The UNRWA is Responsible for the Bombing of its Schools


There’s a very simple criteria for maintaining your status as a civilian and/or humanitarian facility. It has to be non-military.

By its own admission, the UNRWA has found a third set of rockets in one of its schools. Israel has repeatedly stated that it’s been fired on from around UNRWA schools.

Considering that the UNRWA admits the presence of rockets, it’s hard for it to deny the Israeli claims.

Nevertheless the UNRWA throws a fit each time one of its facilities is bombed when it’s being used by Hamas.

And yet it’s the UNRWA that is responsible.

At this point it’s obvious that the UNRWA is incapable of maintaining the non-military status of its facilities. Whether the organization itself is compromised or Hamas simply won’t allow it to maintain pure civilian function, it amounts to the same thing.

UNRWA facilities are used to harbor weapons and stage attacks. The UNRWA’s facilities cannot be considered civilian or humanitarian facilities. Instead they are fronts for military operations. And that is a war crime.

The UNRWA’s continued presence in Gaza facilitates a Hamas war crime.

The only lawful thing for the UNRWA to do is to announce that it will withdraw from Gaza during the conflict to avoid being involved in war crimes. Instead the UNRWA is doubling down by accusing Israel, rather than Hamas, of war crimes. And even appears to have turned over rockets to terrorists.

It’s not Israel that is guilty of war crimes for attacking UNRWA facilities. UNRWA facilities ceased to be civilian once they harbored rockets and terrorists. It’s the UNRWA that is guilty of war crimes for acting as a front for a terrorist organization.

In the fog of war, it can be hard sometimes to tell who is bombing whom and why. But there’s little doubt, by the UNRWA’s own admission, that its facilities have been turned to military purposes.

The militarization of UNRWA facilities leaves it guilty of a war crime.

  • Gee

    Considering that a majority of UNRWA employees in Gaza are in fact Hamas members makes the entire organization one giant target.

    They just found the third set of rockets after more than 3 weeks? Were they their before the war? Or did they appear from a tunnel inside the school – since we know that they could not have been moved during the war from the outside.

    The UN is an organization of war criminals – all of it

    • Johnny Pallyswine

      CHeck the video of the BRITISH Christopher Gunness crying like a baby. Now he has to get a real job!! hahahahha

      • objectivefactsmatter

        F’ing phony!

        Get a job in Hollywood with all of the other impotent fascists.


  • Habbgun

    Israel had a chance to pull out of the UN and declare it a sham organization. If they had done so they would be in a better position to simply attack the UN as a biased participant in the conflict. Instead now they have to pretend that UNRWA works on behalf of all nations. The USA should learn a lesson from this.

  • Drakken

    Bomb the UNRWA facilities to dust and throw them all out of the area, nothing but jihad facilitators. Time to shut this farce down for good.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Isn’t UNRWA in Gaza staffed by Hamas anyway? That would explain a lot, too.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      A lot of their locals are Hamas, especially in schools.

  • mackykam

    While bombing UNRWA it might behoove Israel to polish off those lying journalists who regurgitate Hamas talking points. Trust me: no one will miss them, not even their families!

    • Johnny Pallyswine

      Love to see the BRITISH Christopher Gunness, head of UNRWA at the basement of one of those honorable facilities, before Israel bombards it to dust.

    • gerry

      More oxygen and space for us.

    • Johnny Pallyswine

      CHeck the video of the BRITISH Christopher Gunness crying like a baby. Now he has to get a real job!! hahahahha…

    • Johnny Pallyswine
      • mackykam

        Thanks. Saw it. Think maybe he lost his boyfriend in a bombing?

        • objectivefactsmatter

          He’s probably under a lot of pressure to get the dupes worked up. The Arabs are much better at phony drama and expect better results from their dhimmis.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Agreed. They aren’t journalists. They’re mercenary regime supporters.

      • mackykam

        What upscale brit doesn’t love a guy wrapped in a bed sheet. I swear, they hardly come up for air! Must be that public school sleep away thing. Calling Lawrence of Arabia.

  • SoCalMike

    Just drop more bombs and don’t waste Israeli lives.
    The Palestinians are animals and they brain wash and indoctrinate their children in Jew hatred from the youngest age at home and even on TV.
    Do whatever you have to do.
    Israel is the current leader of the Free World.
    Obama switched sides.
    Too bad Israel is too moral to drop a nuke or a neutron bomb.
    Gaza is a rats nest.

  • ADamRant

    It’s not an imbalance of force. It’s an imbalance of defense.

  • Anamah

    Main sponsors of supremacist terrorist Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood are Qatar, Turkey, Iran, the EU and now with Obama also the US.
    And the UN serve all of them to achieve their goals.

    Please pay attention to this video of children to be molded in UN schools based on a phony past, faking traumatic loss of their past blaming the Jews!
    These are indoctrination camps! All the teachers are ex refugees who received education in these same camps of hate against Israel.

    I believe that is big part of the problem; the fabrication and printing of that poisoned vitriolic resentment, instilled in their souls, they really believe their victimization and injustice of being or having been looted, homeless because those Jews who came from nowhere and took their land…

    That is the UNRWA obsessive fable children are exposed to, every day till completely washing their brains…
    I believe the UNRWA system serve terrorism goals.
    They create antisemitic sentiment and give them all the reasons to feel it as just completely justified.

    Decades of Socialist media and academia distortion of the true history, plus the adopted Arafat scam continue today.
    That make impossible to recover Palestinian (and international) sanity; unable to appreciate Israeli presence. As in impregnation therapy these people have been inoculated for life, and still are, to perpetuate their anti Israel/ antisemitic rage.
    The whole thing try to deny Israel rights to her land.
    That’s their obsessive intent, that is the production of new Hamas individuals.
    The Media helps to maintain the Nazi core of anti Israel sentiment, inculcating Palestinian refugees the fable of displacement because of the Jews.
    They take care of the marketing to continue receiving funds from all over the world!
    Israel needs to be blamed and show its victims to keep running donations!
    So they need to continue that farce who created these false refugees in the making of this multi billions business thanks to OLP invention.
    Scary the groups sending to Chile…Hamas cells?
    Please watch UNRWA video before is erased.
    I would like to know your thoughts. And if you know how to add (neutral) Spanish subtitles.


  • objectivefactsmatter

    Just another reminder of the “fruit” of the UN and its corrupt children.