Transgender Emir of Syrian Al Qaeda Captured in Women’s Clothing



I have no idea if this is true as both sides in the Syrian Civil War are putting out a huge amount of fake propaganda materials.

I don’t know why Abu Muhammad al-Jawlani would need to try to make it through Syrian Army checkpoints on the way to Lebanon, of all places, since the Al Nusra Front is doing fairly well and even if his Al Qaeda front group wanted to carry out an attack on Hezbollah, this seems like an oddball way to go about it.

But it’s entertaining if true. And also entertaining if not true.

Yesterday, many Arabic-language Internet news websites posted the following pictures, purporting to be of the leader (or “emir”) of the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra [“Victory”] Front, which is in Syria waging jihad.  According to these reports, Abu Muhammad al-Jawlani had managed to pass several military checkpoints dressed as a woman, until he was arrested by the Syrian army in al-Jaswiya, al-Qusayr, in his attempt to flee to neighboring Lebanon: “He shaved his beard, worked his eyebrows, and put on mascara and lipstick till he looked exactly like a woman.”

Not that long ago, Muslim Brotherhood leader Safwat Hegazy was captured in women’s clothing. It may be that one reason Muslim leaders are so insistent on full body coverings for women is that it gives them an escape route.

  • Veracious_one

    It may be that one reason Muslim leaders are so insistent on full body coverings for women is that it gives them an escape route.
    they probably like dressing up in ugly Islamic female garb,,,,,

    • Herbert

      Or making bank & strong arm robbery easier

    • Latin2

      Plucking ones eyebrows is a forbidden in Islam.

  • Inane Rambler

    “Exactly like a woman.”

    Well if so no worse looking than a lot of Arab women that I’ve seen, but that’s hardly praise.

  • DaCoachK

    What a disgusting representative of the GiBLeT movement.

  • Erudite Mavin

    transvestite and transgender are two separate entities

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Not really. These days the bar for qualifying as transgender is equally low.

    • A Z

      transvestite and transgender have to be enigmas wrapped in mysteries …
      so that proponents can have it every which way ( no pun intended).

      Once a cause or causes are found it is the end of the party due to genetic interventions or psychological counseling. whatever laws they may have passed is not going to get around self help books or self help samizdat read by parents.

    • Biff Henderson

      Koranusmales and Koranimals may or may not be two separate entities.

  • Hass

    True story or not. That photo is definitely him.

    • Queen Luz

      EXACTLY!. Thank you!

  • A Z

    Facial recognition software could tell us.

    I am sure that the CIA or FBI has some.

    It would hurt radical Islamist cause if it were verified.

    Maybe people in charge of the FBI & CIA do not want to hurt the Islamist cause.

  • Caralynn

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  • Hans Werner

    This Terrorist Killing Nurses, in this Vid you can see at the End that he Kills Nurses. A Pic from him with Gun and kneeing Hostages.

    And the Vid with the Killed Nurses at the End.

    I hope that this guy will get a hard and very, very painfull punisment.

  • RealDeal

    Dressing does not make him “Transgendered” as the headline reads.. Do your research asshat.