This Muslim’s Call for Peace Will Change How You See the Gaza War


Peace just doesn’t come any more peaceful than this. I have no idea why Israel can’t just make peace with people who believe in wiping it off the face of the earth because its citizens practice a religion that Islam disapproves of.




  • Jason P

    And giving them the Sudetenland Gaza didn’t appease them. Imagine that!

    • MarthaGHoskinson

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    • truebearing

      Indeed. Appeasement is like Marxism. It never works, but the same fools keep trying it. Any day now they’ll be making an impassioned argument for the square wheel.

      • David

        Appeasement can work if done cautiously. The Cuban missile crisis is a textbook example of how appeasement combined with the strong credible threat of force can effectively avoid war. Sometimes.

  • Texas Patriot

    Hitler was probably the world’s most gigantic idiot, and no one of any age has ever caused more harm to the German people. Things are not likely to go well for those who pick up Hitler’s banner today.

    • Judahlevi

      And yet the Muslims have done just that.

      The left has made common cause with these same Muslims – so what does that say about the left?

      • Texas Patriot

        I think they’ve lost their marbles.

  • David

    I’ve read reports of the Palestine Arabs supporting the nazis but I’ve never seen the photographs before. Is there a source for more of these? (not the Mufti but rank and file Arabs)

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The 3rd photo is Legion Freies Arabien which was co-created by him, but drew from different Arab and African Muslims. You can search and find photos of African soldiers in Wermacht uniforms.

  • liz

    Can’t really have it both ways – Muslims calling the Jews Nazis and then agreeing with Hitler about wiping them out? Hmmmm…something doesn’t add up here.
    Think our little leftist BDS’rs will catch the slight inconsistency here?
    It might be a little too subtle for them to grasp….

    • Judahlevi

      Hypocrisy is beyond leftists – they don’t get it.

  • Peter McDougald

    Obama/Kerry/BanKiMoon/Abbas/Masha’al all one and the same.

  • De Doc

    Apparently Hitler is becoming a popular internet meme too since this latest Israeli-Gaza conflict. Even so-called secularists are invoking his image as a solution to the problem. Truly sickening!

    • Judahlevi

      It is not that surprising that leftists are joining with the anti-Semitic Muslims.

      Their ideologies shares common traits with the National Socialists party of Hitler. They are also collectivists, which one has to be to be a racist or anti-Semite, and judge people by which group they belong to rather than who they are as an individual.