There Is No Conservative Case for Amnesty

BorderPatrolAgent2pngUnder the hot sun, sweating Hondurans trudge across Mexico headed for the United States and khaki-wearing hacks in comfortable D.C. digs pound out defenses of amnesty on their iPads. The men in the desert call the thing that they want “amnistía,” but its domestic defenders refuse to use the “A-word.”

To them it’s always immigration reform. But it’s not immigration that is being reformed; a word that comes from the Latin “reformare” which means to reshape.

It’s the United States of America that is being reformed and reshaped.

The consequences of that reformation are not only linguistic, but political. Amnesty’s reshaping of America will make conservative political positions untenable.  That is why some establishment Republicans are pushing for amnesty. A political shift that will bury small government as thoroughly as the gold standard isn’t just to the advantage of the Democratic Party.

It’s also to their advantage.

Many assume that illegal alien amnesty means cheap votes for Democrats and cheap labor for Republicans. But that’s only partly true.

There are powerful men in both parties who believe that the United States must “reform” to be more like Europe. That it must have a stronger central government and more controlling social policies.

Amnesty is an opportunity to reshape national politics by eliminating opposition to everything from Common Core (support for Common Core in California is at 77% among Latinos and 57% among whites) to Global Warming crackdowns (90% of Latinos want government action) and nationalized health care (74% support  “public option” government health care).

Super-Amnesty, many times bigger than the last amnesty, will kill conservative politics. The Tea Party will become a historical footnote. Taxes will go on rising. Government will grow unstoppably bigger.

There will still be a Republican Party. It will support nationalizing health care and expanding the welfare state. Think of today’s Democratic Party. That will be tomorrow’s Republican Party. Pick a radical left-wing party that barely registers on the polls. That will be tomorrow’s Democratic Party.

Articles that claim to be making a conservative case for amnesty are taking a left turn down a dead end street. There can be no conservative case for amnesty because there is no such thing as a conservative case for a policy that will not have a conservative outcome.

It’s possible to make a conservative case for just about anything by breaking conservatism down to a handful of supposed principles such as “free enterprise” or “stronger families” and then overlaying those principles on a policy.

That same technique can be used to make a conservative case for nationalizing health care or child slavery. The piecemeal principles argument is fine for constructing talking points, but it’s also cheap sophistry. It can be used to prove anything which means that it also proves nothing.

The only meaningful argument for a policy is based on outcomes.

If the outcome of a conservative policy is more liberalism, it was never a conservative policy to begin with. That is the simplest and most reliable acid test of any “conservative” policy agenda.

Will Policy X put the country on a more liberal or conservative track? That is a question that Republican advocates of amnesty don’t like answering. Their conservative case for amnesty is all about stronger families and free enterprise; they don’t want to talk about what the United States will actually look like after a generation of majority support for every possible big government gimmick.

72% of Hispanics in the US believe that the system favors the wealthy and that the government should intervene to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. 60% believe that hard work does not guarantee success. The majority want higher taxes over tax cuts and spending more while raising taxes to pay for it.

And for those holding out hope on the social conservative front, the majority supports gay marriage and opposes abortion by only a narrow margin.

These aren’t racial or ethnic differences. They are political culture differences. Immigrants from brutal totalitarian left-wing dictatorships, like Cuba or the USSR, often lean to the right. However immigrants from countries that lean to the left without being giant death camps, tend to also lean to the left.

The Swedish immigrants that I’ve met think that gun control is so common sense that only a complete maniac would oppose it. Mexico has universal health care and no matter how badly it works, Mexican immigrants think that it’s only natural that the government should have a public option. China spends vast sums of money on a public education system. Chinese immigrants expect the US to do the same.

Immigrants who don’t leave a home country with the understanding that it is completely broken and should only be mentioned as a cautionary tale will support repeating those same tragic errors here.

The Mexican Constitution specifies a minimum wage, unionization and low-cost housing. Those aren’t unusual things in Latin American constitutions. They may exist more in theory than in reality, but they are a baseline expectation.

Amnesty advocates claim that legalization will assimilate illegal aliens. It’s hard to tell if they’re kidding themselves or us. They will be “assimilated” by the same left-wing social system that they have already been living in. They will be assimilated by public schools and state universities, by community activist groups and media outlets and by all the other arms of the Democratic Party and its left-wing satellites.

Republican advocates of amnesty speak of this country as a beacon of freedom. And they’re right. That beacon of freedom has been offered to immigrants around the world. And it is in their interest and ours that the beacon remain lit by opposing a Super-Amnesty of illegal aliens that would drown out its light.

The American culture of freedom is already under siege. Immigration should serve America’s culture of freedom. Anything else would be unfair to Americans and to the generations of future immigrants.

There can be no conservative case for Super-Amnesty unless it can be argued that it will make the country more conservative, freer and less taxed than it is today. Instead the numbers show that Super-Amnesty will create overwhelming support for government power, less freedom and higher taxes.

America will become California.

Super-Amnesty is radical social change in a can. Conservatives don’t believe in radical social change. Amnesty supporters insist that conservatives should lay out a policy alternative to mass amnesty, but the very idea that massive social problems have easy solutions is an intellectual error of the left.

Conservatives accept that social problems arise from human frailty, rather than fundamental inequities. We do not believe in push-button solutions to social problems. Instead we affirm that in maintaining our ideals despite human frailties, we will become a better nation.

Illegal aliens will always exist because there will be people on both sides of the border who will selfishly break the law, harming themselves and others. The solution to this social problem is not to reject the law, abandon borders and citizenship, but to affirm these things in the face of their violation.

We do not fight theft by rejecting ownership. Instead we defend the value of human labor. We do not stop killing by making excuses for murderers, but by championing the value of human life. We do not protect marriage by redefining it so that it means nothing, but by recommitting to the family. And we do not end violations of the border by watering down American citizenship, but by strengthening it.

Making America more Socialist can never be a conservative policy. Authentic conservatism is not misled by talking points that speak of conservative principles.

It accepts nothing less than a conservative outcome.

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  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Nailed it again, Daniel.

    My opinion, the first candidate for US president who declares that he will deport every illegal in this country, after securing the border, will be elected by a landslide.

    • LoneWolf

      The arrogant jackass Jeh Johnson just conceded that DACA is illegal, stating on June 24, 2014 in testimony to Congress: “The last time I looked an executive order can’t supercede the law.”

      Deport all the “dreamers”! And every single illegal that ICE/CBP comes in contact with.

      With more than 50,000 illegal court cases backlogged, these kids will be here for years before even getting a trial. They do NOT deserve a trial. No illegal deserves a trial. They should all be administratively deported within 7 days.

      Additionally, STOP ALL PAYMENTS to the home countries! According to the Congressional Research Service, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico receive $65.2 million, $22.3 million, $41.9 million, and over $200 million in foreign aid respectively. No more! Not a penny more of our tax dollars! And impeach Obama ASAP,

    • J.B.

      Or assassinated by a fanatic.

  • truebearing

    Great piece, Daniel. There is no rebuttal to this truth.

    “Making America more Socialist can never be a conservative policy. Authentic conservatism is not misled by talking points that speak of conservative principles.

    It accepts nothing less than a conservative outcome.”

    Super Amnesty can’t be an outcome desired by conservatives because it will permanently deny conservatives the possibility of achieving outcomes based on conservative principles. It is political suicide, exactly as planned by Soros and the brain trust on the Left…and of course, the professional losers on the barely Right.

    In the battle over Amnesty, conservatives are facing a coalition of fascists, socialists, communists, and idiots. The Chamber of Commerce and big business are the fascists. The Democrats are the socialists and communists. The idiots are too many to list, but Rupert Murdoch deserves special mention.

    • The March Hare

      In fact, Rupert Murdoch should be mentioned again and again.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      If enough Republicans realize that, amnesty will be DOA

      • mtnhikerdude

        Daniel all the testicles in the Republican party are on the women .
        We are being morphed into a Nation of wimps . This administration has 18 more months to pound the final nail in America’s coffin . The last good news i heard was Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright’s daughter got convicted of using government funds as her own . I am 77 and the America I grew up with is gone . Born and raise in Detroit which is now the Fallujah of the U.S.

        • Lanna

          I agree, all the testicles and gumption are in the women, Sarah Palin, KT McFarland who could actually be President with her experience and background, Michelle Bachmann, Marsha Blackburn, Illeana Ross Lehtinen, Kelly Ayotte, just to mention a few.

      • truebearing

        That isn’t very comforting…but why am I worrying? Lindsay Graham and John McCain will team up with Boehner and save the republic.

  • Aurelius

    There is no denying that the vast majority of those illegal immigrants seeking amnesty are from Mexico, Central and South America. We’re talking millions here and the vast majority of them are poor, low or no skills, functionally illiterate, and will vote for demoncats. A giant leap toward the welfare nation will be in their self interest and they will vote accordingly.

    Immigration on the scale we have now, whether legal or illegal, has never been done before by any nation at any time anywhere on earth. The consequences of this will not be some minor tuning of the fabric of America but rather a nation-altering transformation the likes of which have only previously been achieved through war.

    • Matt E

      I’m glad to see you included legal immigration as part of the problem. It’s not the legality that matters, it’s who is coming in as you have pointed out. Whether they are legal or illegal, the Latin American immigrants are transforming America into something fundamentally different than it has ever been

    • megapotamus

      Notice that the DREAMers atop freight cars today are mostly NOT Mexican. They hail from Honduras, El Salvador and other points south. Could it be that deporting Mexicans was just too cheap and easy?

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    The easy way to solve the problem is to make every government handout or social program absolutely forbidden to anyone except citizens. Immigrants who want to come here to make a new life for themselves should be treated as pioneers of old. If they can’t make it on their own, they should be left to die. (Sure, the Church or some other organization should tend to their needs; but only as a stopgap).

    This policy will ensure that only those with a reasonable work ethic will enter the country. It will give us a fighting chance to educate them in the principles of conservative government.

    Left to nature, all men are ignorant and ruled by their basest emotions — so they tend to vote Democrat. We have to organize them at a grass-roots level and educate them out of their ignorance. It will be easier to do so if the people coming here have a good work ethic, self-discipline, and the confidence of being able to make it in the world on their own.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Consider who has been educating them to date. What you suggest is admirable, but know you’re chasing decades of programming with the suggestion of even more education. A nice idea, but we’re too far gone and running out of time. Unfortunately bankrupting the gimme programs will have to happen. An economic crash is looming so this is a last power push ahead of a long and dark American season. The only other means of turning this around is revolution. The traitors have to be removed.

      • LoneWolf

        A crash, the end of the reserve currency petro dollar and revolution are highly likely.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Instead that will just push more resident aliens into applying for citizenship and voting themselves more welfare.

      We need to shift immigration criteria to outcome based immigration.

      • Matt E


        We need to end third world immigration, basically.

        For a long time I bought the whole America is a melting pot for everyone. But America is really only a melting pot that can succeed if there is a supermajority of European origin. America is not a non-ethnic state.

        Just as Israel is a Jewish state, America is really a state for Western Christians (with Jews as a minority). We can have the creme of the crop from other cultures (outside of Islam), but they can only be small minorities if America is to work.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          outcome-based immigration moves to a results model, it looks at crime rates, welfare use, etc

          • Matt E

            Call it whatever we want. Unfortunately, this country is too far gone to implement real solutions to problems. Literally nothing can get solved in the US – too much political correctness. Too many cronies who enjoy the cheap labor. Everything is based on not offending blacks and hispanics.

            I hate to say it, but Bush blew it after 9/11. Had Rudy been in there, he would have built a fence and cut third world immigration. We could have done anything after 9/11, and what do we do: invite the third world (including Muslims) to the US. Unbelievable in hindsight.

            I love your writing, Daniel. Keep it up!

          • J.B.

            Yes, but result models result in Europeans, sub continental Indians, Jews and East Asians outperforming all others by huge margins.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Not necessarily. These aren’t test scores. They factor in cost and benefits and real life results.

            TW tends to have high levels of welfare use in the first gen.

    • mtnhikerdude

      My dad came to America from Italy . He loved this Country. Learned the language ,became a citizen , voted and worked hard til the day he died,
      He once had to get welfare and was ashamed . What happened to the dignity of that era ?

      • Matt E

        We have to also be honest: America is a country mostly for European immigrants. You can’t take Somalis and make them Americans. You just can’t. America is a melting pot – but really only for the different European Christians and Jews. We can have small percentages of certain other minorities (Asians for instance), but only if there is a supermajority culture of European descent.

        • Drakken

          America is no longer a melting pot, but a pressure cooker waiting to explode. If we keep importing the 3rd world, we will become the 3rd world with only one result, the Balkanization of America which will be made up of ethnic communities and areas. With the inevitable bloodshed that goes with it.


      The three fatal problems with that approach:
      1. Democrats will then push for citizenship for the illegals
      2. The Welfare State isn’t stable or sustainable anyway.
      3. The morality of the Welfare State logically extends to immigrants, which is why they’re getting welfare now. The fatal error is to admit that it is the role of government to “provide” food, clothing, housing, medical care, etc.

  • Jakareh

    The whole idea behind republican government is that if we the people don’t like our leaders we can replace them. Liberals, including those with an R after their names, have decided to turn that on its head and replace the people with more malleable Mexicans and Central Americans who will not object to their projects.

    • Matt E

      Yep, exactly right. But remember, it’s not just amnesty. It’s legal immigration from the third world too. Go to any mall or zoo or movie theater outside of elite circles and you will see the third world heIlhole that much of America has become. We are quite literally strangers in our own land now.

      • Jakareh

        Only people who bring something to this country—capital or valuable skills—should be let in, and only if they come from a culture that’s compatible with American culture. The refugee racket—through which liberals have flooded Minnesota with Somalis, for instance—is the worst. It brings in completely unskilled and undesirable individuals by the tens of thousands, and because they are “refugees” rather than immigrants, they get to go on welfare from day one.

        • Lightbringer

          Yet Miriam Ibraham, a Somali doctor married to an American citizen, has been denied entry into this country and now faces a death penalty for marrying a Christian. Disgusting.

        • Matt E

          I agree completely. There should not be any Somalis in the United States. None. We’re too far gone for any of this to matter. The demographic changes are already baked in the cake. Go to any mall, zoo or movie theater. It is scary – much of America is a third world helIhole

          • Jakareh

            Planes and ships travel in more than one direction. As they came, they should go. I believe things will come to a head fairly soon, and when they do the undesirables will yearn for home.

          • Matt E

            I wish I could share your confidence. But I just don’t see it. Too many Americans have this concept of Nation of Immigrants and think that means that we can have unlimited Mexicans and open the door to Islam and the rest of the third world and it’s no problem. I don’t think there will be any changes until it’s far too late. I hope I’m wrong.

      • J.B.

        I live in an upscale part of Southern CA and I See the same thing here. When my wife drags me to Costco I feel like I’m in the Tower of Babel or the UN. The same with shopping centers and tourist spots.

        • Matt E

          Tower of Babel is exactly right….

  • overbusy

    “This Is Why America Need’s To Vote For the Tea Party “some voter’s say the Tea party is To Conservative ” so Mass Immigration Is The Alternative” and Reshaping of America is the solution To Not To Vote For The TEA-PARTY

  • arishsahani

    Want your nation destroyed 1. Let your locals convert to an enemy culture . the converts soon start hating local culture and will destroy the nation , converts are new foot soldiers of your enemy.2. Let immigrants who have no common culture with locals , these immigrants will be foot soldier of enemy and will destroy your nation. West is invaded by both kind of enemies ,will get destroyed by these both sooner or later.

    • Drakken

      What we have now is Balkanization on steroids, and it always comes to the same conclusion.

    • Ace

      Yes, indeed. Also, 3. Let your children be educated by your enemies.

  • Lanna

    This is the change Obama spoke of, America will not exist as we knew it. The Democrats want to be in total control and they know how to get what they want, they are lawless.

    • wintson


  • ObamaYoMoma

    To demonstrate that I’m not always critical, good job!

  • Nyte


    There you have it. It is that simple. The threat was never iraq. The threat was barely Afghanistan, just a small band of individuals hiding out there. The threat has always been illegal immigration, unaccountable government seeking its own ends. The threat has always been excessive spending. The threat has always been discouraging economic growth. The threat is always the undermining of our principles for an easier path. The threat has always been the ever expanding liberal shift such that everything is that hurts another’s feelings must be counted as illegal, racist, anti-semitic so that none have value in discourse policy.

    The threat has always been the introduction of ‘If i feel it, It must be true.’

    • Matt E

      Never send your kids to government schools. Send them to religious schools or home school.

      • Nyte


        I am unmarried. Too ugly and too poor, so I have no children. So those with children may not appreciate my comments. I attended both public and private schools. But in those days even the public schools were filled with the liberalism that exists today.

        I think that private education is generally considered superior for those who attend. Class size and a focussed academic ethic are no small factors in my assessment.

        But even the advent of charter schools is not going to resolve what has been taking place in academia. Not enough people can afford a private education. So even those who are christian and by Christian I am referencing those who adhere to a conservative christian ethic, with no small emphasis on scriptural foundations. The vast majority of tomorrows citizens will be cropped from public systems. And if we continue to abandon it to liberal our conservative position will become increasing less a force in politics. Traditional under pinnings of family and the value that family contributes uniquely to community will remain in the hands of liberals. Home schooling, private schools and charters will not nearly be enough to push back against liberalism.

        Liberals are delighted that there are few if any conservative voices in course development and teaching. Oh they bang around about charter schools and vouchers they claim threaten their livlihood. But in reality they prefer that to challenges to the logic of the philosophies they churn out daily.

        I have no issues with any alternative conservatives suggest. However, we had better prepare for continuing generations pouring into the streets that believe she should give his birthright over Juan Martinez, who may very well be a wonderful person, but who should not be ciphening resources meant for US students.

        • Matt E

          I agree that the cost of religious schools is a burden. Perhaps wealthy conservatives could fund more religious schools around the country. Charter Schools don’t really work because the problem is bad students (aka blacks and hispanic immigrants).

          I would not allow my kid to go to school with inner city blacks or Mexicans, no matter the cost. Parents who do so put their kids at risk. I don’t care if I had to home school them or drive two hours to my job, I would not subject my kids to that environment. Frankly, black and Mexican kids have on average lower IQs than white Americans (or Asians), so schooling on them is to a degree a waste.

          There is no good solution to this problem other than parents teaching their kids right and wrong. If our kids had the Biblical and country knowledge and confidence to stand up to the lies of the left – well, that’s all you can do.

          • Nyte

            excuse the balling brook response. It seems appropriate however.

            I have to reject the bad students based on color or ethnicity model you present. I would say that our inner city environments and the related factors in some inner city neighborhoods make teaching and learning tougher. But those environments exist for whites and blacks. That blacks now occupy such communities more than whites is an artificial structure as opposed to any biological marker of destiny.

            Further, contending that schools in such neighborhoods which demand as much attention as others and perhaps more is a dangerous notion, in my view. These kids regardless of environment are US citizens and your suggestion is in fact, why they have the stereotypes they you reference. There is no evidence that blackness is an indicator of success, academically. And ultimately they will be members of our community and if for no other reason save self interest, we had better ensure that these voters are equipped to be as successful as every other citizen.

            I am going to eschew for the moment the new mantra on impulse control, IQ and academic success. and Asian students. Because inevitably the indictment lands on the head of those who advanced policies on color dynamics and I think the burden is heavy enough on whites as to history on the question. I am not sure how one turns that history around. But the data is pretty damning that we herded entire populations into communities with added stressers/barriers toward success creating unwholesome environments. Do not get me wrong, people in whatever communities they inhabit must bear responsibility for choices. But I am not going to lie before Christ and ignore the data sets that demonstrate that discrimination against certain populations have not assimilation and participation in the ‘American Dream’ harder. As a conservative, honest dealings and fair play are part of my fundamental belief. For example, if the importation of non natives who speak neither the language or comprehend the american ethic is hard on upper middle class, educational abilities, it is probably much worse for those schools that are dumping grounds for illegal immigrants taking up classroom space, time and effort for those in tougher communities.

            If and when I meet a woman tough enough to take me on and marry me, I will have to ignore color as a factor. I am more concerned about the environment and commitment, and abilities of the educational staff to teach my child the basics and the critical thought processes by which to manage college/university courses and be a successful member of community to include being reinforcing decency and ‘good character.’

            I would hope that my wife and i would be examples of all that I desire for my child. I would hope that I deliver unto them a frame reflective and reflexive of Christ, himself most likely a dark skinned individual. I would that my child respect others regardless of status or IQ because neither is a substitute for a life of integrity. I would that my son understand that while Christ is loving and kind that he was not merely a social worker. That a life in him is joy yet demanding. That his first task in to love God and the second love in a manner that others come to know Christ. And that while I love education, intelligence, astuteness, wealth, power, that none of that is a substitute for integrity. I would remind that even if Dr. Stephen Hawking had full use of his body, if he was dropped off in the jungles or plains of Africa, its inhabitants would consider him a virtual idiot at his choices for survival. I would that he stand firm that God acknowledges that our border laws of international standing have meaning and he is to obey them. That his country is in fact unique and special. But that his first allegiance is to Christ. The second is to truth, such that if his country asks him to vote for war that he vote based on the data sets, not merely notions of who is good and evil. I would that he would take responsibility for his choices effective and those not effective. That when he is wrong he would embrace it as he would when he is correct. I would that he meet and marry a woman who knows God seeks God and seeks a life with him as man and woman. I would that he has the courage to acknowledge that biology, history, and practical living are reasons why men and women couple as designed. I would that he be honest and work hard even when others are not and do not. I would that he weather the storms brought on by his own failings and even those brought on by liars, thieves and people whose integrity is but shifting sand. That in this life hard work and integrity are no guarantees of success, but they he is duty bound to pursue them nonetheless. That he will at times have to walk lonely paths. Times when God will be as if there is none. He will have to stand. That in standing he protects his wife, his home and all that God has given him without ever stealing or destroying the lives of others in some warped sense of winning. That a conscience is a good thing and a conscience formed by Christ is better.

            I have no idea why I went on babbling even ,more than usual — but that is my response as it is. I will have to clear up the grammar.

          • Matt E

            Admirable, but wrong sir. Bad students, not bad schools. Replace the population of inner city Detroit with that of Japan and voila, you have good schools. I agree that blacks are citizens (unlike Mexican immigrants), but that doesn’t mean that we should pretend that their test outcomes will be similar to white Americans. Also doesn’t mean that we should not punish their outrageous behavior. I couldn’t read your whole thing… sorry.

          • Nyte

            First, I did not say there weren’t bad students. Second bad students are limited to blacks youth and certainly most blacks are not ‘bad students, however you want to qualify that dependent.

            Test scores are not the result of skin color, but I am going to skip that for now. As a conservative I am bound to take individuals as they come, not as they are stereotyped. And it is environment that is the primary shaper of outcomes. Blacks are not inherently anything less than whites. One would hope that even a private education founded on scripture would have rooted out such notions. But apparently not.

            Japanese language, and culture does seem to support some higher attendence to academics. However, the Japanese as do other nations do a very interesting thing when it comes to education. They track their students out so that only a certain level of students takes the national exams, or attend schools here in the US. Further the students we go gaga over are the students of the select from international communities. The others are no longer part of the system. So notions of japanese superiority is highly overrated and reinforced. At any rate with respect to an overall production, of talent and intelligence, the Japanese are deficient. But this is the US you are welcome to embrace whatever people you so wish. I prefer my own citizens as wonderful and as failed as they may be. Further the evidence is pretty clear that when educational environments are well staffed, and maintained student performance improves regardless of whether said environments are inner city, suburban or rural. The data sets that slap your view down is that inner city systems even before blacks inhabited or inherited them performed worse.

            I am unclear why people insist on introducing peculiar notions about discipline and attribute them to someone who has not so attended. In my comments as long winded as they may be — I made it clear that individuals are responsible for their own behavior. I never introduced or suggested otherwise.

            You seem under the belief that whiteness comes with unique or superior intelligence. That is unfortunate. And wholly incorrect. I am unclear why you hold that idea. IQ is not a social construction. Even what constitutes intelligence is a social construction. My only contention here is this environment and staff impact performance. Now when I say environment that includes parental support and community support systems. It just contradicts the data. Now I understand that is a huge ego boost and confidence booster to have such ideas reinforced, but they are artificial.

            But given the article I find it curious that you are so dismissive of your own citizens. It is an odd perspective. I would rather invest in citizens as ignorant or as intelligent as they may be.

          • Drakken

            You have never been to Africa have you? Same tribal mentality there as it is here, except they have better sneakers here. Name one school that turns out well adjusted and educated black kids in the US, just one?

          • Nyte

            Kaiserslautern American HS,

            Wiesbaden American HS

            Central Catholic HS

          • Ace

            >> There is no evidence that blackness is an indicator of success, academically. <> And ultimately they
            will be members of our community <> and if for no other reason save self
            interest, we had better ensure that these voters are equipped to be as
            successful as every other citizen. <<

            Doomed to failure. Time and time again, we see it.

          • Nyte

            I have already addressed the matter of education and intelligence. It’s primarily a matter of environment and staffing as previously noted.

            Actually your comment about the exams is interesting. All departments that provide services may from time to time change their requirement procedures. The need is just on ocassion not met by their recruiting goals. Blacks to my knowledge are not given a different test than whites, so if in fact the tests are modified to accommodate more personnell to meet demand — t is a practice long before blacks appeared on the scene.

            The tests modification certainly was not required to be modified for blacks, The evidence is most likely indicates that that rhetoric is often used to ensure fair hiring practices in which what is being hidden is that exams were specially created to prevent blacks from being on the force. No doubt Atlanta is having to wrestle with the consequences of their own history of discrimination.

            Now you are alluding to affirmative action. The affirmative action policy that so many get in a huff about did not and does not require easier exams of standards. The policy practiced to today does not resemble AA which required that applicants meet the same standards as everyone, not that the standards be shifted. In any manner – that was the original intent.

            The other problem you have is that the evidence as to lowering standards was not the result of black applicants – not even close. The standards that are being lowered and were lowered across the board has been the result of women, most of them white. And the standards that are most commonly lowered were those of physical stamina and performance. The
            data indicates that white woman are the big winners in the AA advance. A police designed to redress actual discrimination in education and the hiring practices against blacks and native americans primarily was and is boondoggled into a scheme in which whites hired other whites and lowered the expectations to do so. Now blacks have certainly benefited, but the reality is that whites saw an opportunity to subvert the system and they did. White women with no small history of discrimination of their should be the target of this complaint. I used to have these notions until I actually took a look at the history of employment practices across the board and read the intention and the method of AA policy.

            I am not sure what you think the majority culture is. But I am unaware that blacks on the whole or even the majority reject US culture. The evidence is very strong that our society invested more than one three hundred years ensuring that blacks were excluded, some white scholars say more based on the record, not how they feel, but i would need to know what you think qualifies as culture and and some quantifier that it has been rejected.

            I don’t have the faintest idea what you are talking about as to midshipmen training.

            I prefer to be optimistic first that most of your assumptions are incorrect. And second, there has to be evidence that we actually so engaged. And I think there is room for doubt.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    I agree with everything you said. Furthermore, the only fight we have at this time is to elect Tea Party Republicans who will enforce the existing law and shut down the borders. E-verify for employment will help illegals self deport back to their home lands. One of the biggest steps the Republican reformation needs to take is to divest ourselves from The Chamber of Commerce and the crony Capitalist whose interest lie with big government. Can we do it? only time will tell.

    • Matt E

      The Chamber of Commerce are a bunch of traitors who care about one thing: Having cheap labor.

      • megapotamus

        These are socialists in pinstriped suits. They are our enemies and the first order of business. Forward.

  • bigjulie

    The Left believes it can sustain itself by eating itself starting at it own tail. Soros, the Clintons, the Obamas, the electronic and Social Media billionaires, the Hollywood “elite”… all think they have achieved enough riches by corrupting and bastardizing the original American political system to immunize themselves permanently from the very principles they are advocating for everybody else. Paid for by ever-increasing taxes on everybody but themselves, as they hire an ever-increasing number of armed guards who are supposed to protect the rulers from the seething masses who are supposed to be the ‘benign” and “easily controlled Common Core” underclass who will permanently live on unachievable dreams that are dangled before them like a carrot on a stick, but are tightly choked-off from actual realization by ever-increasing government size and regulation. Like Puck, the Comic Weekly, “What Fools These Mortals Be”…as yet another bloody revolution begins and we start all over again…
    Great, great piece, Daniel. Too bad it is placed before too many blind eyes and deaf ears!

  • antisharia

    Yet, in my opinion, this isn’t immigration. It’s an invasion sponsored by foreign governments who seek to flood our country with people they don’t want to give them more power and influence over American domestic policy. Every immigrant crossing the border is a soldier and every cry for amnesty an act of war.

    • Matt E

      Exactly right. This is an invasion. Actively supported by the left which wants to transform America. And aided by the GOP establishment which wants cheap labor and lives in a bubble.

    • megapotamus

      There may be Machiavellian intent by the Latin governments but there is a much more immediate incentive. Their citizens abroad pour dollars back into their countries by remittances. Many of these cesspits would have collapsed long ago absent Yankee dollars from El Norte. This is usually ignored in any discussion of immigration economics. Besides earning untaxed income, the illegals send their cash home yielding no local taxes or economic activity. Not that I mind. Starving the govt, federal or otherwise, is always a Good Thing. Forward.

  • mtnhikerdude

    They protest over here to get Amnesty . Why didn’t they protest in Mexico for a better life ? Take away the carrots . Prop 187 was the answer . We would not be having this discussion but for a Liberal San Francisco 9th Circuit Court Judge.
    Move them all to his neighborhood and to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Let Michelle feed them arugula and hook them up with her dress designer . We are forfeiting our Sovereignty and our language .

    • wihstons

      The Communist judge Felton Henderson. Yes, he’s Black, so immune from criticism.

      • megapotamus

        That’s Black Skin Privilege.

  • Habbgun

    Why do I think an actual militia will become a reality for America? If people can not have a true vote and a true voice in a democracy that is guaranteed by the government doing what it is supposed to do the people will take it upon themselves. It will be a real leader that will help them if they do it in the way that supports rights and doesn’t destroy them. The system we have of rigged elections and gerrymandering is untenable.

    • Drakken

      We are Balkanizing at a rate unprecedented in history, as history as any guide, there will be lots of bloodshed in the near future if Amnesty is passed. Just like Europe, who has imported millions of 3rd world savages into their midst, they will one way or another go full on Balkans on steroids which will spread here a well. What kind of Government we end up with will be a crap shoot.

      • laura r

        so why havnt the europeans revolted? no revolution there.

        • hatsylady

          They are so passive. My husband is from the Netherlands, the original tolerant country if there ever was one. His family still believes the leftist propaganda. Even after Pim Fortuyn was murdered. They said he was extreme. Just type Geert Wilders and you get Nazi. The Dutch have no sense of self preservation.

        • Ace

          Free stuff. But it’s grinding to a halt. As Herb Stein said, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” Europe and the U.S. are firmly committed to full steam ahead in defiance of Stein’s dictum. It will all stop but some of the best minds are devoted to maintaining the charade. It’s like my thinking I’m making progress on paying off my mortgage by moving my money from one bank to another.

        • Drakken

          It’s coming, and when it starts, it will be sudden and start as a local matter and then spread from there, where it will start is a crap shoot at this point, but make no mistake, it is coming.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    This piece prompted me to re-examine my own stand and opinions which found me surprising myself. This will lead to much further self-debate. What I would have liked to have read at the end of your excellent piece, Daniel, is your personal prognosis. Where do you feel America will be in ten years?

    I would love to read your analysis of America’s long-term relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood – Bush seemed as friendly with them as Obama if not as deeply involved. The Clintons also may have enjoyed Baksheesh.

    Also, it would be good to get your take on Egypt’s conviction of several Al Jazeera’s journalists despite’s Kerry’s plea on behalf of Obama’s Brotherhood. Applying Egypt’s interpretation of law in the U.S., I could see a good number of American journalists from leading papers going to jail on the same charges – starting with fine specimens from the New York Times.

    Last but not least, it would be interesting to read your assessment of the Presbyterian Church boycotting goods from Israel while ignoring the decimation and murder of Christians in the Muslim world. I looked at it as a joke yesterday and send the following comment to FPM:

    “It is a marketing problem and when you suffer an increasing number of empty pews, in desperation you clutch at straws for something to hang your hat on that might bring new customers. Maybe the church leaders felt that there are big numbers among the KKK and that this move might attract them. Keep an eye on this church. If antisemitism doesn’t bring in folks on Sunday, maybe they’ll try free sex.”

    Today I read that David Duke of the KKK has congratulated the Presbyterians which made me feel downright clairvoyant.

  • mindRider

    Making America more like Europe would mean the complete shedding individual liberty, losing a moral stance on any issue as having one might be bad for business, being cowardly in the face of evil, why die in defense of values as those are multi-interpretable, living a spineless life only centered on the self with no inkling towards charity or care for the other as THE STATE takes care. G’d save the free world from America turning European.

    • Drakken

      Europe has brought you everything you enjoy today, it’s called the modern age, courtesy of Western Civilization, if you want us to be like the bloody 3rd world, keep importing the 3rd world to make us just like them.

      • mindRider

        The Europe of the enlightenment of 1848 made Europe what it was for a short period in history. The post Dreyfuss Europe of the twentieth century created the monster of today, a complete BIG BROTHER state with only an illusion of enlightenment left in some of it’s vague terminology of unlimited tolerance which proves however to be more an utter lack of moral and ethical stance than liberty.

        • Drakken

          That tolerance is coming to an end, the invasion of the 3rd world into Europe is going to end up like any other country that has tried multiculturalism, a very uncivil war on steroids and those that enabled, encouraged and enforced this abomination will be amongst many against the walls, ditches and hanging from lamp posts. It will spread to the US as well.

  • ADM64

    All true. Two points, though. First, it is not clear that enough of our citizens care about small government to give up the entitlements and actually dismantle the welfare state. Many conservatives fudge on this point two. Second, in the final resort, there is always the option of picking up a gun and changing the system that way. Gun owners are not generally on the left, which is why the left pushes so hard for gun control.

    • Matt E

      It’s tricky… most white Americans care about small government only to the extent that it really affects them.them. But besides paying high taxes, most suburbanites, most elites don’t really deal with the entrenched bureaucracy. For example, if we dropped third world immigrants off en masse in Greenwich, CT or the Upper East Side – you can bet that things would change. But Southern Texas or Arizona – who cares!

  • Cathy1000

    Excellent article Mr. Greenfield! Thank you for such an awesome read and such truth….
    As Andrew Breitbart said….”Truth is not mean. It is just truth.”

  • winstons

    Super-Amnesty: Ethnic Cleansing of White People.

  • Omammy

    The Radical Left has won. It took an enormous effort by full-time activists,, billions of dollars, the complete corruption of the political class and the totalitarian seed blossoming in the DEM party. The orchestrated invasion of Barbarians from the South echos the death knell of the Roman Empire and the entry into a new Dark Age.

    • Matt E

      Exactly right. Sad too.

      Go to any mall or zoo or movie theater outside of San Marino, CA or Greenwich, CT and you can see the third world helIhole that is now America. We are literally strangers in our own land. It is disgusting.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It hasn’t won yet, but we are nearing midnight

      • laura r

        as gert wilders says we are 10minutes before midnight.

  • megapotamus

    There may not be a ‘conservative’ case for any of these things but there surely is one from the Right. I support open borders, expansion of the welfare state, expanded Medicare/Medicaid, spiking taxes and spending etc BECAUSE I want all these things destroyed and collapse is the only way. Forward.

    • Drakken

      Then the Law of Unintended Consequences comes to bare. In the resulting grabbing of scare resources warfare will be inevitable, we will become Balkanized territories and use any methods and means to keep what is ours. History as taught us this time after time, but the left ignores this at their own peril.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They’re not going to collapse. Society will collapse first.

      Look at Venezuela.

    • Ace

      Cochran’s win proves you right. Voters want stuff. End of story. All the discussion of sovereignty, rule of law, borders? Meaningless. As the Chinese expression goes, “Do not play your lute before an ox.” Americans want smiles, happy endings, free stuff, perpetual spring break, and fairy tales about war, race and human nature.

  • Gloria Stewart

    This is a really great article by Daniel Greenfield. There is one more group that backs virtually open borders. That is the Catholic Church. The reasons should be obvious. The Catholic Church is the only main stream religion that has seen its numbers grow, albeit slightly. This is due to the large numbers of hispanics who are usually Catholic. It is their birthrate that puts the US birthrate above replacement level.
    If the United States down the road becomes like a third world country, that does not literally mean collapse. The country will not dematerialize. We can be like Somalia well into the future. In that case, I do not see the sun coming up again.

    • Drakken

      As a Catholic myself, I find that the Catholic Church as forgotten the core of it’s teachings, and that is render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render unto God what is God’s.

      • J.B.

        Yes, the Church finds ways to get around many of its core doctrines. Women cant be priests? No problem. They can read passages from the Bible to congregations and give instructions without having had theological educations. (They aren’t even nuns.) Marxism is antithetical to Christianity? Give to the poor, but only those the Church deems worthy, and flood successful countries with the world’s failures. Get back to basics the way Jesus taught? Nah. Let’s hear a sermon about a “holy” Tibetan monk and his words of wisdom. Let’s dumb down the sermons and neglect to make them relevant to Communion? Who cares if we have Christ’s body but not his blood? And lets all wear shorts and tshirts.

        There’s plenty of good about the Church but I’ve encountered everything I describeed at St Nicholas, and it disturbs me. Especially the mission to evangelize the unwashed masses but ignore the people educated enough to best understand and spread the word.

  • kevinstroup

    Using census numbers, we have approximately 50 million illegal invaders in the United States. Does anyone have data showing how they improve the country economically? Socially? Culturally? Why are we not going after those who employ illegal aliens? If you dry up the jobs, the illegals will “self-deport” and/or not come in the first place. Kinda hard to eat and rent if you have no job. Why do we allow the rest of the world to use our country as a dumping ground for people that they do not want?

    • Ace

      We can’t STAND not being loved. We want to be seen as nicer than nice.

  • Erudite Mavin

    .The pro Amnesty danger comes from Libertarian and Mr. TP Rand Paul and Grover Norquist who with Bloomberg are working for Amnesty.
    Rand Paul’s many speeches have documented this.
    Then you have Tea Party Express and co founder Sal Russo pushing for amnesty

    • Ace

      Incredible. They always manage to work in the betrayal. Always. Wait long enough. Pow. It slips out.

    • J.B.

      Norquist is worse than an open borders tool. He’s a stealth jihadi.

      • Erudite Mavin

        You got that right

  • Steven

    Brilliant article! This should be faxed or emailed to every Pro Amnesty Republican!

  • Jason P

    It’s clear that immigrants vote Democratic … thus the end of the Republican Party. We all know that if immigrants overwhelmingly voted Republican, the Democrats would limit immigration. There’s a reason why immigrants favor paternalistic government (the article explains it well). Facts are facts. They are natural Democrats.

    Now we can benefit from a limited amount of highly educated immigrants. Their lasting contribution exceeds their number. For example, a scientist or engineer doesn’t merely help make today’s economic product but elevates the state-of-the-art and contributes to all production going forward. Many foreign-born create new businesses. Our limited immigration slots should be geared towards high-yield immigrants.

    • Ace

      5,000 a year.

  • GSR

    The purpose of the Border Patrol is to prevent foreign nationals from coming to our country without permission (a visa). It is not up to foreigners to whine about how hard it is to get a visa or to petition our government for more visas. That’s not up to foreigners, that’s up to the American people, through our representatives. We can not accept the entire world or half the world or even a tenth of the world.

    Obama has changed the mission of the Border Patrol to one of acting like a ‘welcome wagon’ to trespassers, just like he’s transformed the US Armed Forces to that of a social welfare organization for homosexuals, lesbians, cross-dressers, jihadis, 95 lb. ‘girl soldiers’, etc. In today’s military, White young men need not apply.

    No one is against reasonable levels of legal immigration., But today, immigration is mostly about driving down wages/salaries by mass immigration and about changing the country demographically in order to change it politically/electorally.

    Time for a reduction in immigration for the next ten years to re-balance the scales back toward the (native born) American people.

    • Ace

      50 years. I’m sick of the lies and betrayal. Any politician who uses the words “reform” or “comprehensive” is a traitor and a liar. Nothing in the law needs changing.

  • nimbii

    As Reagan used to say “no pale pastels.”

    Illegals given amnesty under Reagan are still voting Democrat after 30 years.

    This was the plan of Nikita Khrushchev to inundate America with a proletariat that will look to socialist goals.

    Little did we know our own government would usher them in.

  • pookieamos

    I don’t recall giving my permission to transform our country , did you ? Obama nor any elected representative has the Constitutional authority to just willy-nilly allow thousands upon thousands of illegals into our country illegally. It is past time for sensible voters , of every political affiliation to SCREAM H E L L NO !!!!

  • pookieamos

    My daughter-in-law lives in Honduras. Families are being told that if their children go to America , that families will also be brought in. FACT !

  • liz

    The country already has too many morons who stupidly vote for leftists.
    Bringing in thousands more is just what we need!

  • ron44

    Planned obsolescence of the Constitution, that little piece of paper that seems to get in the way of both parties hoping for a permanent place at the table for themselves and their kin..take a good look at all of the family members of all of the legislators that hold office.. it is generational destruction of America and was never met to be this way.. The vary big money or gold if you wish makes the laws and holds the courts, that little piece of paper or document, sadly to say has been miss used and is slowly vanishing.

  • MN dude

    gotta move to texas and join their secession movement.

  • USARetired

    Excellent article! I have my own short version, We have enough uneducated idiots in this Country already!

  • Drakken

    You haven’t been to the outskirts of Holland lately have you? The locals have had enough of the muslims and the trouble they bring, the polisei at this point are having a very hard time containing it.

    • hatsylady

      They’ve been getting poor treatment by Muslims for years now, but they can’t seem to shake their liberalism. I pray for them.

  • Lanna

    The stupid voters, and stupid politicians have changed this country forever. It will no longer be the land of opportunity because of the Big Changes implemented by the Obama administration. These illegals don’t even know American history and yet they will be granted amnesty to vote…just wait and see…they will vote for the party that brought them over and gave them free stuff and asylum, all this wave of illegals is a created crisis, (The Saul Alinksy Tactics at work) This government is disenfranchising the legal Americans who have work here, are real citizens, and pay taxes, some of us can’t find jobs as it is without adding millions more to the system. Its very sad. We will look like some 3rd world nation of no importance because of the policies of failure, and change, and the inability to fight terrorism, as Iraq and the Middle East go ballistic. Daniel is right on all accounts….the whole country will look like California!

  • 11bravo

    ” If the outcome of a conservative policy is more liberalism, it was never a conservative policy to begin with.”

  • 11bravo

    These are the questions to be asked;

    ” Will Policy X put the country on a more liberal or conservative track?”

  • cothamsaigon

    If they can’t make it on their own, they should be left to die. I believe things will come to a head fairly soon, and when they do the undesirables will yearn for home kem dưỡng da nào tốt

    I think that private education is generally considered superior for those who attend dung dịch vệ sinh phụ nữ nào tốt