Todd Fine: Vocal Opponent of 9/11 Museum Linked to Country that Aided Mastermind of 9/11


Todd Fine is making the news with his fiery denunciations of the 9/11 Museum. Fine is described as an “amateur historian” and leader of a “grass roots movement”.

According to a Shiite propaganda channel, Todd Fine was part of a group protesting the 9/11 Museum while claiming to be “Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition.”

The tiny group consisted of radically anti-Semitic groups, such as Jewish Voice for Peace, which the ADL linked to whitewashing anti-Semitism and collaboration with anti-Semitic groups. Its press releases are distributed by a member of the JVP hate group.

In CAIR’s photos of the group, some of its members appear to be wearing Burkas and are about as Jewish as Ahmadinejad. As a Jew, I am both offended and disgusted by CAIR’s attempts to whitewash its history of anti-Semitism by using a hate group.


The rest are the usual elderly hate-filled Trotskyists who show up to denounce anything American or Jewish.

Todd Fine has blogged repeatedly at the Huffington Post, denouncing the 9/11 Museum and demanding that a movie which points out that Al Qaeda was motivated by Islam and the Koran be censored. Fine has also launched attacks against Debra Burlingame, the sister of a pilot of one of the hijacked planes.

So who is Todd Fine? Beyond his current efforts to promote the “Syrian History of Lower Manhattan” he does have an interesting history.

He worked with the Qatar Foundation International and described visiting that country with the support of QFI. QFI appears to be a subset of the Qatar Foundation which was set up by Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the former ruler of Qatar.

Qatar is considered extremist even by the standards of the region. Its regime has run into trouble with the Saudis and the UAE for its insistence on supporting Islamic terrorist groups. And the ruling family aided the mastermind behind September 11.

American officials say the FBI and CIA just missed capturing the al Qaeda leader believed to have organized the 9/11 attacks — and now believed to be planning a new attack against Americans — because it appears he was protected and tipped off by a member of the royal family in Qatar, Abdullah Bin Khalid al-Thani.

“Certainly it is well-documented that there is one member of the Qatar royal family that supports al Qaeda,” said Rohan Gunaratna, the author of the book Inside Al Qaeda and professor at St. Andrews University in Scotland.

According to American intelligence officials, Abdallah bin Khalid al-Thani, a member of the Qatari royal family tipped off Mohammed. He is listed on government Web sites as the current minister of the Interior for Qatar and is known as a radical Islamic fundamentalist with ties to al Qaeda.

Qatar’s regime also controls Al Jazeera which aired Osama bin Laden’s propaganda videos. Iraq has accused Qatar of funding Al Qaeda in Iraq.

As recently as last year, Todd Fine was touting a QFI event on the Huffington Post. QFI promoted his HuffPo post on Facebook suggesting a certain amount of coordination.

He runs the Washington Street Historical Society which attempts to lay claim to part of Lower Manhattan as Little Syria based on the Christian refugees from Syria who lived there for a while. The WSHS also runs his Project Khalid. Both are registered using a Virginia address an hour out of Washington D.C. It is unclear who funds these organizations.

Before all that, Todd Fine worked on the Iran Data Portal and authored a paper opposing any attack on Iran’s nuclear weapons program and urging that the US be more “attuned to Iran’s cultural needs.”

He also worked for the Center for Defense Information, a left-wing Washington think tank pushing for disarming the US.

Somewhere in between, Fine found the time to work as an Occupy DC activist.

There are a lot of unanswered questions about Todd Fine, but he seems rather comfortable with totalitarian Islamist regimes such as Qatar that have links to Al Qaeda. Furthermore he is attempting to stake a Muslim claim to Lower Manhattan based on the experiences of Greek, Armenian and Christians living temporarily in the area.

There’s something obviously inappropriate about the media using a man who is this comfortable with an Al Qaeda linked regime being used as a source for attacking a 9/11 widow and the 9/11 Museum.

You might as well have a Nazi collaborator attacking the Holocaust museum and Holocaust survivors.

  • jak

    Great post, just a small correction: Debra Burlingame is the sister of one of the pilots killed on 9/11 (not a spouse/widow).

    • Daniel Greenfield


  • laura r

    good job daniel. whats up w/these crazy jews?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      they’re not Jews

      • laura r

        interesting. still they make it very bad for the jewish image. i am tired so tired of these freaks. more tired of defending jews. anyway, this musuem thing is some fiasco.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          There’s no need to defend them. Do Americans run around defending Michael Moore? Are Catholics responsible for liberation theology?

          These people are fanatical leftists. Any affiliation they claim beyond that is worthless. It’s about what they put first.

          • truebearing

            Here we are again, at the bottom of the barrel — evil. Fine is yet another hater of humanity posing as someone trying to reform the world. He is a human shell with a demon for a soul. Death is to good for him, but let’s not be picky. it will do nicely.

          • laura r

            i know this, i call them fringe radical groups. (gone on many white nationist sites to make it clear. BUT lets face it, most of the communists/socialists who came to NY were jewish. (in know this inside out i come from a similar backround as horowitz on my fathers side, but hardly as extreme). the left did fight for some good causes & social programs, but the radicals were over off the charts. (i remember them well from the 60s, & they were 1000 steps over my extreme father). fact is that people know they are jews (@the 9/11 protest), again it’s “blame”. no one blames catholics for most catastrophic world events. jews are supposingly responsible for great plaque to 9/11, to every other thing you can think off. (the list is endless & absurd). now it’s multi culturalism. this “jews for palestine” kind of thing is upsetting. but as long as we have other voices, like ben shapiro, you, evan sayet, pam geller, maybe the image will change.

  • truebearing

    These minions of evil with their hard, bright eyes. The malevolence is palpable.

  • Tim Sumner

    In ‘The Hunt for KSM’ Terry McDermott and Josh Meyer write of how Khalid Sheikh Mohammed came to Doha, Qatar, in 1992, and who helped him:

    “Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani, a member of the ruling family and a minister in the government, arranged a job for Mohammed as a project engineer in the Ministry of Electricity and Water. As an expression of his faith, Abdullah bin Khalid provided what amounted to a retreat for former jihadis. “A lot of these guys had what were basically gentlemen’s truck farms. It was a hobby,” a Western official who was stationed in Doha at the time said. “Grow cabbages, raise ducks. An expensive hobby, since the government would give you water for residential use, but not for agriculture; you had to pay for your own…. The house was always overstaffed, a lot of unemployed Afghan Arabs. These guys would stay for a while; some of them they tended to get a little plumper. There were always these guys hanging around, and maybe a couple of Kalashnikovs in the corner.””

    Yes, that al-Thani tipped KSM to the FBI’s January 1996 effort to capture him in Qatar. (KSM was under sealed indictment for the Bojinka airplane bombing plot. His finger print was found on a letter to a Philippine dancing girl and it matched one found in the raided apartment Ramzi Yousef used to construct his bombs.) The U.S. asked Qatar to arrest him. For two weeks, the FBI waited with an unmarked plane in nearly Oman. While his relative ruler, Sheikh al-Thani, may have then aided in KSM’s escape, he personally called CIA Director George Tenet in 2002 with KSM’s location.

  • liz

    Mr. Fine sounds like a great candidate for a choice post in the upper echelons of Obama’s administration. He’s their kind of guy.

  • Jakareh

    For once, we should start a boycott of our own, against the 2022 FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar. Even if you hate soccer, keep in mind that it’s the world’s largest sporting event. It’s a scandal that it was awarded to that horrid little nest of jihadism.

  • SandyRavage

    You guys know that the Qatar Foundation is helping to pay for the 9/11 museum too, right?