U of Illinois Students Forced to Pay Extra for Health Care to Cover Sex Change Ops

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How many University of Illinois students are insane enough to believe that they’re a whole other gender? Who cares. It only takes one or two to form a victim group and demand special privileges at the expense of everyone else.

University of Illinois trustees today approved a student health insurance plan for the Urbana-Champaign campus that will for the first time cover gender reassignment surgery, a benefit they approved for the Chicago campus last year.

The trustees’ 8-2 decision came after about 20 minutes of discussion and followed public comments by two students and an employee who counsels the university’s transgender students.

Trustee Dr. Timothy Koritz and student trustee Michael Cunningham voted against it.

The insurance cost for students will increase about 15 percent this fall, to $582 a year for undergraduates and $752 for graduate students. Between $4 and $6 of the increase is attributed to adding gender reassignment surgery to the insurance plan. The procedure, commonly referred to as a “sex change,” transforms a person’s physical appearance and sexual characteristics to that of the other sex.

The insurance will cover counseling, hormone therapy and surgery related to gender reassignment.

While students are automatically assessed the student health insurance fee, they can opt out if they show evidence of other insurance coverage — through a parent or job, for example. About 28,000 of the campus’ 44,500 students are participating in the health insurance plan this year.

Any chance they can opt out of funding someone else’s sexual fetishes just so they can get health care?

I suspect a lot more of that 15% is sex change op costs than they will let on.

  • Laurence

    Oh, dear , Daniel Greenfield, yet again we hear something on the subject with which you are strangely obsessed. And -who would think- now you pose not only as a social critic and an economist but a psychiatrist as well. What an embarrassment!!!

    • Neo

      Ah yes, the ole you cannot opine about unless you have a PhD or are an approved activist.

      Some of us do not want to foot the bill, for this perversity. We cut our phone bill, our cable bill & our gas bill. So this money matters.

      I have a question for you. What happens when you get the surgery and 10 or twenty years from now you decide that you were sold a shoddy bill of goods?


      • UCSPanther

        Don’t forget: You also cannot have an opinion on campus either unless it follows the official party line.

        University campuses are looking more and more like the Soviet Union these days…

    • Neo

      “He thought he was a woman trapped in a man’s body — but it turns out he’s “just another boring straight guy.”


    • UCSPanther

      If you want to be a tranny, it should be on your dime, not ours’.



  • JT Hatter

    Laurence, Greenfield is not obsessed with anything (other than the destructiveness of liberalism) and he’s not posing as a psychiatrist in this very brief article. But he does make a very good point about students being forced to pay for an extremely bizarre leftist obsession — that others be forced to embrace extraordinary perversion and even pay for it.

    • Jerry

      The Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs silent R) had it set up in colleges that they go a portion of student fees unless student went in person to get their refund during the 1st round of tests (4 or 5 tests in one week). People were busy studying and test taking, which the PI(r)Gs counted on.
      When it was put on a student ballot to make the $5 dollar portion of the student activity fee that went to the PI(r)Gs a positive check off instead of a negative check off, they screamed like … well …. PI(r)Gs.
      This is the same sort of thing. People on campus do not have time to protest, when they are being bled. This is a small cut to be sure, but they add up.


    Which one had the sex change operation?