UK House of Commons Criticizes Obama Betrayal on Falklands


Obama’s plans for repairing relations with America’s enemies have failed, but meanwhile he continues damaging relations with American allies.

His attempts at calling the Falklands, the Malvinas islands, (which he screwed up by saying Maldives) already showed which side he was on.

America’s failure to recognise the right of the Falkland Islands to national self-determination is “disappointing”, a House of Commons inquiry into the health of the so-called special relationship declares this morning.

The report, released a day after the 32nd anniversary of the Argentinian invasion of the South Atlantic islands, highlights British frustration that Washington has refused to support the rights of the islanders to decide their own future.

The islands voted 99.8 per cent in favour of remaining a British Overseas Territory in a referendum in March last year, however America continues to remain “neutral” in the dispute, in order not to upset its relations with Argentina.

Critics of the Obama administration argue that the current US stance does not even amount to “neutrality” since it calls for talks between Britain and Argentina in defiance of the clearly-expressed will of the Falkland islanders.

Luke Coffey, a former adviser to Liam Fox when he was Defence Secretary and now the Margaret Thatcher Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a Conservative think-tank in Washington, said the US had clearly “abandoned its long held position of neutrality” in the dispute.

“Negotiations over the status of the Falkland Islands is the official Argentine position. Instead of keeping quiet (neutral), under Obama’s leadership, the US has started backing Argentina’s calls for talks. This is a change from previous administrations and a departure from neutrality,” he said.

Obama’s insistence on pandering to Kirchner only encourages Argentinian saber rattling on the issue.

  • mollysdad

    Barack Hussein will make Whitey pay for enslaving his bruthas.

  • Veracious_one

    Obama’s “destroy America at every opportunity” plan has many roads…

  • Will

    I thought the Brits were thrilled by the election of Obama.

    • Johnnie the Jew

      Initially perhaps, but not now unless you’re wearing leftarded blinkers. The genie has long left the bottle and slowly but surely Britain and Europe are beginning to realise what they have on their hands. This began by the British government refusing to support air attacks on Syria. Then there’s Israel which Obumma is selling down the drain to the chagrin of many British Jews.

    • Lord Lupin

      Did you?

    • Barry Scarfe

      I’m British and a lot of people were (virtually all hard-leftists) but not everyone.. Many people in Britain aren’t all that well-informed when it comes to American politics and don’t understand that the Democrats are more anti-British than the Republicans are (no doubt this is because of the Democrats being the favourite party of Irish-Americans)

  • A Z

    The Falkland islanders speak English. They are mostly of English blood.
    The Argentine claim is by way of Spanish Imperialism.

    Most islander if for no other reason would rather be ruled by Britain because the Argentine economy has been a mess since Peron.

    What are Christine Kirchner’s qualifications to lead Argentina other than she was the wife of an Argentine President?

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Obama is a dangerous moron!

  • Rachel Levy

    While I am certainly no fan of Obama at all who I consider to probably be about the worse president ever. I really have no sympathy at all for the British. They attack Israel for being in Judea and Samaria a part of the ancient Jewish homeland and call Jewish neighborhoods “illegal settlements”,yet it’s OK for them to colonize land halfway across the world from Britian. What a bunch of hypocrites.

    • bob smith

      Don’t forget to mention the degree to which the brits have embraced their new bff muslimes and their open acceptance to sharia for all Brits
      Hypocrites is a gross understatement but a good start.

  • John Cox

    All rules of international law, history and common sense say that the Falklands must remain British.
    America damages the special relationship by failing to support the UK on this.
    Can America expect the UK to support the US on any issue in the future?