There is No School Resegregation


The new thing that lefties are getting all outraged by is a mythical phenomenon known as “School Resegregation”.

Did George Wallace come back from the dead? Are there colored water fountains again? Are black kids being prevented from going to schools in their districts?

No, no and no.

Segregation was a government policy. There is no government policy to segregate children. Resegregation is a myth like the jackalope. It refers to the fact that there are minority areas. That’s why the most “segregated” schools are in New York City

Not exactly Old Dominion.

What liberals are calling school resegregation is really geographical divisions that they want to “fix” with school busing. School busing is ridiculous and wrong. It’s pointlessly abusive to children who get used as racial counters in a political game.

Busing does not help children of any race. It wastes time, energy and money that could better be applied to educating children. It makes liberals feel self-righteous while solving nothing.

Black parents do not actually want busing. What they want is to fix up existing schools. They are not interested in diversity for the sake of diversity. They want to repair buildings and hire more teachers.

Even Michelle Obama’s race speech conceded that, “Now, our laws may no longer separate us based on our skin color, but nothing in the Constitution says we have to eat together in the lunchroom, or live together in the same neighborhoods.”

Not that Obama Inc. hasn’t been trying.

But the problem isn’t segregation. It’s not discrimination. Often more money is spent on schools in minority areas than otherwise, even though the property taxes aren’t there. The recent New Yorker story on the problems that Cory Booker faced trying to reform Newark schools is telling. Do any of the liberals beating the drums over ‘resegregation’ imagine that shipping white students to them would solve anything?

The problem isn’t diversity. It’s education.

  • liz

    Yes, the problem is that education is controlled by corrupt leftists who want to indoctrinate, not educate. And their union which is not about providing qualified teachers for children, but about incompetent teachers cheating to get federal money.

  • Judahlevi

    Only a racist would say that there is something wrong with a school where children share a similar skin color.

    Liberals are obsessed with the skin color of children instead of being concerned with the education of their minds.

    • Marsha

      Speaking of racism, it is instructive to see what our children are being taught in school now with tax-payer funds. Here is a short, secretly filmed, look at the “White Privilege” conference for teachers held in Wisconsin…

  • DogmaelJones1

    Frankly, the problem is having the government — on any level, city, town, county, federal, state — involved in education. The problem goes back to those “normal” schools established long ago, beyond the memory of anyone living today. “Do any of the liberals beating the drums over ‘resegregation’ imagine that shipping white students to them would solve anything?” What are those bussing advocates hoping for? That the “white privilege” of the hapless white kids will somehow “rub off” on the black kids and improve their lot, at the same time teaching the white kids humility and shame and instilling in them “racial guilt”?

  • GSR

    People with a little more money tend to move to towns and neighborhoods that are better kept, cleaner, nicer and with better schools. Its the culmination of people who care more and are more productive than most of the people in depressed urban areas – who tend to be less productive, less involved, more obsessed with instant gratification. Only totalitarianism can solve that…..and the Obama’s are trying. They love big central government making all of one’s life decisions.

  • Ban Liberals

    “The problem isn’t diversity. It’s education.”

    Actually the problem is the near total absence of BLACK FATHERS in BLACK HOUSEHOLDS, resulting in BLACK unruly kids (if they even attend classes), making it imperative for other more stable families to withdraw their kids from schools and/or move to other neighborhoods where the children AND THEIR PARENTS can have a stable and safer environment.

    The problem will NEVER be repaired until BLACKS admit there’s a problem in BLACK households and with BLACK culture.

    But that would be… RAAAAAAACIST!


      9 kids?

      How many unique biological father(s)?

      I’ve got a feeling that she’s not done yet.

      • transgardengal

        Call Maury.

    • FrontandCenter

      Good grief. And there is no way she’s covering those costs.

  • Renfro

    What liberals are calling school resegregation is really geographical divisions that they want to “FIX” WITH SCHOOL BUSING.

    Dear Liberals,

    You might be from Loonwatch, the HuffPo or some other progressive site monitoring FPM. You come here to get opposition research or for some yucks. Please consider the side effects of you great enterprise. That would be to add 2 or more hours of sitting to millions of young people. If is bad for their health.They will sit for 4 to 8 hours a day in the classroom and now the liberals among us (You know who you are.) want to add 2 or more hours of sitting. That would add up to 6 to 10 hours or more of sitting. If these you people are high schools students then there is homework. Add another 2 or more hours of sitting. For some high school students that will be 12 or more hours of sitting or 1/2 a day.

    Consider it a sort of liberal straight jacket. What is next water boarding of highschool students?

    You can only do so much homework while riding a bus. They are not conducive for many students for study. You can get some studying done and some socializing done. You will also get an increase in juvenile delinquency. Busing will be especially hard on boys. I consider unnecessary busing a “War on Boys”. And here y’all are waging war in boys. Between home schooling and private schools more black boys than white boys will be affected. You would expect black boys to do better with integrated schools. They might. But it won’t be as much as you predict or expect, because you will have the drag of busing.

    Instead of spending that money on buses, bus drivers, fuel, transportation administration, you would be better off spending it on the schools or holding community meeting and getting parental engagement.

    Busing kills school budgets.

    Busing creates CO2 (see your problem?)

    Sitting: 6 New Reasons It’s Bad For Your Health

    Daily Inactivity, Not Just Lack of Exercise, Could Be Making You Sick

  • Wmn04Ken07

    In elementary school the children were integrated in every aspect of the school day. When they reached middle school and high school, they segregate themselves except when participating in an extra curricular activity. There are outliers but for the most part kids are like adults. They associate within their comfort zone. Everyone needs to come to the understanding that it is not racism that divides, it is choice. Everyone, white, black, hispanic, Asian…..has a choice. How silly to suggest the grand experiment didn’t work. It did and no law is going to change that.
    Our daily lives are integrated. I believe we are doing just fine and if the grievance monsters weren’t benefiting from picking at the segregation scab, the sore might heal without leaving a scar.

  • Habbgun

    Public schools are already overloaded. Park Slope is overloaded with money. The solution is simple. The state liquidates the assets of Park Slope type schools and then taxes the parents at 1.50 % of current tax levels. The other .50 goes to the school system. Those kids are either bused out or the public school kids bussed in. Any complaints from minorities mean that we consider another .25% of taxation on Park Slope type parents. The libs have the real money. The libs should pay.

    • John

      I see the Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn on google maps is east of Gowanus bay. What I don’t know the socioeconomic status of the people that live there or how they vote.

      I get the gust of what you are saying but I don’t quite get the particulars. The people of Park Slope vote Democrat, espouse liberal policies, are relatively well off? They would be crushed if their children had to be bused like they advocate fro other?

  • Clare Spark

    I used to teach high school level science to poor and minority kids. Now my son supports Eva Moskowitz’s charter schools in Harlem and elsewhere. She doesn’t worry about busing, but focuses on an excellent curriculum and intellectual and moral support from parents in her ambitious project for these inner-city students. See”Eva Moskowitz and the Charter School movement.” We should all devote ourselves to similar projects, no matter how loud the teachers unions scream.