The VA Sacrificed Vets for Solar Panels

052014_ff_vets_640The VA Scandal began at the Phoenix VA Health Care System where administrators earned promotions and bonuses by shunting patients who needed treatment into fake waiting lists.

As many as 40 veterans had died while waiting for care and 1,715 veterans in the Phoenix VA Health Care System had waited more than 90 days for an appointment. A retired Navy serviceman died of bladder cancer after being put on a 7-month waiting list after blood was found in his urine. He finally received an appointment a week after his death.

But each and every year, from 2009 to 2011, the Phoenix VA Health Care System put in solar panels. The solar panels at the Carl T. Hayden VA in Phoenix cost $20 million.

That $20 million could have saved the lives of dying veterans. Instead it went to Green Energy.

The situation at the Phoenix VA wasn’t unique. In 2009, Obama had signed a Green Energy executive order. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki announced that “in order to continue providing Veterans with the best health care and benefit services, VA must adapt to climate change.”

Not only did Global Warming have nothing to do with serving veterans, but it got in the way of the VA’s central mission. While Shinseki was focused on building solar panels so the sky wouldn’t fall, veterans were waiting months to see a doctor.

At some South Texas facilities vets had to wait 85 days for a primary care appointment and 55 days for a mental health appointment with “a worst-in-the-nation, 145-day average wait for new patients seeking specialist care.”

One of the vets waiting for a mental health appointment, who suffered from waiting list cheating, committed suicide.

Meanwhile the South Texas Veterans Health Care System installed a 1.7 MW solar PV system.

The Amarillo VA Health Care System had the third longest wait times for mental health appointments in the country. Its Thomas E. Creek office complained of a lack of resources. Meanwhile $10 million was spent on solar panels for a facility that sees 25,000 patients a year.

Hawaii has the longest waiting list for veterans with an average of 145 days for an appointment at the Spark M. Matsunaga VA Medical Center.

Meanwhile it was spending between $1 and $2 million on a 119 KW Solar PV System.

Veterans at Kansas VAs had to wait more than 90 days. 977 never had appointments scheduled. There were 104 vets on the waiting list at the Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center in Wichita.

But while the Dole Center may not have had time for vets, it did have time to set up solar panels.

Three mental health administrators at the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville, Florida were suspended for keeping a waiting list for over 200 vets. Meanwhile the facility had blown between $5 and $10 million on a solar panel system.

The Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center put 3,000 vets on a phantom waiting list to see a doctor who doesn’t see patients.

Unfortunately its $20.3 million solar setup was all too real.

The average wait time for new patients at the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center was about 57 days to see a primary care doctor.  But that just gave vets more time to admire its new $1.1 million solar setup.

The Bay Pines VA Health Care System didn’t schedule appointments for 1,000 vets. But it did find the time and money to put in solar panels. The Cheyenne VA Medical Center, which was caught removing vets from the waiting list, had not one, but two, million-dollar solar setups.

The Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center, which was one of three flagged facilities, was part of a $50 million VA solar panel contract.

In life the vets couldn’t get an appointment while resources were being squandered on Green Energy and when they died, they still couldn’t escape Green Energy.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki, who had ignored the abuse of veterans, turned his attention to something truly important. He began seeing to it that all the cemeteries had wind or solar power.

The Massachusetts National Cemetery got a 50 kW wind turbine so the dead veterans would have all the sustainable energy they needed.

A VA press release about the cemetery turbine boasted that “under the leadership of Secretary Eric K. Shinseki… VA is transitioning into a 21st century organization that better serves America’s Veterans.”

Shinseki arrived in person at the dedication ceremony to flip the switch on the cemetery wind turbine. Resting in their graves were men who had died because of his policies.

“Nationally, VA continues to expand its investment in renewable sources of energy to promote our Nation’s energy independence, save taxpayer dollars, and improve care for our Veterans and their families,” he said.

The cemetery turbine cost $533,000. Veterans were dying to save the VA a few hundred dollars. Shinseki had made his order of priorities clear. Green energy boondoggles came first. Improving veteran care came last.

Acting Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs Steve Muro told the audience, “With one of VA’s first wind turbine projects, the Massachusetts National Cemetery is leading the way in the use of renewable energy while providing the burial benefits that New England Veterans and their families have earned.”

With those words, Muro made the entire horrifying spectacle worthy of a Joseph Heller novel.

The wind turbine of the dead was only an aberration because the VA was more focused on installing solar panels at cemeteries to better serve dead veterans.

The Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery’s solar panels cost $787,308. According to the press release, the solar panels in the cemetery would “reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

$742,034 worth of solar panels was put in at the Calverton National Cemetery. The San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery got an $800,000 solar panel system. The Riverside National Cemetery got a $1.3 million solar setup.

“We are investing in clean energy and renewable energy projects at our national cemeteries to reduce our environmental footprint,” Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki declared.

“The transition toward these renewable energy sources helps VA continue to be a leading example of going green in the federal government.”

Vets might be dying at VA facilities, but they would have solar panels and wind turbines over their graves so that Shineski could provide Obama with a leading example of “greenness.”

Meanwhile in Southeast Texas, the former associate chief of staff at the VA said that a cost-cutting policy had been implemented under which colonoscopies would only be approved if the patient tested positive in three successive screenings for bloody stools.

“By the time that you do the colonoscopies on these patients, you went from a stage 1 to a stage 4, which is basically inoperable,” Dr. Richard Krugman said.”That was done because of dollars and cents. For the VA, they have to be bleeding out of their rectum before they would authorize a colonoscopy.”

Everyone has their priorities. Benghazi and the VA scandal happened because the men who died were a low priority compared to solar panels and buying bad art for embassies. The State Department spent millions on art for embassies and mansion renovations, but begrudged the security that would have saved four American lives. Fortunes were spent on solar panels and wind turbines for VA facilities, but veterans died of cancer to save money on a colonoscopy.

The corrupt obsession with Green Energy doesn’t just waste money, it costs lives. The fanaticism of the Global Warmists in the White House led them to disregard the lives of vets because they thought that saving the world with solar panels and wind turbines was more important.

While they were putting in wind and solar at VA facilities and cemeteries, they forgot about the veterans who had served their country and deserved better than to be sacrificed for a solar panel.

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  • Judahlevi

    As a veteran (former US Marine), I have used the VA system and have personal experience with the waiting lists. In one case, due to an injury sustained in the Marines, I needed additional surgery (not life threatening) but was told my local VA hospital had a months-long waiting list. This took place in the last 12 months.

    I had to drive over 100 miles to another VA hospital which had funds available to obtain the surgery.

    Now I know why the local hospital had no funds – they were installing solar panels to prevent the sky from falling. This was in response to Obama’s priorities (global warming) over veteran care. The hospital had plenty of energy and did not need the new panels, but it made Shinseki look good for Obama.

    • truebearing

      This is too much. I’d like to put those panels where they belong. The world’s first PV powered colons.

      Most of these solar systems will need to replace the panels before they pay for themselves, so the payback never really happens. The panels are the most expensive part, so they will likely become a constant drain on resources as a result. I guess that means funding new panels with more denied care.

      • BagLady

        Hopefully the panels will come down a lot in price once they point out the rip-off prices for these systems.

        • morriscat

          Bad lady , you know what you can do with your Solar panels in your commie land .
          We American vets died and suffered so you can blab about cheap greenies while we get short changed on treatment of our war wounds . I know personally if I depended on your green VA I would not be here to call you by your name . Bad lady commie .

          • JoanneSchoturd

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          • Habbgun

            That was MATCHBOOK….not Macbook. Your auntie is felonious arsonist. In fact that is how you got your last name. She called herself the Show Torch and everyone who knew her and her family called them Show Turds. I guess you can’t even spell.

          • BagLady

            Not sure why having a hospital heated by solar panels has a detrimental effect on the health of the patients. Still you obviously know best — judging by your rudeness.

            As far as I can see, being short changed on treatment is because you are no longer of any ‘use’ to the government. You can see the same attitude across Europe whether it be the sick or the aged. They are all being short changed and it has nothing whatsoever to do with solar panels. Funds are being diverted to more pressing issues….. like war… and more war…. and bailing out the banks of course.

          • morriscat

            Bad lady of coarse I am rude to a supposed human that would spend money on greenies instead of on the people who made it possible for you to blow green panels from you know where .
            Sure you think the BHO government feels I am of no longer any use to them because I am not a commie like you or them .

          • SWohio

            The article is about money spent for the liberal Obama green Initiatives while veterans died waiting for a medical appointment in obamas veterans administration.

            Apparently the green energy is the only part of the article that you have any interest in.

            Nice of you to clarify your priorities for us.

          • Rabbit 62

            are you kidding me? you dumb s***, did you even read the article? the money used for medical care is used for expensive solar panel. my mind has officially been blown by how F***ING stupid, disrespectful, and shameful you are. some of us gave up a lot and the government owes it to some of us to do their absolute best to heal the physical wounds, and they’re not even doing that. obviously you dont have a clue. i know that you dont have the guts to say that in person to a wounded veteran, or any veteran for that matter, because they would definitely beat you within an inch of your life, if not all the way. if your kind said that to me personally, id have no issue beating the living daylight out of you.

            we risk our lives for you and your ability to say this kind of stuff, and here you are throwing that in our faces. how about i shoot you in the kneecap and the hospital only stops the bleeding, instead of actually fixing you up, leaving you with a permanent disability? same exact thing thats happening to wounded vets.

        • Atikva

          WHO THE H.. CARES!

          Can you get it into your thick head that we are adults concerned about loss of human life, not kiddies talking nonsense?

        • truebearing

          How much lower do you think they will go? Most are made in China where labor is still dirt cheap. If you lower the workers wages to make green technology cheaper, aren’t you violating the Left’s championing of the worker? And if we need to make cheap solar the highest priority, aren’t we then outsourcing jobs to regimes that have no respect for pollution or worker’s rights?

        • Webb Cook

          You don’t stick the douchebag spout in your ear, Baggie. You washed out what little brains you had, and now you’re fcuked.

          • John Mayo

            I think you missed her point. Her point was that these government purchased solar panels have some padding in their cost, probably to help Obama friendly companies if you looked further, but she only made the first point.

          • BagLady

            Thank you John.

            I don’t have an i-phone myself but I believe you pay between $100 and $300 for 32 GB of memory. In 1991, 1 GB of hard disk cost $10,000. Today it’s around 5 cents. 1 GB of Flash Memory would have cost circa $45,000. 32GB x $45,000 = $1.44 million.

            The same argument holds true for absolutely everything tech. N’est pas?

            My argument was that the cost for solar/wind power should come from the ‘green’ taxes and not the Vet Fund.

            Why this should arouse such indelicate language among some here is beyond me. Nor do I see how seeing a future for solar power makes me a “Commie”. Quite pathetic.

            It is also worth noting that British hospitals are in dire straits with thousands dying as they wait their turn in an ever increasing queue for life saving treatment. Nothing to do with solar panels of course.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Computer technology is rather different from a lot of other technologies because of the way that increases in capacity drive the market and the way that the structure of the technology accommodates the speed of increases.

            You might look at Moore’s Law

            If you applied it to cars, then we would all have vehicles that go 1,000 kph and never run out of gas.

      • John Mayo

        They also need standard electric grids, so they dont even make the place energy independent. Would you like to have solar powered surgery on a cloudy day or at night after a car accident? Of course not, and even they must know this. This is all just show for the enviros. Wonder what other green nonsense the military is buying under Obama, instead of useful things.

        • BagLady

          Would you like to have solar powered surgery on a cloudy day or at night after a car accident?”

          That’s just plain silly. Solar power is not produced in real time but stored and expended over time. In any event, new technology is moving away from sunshine and mere daylight is enough to provide the sauce,.

          • ChaiseKerswellmmy

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      • BagLady

        Not sure why everyone here has a real downer on solar panels. My mate runs a 30 bed hostel overlooking the bay in the Transkei (No mains connection there). A couple of panels on the roof and he runs fridges, freezers and even a little light music.

        We are talking about a FREE resource here that doesn’t rely on nuclear waste nor digging under your foundations. The technology is getting better and better and cheaper and cheaper and I have difficulty understanding those who fight against such logical progress.

        • Rabbit 62

          your “awesome” solar panels never pay themselves off with the money it takes to buy and install them. they will need replacement before they pay themselves off, so thats more funding taken from dying veterans.

          find me proof that they pay for themselves and that doesnt use funding from the VA to pay for it and ill be all for your green horsesh**

          seriously, i actually will. i swear

    • Richard Fontaine

      Thank you for your service Judahlevi.

      • Judahlevi

        Thank you.

    • John Mayo

      Thank you for your service! Hopefully you will get private coverage via vouchers in the future. My great uncle hang glided behind German lines, now he had to move away from family because the hour trip to the hospital is too much since he is going a lot these days. We have good hospitals here, shame the VA doesn’t cover their care. Why should vets have to travel when other govt employees do not and get to go to any hospital they want? Why do bureaucrats get better treatment then soldiers? Gov’t has some backwards priorities for sure. To think crack heads on medicaid get treatment faster then Marines is maddening.

  • truebearing

    Great article! Hard-hitting and thorough…and enraging.

    “The corrupt obsession with Green Energy doesn’t just waste money, it costs lives. The fanaticism of the Global Warmists in the White House led them to disregard the lives of vets because they thought that saving the world with solar panels and wind turbines was more important.”

    This is what evil people do with power. Agendas mean more than lives, always. And since Obama’s Department of Homeland Defense has included veterans on its list of likely home grown terrorists, one has to wonder if sacrificing the lives of these veterans was Obama’s idea of a twofer. He financed the solar systems with the money saved by denying medical treatment to veterans, and rid himself of veterans he feared, disliked, and distrusted. Environmentalism was served in two ways: more solar energy, less population. The political cause was served by reducing the number of people voting for conservatives.

    This is how the Left will use and abuse control of the healthcare system. They will see to it that “enemies” are denied care while friends are given special care. They plan to use this tactic as a form of negative situational eugenics that they think will protect them from culpability. No gas chambers, overt starvations, or any methods that can be traced back to them. No, they are setting up circumstances where death fuels their economy, but appears to be natural.

  • Phoenix VA Truth

    They aren’t even plugged in. Expensive covered parking.

  • Ziggy Stardust

    I was at the VA in Los Angeles for a Boy Scout flag placing ceremony for Memorial Day. We noted that many of the buildings and much of the grounds looked dilapidated, but there were signs all over the place advertising all the solar panels that were being installed.

  • sundance69

    This is truly unbelievable, if someone had told me this could happen 6-years ago I would have thought they were out of their mind. We are losing our country, does anyone care? This administration is like a master-plan to destroy this country from the inside out.

    • The March Hare

      You need to remove the word “like” from that last sentence.

    • Sally Smith

      Obama said he would fundamentally transform America.

      Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 694 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    Daniel, to the Central Planner, Social Fascist, Marxist, Progressive, Socialist there runs a common theme. That is, to take tax money from citizens are redistribute to cronies, themselves, and to enhance personal power in degree and longevity. Bloated bureaucracies, public sector unions provide reimbursement to the political class-in money and votes. They also provide an army of liars, go alongs, and dependency-as all interlinked criminals do.

    The solar panels are a payoff to cronies where politicians receive kickbacks in political contributions and jobs after leaving gumming. The bonuses are to ensure scandals will be contained, sloppy mistakes hidden, and only complementary reports issued.

    The resemblance of these types of gum mints is more criminal organization than any thing else.

    • BagLady

      A good barrister could argue that these costs come under the ‘infrastructure’ budget since they are supposed to benefit mankind as a whole and not just one hospital. The VA funds should not be paying one cent for this technology.

      The suggestion that ‘green energy’ benefits dying patients in any way shape or form is repulsively insulting.

  • redheart

    Absolutely disgusting! Veterans die for gLOBal wARmInG.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Patients in England requiring specialized eye surgery can wait up to a year or more for their turn. This is where we’re heading except even worse and more expensive.

  • Ceualiok

    At the VA hospital here in Fargo I see my primary care physician once a year for a check up. The Veterans Hospital has been my only health care provider for over a decade, but her nurse told me last year if I needed to see the doctor at any other time of the year, I should go to the emergency room. Having Congestive Heart Failure and COPD, along with a few other diseases, that type of attitude kind of puts me in a bind.

    All the while, they’re busy ripping out the business offices and building a Starbucks type of coffee bar. I guess it’s to pump up the morale or to showcase to the world how “patient centered” they are, but living on a fixed income who can afford coffee for $3-$4 a cup? Most of the men going to the hospital are combat vets or older dudes, such as myself. The clinics need more primary care doctors and nurses to handle the case loads, not more foolishness like a coffee bar. I’ve had doctors tell me they have a case load approaching 1,000 men. Everyone that I know getting health care from the VA has multiple health care problems, not just a cold or problems with indigestion – it’s the last place most men go to get health care.

    I’m told that Congress is passing a bill to stop the Administrative bonus incentives. That’s a good thing, if it ever really happens. My gift of prognostication tells me that the Administrators are going to fight much harder to get their incentive bonus monies back then they’ll fight to give us Vets anything more than “adequate” health care – and the only reason they give that level of care is because law mandates it. Perhaps I’m just being cynical….or have been mugged once to often by reality.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s senseless, but they pay attention to modern trends in public service buildings, not in what people actually need.

      You’ll see similar transformations in a variety of public facilities from libraries to offices of public records. Lots of glass, pointless coffee shops (for the staff mainly), prominent staircases in place of elevators, large empty common areas, etc…

      The people putting this together are following a trend. They care nothing for the public.

    • truebearing

      There are some supplements that can help you with the congestive heart failure.

      Hawthorne has been used since at least the Roman era as a heart tonic. It helps the heart more efficiently utilize available oxygen. Even mainstream allopathic medicine acknowledges that it has a beneficial effect.

      L-Carnitine is an amino acid that strengthens the heart muscle and helps supply energy to the muscles, especially the heart muscle.

      CoQ10 increases cellular energy as well, supplying energy at the mitochondrial level. If you are taking statins, which I’m sure you are, be aware that the statins reduce your cellular CoQ10 drastically which can seriously diminish your heart muscle energy. CoQ10 is reportedly the top supplement used by cardiologists. Ideally, you should take both forms, ubiquinol and ubiquinone, but one is better than none. Some doctors have their patients taking 3-400 milligrams twice a day. Buy it on Amazon or one of the internet health supplement sites. The stores will rip you off. That goes for any of these supplements.

      You should be taking a magnesium supplement as well. As many as 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient. Don’t go by the standard serum test. It isn’t as reliable as the intra-cellular test, but I doubt the VA will give you the more expensive, accurate test. Don’t worry about that. The product has good information on dosage and the worst that can happen is you could get minor diarhhea. A good product is Peter Gillham’s “Calm.” You just mix it in very hot water, let it dissolve, then mix it with another drink of juice or water. Magnesium is critical for good health. The body uses it for over 300 functions, including pain control.

      Bio-magnets, which are basically magnets designed for human therapy, can help keep your lungs clearer. Look up “Norso” on the internet. They sold the company but their products are still out there. They have some magnetic pads that cover the lung area. They also have a magical device called a “magnassage” that spins a 12,000 gauss neodymium magnet to great therapeutic effect. It is great for pain but excels at clearing the lungs of mucous. I have several and have used them for years for allergic asthma. They are excellent for preventing a flu from settling in your lungs and turning to pneumonia as it stimulates the cilia in your lungs to work the junk back out. It takes five to ten minutes of this magnetic energy to stimulate the cilia into clearing your lungs.

      These things will help you. Let your doctor know what you are thinking of doing, but don’t count on him to know anything ablout any of this. A Naturopath might be a better way to go to start reversing some of these issues. Good luck with your health and the VA.

      • Ceualiok

        Thanks for all the information. I really appreciate it.

        • truebearing

          There are other supplements that can help you, but I didn’t want to write a book. These are all things my wife uses and they have helped her considerably.

          You might also want to look up Dr. Sears on the internet. He is a practicing physician who is also an expert in supplements and alternatives to drugs. He has his own proprietary products and they are high quality. Here are just a couple of links:

          Good luck!

  • dotherightthing4

    Yeah…like they couldn’t afford additional security at Benghazi but spend millions “greening” the embassy in Vienna complete with green cars, charging stations and a gala with champagne fountain to celebrate. Our leaders seem unable to distinguish between “needs” and “wants.”

    • Daniel Greenfield

      they’re narcissists, their wants trump anyone else’s needs

      • truebearing

        I was thinking about that in bed this morning. There is an inevitable destructive dynamic when narcissists get in power because they serve two masters: their narcissism and their ideology. Their narcissisim needs to be fed by approval, or better yet worship, of their subjects, but their ideology demands a ruthlessness that inevitably makes them unpopular. Their ideology becomes part of them because it was their means to power, but it conflicts with their craving for adoration and makes them progressively more feared and hated. Narcissistic rage inevitably ensues, which means punishing those who dissent by doubling down on policies that weren’t necessarily intended to hurt people, but clearly do.
        So the popularity goes lower and lower as the rigid adherence to the ideology proves the leader’s heartless incompetence. The narcissist then begins to hate the people for not loving him and for letting him down — blaming all of his, and his ideology’s, failures on the unappreciative people. Tone deaf to feedback, incapable of empathy or acknowledging his own mistakes, the narcissist becomes as destructive as the ideology that is fused to his conflicted identity. No longer is basking in adoration possible, so the narcissist indulges himself in self-pity, paranoia, vindictiveness, and rage.

        The effect is magnified when the narcissism is collective.

        You pointed out Obama’s cross-purposes in “Obama Lied and Americans in Afghanistan Died.” Trying to understand his pathology was still rattling around in my head this morning, but it always comes back to the inescapable dysfunction of narcissism.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          The narcissist’s ideology is his narcissism. He will destroy it as readily as anything else if it isn’t giving him what he wants.

          Lefty ideologies are naturally narcissistic, they feed power fantasies with phony individualism, serfs and masters.

          They view the ideology as a vehicle for the self. And they protect it the way they protect the self and it takes a sense of betrayal for them to turn on it.

          • Jimmy D

            There it is…”They view the ideology as a vehicle for the self. And they protect it the way they protect the self…”
            My last conversation ever with an uber Lib aunt some years ago…I really loved her…a favorite aunt…was about abortion. My passionate points about the lives of the children were lost on her. She broke out in tears and became shrill and claimed I was attacking the very core of who she was. We never spoke again.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Abortion cuts to a moral issue. If you suppose it, then you have to react strongly to any criticism because otherwise you come face to face with the fact that you support the mass murder of children in the name of empowerment.

        • Drakken

          In other words, Rome is burning and the left parties like there is no tomorrow. One way or another this decadence cannot continue, sooner or later the bill comes due.

          • truebearing

            They are burning us up. Hospitals have used aborted fetuses in their furnaces for energy. Obama has this VA scheme where he finances green energy with the money saved by denying vets their care. They see people as a kind of fuel.

            They are destroying the economic engine of small business, where most jobs are created. And the list goes on and on.

            I surprised people are so passive. It’s not a good sign, but they wouldn’t be so passive if the MSM was destroyed and replaced with media that tells the truth. The Right has got to get it through their heads that creating media, in a balanced way so that all eggs aren’t in one basket, is one of only two ways to fight this takeover. The other is civil war.

  • wileyvet

    Tragicomedy at its worst. How utterly shameful. Everything this President touches turns to crap. Day after day his Leftist policies cost America a little bit more of itself. How can this be mere incompetence? It is the willful destruction of the American way of life and to turn her into some 3rd world Marxist dung heap. Absolutely the worst and most dangerous man to ever occupy the highest office in the land. His “legacy” will take decades to undo, if it is even possible to do so. After the carnage of his failed Presidency, he will no doubt make millions with yet another biography and speaking engagements, while Americans are left to pick up the pieces from Hurricane Hussein.

    • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

      Does anybody ever wonder how such a “decorated” veteran and long time general officer could just roll over and repeat inanities like this? Was he always so stupid or corruptible? Look what happened to Petraeus. What happens to people when they stay in Washington too long? Microchip implants? Science fiction laboratory that changes brain constitution? Special bots that lodge in the Central Nervous System and control what used to be a normally functioning adult?

      • Daniel Greenfield

        They become part of the system

        • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

          Yeah, but it’s frightening. It seems that only a minority of people can resist getting sucked in and becoming a bot/zombie, a stranger to themselves.

          The most obvious solution, it seems to me, is to place absolute limits on time allowed to serve for ANY Feral Gummint position. Look what happened to Orrin Hatch. Omigawd! He actually voted for Ruth Bathless Ginsburg.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Politics is a job like any other. In Congress you follow certain rules to be effective. Those rules also tend to destroy your beliefs. The system forces selling out.

            It’s the rare politician who can keep his beliefs focused while still finding ways to move forward, making compromises without deciding that firm beliefs are passe.

  • Habbgun

    Notice that what we have here is how the Left caricatures capitalism. Funny they seem to hate the caricature but not the reality. All this could have been avoided by vouchers but then a green energy Obama campaign contributor would not have gotten his payback.

    The Chicago Way kills.

  • Babylonandon

    Why would anyone be surprised? After all the complaints about how Republicans caused Benghazi by refusing to properly fund the State Department people have forgotten that Hillary held a number of very proud ceremonies in Europe and elsewhere touting the tens of millions they had spent on buying hybrid cars for State Department staff and installing solar panels on Embassy buildings.

    • Crystallite

      Don’t forget the millions spent on new china and chandeliers for our embassies.

  • USARetired

    This is the hypocrisy of anything run by our government! They are all a bunch of incompetents looking for a raise in pay!

  • cxt

    Good lord—how perverse is this????
    “Green energy” taking precedence over people lives. Esp vets.

  • Lorilu

    One of the veterans cemeteries putting in massive amounts of solar panels is the one where my father is buried. Marine veteran of the battles in the Pacific in WWII, his funeral enraged me. It was held in a pathetic, messy little pavilion far from the gravesite. When “Taps” was played, it was a recording on a tinny little speaker, then my mother was handed a pre-folded flag. We were not allowed to go to the gravesite and see the final burial, so we don’t even know if they put the right casket in his grave. My brother tried to see the burial, but they just pointed to a bunch of caskets awaiting burial.

    If this is the way they treat the honored dead, it was only a matter of time before they started mistreating the brave living.

    • Habbgun

      This is how liberal mayors treat cops. The city maintains a narrative of a racist, occupying police force at the same time it employs the police force. Then it uses every opportunity to humiliate the police and of course the ultimate goal pocket money. Every empty community center that has words of hope on the front was a scam. Scams that made millions and allowed the very same phony fighters for the people to get huge homes in exclusive gated communities. All it took to bring back neighborhoods was to allow the police to honestly do their jobs and let the people who want safe neighborhoods respect them and the thugs to be treated as thugs. The worst of it is that the real thugs turn out to be a very small minority but unfortunately they include the machine politicians.

      This may look like a revolution but it is not. It is simply low life machine politics on a national level. Sad that the urban political machine rodents who were passed by when the middle class forged ahead have gotten back on top. It is reversible but they only really respect force and a real economic revival to put them back in their place is so unlikely. We are left with some hard choices.

  • Sally Smith

    Obama’s obsession with solar power has literlly caused people to die.

    Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 694 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

  • Bulan Sabriel

    Climate Change is a state religion. Killing off pesky vets who tend to vote Republican is a fringe benefit. Remember,
    the VA was allocated and legally obligated to install a modern scheduling
    system. They did not do so. Instead, they have been running surpluses
    built on the backs of dead veterans.

  • ar05075

    Obama makes me sick…!!

  • Elise

    It’s a shame that the solar panels became in reality death panels all along. Our veterans, the sick and disabled and anyone over the age of 50 just don’t matter anymore because the cost of their care out ways their production levels according to some in the Obama Administration. But, hey, there are plenty of young people on our border who will work for cheap and will eagerly be enslaved by the Obama Administration.

  • DCAL

    $800k here, $700k their $3M over their…when I was in the military I heard “it is just a drop in the bucket” more times than I can count. Now I am out of the military working for another federal agency and I still hear it. It still drives me crazy when I hear someone say something like that. With all of those “drops in the bucket”, the bucket is overflowing. In this case (the VA) people have lost their lives because of this attitude. I makes me sick.

  • cxt

    I consider myself an environmentalist—farm family, you take care of the land and the land will take care of you. I want clean and clean water, and forests etc.

    But these “greens” will kill us all. Cut out our hearts—-literally or figuratively—–and offer them to their nature god.

    We all need to go back living in caves and beating our cloths clean with rocks while they live in McMansions, fly about in private jets and live like the royals of old.

    Solar panels—yes.

    Taking care of wounded vets–no.

    What kind of people are they that would make such a sickening choice.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The kind of people who hate the human race.

      • Crystallite

        No, the kind who enjoy lining their own pockets and those of their cronies.

        • david ervin

          I agree with Mr. Geenfield. Not everything is about amassing money. The Left cares about it’s ideology first. It’s ideology is, first of all, anti-human and seeks to create the New Man since their society will not work with Old Man.

  • Robert Harris

    The idea that the installation of solar panels took money and focus from veterans is ridiculous. The funding for green energy projects comes from a completely different source….the local hospital does not give up funding for doing such projects and those projects are ran by facility engineers, not clinicians or hospital administrators.

    Part of the wait list issue has to do with the overwhelming demand for VA services. The facility nearest to me sees 90% more patients than it did just 10 years ago and yet the facility is landlocked within a dense urban area so growing the facility is difficult. As a result, they have opened numerous (more than 10) clinics in outlying areas to try and reach more Veterans where they live. They have built 3 parking decks at the main facility in the last four years because of overwhelming demand and yet that still isn’t enough.

    I too am a veteran and I use my own healthcare system instead of the VA because of long wait times but those wait times are a result of high demand…not solar panels.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      When the VA shifts its focus from vets to green energy, the people it is supposed to serve are bound to be shortchanged.

    • Judahlevi

      Shinseki approved the solar panels and the funds came from the Department of Veteran Affairs. It is not some “completely different source.”

      And it doesn’t matter who did the work, that is not the point of the article.

      If you don’t use the VA system, don’t try to tell us who do that you understand it better. You don’t.

  • Libslayer

    Obama’s plan for America: death by a million cuts.
    With this bit of ecoidiocy, Obama has once again funded his big dollar cronies, and dead vets are just the icing on the cake.
    I have never loathed a human being as much as I loathe Obama.
    I will rejoice when he is finally gone.

  • Crystallite

    Which solar panel companies were the beneficiaries of all this largesse and which of them were Obama bundlers?

  • ArizonaGal

    THANK YOU! I posted same on Prescott Courier website in response to a letter about more resources for the VA and the benefit for veterans. The Northern Arizona VA Medical Center in Prescott, AZ has a solar field that seemingly went up overnight. You can see it from Hwy 89 as you enter Prescott. When this scandal broke, the solar field was the first thing I thought of and by the way, our vets should be so lucky as to get the timely excellent healthcare that is going to be given to the thousands coming across our border.

    • Daniel Greenfield


  • rt90k

    This reminds me of the VA newsletter bragging over the St. Cloud, Minnesota VA wind turbine a few years back. (In these parts they cost way more than $533K, by the way.)
    I as thinking to myself, how does high-cost wind generated electricity help a veteran when the hospital could buy lower cost power from the local utility? (Locally, the 23% of wind generated power accounts for over 60% of the rate increases.)
    Lo and behold, recently there was a story describing the wind turbine at a standstill for the last year or two due to maintenance issues. Wind energy worshipers, remember the production tax credit will end someday, the windmill will wear out someday, and the ratepayers will get stuck with the entire questionable “green energy” bill.
    I also predict the global warming alarmism will be exposed for what it is someday.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      interesting, about its dysfunctional, and not surprising

  • BagLady

    I see the US has spent + $791 billion since 9/11 on the bloated boondoggle loosely described as ‘security’. The shame is that the VA system hasn’t been equally well funded. However, as I say elsewhere. You have served your purpose and are of no more use to your country than the arthritic old lady next door. This is not peculiar to the US.

  • BagLady

    It is down to you, Daniel Greenfield, the verbal abuse I have received on here because you trivialised the treatment of war veterans everywhere. To suggest that the lack of care given to returning soldiers is down to a few solar panels is simplistic in the extreme.

    I know you have many subjects to cover in your week but, please, dig a little deeper into your subject matter or get a researcher. You know as well as I do the trend that ‘care’ is taking across the West. England recently introduced the Liverpool Care Pathway for those no longer of financial ‘use’ to the country.

    • Lorilu

      I don’t think the lack of care is due to “a few solar panels.” Rather that the waste of many millions of dollars on solar panels could have been avoided, and that money put toward the care of the veterans.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I have no idea why I’m responsible for the verbal abuse you received.

      The lack of care isn’t down to a few solar panels, the contrast is symptomatic of the warped priorities of the new elite.

  • David Fink

    First, let me say that the way these vets were treated is unconscionable, if not criminal. To knowingly not treat them and hide that fact is unacceptable. If the VA did not get the operating budget to treat patients, the VA managers should have made that known to higher management/government–and if that failed, publicly. But the connection to solar panels is not that clear-cut. Departments rarely get block grant–unrestricted–budgets that they can use in whatever way they deem best. Almost certainly, they were given operating budgets (with many subcategory allocations) and capital expense budgets (with many subcategory allocations, including solar panels), and managers cannot move money from one category to another. Now, these managers should have seen the problem that not enough of the budget was allocated to medical care and complained to higher authority to move money from one budget to the other, and if they did not that is their failing.

    “Not enough for medical care!” you must be saying. “It should have all been for medical care!” But if you believe in global warming, and the majority consensus is that it is happening and is caused by us, then you believe ignoring global warming and not devoting some resources to combating it will lead to a runaway planetary heating and the end of human life. You may not believe that, but the majority–particularly those that make these budgeting decisions–do. The article even says exactly that: “The fanaticism of the Global Warmists in the White House led them to disregard the lives of vets because they thought that saving the world with solar panels and wind turbines was more important.” Yes, they think they are saving the world with solar panels, but I doubt those who established the budgets realized the medical care problems the VA had, and that is the responsibility of the VA managers for not complaining.

    The article also mentions other “non-essential” spending: “Benghazi and the VA scandal happened because the men who died were a low priority compared to solar panels and buying bad art for embassies. The State Department spent millions on art for embassies and mansion renovations, but begrudged the security that would have saved four American lives.” I doubt the State Department realized the risk they were generating in Banghazi by buying art, and an investigation should be done to see if they should have seen the risk. But I bring that up not to divert this discussion to Benghazi but to point out you can always spend more on security, and there is always “nonessential” spending, like art. Why repair the Washington Monument? Why not divert that money to security or VA care? Or if the Washington Monument doesn’t ring your bell, there must be some government spending you favor (maybe an aircraft carrier) that I can use as an example of money that could instead go to veterans’ medical care. Or to hijack one of my friend’s anti-welfare arguments, if you feel so strongly that vets should get better medical care, why don’t you pay for it and leave the rest of us alone?

    There are always infinite demands and finite resources, and politicians and managers have to make trade-offs. These politicians believe global warming is real, so they allocated money for solar power. The VA should have complained that there was not enough for medical care, and if the politicians did not reallocate resources, then they are responsible. But if the lack of resources for medical care was not made known to the politicians, it is the VA managers who are responsible.

  • Kathleen

    As a retired RN, this makes me sick to my stomach and sick at heart. I had Uncles who served during WWII, one in Europe and the other in the Pacific. My brother-in-law in Nam. Boys I played with as kids, grew up around, learned to drive with, the first boy I ever kissed…too many are listed on “the wall”. This brings shame on America for how this men and women are being treated.