of “profiting from intolerance.”

The SPLC has never been an honest organization. Its research overlaps with truth as randomly as a drunk overlaps with a urinal. But Ryan Lenz’s defense of Hamas supporters is a new low even for the SPLC whose hate map has already become the inspiration for at least one violent attack.

Not only did the SPLC’s report exploit an anti-Semitic killer, but it used him to attack Jews who are concerned about anti-Semitism. Hamas’ covenant celebrates the genocide of Jews. The campus anti-Semitism of the Muslim Students Association has been documented even by civil rights groups on the left such as the ADL.

You don’t have to be a conservative to find the Southern Poverty Law Center’s defense of Hamas supporters completely unacceptable. If the SPLC is going to defend anti-Semitism and attack Jews, maybe it should adopt the Swastika that it often slaps on its covers as its very own symbol.

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  • R DeWynne Brown

    I’m so surprised!

  • truebearing

    Dees is a reprehensible slime bag. He traffics in vilification. He maligns people for money, whether they deserve it or not. Mostly not. Everything he accuses others of is true of him. He is projecting evil onto others because he is evil.

    The fact that the Left uses this reprobate as a tool in its demonization of political opponents makes clear how evil the Left is as well. Now the evil of Islam is being enabled by the evil of the SPLC. It figures.

    Being included on one of their lists is actually a compliment. It sure beats being endorsed by slime.

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      • Wolfthatknowsall

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        • Up Huff

          Can’t expect numb nuts like her to have anything intelligent to say. Just posts off-topic garbage.

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    • Up Huff

      The best thing about Dees is that he’s almost 80 years old. With any good fortune he’ll drop dead.

    • Judahlevi

      There is no dispute that Palestinian Arabs, Arabs in general, and many Muslims have the same irrational hatred for Jews that Hitler did.

      Rather than hold them accountable for this blatant anti-Semitism, the leftists (including SPLC) make common cause with them to try to denigrate and vilify Jews and the Jewish state.

      If leftists are willing to ally with Hitler-type thinking to achieve their ‘goals’ of political power, they do not deserve political power of any kind. They need to be held to account in every election as allies and direct supporters of anti-Semitism – whether they say they are Jewish or not.

      Support Israel – defeat left-wing ideology.

      • truebearing

        “There is no dispute that Palestinian Arabs, Arabs in general, and many Muslims have the same irrational hatred for Jews that H!tler did.”

        The Naz i DNA in in the Middle East traces directly back to WWII, so it is no surprise that Islam, a religion that is already homicidally intolerant of any other religion, would get even more genocidally hateful of Jews with the infusion of Nazism.

        By supporting Nazism infused Islam, Dees has become what he pretends to oppose.

      • truebearing

        The DNA of N azism is deeply embedded in the already pathologically intolerant mentality of Arab Muslims. The malignant N azi influence has remained in that region since WWII. Dees support and enabling of Hamas and the anti-Semitic Left makes him at very least a N azi sympathizer and a merchant of evil.

      • ArentIpretty

        To them the hatred is not irrational, it is justified and called for by the very example of Muhammad and Islamic doctrine.

        • Judahlevi

          I agree that it comes from Muhammad, but he was irrational as well.

      • Philip Kirschner

        To take it further, the grand Mufti of Jerusalem sent 150,000 fakistinians to Hitlers SS.

  • johnlac

    After seeing Dees interviewed countless times on certain cable tv channels as the go-to guy concerning “hate” groups, it would be fun to see one done on Dees for his dissembling and disgraceful attacks on decent Americans.

  • John E Coleman

    Like sexual Illness , Dees keeps spreading it around !!!!

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    So he’s OK when he’s actually going after the Klan then? Bit since they’re basically gone, he goes after everyone else?

    • Jason P

      Essentially, Dees is using his reputation as a Klan fighter to gain the trust and respect of the gullible (and worse) on other issues. That’s why this article and many other articles (including some on the left) are important to get the word out that Dees is on a witch hunt recklessly smearing anyone who is not politically correct.

  • Jason P

    The confession by Albahri is truly stunning. Hannity has shown that clip on his show at least once.

  • Hard Little Machine

    This is why the SPLC is routinely invited to bring a talking head to MSNBC

    • Danny Noonan-Miss

      The SPLC has been invited on all the network shows (other than FOX, but possibly even Fox years ago). I knew the group was racist against whites and a completely fringe group from the first time I heard of them and looked into them. Yet, you’ll still see the first group the networks go to for the left-wing view on some race issue is the SPLC. They are bigoted and filled with hate, and nobody seems to ever call them on it.

  • JuneUSA

    When Americans stood for America, this group would never have existed in America.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      … Which explains the miniscule size of the Communist Party, USA, through most of the 20th Century.

  • Unc Remus

    I would purchase a ticket to watch Dee’s being eaten by rabid dogs…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Rabid dogs have better taste

  • DaCoachK

    The SPLC is a fund-raising outfit designed to generate revenue for Morris Dees. It is a racket designed in the 1960s and won’t end until that bastard Dees is dead.

  • john spielman

    Dear Daniel; why not launch a lawsuit against the SPLC for defamation and libel?

  • Jason P

    Often we on the counterjihadi right are accused of using “guilt by association.”

    Leftists try to claim that their “big tent” approach isn’t an endorsement of every position of groups like Hamas. They try to hide behind such rationalizations like “we only support their distribution of food given Israel’s blah blah blah.” We rightfully don’t accept this lame excuse. Hamas exists to annihilate Israel and Jews. It’s in their charter. It’s the essence of their being.

    However the SPLC does use guilt by association. They (and others) smear Pamela Geller for her support of the English Defence League. There can be an honest difference of opinion on the League (like Melanie Phillips.) Geller (and I) believe the leadership tried to root out racists and anti-Semites. (Geller once withdrew her support when she had doubts). The leadership failed and resigned. The EDL never had racist planks in its mission statement. The failure to control the rank-and-file led to their demise.

    The SPLC, ADL, and at least one writer on National Review, brand Geller a bigot for her support of the EDL. But notice the difference. Hamas is explicit in its hatred of Jews and Israel. It’s not something that one has to surmise. It’s virulent and it comes from the leadership. The EDL leadership was or appeared to be anti-racist and explicitly condemned racism, antisemitism and bigotry. Geller at best can be charged with being gullible and I know of some counterjihadi who respectfully parted ways on this issue.

    It’s sad to see National Review buckle under leftist pressure. Geller deserves an strong and hearty defense. It’s overdue.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      When Bill Buckley was still alive, he not only would not have buckled under leftist pressure, most Lefties wouldn’t even understand his assault on them. He is as missed as Andrew Breitbart (who was more direct, and which might explain his sudden death).

      However, all who wish may call me a racist. I support the English language as the official language of the United States.

      • Tina Trent

        Sorry, Buckley dabbled repeatedly in excluding people he deemed, sometimes rightfully but more often wrongly, outside the pale. He and his peers excluded themselves from this judgment in bolts of dusty elitism that would startle readers today.

        I doubt he would endorse Geller.

        There’s been some good corrective scholarship on this era of conservatism recently. The Rusher book, for one. And Stanton Evans’ older publications are enlightening.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Of course, he did. Buckley was an elitist, and I realize this.

          But his was the only ballgame, back in the day …

          • Habbgun

            A collection of writings from Buckley was released on Kindle. I was so much more impressed by his essays than his live shtick. He was right about a lot and his take on libertarians was prescient. He said the true struggle would be between believers and non-believers. He didn’t think the libertarians would meet moral challenges and only economic ones (and in the end only economic issues that didn’t demand faith and fortitude). I think he would be horrified by Rand and Ron Paul and their foreign policy beliefs.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            I believe that Buckley’s reaction to the Pauls, and to their supporters, would be one of horror (as you say). But it’s so complicated, because he was a complicated man. After all, he came out in favor of legalizing drugs as a means of raising tax revenues.

          • Habbgun

            Which is what impressed me about his writings. He didn’t create himself for Fox, MSNBC or the academy. He made himself an individual. There are plenty of people smarter and far more accomplished than myself but I don’t hold them in regard. They are just McPerson. Buckley made it all work by being himself.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            When other kids were out playing baseball or fishing, I remember sitting with my father watching Firing Line. Sometimes, Buckley would sit on his chair, one leg over an arm of it, one hand touching his chin, looking up towards the ceiling, while he listened to his guest and formulated his response. He was one-of-a-kind, and his death was a loss for all of America.

        • Habbgun

          Maybe he wouldn’t endorse Geller but he sure would be pushing the Catholic Church to confront Islamism and stand with Israel. I would also think he would be actively working on the plight of Middle East Christians which is completely ignored by the elites. He was an elitist in self image but not in desire to be part of a ruling clan.

  • Ruvane

    Jewish groups are considered establishment now

  • Webb Cook

    My poor old liberal aunt who is now gone sent money to this scumbag. Old people who want to do something good are a prime target for snakes like Dees. The newsletter the SPLC sends out looks like it was printed on a worn out press in the 1960s, to create the sham that they really are hanging on by a shoestring to save the poor and oppressed. It’s really sick how they shake down the elderly.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They have a thousand little tricks. One was putting multiple stamps on envelopes to give it that shoestring look.

      • Lightbringer

        A lot of organizations do that. Their mailings usually end up in my circular file, which tends to fill up pretty quickly.

    • Richard

      So does my sister, and it makes me sick. A masters degree in education but ignorant of whats really going on. My sister is in her late 70s and she is an example of their shake down.

    • Lightbringer

      I must confess that I sent them a few dollars back in the pre-internet, pre-alternative media days of the 1970’s. But then I turned thirty and wised up, so no more rumpled dollar bills from my piggy bank!

  • steves5687

    The real racists and defenders of those committing genocides and other major atrocities around the world are the radical left lead by today’s Democrat party & the SPLC a Marxist front group like the modern day Democrat party. They condemn and charges Jews with racism and Israel with atrocities while remaining silent on the ongoing genocides around the world in places like Darfur, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria etc. and the persecution and murder of Christians and Jews in the Islamic world! Obama is silent on all these atrocities.

  • Vlad Lenin

    It’s funny how short sighted these clever liberals are. Supporting Hamas under President Cvnt’s regime is heroic… but a despot can’t stay in power forever. Today’s hero is tomorrow’s supporter of terrorism on American soil. Wasn’t their something in a recent Defense bill on how we can deal with such people.

  • wileyvet

    Morris Dees and His Cast of Idiots. They should change the name to the Moral Poverty Law Centre.

  • laura r

    daniel, do you think that the SPLC is taking payoffs from muslim groups? also black nationalists? theres no free lunch, its all as scam.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The SPLC would take any money, any how. Whether they’re getting any payoffs from the Saudis, I don’t know.

  • Judgmentday

    I was in the middle of writing an e-mail to — I swear I’m not making this up — Mark Potok, the peripatetic fill-in for Morris Dees, to ask why Daniel Greenfield, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer and Frank Gaffney had been listed on the SPLC site as hate “groups.” Thanks, Daniel, for saving me the time and effort of branding Mr. Potok (a relative of Chaim?) a living, breathing example of ideological insanity. The SPLC’s PR machine never stops expressing the group’s outrage aimed toward those who think and act independent of the organization’s hypocrisy.

    • Judahlevi

      Mark Potok’s father was Andrew Potok who was Jewish. He was raised Christian and does not consider himself Jewish.

      • Judgmentday

        Thanks for the info, Judahlevi. I had no idea he was Xtian. One might suggest he keeps the name, the beard and the hubris so he can prey upon unknowing Jews who might like to “shtupp” the SPLC with some additional shekels.

        • Judahlevi

          I imagine they look at marketing from every angle.

      • cjkcjk

        May have supposedly been raised Christian, but there’s nothing Christian about what he does.

        • Judahlevi

          You are probably right.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    SPLC is despicable.

  • cjkcjk

    In reality they really aren’t any different than all the other Leftist organizations out there. Down to the last one they are all lying, cheating, racist, hypocrites who accuse anyone with authentic morals of the very sentiment they harbor and hide in their own wicked hearts.

  • Richard

    This is one of the most dishonest and disgusting organizations in the United States. Their two heads Dees and Potock make appox $335,000 a year scaring old ladies. They do poor research, which they fill with their own political hate and prejudice. It makes me want to vomit knowing that my own sister has given them donations and she ignorantly claims their not politically biased. I hate to see my sister scammed, but she doesn’t know any better, she tends to believe statists lies and gets her “objective” news from the N.Y.T.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      too many are like that unfortunately

    • Judahlevi

      Their ‘marketing’ can be very effective. It particularly plays well with people who feel guilty because of their skin color or guilty about slavery.

      Since I have never owned a slave (or even wanted one) nor do I feel any guilt about the actions of individuals over 150 years ago (there is no such thing as collective guilt), their scheme fails.

      Light-skinned leftists fall for it every time.

  • ArentIpretty

    The SPLC needs to put themselves on their own list as a “hate group”.

  • UCSPanther

    SPLC: Obsessed with long dead white supremicist groups, still trying to make hay any way they can…

  • Mao Tse Mung

    The SPLC has become an arm of the DNC

  • Tina Trent

    We need to move forward with a campaign to demand that the DOJ stop using the SPLC and ADL for consulting, research, reports, advising and training police and prosecutors.

    Then we need to get them out of the schools.

  • USARetired

    These ‘UN-Americans’ should be run out of this country as ‘Traitors’ and charged with insurrection!

  • BagLady

    and you, True Bearing, do you have an irrational hatred for Muslims?

    • Lightbringer

      Maybe Truebearing has a totally rational hatred for Muslims. Most intelligent, thinking people do, you know.

  • Philip Kirschner

    Mark Dee’s along with Mark Potak should be banned from entering ISRAEL. And if he tries to enter, he should be arrested and deported back to the United States,

  • Snakes on a Car

    The Southern Poverty Law Center hates white people.

  • allenfuller2

    Isn’t it time for the SPLC to start labeling “hate books” also? They could start with the Koran!