The ‘You Didn’t Do That’ Society

elliot_rodger_t479First Elliot Rodger murdered his three roommates with a knife, hammer and machete. Then he shot eight people, three of them fatally, and tried to run over several others in his car.

After the bodies were taken away, everyone on television agreed that it was the fault of the guns.

Rodger had been in therapy since he was eight and was seeing therapists every day in high school. He had a history of violent threats and psychical assaults and the police had already gotten involved. He was on multiple prescription medications and had therapists whom he alerted to his plans by sending them his manifesto.

A therapist reacted by notifying his mother who drove out personally. By then even more people were dead.

In a country where a little boy with a pop tart chewed in the shape of a gun triggers immediate action, the professionals who cashed in on the killer’s wealthy family were in no hurry to call the police. One even reassured his mother while the shootings were going on that it wasn’t him.

So it was obviously the fault of the guns… which he bought with $5,000 from his family. The BMW he used to commit some of the attacks was given to him by his mother.

Jenni Rodger, his British aunt, blamed America and guns for her nephew’s massacre. “What kind of a society allows this? How can this be allowed to happen? I want to appeal to Americans to do something about this horrific problem.”

Somehow the parenting failure of her brother is now the fault of an entire foreign country.

Rodger’s father issued a statement through his lawyer in support of gun control and “staunchly against guns.” It might have been more useful if instead of opposing a category of manual instruments; Peter Rodger had spent more time dealing with his son’s problems.

Guns did not kill six people. His son did.

When a teenager stabbed twenty people at a Pittsburgh-area high school there were no easy answers about gun control to take refuge in. If Rodger had stuck to his knife, hammer and machete, relatives who coddled him all these years wouldn’t be able to shift the blame. They wouldn’t be able to politicize the crime and snip their own involvement out of the picture.

Elliot Rodger’s parents, communicating through a lawyer and a talent agent, find it convenient to put up another layer of abstraction between themselves and the actions of their son. And the easiest way to do that is to transform it into a widespread social problem. The more that the smiling people on television talk about gun control, the less likely they are to talk about them.

Expanding an individual act into a social problem manufactures a collective responsibility. The killer’s family has successfully shifted their responsibility to people who live a thousand miles away. Now the villains are the 5 million members of the NRA who are unwilling to give up their constitutional rights because Elliot Rodger’s family failed at their single most important job.

Why is a gun owner in North Carolina more responsible for the Isla Vista killings than Peter Rodger? Does Peter Rodger’s staunch opposition to guns free him from responsibility while dumping it on the majority of Americans who believe in the Bill of Rights?

Elliot Rodger was not a social problem. He was not a gun culture. He was not a national anything. He was an individual and individuals bear responsibility for their own actions.

The left is expert at removing responsibility from individuals and assigning it to the culture at large. Every murder is a failure of society. And society fails every murderer, they insist. We are all murderers because we didn’t vote for the right politicians who would have outlawed guns.

The “You didn’t build that” society is also the “You didn’t do that” society. The flip side of Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama’s collectivist rhetoric is that just as no one invents the airplane, creates a company or writes the Great American Novel on their own, no one kills six people on their own. If you killed six people, it’s because of the Second Amendment. If you wanted to kill sorority girls, it’s because of Seth Rogen movies. If you’re a half-Asian who beat and stabbed your Asian roommates to death, it’s because of white (or half-white) supremacism.

Everyone but the killer is responsible for his shooting spree. The problem is tackled with public awareness hashtags and zero tolerance legislation that hurts millions of random people.

America’s gun owners, like its machete and hammer owners, did not kill anyone. Every day the vast majority of gun owners somehow manage to get through the day without a killing spree. Their tools don’t have minds of their own. The gun culture that liberals talk about does not sneak in through their windows at night and urge them to shoot up the neighborhood.

And it was the good guys with guns the left sneers at who stopped Elliot Rodger’s killing spree.

We aren’t rethinking the First Amendment because of Rodger’s YouTube videos and manifesto. Why are we supposed to rethink the Second Amendment every time some psycho includes guns in his killing spree? The problem was not with Rodger’s computer, his smartphone, his hammer, his machete or his handguns. They were only the tools that he used. The problem was with him.

Elliot Rodger’s family doesn’t want to deal with their own choices. Elliot Rodger certainly did not want to deal with his. However we won’t achieve a moral society through collective guilt, but through individual responsibility.

A better country doesn’t begin with banning guns, but with holding accountable those who kill.

Even while liberals were puffing out their chests over gun control, the Supreme Court’s liberal justices stepped in to save Freddie Hall who kidnapped, raped and murdered a pregnant woman.

That was in 1978. A decade earlier he had gone to jail for raping another woman and gouging out her eyes so that she wouldn’t be able to identify him.

Like some of the other monsters on death row, Hall decided to plead retarded. His IQ scores dropped. After a long series of appeals, the Supreme Court finally decided that executing him would be unconstitutional.

“Florida’s law contravenes our Nation’s commitment to dignity and its duty to teach human decency as the mark of a civilized world,” Justice Kennedy wrote, speaking for the majority.

America was at its best in decency when it held men accountable for their actions. Liberals like Kennedy instead seek every possible pretext for protecting killers from their choices. We can restore decency by rejecting social problems and instead embracing individual responsibility.

Our choice is between a society of individual responsibility where everyone can be trusted to own a gun and a society of collectivist irresponsibles where no one can be trusted to own a gun.

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  • Judahlevi

    The only thing the Rodgers family should be doing is apologizing to the victim’s families, not trying to spread their guilt to “Americans” or gun owners. I, for one, reject their guilt trip. I blame him – and his family – no one else.

    They knew he was dangerous and let him loose on society. And they blame guns?

    As human beings, we all have free will. No one forced him to use the knife or pull the trigger. There were, however, people who should have known better than to give him thousands of discretionary dollars and a BMW – both of which became weapons.

    • UCSPanther

      And how the media used that grieving father to attack the NRA as well was very sick.

      That guilt trip should be rejected as well…

      • Judahlevi

        Good point. I agree.

      • gail24

        I agree! While I respect that the guy is grieving and I wouldn’t want it to be my kid, it is ludicrous to blame guns and the NRA because some monster killed your child. The grieving father should be talking to the parents of the kid that killed his child. That is where you will find the blame and the answers,

        • DB1954

          I don’t agree. The sad fact is that Eliot Roger bears full responsibility for his actions. He’s dead, so of course, he can’t be held accountable. There’s no one alive to be held accountable. Is it tragic? Supremely. Eliot was an adult at least chronologically, though his acts were childish beyond the pale. They reflect an obvious malignant narcissism as well, but in any case, he alone bears responsibility.

          • Judahlevi

            Here is the problem with that simplistic thinking.

            If a criminal is aided and abetted in committing a criminal act, are the individuals who helped him or her accountable? Yes, they are.

            His parents gave him thousands of dollars, a BMW, and loosed him on society even while knowing that he was dangerous (if they didn’t know this why did they call the police?).

            Without the money, no guns. Without the BMW, no vehicular weapon to run down people. Elliot Rodger deserves the largest portion of the blame, but his parents bear some responsibility as well.

          • CaoMoo


    • Mo86

      Absolutely right!

    • gail24

      I totally agree!

    • truebearing

      When will we see the Left boycott BMWs? Or demonize these one-percenters for arming their son with one?

      The mind is the most powerful weapon. Any good martial artist knows that. Any soldier knows that. Without a mind that can react properly to anything thrown at you, a gun is of limited value. The Left knows this, too. They have proven how powerful they believe the mind is by targeting the minds of America’s youth with poor education, indoctrination, political correctness, pop culture, etc. Their awareness of the primacy of the mind as a weapon against tyranny is why they try to inculcate the young with the false pacifism of the Left. This makes their refusal to address mental illness and the absence of morality as the real cause of these mass murders all the more damn!g.

      • CaoMoo

        school also teaches kids they are never responsible for their own actions as well.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Precisely-stated …

    • Americana

      There’s a very simple solution to the issue of **seriously** mentally ill individuals buying guns and using them in this sort of massacre — you pass a national law that the seriously mentally ill cannot buy guns. Part of that law should be that they also don’t have access to guns within the family home. Nor should they be given gun handling training nor have access to gun ranges.

      The seriously mentally ill DON’T EXERCISE FREE WILL like the rest of us. Free will in the sense you’re talking about, Judhalevi, doesn’t even apply in this case or in those other mass murders committed by Jared Loughner or any of the other schizophrenics and assorted mental maladies that exhibit externalized malice. Yes, his family turned him loose on society but that is a tiny piece of this when the far larger pieces are that he was LEGALLY ABLE to buy all those guns and all that ammunition. He should be LEGALLY PREVENTED from having anything to do w/guns.

  • Steeloak

    “Rodger had been in therapy since he was eight and was seeing therapists every day in high school.”
    Barring any physical brain disorder, what normal 8 year old needs therapy – their needs and emotions are fairly simple – they need to be loved and cared for, and to know they are loved, wanted, and secure with their parents. They also need to be disciplined and taught responsibility.
    What kind of emotional abuse did this family inflict on an 8 year old that required therapy?
    I suspect that this family emotionally scarred their child by pursuing their own selfish interests at his expense, then substituted therapy, delivered by others for their own missing parenting.

    • Servo1969

      His parents had lives to live and places to be, don’t you know.
      I imagine it went something like- “Hey, you, therapy guy. Here’s some money. Talk to my kid, would ya? He’s acting all clingy and weird. I have s- to do. Let me know when he’s fixed.”

    • Crazycatkid

      No, there are legitimate reasons for a young child to require counseling – some youngsters are shy, some have academic problems, anxieties and don’t forget the high rate of divorce & single parent households that stress kids. So, it isn’t automatically abuse that is associated with mental health services for kids. That said, I wish someone had taken his “manifesto” and behavior more seriously.

      • windy132

        You have a point, but the other half of the world that experience the problems you outline don’t grow up to become killers.

      • DB1954

        His parents didn’t love him. He knew that all along.

        • BS77

          See the awesome film We Need to Talk about Kevin with Tilda Swinton and J Reilly…..which echoes the earlier black and white classic The Bad Seed…

    • Joe The Gentile

      Whoa. His family may or may not be partly responsible. Criminal kids do arise in situations of normal parenting. There are genes involved, as well as random developmental disorders–and simply bad, immoral choices. Let us not over-simplify, and over-blame.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      People in that milieu and that amount of money go into therapy at the slightest provocation. He wasn’t fitting in as a kid and so they began running him through the machine to make him well adjusted.

      Messing with his neurochemistry over the years did not produce good results. He was unable to feel normal emotions, had deep reservoirs of anger and hate, and had even worse social skills than before.

      But everyone made money.

      • bigjulie

        The behavior of his parents is a pretty standard result, based on their near total lack of skill in being a “real” parent. Obviously little or no love and personal attention or even concern for his well-being and who he was turning into as an adult…to busy with their social functions and the standard butt-kissing actions that seem to accompany so many positions in Hollywood. The kid’s got major social problems? Buy him a BMW,so he can drive himself to the shrink’s office… that should take care of it! Then the illogical rantings blubbered by his “distraught” father should absolve both parents of any responsibility for what happened. It’s the NRA’s fault! Probably a good thing that there is no known Edged Weapon Owner’s Association, as well.
        Both parents had an important hand in Elliot’s “development” but I doubt that either of them would acknowledge that…their methodology consisted mainly of throwing tons of money his way! Apparently the only “parenting” skill they had time to master.

        • truebearing

          Being liberal means never having to say,”It’s my fault.”

          • bigjulie

            AMEN!! Here in Oregon we have a bunch of them trying to blame Oracle for the debacle of the Oregon Health Care Exchange…over $176 million totally wasted in a State that doesn’t have that kind of money to blow! We’re really looking forward to November…

        • DB1954

          Kids know the difference between true parental love and getting money thrown at them. Really, I think they know it from day one. They know deep down things.

      • David

        Some people just go bad and it’s not really anyone else’s fault

      • DB1954

        IMO, kids who don’t feel like they fit in feel that way because a deep down truth keeps gnawing at them: that their parents don’t really love them. The parents would of course deny this. They’ll say that if they didn’t love little Johnny or Elliot, they wouldn’t have spent thousands of dollars on therapy. Which just shows you that little Elliot’s feeling that he didn’t fit in was … well, … true; it’s the same feeling just stated differently: his parents didn’t truly love him.

        I figure that the day of this massacre, Elliot was really getting in touch with that feeling.

        • truebearing

          His rage came from a deep place. It may well have started with his earliest emotional recognition that his parents didn’t love him. It may have been that combined with a genetic predisposition — one or both of his parents are likely to be narcissistic. Factor in liberal Hollywood values which probably involved early drug use (which admittedly is an assumption), and you have recipe for disaster. Even the use of pot can cause latent psychoses to show up as people age.

          Your theory would explain why he didn’t become a relatively peaceful, even if mentally ill, person. It is wrong to assume all mentally ill people go into rages and kill people. There is more going on than that.

        • Judahlevi

          Even if his parents did not love him and he knew it, that is no excuse for murdering people.

          There are probably thousands of people who know that their parents do not love them. Painful as it is, you live with it and go on with your life.

    • BS77

      Excellent points…another factor is medication. It is the belief of some medical and psychiatric experts that many of the common anti depressants and anti anxiety drugs prescribed for children and young adults are extremely dangerous. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

  • rivkah f.

    How is someone who is prescribed medication for psychological/mental disorders allowed to buy a gun? Where were his therapist and his parents? Did they know that someone so disturbed went to buy a gun? There should be laws limiting people on anti-psychotic or other medications for mental illness preventing people like Rodger from buying guns. And … his therapist and parents knew how disturbed he was, or should have. Why wasn’t he committed? The entire mental health apparatus must be changed.

    • joba

      I see the similarities between these parents and the parents (especially the mother) of the kid who shot all those children in grade school…the grade school shooter had a moron for a mother who allowed him access to a cache of weapons knowing full well he was not right upstairs…no one really blamed her for the ensuing massacre…may she rot in hell…and did the Rodger parents know their son had a cache of weapons? If so they are complicit…the father of the grade school shooter was career minded, estranged…and same here…the shooters were also rebelling against absent, unloving fathers…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He bought guns with money from his family. Maybe they should have given him a choice between moving back home or no money

      • BS77

        He was given everything…a BMW, rent, allowance….he never had to work…He was a spoiled brat…..turned into an adult infant by his well meaning, but clueless parents. See the awesome film We Need to Talk About Kevin…..Tilda Swinton in the leading role as the mother of a psychopathic son….She and her husband both refuse to see the MONSTER that is their son.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          it’s typical

        • DB1954

          What they refused to do originally was to love him.

  • truebearing

    The Left is gleeful, dancing on the graves of those killed because they now have fresh ammo for their demonization machine gun. The people who lost loved ones to the knives and car of Rodgers are already forgotten. Their victim status can’t be capitalized upon, therefore they are useless. The media will ignore them. The three who died by gunfire are the true victims and the narrative, because as we all know, there is no sting to death if it isn’t the result of a shooting.

    The parents are liberals, and shameless (please excuse the redundancy). They are also cowards, trying to foist the blame on the usual suspects. Maybe less partying and coke fueled nights would have left more time to help their son, but that was the NRA’s job. Not theirs.

    And so the contempt on each side of the political spectrum grows. The Left’s being mostly posturing. The Right’s becoming increasingly bitter. This can’t end well, and that is exactly how the nihilistic, evil Left wants it. They prevented society from protecting itself from insane people so that they could blame that which protects free people from tyranny.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      don’t lock up the psychos, do luck up the gun owners

      • trickyblain

        Lawful gun owners are being locked up? Please elaborate; as the owner of guns (including the “evil” kind that folks are worked up about) this would be useful info.

        Seems just yesterday that you and TB were waxing poetically about “rock and roll” and society being to blame for this nut’s actions. About how society encourages “evil.” Actually, it was yesterday.

        In fact, it seems that you guys are blaming lots and lots of things — the family, who by all accounts I’ve seen were responsible parents, the therapist, music, video games. The left (or much of it) is focusing on the ACLU’s client — the NRA and the SB police. But the real blame rests solely on the dead creep. Robert was a bad apple. It happens now as it has always.

        In the article, you correctly encourage this notion — that individuals are to blame for their evil actions. After all, the parents have reportedly raised a perfectly normal child in the perp’s brother. In the comments – today and yesterday — you seem to slip towards blaming everything except the fact that he was able to buy guns.

        As an aside, I’ll never understand how this impish man managed to kill three adult male roomates by stabbing them … maybe they were sleeping?

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          There was a time, when I was young, when if we were no more than 20 feet away, and you had a gun (either slung over your shoulder, or in the holster) and I had a knife, I could have you down and dying about 4 seconds later. Knives, in the hands of people who know how to use them, are just as lethal as a firearm.

          As a note on what I said above, I could have done that with a knife, whether I was sane, or not.

          Concerning the killer in the article, had he been diagnosed with a serious mental illness? If so, he should not have had access to a weapon. But this should be handled at the State level, and not by the federal government.

          • trickyblain

            I think he was diagnosed with Aspergers — same as the Newtown killer.

            In terms of knives, I can see taking one person down, but it seems that three full-grown males would be to fend of a single attacker — throwing books, chairs, tables and the like … wasn’t apparently the case.

          • UCSPanther

            I suspect he either ambushed them one by one. or more likely, caught them asleep.

          • JayWye

            probably the reason he used a KNIFE on the first 3,they’re silent killers.

          • Americana

            They’re only silent until the victim who’s being knifed screams…

          • truebearing

            He could have attacked each one in a separate room, or they may not have all been there when he killed the first, then second. He could have walked up behind them and stabbed two in the back before the third realized what was happening. There is a tendency for people to freeze when confronted by senseless evil. A moments hesitation is all a person bent on murder needs. You can be sure he didn’t give them fair warning.

          • ned

            “but it seems that three full-grown males would be to fend of a single attacker — throwing books, chairs, tables and the like … wasn’t apparently the case.”

            I agree on both accounts. They should have been able to fend off a single attacker with a knife. It makes me think that he ambushed them separately as they arrived at the apartment.

            If the grown males were attacked at the same time and they failed to act in concert because they would not take any risk of getting hurt but would rather their room mate get hurt, then society is in serious trouble. It would think it is part and parcel of the mindset that if we just get rid of guns, then we will get rid of 90% of the violence.

            In other news 31 people were killed by being run over with 2 cars in a terrorist incident in western China. Take away the guns and someone who is unhappy will figure out a new plan. Will we censor the news so they won’t copy cat? Or will we take away their driver’s licenses as well.

            It seems to me the problem was with the parents, the perpetrator, the psychiatrists and the perpetrator’s peers. That is where the blame lies. In particular the psychiatrists seem like stock brokers, who churn a client’s account for the commissions. You can’t tell me different. They might as well wear a clerical collar and yet have the baser instincts of a stock broker churning a clients account.

            There was nothing wrong with that kid that could not be fixed. In a short, fixed amount of time. Draw an analogy to a factory that is deciding what to do with non-conforming parts. They rework them to fix them or they scrap them. Now we generally do not scrap people. Except for people like Bundy who was highly intelligent and was a serially murdered. Him we scrap. To carry the analogy a little further, when something is reworked the people at the factory do not take for ever no does it cost exorbitant. As Steeloak pointed out the needs of a 8 year old are pretty simple. I think the Monkey Whisperer could have figured it out and set the kid straight and she does not have the so called appropriate degree.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            So much depends on the circumstances of the attack, whether a knife attack will be “successful”. But there will never be such a thing as a “safe society”. Once the bannings and confiscations start, when does it end?

            For example, with a 65-lb draw weight compound, and an arrow tipped with a broadhead, one could put an arrow through Class II Tactical body armor.

            Concentration should be placed … once again, on the state and local level … on individuals who have been demonstrated a propensity for violence, who have some sort of mental disorder, and so on.

        • truebearing

          “Lawful gun owners are being locked up?”

          It happens all the time in cities that pass unconstitutional gun bans. It happens in some states where people use guns to defend themselves from criminals. It will also happen if the Left succeeds in banning guns and citizens refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Left’s negation of constitutionally protected rights.

          • trickyblain

            If they were illegal, they weren’t lawful. Look, I’m a firearm owner in California. There are plenty of absolutely ridiculous laws on the book here (see: having a pistol grip combined with a muzzle break means you have to have a “bullet button” to detach a standard mag). But I do think the constitutional argument is fairly weak.

            The Constitution references arms, not firearms. Arms include tanks, grenades, F-22 Raptors and of course ICBMs and other WMDs. Almost anyone, even on the far right, would look at the idea of Larry Ellison having nuke silos and a fleet of loaded Superhornets in his backyard as completely insane.

            The same logic applies to firearms. I would absolutely LOVE to have a full-auto Uzi, just for the fun of plinking around. But is it a good thing to have in the inner cities? Would cops appreciate being confronted with squad light machine guns and RPGs? A blind literalist interpretation of the Constitution says yes – the right “shall not be infringed.”

            Thankfully the founders were prescient enough to create the Supreme Court to carry on their work.

            If it’s not unconstitutional to ban auto AR-15s, why is it unconstitutional to ban psychotics from buying firearms?

          • truebearing

            A number of cities, Chicago for one, had various bans on guns that the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional. People were being arrested for things as trivial as having a shotgun shell. They were being arrested for having handguns, not uzis, much less RPGs.

            The constitutional argument is quite simple, and not weak. When the constitution was written the framers were keenly aware of living under a tyrannical ruler and wanted citizens to always have a way to defend their liberty. The right of free speech was followed by the right to bear arms because free speech is worthless if you can’t defend it.

            No one would defend the right to own nukes because, as a practical matter, using it would kill a lot of Americans, but on the other hand, only allowing Americans to own rusty flintlocks effectively denies citizens the capacity to resist tyranny.

            They already have Uzis, and a lot of heavier weapons in the inner city. Curiously, despite the numbers of shootings every day in Chicago, you don’t see the ATF, FBI, or DHS doing a dam n thing about it. They know automatic weapons are all over the area where the gangs are warring. Why can’t law abiding citizens be allowed to have the same weapons that law enforcement allows criminals to have?

            It should be unconstitutional to ban AR-15s. They aren’t assault rifles. We should, however, not allowed known psychotics to have guns, or any other weapon. We also shouldn’t let them run around unsupervised, where they can exacerbate their illness with recreational drugs, alcohol, etc.

          • trickyblain

            I disagree with the city bans that you’re referencing. Feel good liberalism that equals no positive outcome.

            But, all due respect, the proceeding paragraphs are problematic.

            The Constitution does not say anything about banning a certain type of arm because “using it would kill a lot of Americans.” If the point is to ward off a tyrannical gov’t, it’s best to be on par, weapon-wise. My Garand or AR ain’t going to do me much good if I have a JDAM coming down on me. What in the Constitution says I can’t have a Patriot battery at the ready to ward off the threat?

            Stoner’s AR was designed as an assault weapon. Civilian mods don’t have the burst or auto features, but throw an EOTech optic on and it matters little for someone with skill and an evil motive wanting to inflict harm.

            And I’m unfamiliar with the precise language in the Constitution telling us that a psycho who drinks and uses drugs can’t buy firearms. Can you point me to that?

          • Ned

            Your Garand and AR 15 is going to be effective as the weapons the ethnic Russians have in Donetsk. You build up. The rifle team is the back bone of the infantry and the infantry with the right tactics can go up against tanks and negate air power.

            Let’s look at Donetsk, where rifle toters are going up against a a national army. Base on recent reports it doesn’t look like they will win. But not winning at the 1st attempt does not mean you won’t win. When the Ottomans took Budapest. they attacked it but did not take it. They fatally weakened it. It fell the next time they attacked. In Donetsk it looks like the Ukrainian government is getting the upper hand. But the rifle toters could keep that region unstable for the next several years if not outright take it. Now according to the liberals the Ukrainians should have won already, because they had planes and tanks. In Judo you do not always immediately flip you opponent. Sometime it is easier to dance and sweep the of their feet. Nothing seems to happen for a long time and then you catch then unawares and it is over.

          • Ted

            The problem is that people like Diane Feinstein want to ban semi-auto AR-15s and not just actual assault rifles.

            People like Diane Feinstein do not argue in the public square much less legislate square in goof faith. As you point out in your 1st paragraph of your post. Along those same lines they purposefully. Confuse the different between a semi auto and an automatic.

            In my state I can remember being subject to a 10 round clip. Of course having a 10 round clip law has advantages. It has the same advantage as throwing a spare but empty clip against a rock did in Korea. The 10 round clip law grandfathered larger clips the last time. But legislators have been known to retroactively raise taxes. They can retroactive ban clip and give people a 30 or 90 day grace period to turn them in .SO yes legislators can make law abiding citizens into law breakers.

            BTW you senator is an art thief. She has works of art on loan from public museums. She is special.

          • Americana

            I can’t agree w/your last sentence enough, trickyblain. The difficulties lie in sharing that psychiatric designation in a way that protects the rights of the mentally ill as well as protects those of us around someone who’s mentally ill.

            (trickyblain) “If it’s not unconstitutional to ban auto AR-15s, why is it unconstitutional to ban psychotics from buying firearms?”

        • Americana

          I agree w/you once again, trickyblain, that there is no real understanding of this individual’s mental illness in evidence here. An individual is responsible for his actions **if, and only IF,** the person is in his RIGHT MIND. For a long-term mentally ill individual, heck, LIFETIME mentally ill guy w/his specific psychiatric issues, to be able to buy several guns given his psychiatric history is INSANITY.

          PS —- I happen to adore looking at the really beautiful guns in the magazine Gray’s Sporting Journal. Can’t afford the nicest ones, but man, they’ve got BEAUTIFUL craftsmanship!

      • truebearing

        And similarly, ignore the threat the insane pose to sane people, but lock up the minds of the sane with psychological weapons like political correctness, or just good, old fashioned irrational fear mongering.

        Taking away guns is the Left’s way of imposing another one of their false moral equivalencies. The message is that no one is sane enough to be trusted with a gun…except the leftist elites and their bodyguards. This mental health egalitarianism would normally be given a self-righteous name, like “mental justice,” but the Left probably wants to avoid the topic of mental illness. It’s bad salesmanship since mental illness is a pre-requisite for being a leftist.

  • Servo1969

    These anti-gun reactions remind me of Russia.
    Why is everything so run-down there?
    Why do even new buildings quickly become blighted?
    Because of collectivism.
    When something belongs to everyone it really belongs to no one.
    When something is everyone’s responsibility it’s really no one’s responsibility.
    That’s how human beings work.
    So, it’s not daddy’s fault for not having his disturbed son committed or not paying enough attention to him to realize he’s truly dangerous. No.
    It’s my fault! Because I’m in the NRA and I own guns!
    Never met him, never met his dad, never even heard of him, live thousands of miles away, never even been to his state. But, yeah! It’s my fault! That’s the ticket…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      it’s always someone else’s fault

  • D. Brown

    It’s possible the psychologists created this monster by taking a confused kid, drugging him up and perpetuating his victim-hood. The type of drugs he was on may have caused the homicidal and suicidal inclinations. The Dr.’s benefited by keeping him on the couch and ignored the possible side effects of the drugs.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      certainly medications like these have been known to have nasty outcomes

      it’s a chicken and egg question though

      I suspect the therapy and medication overdose did more harm than good

  • American Patriot

    His aunt is ridiculous if she’s blaming America for her nephew’s crimes. What about all of the crimes her country (Britain) committed against people from many different countries around the world, including, but not limited to : America, Canada, Jamaica, Belize, parts of Honduras and Nicaragua, Guyana, the Lesser Antilles, Ghana, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Australia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Botswana and many others. She should not get into an argument about America because Britain did worse. Now I love Britain and its rich history and cultures, as well as it’s shared democratic values with America, but people shouldn’t resort to hypocrisy over atrocities.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      it’s fashionable among some in the UK to bash America as a nation of crazed overweight gun owners who invade countries for fun

      (never mind that 2/3rds of that was an existing stereotype of the British not too long ago)

  • David

    “Elliot Rodger’s family failed at their single most important job.”
    This article unfairly blames the parents in the same way that others blame the 2nd amendment. I’ve actually been reading Rodger’s autobiography/manifesto and this guy was a deranged narcissist who probably couldn’t be saved by anybody. His family tried to get him professional help, they tried warning the police, they tried supporting him, they tried cutting him off. Did they make mistakes? Sure, but who doesn’t as a parent? Sometimes parents should accept a good chunk of the blame but this is really not one of those times. The family probably didn’t even know that he had a gun. In his manifesto he talks about having to keep his plans secret because his family was watching him. His family couldn’t have known just how homicidal he was.

    • Realist

      “This article unfairly blames the parents in the same way that others blame the 2nd amendment.”

      Your comment attempts to frame those critical comments as being both unfair and incidental to the supposed inevitability of the criminal acts of this deeply disturbed young man, but your comment totally ignores the central theme of those comments, namely that the miserable failure of these parents behaving as hip, modern, self-important libs and not as parents lies at the root of the problem. Is this really so difficult to understand?

      Taking a snapshot of the young man as he was immediately prior to the shooting and totally ignoring the many years of therapy and psychoactive drug “abuse” it took for him to arrive at his mental state is intentionally deceptive and is intended to relieve the parents and family of responsibility. The years it took for him to become the detached, deranged loner looking for revenge against those who he perceived as unfairly denying his “rightful” share of fame and love are what is important, not just your preferred hours or days immediately prior to his crimes.

      • Renaissance Nerd

        I’m willing to accept that his parents bore a share of blame in this incident, as well as all the therapists and the general culture as well. I read only part of his manifesto and this was one IGNORANT kid. It amazes me that he styled himself an intellectual without any actual knowledge. The reason why liberals blaming society gains traction is because it’s partially true; the most effective lies always contain bit and pieces of truth. Those lies that are by far the most powerful are 99% truth; what better way to get somebody to swallow the last 1%? In this case, there is a culture in America that encourages nihilism and contempt for others, but it’s not the ‘gun culture.’ It encourages ignorance while promoting self-worship, which is what this perp displayed to the max. He knew nothing, but thought he knew everything; not much different from any teenager. College, instead of removing that weak-headed foible of youth, does everything possible to keep kids from learning how ignorant they really are. And as far as personal responsibility goes, it’s a real question too: how much of an insane person’s actions are voluntary? How much is neural misfires? Is is possible to drive oneself insane with repetitive thinking?

        If it is, then this perp managed it. He took the bad example of his father and turned it into a martyrdom narrative for himself, where he the perpetual victim never got his just due from all the mean girls that wouldn’t acknowledge his obvious greatness. Is it possible to repeat a belief like that so often that the brain can no longer break out of the pattern and recognize reality?

        However these are philosophical questions and not particularly relevant to law enforcement. We need to remove philosophical musings from judicial procedure and return to a clear, concise, and simple set of laws, that allow only a little leeway for extenuating circumstances. Then it might be possible to hold accountable those who knew danger had become imminent for their inaction, from therapists and parents to the policemen who found him to be harmless.

    • Joe The Gentile

      I happen to agree that automatically blaming the parents would be excessive and problemmatic also. There is possibly one unfair sentance in the article, insinuating that the parents are responsible for the child’s behavior: “Elliot Rodger’s family doesn’t want to deal with their own choices.”

      But mostly the article, when blaming the parents, is merely blaming the parents for blaming society for their son’s behavior. Not the same thing as blaming the parents for their son’s behavior.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      If anyone is responsible, it is the family. They raised him. They knew he had serious problems. They could have done more instead of dumping him into the therapy-medication tunnel and expecting results.

      If they had taken him back to the UK, he could have been sectioned more easily.

      • DB1954

        Dan, you surely mean that if anyone ALIVE is responsible it’s his family. I agree, except that in the moral sense, he’s 100% responsible.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          obviously we’re talking about people other than the killer

    • JayWye

      How do you think the kid -became- a “deranged narcissist”? He wasn’t born that way. Bad parenting. Broken home. Liberal parents.
      As for the family not knowing their son was buying guns,I wonder if the purchases are on the family’s credit card statements? His parents were his sole source of money. Did he have a “blank check”,a bottomless bank account to draw from? $5000 spent on guns,spare mags,and ammo is a LOT of money. Sig Sauer’s are expensive guns. If the gun purchases were made by credit card,the parents sure were not monitoring his spending. It does not matter if the son “was an adult”,he was still dependent on his parents money. Perhaps having everything handed to him without his earning it is contributory to his narcissism,sense of entitlement and disconnect with reality.

      • DB1954

        The parents didn’t really love him, and he knew it all along. That’s my analysis. Who’s going to pay my bill? lol

    • Mo86

      I do acknowledge that Good Parents sometimes raise Bad Kids. And certainly at age 22 he is responsible for his actions – morally and legally.

      But in this case, the info is this guy was in therapy from the time he was 8? Something’s wrong here.

      “His family tried to get him professional help, they tried warning the police, they tried supporting him, they tried cutting him off.”

      Looks like they tried everything except, y’know, PARENTING him.

      How do you “try” to cut someone off? You either do or you don’t. Did this 22 year old GROWN MAN have a job in order to pay for his fancy car and guns? If you know your son has problems so severe that he’s been in therapy since he was 8, why would you allow him to have a car?Why on EARTH would you give him $5,000 to spend as he wishes? Now that’s “mental illness”! He’s 22 years old. He should be supporting himself. Either that, or live with Mommy & Daddy and be fed and have shelter, clothes, but that’s it. No cell phone, no fancy cars and certainly no piles of cash like that.

      In the end, this man alone bears the final responsibility for his evil acts. But the fact that his parents are now blaming everyone else for it is a sign that these parents also are at fault here.

      While I feel genuinely sorry for these parents, it needs to be said that perhaps a little less “therapy”, a little less cash and a lot more DISCIPLINE and actual parenting might’ve gone a long way. The sad thing is no one will ever know.

      • DB1954

        What Elliot was missing was two parents or maybe just one who loved him. I would have felt like an outsider too if I had that gnawing at me for years. And yes, discipline is a form of love that parents who love their children will instill in their child in the ordinary course of events.

  • David

    There is only one thing I am going to say about gun control: it CAN work if and only it you also have programs like Stop and Frisk that make it easy for police to aggressively pursue people possessing guns. This is why you’re almost certainly going to see a sharp increase in gun murders in New York City because de Blasio has kept strict gun control while ending Stop and Frisk. Everyone with any sense should point this out and insist that any gun control legislation be coupled with programs similar to Stop and Frisk.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Police states ‘work’ in certain ways but they also spread criminality in others. So if you crack down, you’ll have less shootings, but you have a larger culture of lawlessness simmering underneath.

      • DB1954

        And the “crack down” sometimes goes too far, making a fine line between criminality and the state’s excessive enforcement which leads to increased disrespect for the law, IMO.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          and with enough power, the state and its enforcement arms become criminal, taking over many criminal enterprises

    • JayWye

      “stop and frisk” is based on PROFILING,police look for certain people,certain behaviors,etc. those outside of those specs go unchecked. Look at how many “rappers” in NY have been armed and misused them? And you can buy guns out of peoples car trunks same as in any other big city.

      also,”gun control” does not stop those intent on committing murder.

  • rbla

    The MSM must be cursing their bad luck that the kid was half-Asian. Otherwise they could also have blamed their favorite target racial group.

    • Realist

      Oh I wouldn’t worry about that. The lib Lie Stream Media will quickly frame him as a “white” Asian or other carefully manufactured device that serves to assault and accuse, just like they determined that George Zimmerman was a “white Hispanic”.

      Libcutists true talents lie in deception and sophistry and I absolutely guarantee that they will not disappoint this time. When they coalesce around a carefully packaged theme that *proves* the correctness of libcult doctrine and places all blame on their political enemies, you will have had a front row seat in observing the inner working of the libcult deception machine.

      • liz

        Funny how they never mention Obama’s white half.
        If he were Republican, it would be their main theme.

      • rbla

        You may be right. However the media/government/education complex keeps reaching new depths of absurdity. Their indoctrination is wide but not, I think, very deep. Sooner or later the whole edifice will crack. The only question is whether it will happen soon enough so that our once great Republic can be preserved in some recognizable form.

        • catherineinpvb

          In truth; it cannot happen soon enough. Meantime; if we are forced to argue the merits/dangers of ‘outing’ Hillary’s health – and just for starters – we will lose. If we abide ‘Political Correctness’ – the Marxist silencer; among other things – we lose. The grass is thin, on the ‘slippery slope'; and little to hang onto, the farther down the slope we go.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      they did anyway, lots of articles on white privilege

      • kikorikid

        OH Dear! Obama must be terribly conflicted.
        I’m sure he will be able to take care of it with
        his “Pen and Phone”.

        • DB1954

          There was another child whose parents didn’t love him. In Obama’s case, he managed to get through adolescence and early adulthood without killing someone (we presume), but Obama’s still feeling the rage. It’s just that he’s now taking it out on those his first mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, taught him to hate: collectively the object of Obama’s rage is known as “whitey.”

          • catherineinpvb

            Obama will never see the ‘empty’ suit walking that carries him around; but no question; he does feel the racist heat; and hate. . .albeit not a ‘wrinkle’ to betray him. . .and always enough love of his own; to more than sustain him.

  • JR Kipling

    Isn’t it funny that the one society that Eliott Rodger’s father does not blame is Hollywood, You see Eliott Rodgers father made millions of dollars pumping out garbage like “Hunger Games” in which scene after scene shows slow motion stabbings and machetes slashings all depicted in the sort of sleepwalking detachment that psychotics operate in. Eliott Rodgers father had no problem unleashing this kind of “entertainment” on the suburbs and ghettos of America before retreating to his gated community. But this time time a chink in the wall was found and violence came home to his family. . But have no fear, Hollywood has a plan. It blames the Constitution, never its own code of repellent entrenched narcissism.

    • catherineinpvb

      Everything about these people is stuck in a ‘chicken/egg’ MO. They are the ‘gift’ that keeps on giving; and their embedded narcissism – the fabric of their lives and their Liberalism – will never have them seeing the truth in THEIR mirror; or in the world of ‘self’, they live in.

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    “Jenni Rodger, his British aunt, blamed America and guns for her nephew’s massacre” – Wait, is my memory failing? He murdered his first three victims with a knife. They just cannot allow a tragedy to go without their political ambitions taking over.
    The media sickens me and kudos to the students of UCal SB for making it known to the media that they are not wanted.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They don’t want to accept responsibility

  • John Davidson

    Too many parents are raising kids that have no idea how to cope with animosity.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      that is a major problem which is why you see these shootings carried out more by upper and middle class kids whose parents are well off professionals

      • John Davidson

        Of course, it is a routine occurrence in the inner cities which no politician want to even address because of people like Al Sharpton who exploit it as well as most Liberals. If you can’t control one, you’ll never control the other.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          there’s some overlap, broken families and dysfunctional families, leftist politics and excessive self-esteem

      • UCSPanther

        When a spoiled rich kid goes berserk and kills several other spoiled rich kids, it makes national headlines for weeks.

        When a pack of hood rats go berserk and have a nice little shootout on a warm summer’s night, it only makes the backpage of the local news in the smallest font and as little space as possible for a day.

  • liz

    Every time something like this happens they blame the NRA, guns, and the 2nd Amendment. Why do they never address the enormous mess passing for mental health care which was caused by the ridiculous laws leftists themselves have passed?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      because then the onus would be on them instead of the evil red staters

      • tagalog

        Surely there’s a way this can be made to be all Bush’s fault.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Even in my native Illinois, there’s only 7-8 blue counties out of 102. Illinois is, for all practical purposes (except political), a red state.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          but that’s why cities have to be turned into welfare pools

          without that the left would lose badly

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            Exactly so, Daniel …

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            Exactly so, Daniel …

  • tagalog

    When it comes to restricting the right to keep and bear arms, the left puts on its judicious face and says “Of course no right is subject to unrestricted exercise; there will always be justification for reasonable restrictions on gun rights.”

    Then, when it comes to placing a mentally ill person involuntarily in a mental hospital for a 48 hour or 72 hour period of observation to make sure they aren’t violent, the leftists put on their ever-so-serious advocates’ face and pontificate, “The right to liberty must be kept involate; there can be no infringement in the slightest on peoples’ liberty.”

    Except when if comes to gun control, Obamacare, Social Security, and a host of other issues where it is necessary to curb freedom in order to collectivize.

  • steve b


    • glpage

      More appropriately, it’s time to ban stupidity in leftists.

      • truebearing

        That’s impossible. It would be easier to ban cold from ice.

  • Lizzie Basara

    This is what can happen when you don’t put some sweat equity into parenting. All children want is to be with you, some eye contact, & conversation. This goes a long way and you don’t need expensive ‘diversions’ to make them happy. ‘Being there’ is so important for them and you. Don’t let ‘things’ make them/you happy.

  • tagalog

    Elliott Rodger didn’t do that. In some larger sense, the degradation of our social mores did it, taken together with his parents’ over-permissiveness, and the unwillingness to impose any standard on his behavior as he grew, together with the oversensitivity to his feelings. The course was prepared for his personal deviance to take over and give him his first push on the skids into madness.

    A better society would have had the mechanisms in place to insure that he got mental health treatment before he bought guns, a car, a knife, and began to kill people. If “It Takes A Village,” where are the people who advocate for involuntary placement of the potentially dangerous mentally ill in a hospitalization for two or three days for observation and evaluation?

    • DB1954

      The optimum is a family that remains intact, and more importantly, a mother and father who show the neo-nate, the child, and the adolescent that he is truly loved. Part of that love will be “tough love,” i.e., it’s disciplinary in nature. But importanly here, money is never a substitute for a parent’s love. Children KNOW deep down if they are loved or not. I’d bet my last dollar that Elliot’s feeling was congruent with the reality in that family: his parents didn’t love him. Elliot said he didn’t ever feel like he “fit in” anywhere. What is that, but another way of saying that “I didn’t fit into my parents’ life,” in other words, one or both didn’t love him.

    • catherineinpvb

      It is not the ‘village’ that is the problem; not ‘the people’. . .it is the ‘Liberal Village'; it is the Liberals and their Liberalism that is the problem. It was the Parents; the ‘therapies/therapists’. . .Liberal; the ‘meds’, liberally induced that allowed the ‘problem’.

      It is the missing pieces; what we do not see. . .that were the problem; not those ‘things’, long in place, per his life. It was Roger; in the end who WAS the problem; as is this family’s immunity to all who do not share their ‘Libealism’, a problem. No question; there are many ‘layers’ – and consequences – to the ‘Fatal Conceit’ of Liberalism/Leftism. This just one of them.

      Life w/o boundaries is not Freedom; but rather, chaos. Roger lived it. And more than a few; died, because of it.

  • mendezjb

    Doesn’t the left realize that it would be equally distasteful if the NRA put out a press release in the wake of the killing spree that said “Once again unarmed civilians relying on the police to protect them are gunned down, defenseless in the face of an armed aggressor”? Why is it not equally tasteless to stand on a mound of corpses and using them as a prop for their political message?

    Though they are they party of Gosnell so perhaps i’m wasting my time.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      taste to the left is a weapon like any other

  • donqpublic

    Oh man, that (blaming the Second Amendment) for mass homicides is one of the funnier formulations I’ve read in a while: it’s up there with blaming the DMV for road rage or blaming voter suppression on the requirements for photo ID. I blame Jones Town on Cool Aid.

  • GomeznSA

    Mr. Greenfield, overall a good article but I submit that even you have been sucked into the left’s ploy. You specifically mentioned a ‘shooting spree’ – only a portion of his murderous rampage involved guns – even though he used at least 4 other tools – a knife, a hammer, and a machete, as well as his auto.
    You see, we have to be very meticulous in what term we use, or else the left will – and often does – use our own words against us. We have to change the focus from the item used to what the individual did, other wise we have absolutely no hope of changing the dialogue and putting the real responsibility where it belongs.

    • JayWye

      “murder spree” is more accurate.

    • Mo86

      A good point.

    • laura r

      im sorry he even used the guns. the problem w/these killers is the medications they are on. also they should be locked away for observation.

    • Digli

      A Shooting/Slashing/Driving spree.
      A hat trick murderer.

  • Mo86

    Say WHAT now?! These parents/family members KNEW this guy was messed up from childhood and they gave him $5,000 and also a car?!

    “The “You didn’t build that” society is also the “You didn’t do that” society.”

    I had not thought to put these two together in that way until now. Wow. So sadly true.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      it’s the flip side of collectivism

  • Bob Eldridge

    the way I see it he killed three with a gun, Three with a knife, and one with a car. So we should ban guns, knifes, and Cars. Infact cars kill more people than guns will ever do.

    • Digli

      40,000 Automobile deaths a year!

  • herbcaen

    We need to ban BMWs- BMWs made this massacre possible

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    When my younger son, recently turned 60, was
    about 15 he asked, “Dad, what would you do if I killed someone?”
    He was obviously testing me but I shot back without thinking, “I’d
    call the cops.” He was surprised, “You’d call the cops on your
    own son?” I responded, “A killer is a killer.” Of
    course, we were both playing a game but I thought about it after that little
    conversation. Imagine what YOU would do if your child killed someone.
    Or more related to this case, what would you do if you had a child you
    suspected might kill someone. Chances are, you’d be in denial as many
    folks get when they have a terminal illness or deal with an issue a bit too big
    for them. I recall a case in which another son of a wealthy family, who
    had serious mental problems, killed the daughter of a woman I knew. The
    killer’s family was also in denial about the danger represented by their son.
    I don’t know enough about this Rodgers case. Never mind the Second
    Amendment or the NRA but I thought folks with mental problems can’t get
    guns. How did he get one? Is America becoming the greatest killing
    country of the world – at least the non-Muslim world? Isn’t it time to
    examine what is leading to all these lunatic killings? You can’t blame poverty
    on this one? Did he see too many violent movies or play too many violent
    digital games. Or has there been so much of this that he simply became a
    copycat? One thing we might do is introduce legislation that holds
    families responsible for the actions of their offspring. It might be more
    difficult for a father to be in denial about his fruitcake son if he realizes
    that if the kid goes off on a rampage, pop may lose his assets or even land in
    jail. I don’t know. But it’s time for responsible citizens and
    legislators to look at the problem and seek solutions instead of pointing
    blaming fingers and debating political issues.

    • Digli

      FYI most of these kids who commit these murders are medicated in some way. Maybe the drug companies are at fault.
      The truth is, vicious acts like this have been going on since the dawn of humanity.
      The difference now is the rate at which news travels.

    • Americana

      I would HATE to see the families of these sorts of kids victimized even more if they have a son or daughter who goes off and murders people like this under the influence of mental illness. What if you couldn’t determine what role the parents played in their child securing some gun(s) for himself to be used in a killing spree? Circumstances likely won’t always be as clear as it was w/the Sandy Hook killer that his mother actually provided him w/most of his guns.

      I believe we should have national laws that the dangerously mentally ill cannot own weapons or have access to weapons in the family home. If parents were aware this was the law, they’d have impenetrable gun cabinets that their mentally ill children (even their mature children) wouldn’t be able to access. I’ve got a friend whose son is a paranoid schizophrenic. He began threatening to kill her and her other son and grandparents shortly after turning 4 1/2. Her parenting skills were never at fault or in question. Her son’s brain chemistry is simply off the charts WRONG…

  • Marvin E. Fox

    Mr. Greenfield, thanks for nailing the ‘you didn’t do that’ society with the absurdity of Obama’s logic for becoming successful.
    The political liberal’s seem to carry the ordinary associations every successful person has to an ultimate absurdity. Those able to organize their own actions within the society they live in are usually the successful ones. Only a person can do that! The collective cannot, which makes socialist collectives the mechanism of ‘can’t do that.’
    Marvin Fox

  • montana83

    Obama lover, son of Obama voters, totally believing in Obama class warfare kills children of Obama voters who then blame the NRA, anyone to the right of Karl Marx and demand gun control.
    Gun control – I agree 100%
    I went to the firing range the next day to improve my accuracy against gun wielding Obama voters. How about you?

  • Digli

    How many people were killed by automobiles since this happened?
    300? 400?
    Yet almost anyone with very little skill can get a drivers license.
    No call for more stringent testing or stronger requirements.
    I think that basically the gun control morons are cowards and guns scare them.
    Maybe they should visit a few traffic accidents and see a few traffic fatalities.
    40,000 fatalities a year in this country alone.
    What about bathtub drowning’s? 2000 a year!
    Bicycle accident fatalities ? 4000 a year!
    So outlaw kitchen knives and 3 people would have been saved from this lunatic!

  • ennis

    You know on whatever comment section I’ve been on on a news page about whatever mass shooting had taken place, I’ve actually seen leftists find themselves another scapegoat other than lack of gun control and that being Capitalism.

    Their argument being of course that had mental health care been socialized all of the “turned away” mental cases’ victims would still be alive today.

  • Lightning Jack

    The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept. now appears to be operating in damage control mode, defending its failure to enforce not only existing public safety laws, but its questionable investigative policies, which allowed Rogers to remain free to conduct his murderous rampage. Over 190 million laws in America, and not one of them was used to stop Elliot Rogers.

    Santa Barbara detectives had more than ample probable cause to search Rogers apartment for weapons in April 2014 when they interviewed him there, or at the very least, brought him in for a mental health evaluation. If they had, then Rogers would now be in custody, six lives saved, including others he injured.

    Of course it’s always expedient to blame or demonize an object rather than hold the individual, or their behavior accountable, especially in a state chock full of progressive elites and hedonistic, socialist automatons…where the solution to every one of their societal problems will always be just another worthless law away.

  • DB1954

    I agree that someone’s IQ dropped significantly. The demented Anthony Kennedy isn’t just an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, he’s a veritable windbag of pomposity. Anthony Kennedy now deigns to teach the (formerly) sovereign people of Florida what “dignity” and “human decency” mean. To verify the downward spiral of Kennedy’s dementia, all you need do is read his opinions in some of the worst judicial rulings since Dred Scott: Lawrence v. Texas (2003), U.S. v. Windsor (2013), now Hall v. Florida (2014).

    • Daniel Greenfield

      perfectly said

  • Ahmed Johnson

    It’s not GUNs that need restricting….it’s liberated American women and their bossy sexuality.
    It is your ‘Women Studies’ ladies, that normalized misandry and all the subsequent anti-boy & feminizing social programs K-12. The biggest program is the sexualization of young girls to “empower” them. Empower them against what? Boys.

    Let us look to the Islamic world. As Naomi Wolf agrees, the Burkha is true women’s liberation. And this would protect men from all the evil these western shrews wreck upon men from the time they are boys.

    • catherineinpvb

      Given that the problem is the ‘man’s eye’. . .why not cover those? (They could have a ritual whereby they ‘pluck’ at least ‘one’ out. . .and bind themselves in prohibitive clothing? Why is the ‘object’ the problem; rather than those; who ARE the problem. . .Why do men ‘need protecting’? And from themselves, much less. . .and it is the women who are responsible for such?

      • Ahmed

        Does your husband know you are yapping? Is your work done? A chattering woman’s work is not, done. This is why we don’t allow them in the marketplace. Allah and the Koran say, let the women be known by her wrappings. And the wrapper make sure the way for the straight and narrow. You see?

        • catherineinpvb

          A sad analysis. . . what does one know per ‘burqered’ wrapping? Seems the men are ruled not by their minds; but by their hormones, no?. Lack of ‘self-control’ not a good thing. Anyway; to each his own. . .or should be.

          • ahmed

            the western woman don’t know her place. your men are effeminate and cowardly. Your women bossy. no wonder you people can’t make babies, don’t have family. HA! miley cyress, Madonna, homos, lezbos, bozos, spring break, yoko ono squatting onstage – the great American people. HA! the whole world is watching.

  • catherineinpvb

    All to say. . .a kudos here; for not just the truth spoken; but a wisdom ‘spoken’. Liberals do have an ‘immunity’ to such; but hope there is an opening, whereby; some of this seeps in; and makes a difference. Like ‘faith'; there are degrees of Leftism/Liberalism that people hold. Whichever and whomever, are more susceptible; may experience a revelation here. Can only hope.

    (The narcissism of Liberalism and Liberals, IS their ‘self-saving'; of course. . .but again; quanity matters; and just a tiny shift of the ‘log of self’ – and/or, one not soooo large – per the log that sits, in the Liberal eye. . .and there is at least; a possibility.)

  • Robert Johnson

    Read “Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill” by Lt. David Grossman, (Ret). This former West Point psychologist found that there is more evidence linking violent media to violence in the schools and streets than that linking smoking to lung cancer. The media is covering this up. His book is available at

  • Chavi Beck

    Your last line really sums it up.

    “A republic,” as Ben Franklin (I think it was) described the newborn nation… “–if you can keep it.”

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    I and people like me need another county. I think it is time to divide this
    one into one for George Washington and Moses, and the other for Lenin and Marx.

  • mother of 4 sons

    He needed to more in touch with his. Knowing what he knows about his son chance to commit violence should have set a RED flag to him. I do feel empathy for his family. The NRA did not make him him do this either. My heart pours out to the families that lost a loved on.

  • seewithyourowneyes

    Totalitarians find collective responsibility very convenient. It magnifies their power while allowing them to delegate some enforcement responsibilities to the masses. Occupying armies often set the rule that ten will be randomly executed when one commits a crime. Under the laws of Islamic dhimmitude, an entire Infidel village could be punished if a single non-believer questioned Islamic hegemony. And now modern globalist Totalitarians want to take away the gun rights of law-abiding Idaho residents (who have a low murder rate comparable to Europe’s), every time a Chicago gang member or mentally unstable Californian goes off the deep end.

  • hatsylady

    Perfectly sums up the left. Just like their horror over the “botched” execution of Stephanie Nieman’s vicious killer. There really is no doubt that leftism is a disturbed mindset.

  • liamjq

    The simple fact that he could have such a car and priviledged wealthy background and still not one girl would go anywhere near him would make it apparent to anyone but a “therapist” that he was a total a#@/le and dangerous creep…another success for “psychiatry”

  • Americana

    No seriously wacko mentally ill young adult should be able to pass a background check and acquire guns. I can’t believe the stories I’m reading about the therapist who’d received the “Retribution” video and yet didn’t INSTANTLY call the family and the cops…

  • Human Been

    Mental illness is not the result of poor parenting. This kid had symptoms from the time he was very young, and his parents tried for years to get him appropriate help and treatment. They even called the police on him, but the police did nothing, because he hadn’t committed a crime yet. All this hate on BMWs is ridiculous. He lived in L.A., a city designed to be almost inaccessible without a car, and we all know how much the Right hates spending money on public transit. He could have killed just as many people with a 1990 Hyundai Pony.

  • CurmudgyOne

    A killer like this kid is a “perfect storm” of bad decisions, from his parents, his doctors, his teachers, and himself. When they are all wrong and excusing of the kid’s dangerous mental state (at all ages), tragedy is almost unavoidable. No single component was to blame, and when you add so-called antidepressant and other psychotropic drugs to the mix, this kind of thing is predictable. It’s just that nobody had the guts to take a chance and actually predict it, and act.