There Are No Anti-War Activists, Only Anti-American Activists

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.


It’s true that there are pacifists out there who genuinely oppose the use of armed force by anyone. And they tend to be rather rare, especially these days, when anti-war means anti-American.

The opponents of American military action like Ron Paul and Glenn Greenwald invariably find all sorts of excuses when it’s Russia that’s doing the invading.

The average anti-war activist doesn’t wear flowers in his hair. He just believes that America is the source of all evil because it’s controlled by…

1. The Military-Industrial Complex

2. The New World Order

… or some other variation on the theme.

When America bombs a country, it’s acting on the Vast Conspiracy to seize all the oil, gold or implant microchips in brains for the Neo-Liberal agenda. When Russia invades a country, it’s just defending itself against the aggression of the Vast Conspiracy headquartered in the US.

If a country is an enemy of the United States, then it gets a blank check to defend itself by invading and conquering much weaker countries. If it’s an ally, then it’s also part of the Vast Conspiracy of the Great Satan.

Understanding how these people think is crucial to dismissing their arguments. They’re not operating from a moral high ground, they’re not against war, they’re not against invasions… they’re against the United States.

Now if they would just stop pretending that they’re operating on any principle more complex than AMERICA ALWAYS BAD, it would simplify things for everyone.

  • Notalibfool

    To a leftist peace does not mean the absence of violence but rather the end of western society as we know it.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Peace to Jihadis is global sharia. Peace to leftists is the end of “capitalism” and by that they mean private ownership of property.

      There might even be leftists that are stupid enough to think that sharia is just fine as long as they agree to eliminate all private property rights and have the state take over all “production.”


        Global sharia???


        • gray_man

          Heaven will forbid, read Revelations.
          Jesus will destroy the anti-Christ religion of islime.

          • BagLady

            Will he indeed

          • gray_man


      • BagLady

        You’re describing ‘communism’ and, as we all know a) it never existed as an ‘operating system’ and b) died a natural death in concept with the collapse of the USSR — once it was realised the two systems were interdependent.

        Peace to leftists is the end of “capitalism”

        Oh please. You insult the average worker who, by definition, tends to be left. Minimum wage is minimum wage, regardless of whether the employer is the State or some oligarch.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “There might even be leftists that are stupid enough to think that sharia is just fine as long as they agree to eliminate all private property rights and have the state take over all “production.””

          There are leftists that are stupid enough. I’m not sure that you’re any smarter, you just believe in a different set of fallacies.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “They’re not operating from a moral high ground, they’re not against war,
    they’re not against invasions… they’re against the United States.” They’re not operating, either, on any concept derived from reason or reality. Anti-war activists are not noted for their keen observational and reasoning skills. Vast conspiracies exist only in their heads. Without a vast conspiracy to blame every little thing on, they would be vegetables, and vegetables don’t make much noise.

    • Notalibfool

      Well said!


      I wonder how many “anti-war” hypocrites are also 9/11 Troofers.

    • BagLady

      “Anti-war activists are not noted for their keen observational and reasoning skills”

      Is that a fact?

      Vietnam……. need I say more?

      • DogmaelJones1

        Well, yes, you need to say more. The anti-war protesters of that era were not so much “anti-war” as they were anti-American.” The U.S. could have invaded the Soviet Union to free surviving American GI’s who were taken prisoner by the Soviets at the end of WWII — and there were tens of thousands of them “freed” from German POW camps — and these creatures would still have protested. “U.S. Out of the Gulag!” their signs would have read. Read your history, acquire a long-range perspective.

        • BagLady

          I am not American and was not there at the time. I can only comment on the whole in retrospect.

          I find it difficult to believe that American protestors could be anti-American. It would go against our genetic make-up which demands we ‘love’ our country.

          Why is difficult to accept they were actually against the war?

          • DogmaelJones1

            It’s difficult to accept because I was there. The malice expressed for their own country was unmistakable. You also have to understand that these demonstrations were not “spontaneous,” but well-organized events that were calculated to “provoke” the police and were coordinated by the Soviets with the connivance of the CPUSA. “Occupy Wall Street” was of the same nature.

          • BagLady

            Well then I’m shocked. I thought it all came from America’s love for its own people and the realization that they were being killed in far away countries in wars that had nothing to do with them.

            I shouldn’t have thought they needed provocation by the Soviets to get them out of there.

          • DogmaelJones1

            Until the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, the Soviets were behind (thru funding, etc.) most of the demonstrations against the war. When we lost the war in Vietnam, the Soviets more or less steered the lefties in another direction: the environment.

      • gray_man

        Vietnam……. need I say more?

        well you just proved DogmaelJones1′s point of;

        “Anti-war activists are not noted for their keen observational and reasoning skills”

        • BagLady

          America was totally in the wrong in its interference in S E Asia. What do you want me to say?

          Dropping nukes on Japan was an unnecessary and dastardly act. What do you want me to say?

          Invading Iraq was another dastardly act by a thick, gungho cowboy with powerful mates. What can I say?

          • gray_man

            Wow, you just proved his point three more times.
            What can you say?
            I suggest you stop talking.

          • American Patriot

            Was the Japanese militarist attack on Pearl Harbor justified, TurdBag Lady?

  • truebearing

    If they were honest, their signs would read: “US out of US.” But of course, they aren’t honest, nor are most of them sane. They are useful idiots, paid in chicken feed to breathe tear gas and protest whatever their billionaire overlords oppose.

    These losers are the same ones who want Israel out of Israel.

    Ron Paul is a paranoid, old fool who thinks that because he has successfully lived in an isolationist delusion, an entire nation can.

    • Notalibfool

      All Ron Paul has to do to look foolish is speak.

    • UCSPanther

      Ron Paul falls flat on his face whenever he tries to take on foreign policy, and the way his fans acted was a textbook personality cult.

      It was a motley correction of belligerent nutcases who would flip out and swarm anyone who dared to raise criticism against their idol, and a lot of them were overeager fellow travellers with the anti-American propaganda movement.

      They scattered when Paul left politics and the main boogeyman of their narrative (Bush) ceased to be relevant.

      • Shmalkandik

        Well, no.

        Paul’s objections to invading Iraq, occupying Iraq, and delaying our exit from Iraq, have been proven presscient – and wise. It is nnot merely tht he ws right – he is right. Bush’s belie that invading Iraq would help spread Demoracy has been refuted on two counts. First, the popluar uprisings in the Arab world have creted more and nastier dictatorships than their authoritarian predecessors. Second, Iraq is using its democracy to pass laws enabling nine year old girls to be sexually assaulted by adult males. Democracy does not guarantee freedom – often the opposite..

        Finally, the events of Egypt refute the notion that we got any thing for our ongoing bribes to the Mubarak government. Paul has been consistent on demanding all foreign to this part of the world be discontinued. It’s been a poor ROI.

        • UCSPanther

          Fair enough.

          • truebearing

            No, not fair at all.

        • truebearing

          I managed to correct your spelling enough to understand your argument.

          Obama’s ignoring of the status of forces agreement is what led to the regression in Iraq. Your argument that popular uprisings have led to nastier dictatorships is wholly unsupported. Saddam used chemical weapons on the kurds and shiites, not to mention other atrocities.

          Nine year old girls have been assaulted in Muslim countries since the inception of Islam. Ron Paul should learn his history, and so should his fanatical, yet intentionally ignorant followers.

          Democracy does not guarantee freedom, but neither does libertarian delusions of economic utopia. Libertarians still haven’t figured out the role of morality in governance. That is 1st grade level understanding.

          Paul is a patheticlly poor judge of ROI when it comes to foreign policy, and you are worse. You dishonestly assess the return on aid to Mubarak when you know full well that Obama undermined Mubarak. I guess we’re back to your distrust of democracy. Maybe you think Ron Paul should be our dictator. That way the changing of the guard wouldn’t upset the delusional isolationism he preaches.


            Halabja chemical attack

            Saddaam Hussein used poison gas, a WMD, on the Kurds of Halabja.

            Recently poison gas, a WMD, was used in Syria, killing apporx. 1,000 people.

            That’s Syria- where 135,000+ have been killed over 2 or 3 years.


            “you know full well that Obama undermined Mubarak.”

            Obama stiffed the opposition in Fascist iran too.



          Do you believe as does MORON Paul does, that the Islamic Regime of Iran is not working on an nuclear bomb?

          • Shmalkandik

            He is now wrong on that point, given Iran’s announcement about building a breeder reactor The real issue is, what is the correct US and EU response? Short of war, there’s alot we can do. Certainly, sanctions can be strengthened by both against Iran. Israel, certainly, should not be constrained in any response it may choose, not excluding the use of nuclear weapons. I also believe it would be correct for the US to veto any effort by the UN or other international bodies to impose sanctions on Israel’s use of force in responding to Iran’s threats against it.

            Whether the US should use military force is a separate issue, in my opinion.. Do we start sending H-bombs via ICBM to suspect sites? How about fission bombs? Do we propose to invade? What support is there to invade Iran?

          • BagLady

            “How about fission bombs? Do we propose to invade? What support is there to invade Iran?”

            Silly, out of touch person. There is no support for daft invasion. Go to bed. Politicians are sitting round the table with their Tibaldi pens at the ready. The propaganda machine is changing gear. You will be fed a different diet next week and, judging by your attitude, will swallow whatever your ‘party’ directs.

        • Well Done

          The invasion of Iraq was a success. Failure was snatched from those jaws by the insanely stupid Rules of Engagement.


        USCPanther. I agree 100%

        The Paulbots are cult members.

        If MORON Paul told them to drink poison, they would reflexively do so.

        I have a feeling that MORON Paul is backed by the fascist socialist kook lyndon larouche. larouche drones are even more cultish and crazier than the Paulbots.

        And I don’t trust his wig wearing son Randy Paul either. It’s sad that Randy Paul got such high ratings at CPAC.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          To be fair, Ron Paul supporters such as Edward Snowden and Adam Lanza did achieve notable things

          • BagLady

            I see you disapprove of whistle blowers. Doesn’t figure in my assessment of right wing thinking. Protecting the interests of bent politicians?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            I don’t disapprove of whistleblowers.

            I do disapprove of foreign agents who pretend to be whistleblowers.

  • Crassus

    90% of anti-war activists tend to crawl back into their rat holes once a Democrat gets elected to the White House.

    • Notalibfool

      Isn’t that the truth. In my city they protested almost daily against the Bush administration. After ObaMAO was appointed they all crawled back to their high-end neighborhoods.


        And where are the “anti-war” activists protesting KGB Putins invasion of Crimea and Ukraine?

        Too Counter Revolutionary?

        The “anti-war” movement is as real as “the religion of peace”.

        • BagLady

          They just held a referendum in Crimea or didn’t you notice? And the anti-war activists protesting Putin’s invasion are in Russia, or didn’t you notice?

          • Master of Unlocking

            No, I didn’t notice.

          • BagLady

            Unlock those blinkers, Mon.

        • BagLady

          “Invasion of Cimea” . What invasion. Crimeans held a democratic vote and said stuff Kyiv. Keep your puppet, corrupt politicians. We want … feralism? Probably the best system for the area. It won’t happen of course because NATO/WorldBank/IMF/various oligarchs have other ideas.

          Have you ever noticed that border towns are always barren wastelands, neither neighbour wishing to spend money on infrastructure. Prostitutes and beggars everywhere. Con artists doing their bit with exchange rates? Ukraine means ‘border’ and suffers a similar fate.

          Putin does not want the responsibility of this basket but he obviously has to protect his country and his fleet in Sevastopol. To suggest he’s the aggressor is absurd.

          • Master of Unlocking

            And so you blithely dismiss an entire sovereign state as the mere “border” of another state.

            I see you’ve been swallowing the Russian propaganda whole.

            The funny thing is that when you (and the Russians) say things like this, you sound exactly like the arrogant Americans that you claim to hate.

          • BagLady

            I try very hard not to swallow propaganda spewed by popular media outlets. I can google up any maps, figures, etc and the picture I get of Ukraine is one of mostly agrarian with a smattering of heavy industry running on out of date technology. Only one customer here and that’s Russia.

            The country is bankrupt and has nothing but strategic position to be of any interest to either the West or the East.

            I am not dismissing the country I am describing it.

          • Master of Unlocking

            Yep, you’re dismissing it.

            Keep drinking that Russian Kool-Aid, though.

  • UCSPanther

    Where was this article during the anti-war protests over Iraq?

  • rbla

    Where both Paul and his critics get it wrong is not recognizing that this is no longer the America they thought it was. It is now Black-run America (BRA), though soon to become Hispanic-run America (which the Blacks will not like at all). Thus retreating into isolationism will not preserve America because there is no longer an America to preserve. At the same time this new America no longer has the strength or the will to confront Putin or anyone else. In addition while paving the way to BRA 15 years ago Clinton, in defense of Islam did exactly (in fact even worse) to Serbia what Putin is currently doing to the Ukraine; so whatever moral authority we had is now gone.

    • BagLady

      It is now Black-run America (BRA), though soon to become Hispanic-run America (which the Blacks will not like at all)”

      There is absolutely no evidence to uphold your hypothesis.

      “….what Putin is currently doing to the Ukraine;..”

      and what is it exactly that Putin is doing to Ukraine?

  • uh no

    When America bombs a country, it’s acting on the Vast Conspiracy to seize all the oil, gold or implant microchips in brains for the Neo-Liberal agenda.

    no when america bombs a country its to secure an interest it has there. same with russia and every other nation on earth.

    the world is not as black and white as you seem to think it is.

  • BagLady

    “…..He just believes that America is the source of all evil because it’s controlled by: 1. The Military-Industrial Complex 2. The New World Order…”

    That’s me then, a true pacifist.

    The outcome of the turmoil in the Middle East is as always: death and destruction. At the end of the day, those who orchestrated this chaos without risking life or limb themselves, will appear on TV with Tibaldi pen in hand, and sign away the cheap lives of millions. Peace is proclaimed but how many years will it be before the people are back on their feet? Will they be able to catch up with 21st century countries or be forever enslaved by them.

    When you first marched into Baghdad there were few who didn’t greet you as saviours. You had severed the head of the dreaded Hydra and life could only improve. What did you do then? Absolutely nothing constructive. The people stood by as all reconstruction contracts went to foreign companies. At the same time, all members of Saddam’s Baa’th party were banned from holding government positions and the hitherto second class Shia were given the upper hand.

    Presuming the White House employs ‘philosophers’ they must have foreseen the outcome. I did, and no-one pays me a dime.

    That violence begets violence is inarguable and, like computer games, increases in intensity and insensitivity. G-d save us all from your stupid wars.