UK Police Arrested Parents Trying to Stop Muslims from Raping their Children


We’re still only seeing the tip of the iceberg in the horrifying crimes committed by Muslim settlers against the children of the UK.

Prof Jay wrote: “No one knows the true scale of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham over the years. Our conservative estimate is that approximately 1,400 children were sexually exploited over the full inquiry period, from 1997 to 2013.

What we do know is that the authorities were complicit in it.

For at least 16-years gangs of mainly Asian (Muslim) men were able to target, groom and abuse girls as young as 11, with little to fear from the authorities.

Victims were gang raped, while others were groomed and trafficked across northern England.

“It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated.”

She added: “There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone.”

The child victim had been repeatedly raped before she found the courage to report her story to the police. She had tried to escape, but the perpetrators had broken her brother’s legs and smashed the windows of her parent’s home as a warning.

When she finally visited the police station, she received a text from her main abuser who made it perfectly clear what would happen to her 11-year-old sister if she spoke out. “Your choice,” he wrote repeatedly – and the girl refused to give a statement.


The problem began at the top with the same culture of Muslim abuse and Western denial as we see with terrorism.

Jahangir Akhtar, the former deputy leader of the council, is accused in the report of naivety and potentially “ignoring a politically inconvenient truth” by insisting there was not a deep-rooted problem of Pakistani-heritage perpetrators targeting young white girls. Police told the inquiry that some influential Pakistani councillors in Rotherham acted as barriers to communication on grooming issues.

In Rotherham the “majority” of known perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage, the report says, which led to police and council workers “tiptoeing” around the problem.

Some staff at the council were nervous about identifying the ethnic origins of the attackers for fear of being called racists. Others said they had clear direction from their managers not to do so.

A man pulled the hair of a 13-year old and called her a “white bitch” when she tried to reject his attempt to strip her.


The police did their part… for the Muslim rapists.

The report heard of two cases where fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused only to be arrested themselves when police were called.


The Muslim takeover of the taxi trade put taxes off limits.

In one incident a taxi driver accosted a 13-year-old girl. She refused to do what he asked and reported the incident to her parents who managed to identify the driver and follow him.

They contacted the police and gave them his details, however officers did not attend until later and no action was taken.

It later emerged that the driver had been arrested the previous week for a similar incident in Bradford.

Such was the fear of using taxis in Rotherham that when questioned a group of young people from the town said they avoided using them if possible.

And the cover ups persisted.

The case – from 2001 and detailed in today’s independent report – was the last straw for the Home Office researcher who had persuaded the young victim to go to the police. She wrote to the chief constable of South Yorkshire police and at a subsequent meeting with a senior officer and council staff was firmly told never to do such a thing again. When she handed in her research data to the Home Office, the council suspended her erroneously, and then sidelined her so that her part of a report on prostitution was never completed.


  • Edgar Davidson

    Interesting to compare the real story – as also reported here – with the way the BBC is completely covering up the Muslim/Pakistani angle. In fact the words ‘Muslim’ and ‘Pakistani’ do not appear once in the BBC report:

  • littlebytes

    Wow insane…how are they going to fight extremism if they won’t even face the enemies committing crimes in their own country! Disgusting, the US better not get this politically correct and weak….though we are heading in that direction with claims of racism and ‘islamophobia’

    • Christoper Logan

      The only way to win this is to fight Islam itself. Because Koran verses 4:24, 4:25, and 33:50 allow the taking of sex slaves.

    • triangle whip

      It’s too late here. If you are a conservative you better learn to live as an outlaw. And any one tries to rape your child kill without question. The government and police are becoming your enemy.

    • gustavusadolphus

      “the US better not get this politically correct and weak.” Are you kidding ? You have an AG and other officials who have been complicit in race the cases of George Zimmerman and Officer Wilson, you are allowing illegals in by the thousands, actually WELCOMING them in some cases. British political correctness is indeed “insane” ? But that word could be just as easily applied to the U.S.

      • littlebytes

        True, but hopefully it’s not too late for the US…it seems the UK has been lost long ago

    • blkdragon

      Too late. See Dearbourninstan, Michigan.

      • Miriam Breslauer

        Dearborn, MI does not have this problem that I am aware of. Not all Muslims are scum. I live nearby.

        Any person who harms children (including the rapists, traffickers, Police, and Social Workers in this situation) are the ones that need to be in jail.

        • jackie jackson

          Yes it does, my cousin lives there, not nearby, wake up before it’s too late

        • hopkins

          Didn’t you see reports of the arrests in Minnesota of several Muslim men who did the exact same thing, trafficing white kids?

        • Here today Gone to Maui

          Rubbish ! Christians were threatened by Dearbornistain Police and Muslims , resulting in a successful lawsuit – Wake Up !!

          • Miriam Breslauer

            I assume that you guys are referring to this 2012 attempt to incite a riot in Dearborn, MI by some assholes claiming to be Christians? Why you would stand up for people ranting hate speech for hours at people just trying to enjoy a festival is incomprehensible to me.


          • Paula Coyle

            Um, regardless of what the protestors did, it’s ok to throw stones at them? Isn’t that assault? So now a public demonstration/protest = ‘inciting a riot’? Yeah I have issues with some Christian groups but why are you making excuses for violence against people while pretending to be enraged about religious intolerance?

          • Miriam Breslauer

            I am not making excuses for the morons who threw stones, but I understand where the anger comes from having your cultural event Protested against. I have had a Muslim group protest my Synagogue for several religious events. They yelled hateful things and were threatening enough we had to pay for extra security.

            That said, Christian groups do that too to Synagogues and Christians are more likely to burn down Synagogues than Muslims.

            Christians wouldn’t like it if a group protested outside their Churches every Christmas and Easter.

            There are protests and then there is just being part of a group of rude assholes trying to get people to react badly by saying offensive things.

          • Barbara

            “Christians are more likely to burn down churches than Muslims.”

            Are you living 100, 200, 300, or 500 years in the past? What alternative universe do you live in?

            You, Madam, are part of the problem we face. “The day of judgement will not come until the rocks and trees cry out ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him””

            This is a very famous and very authoritative Hadith in the Islamic tradition and it is widely quoted in the Middle East.

            Grow up!

          • No Fear

            “trying to get people to react badly by saying offensive things.”

            Like quoting from the Quran? If you want to be really offended, read the Quran.

          • michael mathis

            Which Christians? Southern Baptists…..Assemblies of God? Those groups teach that Jews are God’s chosen people….they aren’t going to burn down your synagogue!

          • Rastus

            “Christians are more likely to burn down Synagogues than Muslims”. REALLY?? Have you seen videos where Christian children learn to hate and kill Jews, oh, wait, they are Muslim videos. Australia, America, Canada, New Zealand, France, Italy, Christian countries where Synagogues exist. Name ONE MUSLIM COUNTRY WHERE A SYNAGOGUE EXISTS. When someone yells out “Jesus Saves”, people might look and frown, but when someone yells out “Allahu Akbar,” people either run or duck for cover. You are either extremely ignorant or practicing “Taqiyya” and by your comments, not a Jew but a Muslim.

          • Skip

            I suspect that too. Or just a generic troll. As far as I’m concerned both are our enemy and America would be a much much better country if we kicked their butts out. The sooner the better.

          • wanda faye allen

            Ummm have you even Watched the News Lately ?? Muslims have Burned Down HUNDREDS of Churches all across the world and KILLed Hundreds of thousands of Christians even Babies by stomping them to death in front of their Parents before they Behead them too afterwards

          • Michelle

            Don’t even bother. These people are so determined to hate Muslims that Jesus himself could appear to them and say Islam is the true religion and they’d still insist all Muslims are evil.

          • DILKe

            There’s the hateful spiteful leftist that we all know…

          • Michelle

            Please explain exactly what was hateful or spiteful about what I said?

          • Rastus

            Hey, Michelle, you still haven’t answered my question – “Name ONE MUSLIM COUNTRY WHERE A SYNAGOGUE EXISTS”. I’m still waiting…..And waiting……And waiting…..

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            LOL, what a maroon. Moslems persecute Christians in all islamic states and sometimes outside of them (e.g. Dearbornistan, Michigan). Your infantile Al Taqiyya needs a lot more work Mucktar Al Sharmuta.

          • Romy K

            People who think that beheading innocent folks is part of their religious duty, that’s your idea of the true religion? Yeah right, which planet are you on?

          • Lisa Wilson

            Damn right I cant love anyone who wants to behead me Get a freaking clue They dont just want to gently change us its rape murder torture and then beheading if you dont convert What an IDIOT All I can say is I hope your not first on their list when they get here MIchelle

          • itbeso

            Not muslims but the creed that produces such monsters and keeps women, homosexuals and non muslims (or the wrong muslims)in second class hell or worse.

          • DILKe

            ” Christian groups do that too to Synagogues…”

            Again, more lies…. Got proof???????????


          • shaunthebrummie

            typical anti white..anti christian jew….well at least we’ve got something in common with the muslims…..a hatred for the manipulative..lying..jews…

          • Romy K

            Miriam Breslauer, are you off your tree? Give us a list of Synagogues that were burnt down by Christians, or stop telling fibs. Know who your friends are & who your enemies are, thank you.

          • Miriam Breslauer

            Part of the problem getting proof that Christians are directly responsible for all the Synagogues burning in the USA and Europe is that the arson is rarely investigated. Muslim countries where a Synagogue is destroyed tend to use different methods than fire.

            When 3 Synagogues in Sacremento, California were burned down in a short period of time, it was actually investigated although no one was charged.


            Synagogues have had to deal with arson risk in the USA regularly for decades. It isn’t just a problem in Sacremento, CA.

          • nancinger

            One city, Sacramento, and you think that Synagogues are more likely to be burned by Christians than Muslims? That is a weak argument.

          • Romy K

            Without proof, your accusations are false.

          • sammid

            Even worse, her accusations are outright lies!

          • Best_Reviews

            You are a Muslim pig or one of their socialist protectors. In either case you are a cancer on western society for spreading lies and ought to be treated like the vile virus that you are.

          • Jack Douglas

            I see a lot of Christians here who think they are Christian. They do not see how the radical, violent Muslims think the same way they do. Pity, that.

            If only they could be reminded that their rabbi, Yeshua (aka Jesus) had a midrash (teaching) that said “Love your neighbor as yourself.” He took that straight from Torah (law or instruction). He said this and another mitzvah (commandment), “Love G-d with all your spirit, mind, heart and body” as the two that all Torah and the Prophets and Psalms hang upon. This rabbi wasn’t kidding about that. He told his followers that they should “love their enemies” because just loving people like themselves wasn’t enough (something about tax collectors, and Gentiles do that)….

            Instead of getting angry with people they never met, why don’t they pray for them? Bless them? Do good to those who curse them and beat them…. It is a tall order, that is for sure. No one said it was going to be easy, but if one is to call oneself a disciple of this rabbi, then one should at least do as he commands…. Just saying.

            It saddens me when I see Christians so easily forget this one thing…. It is refreshing to see a Jew remind us of this. Thank you Miriam for your courage. I highly admire you for that and I salute you.

          • nancinger

            Where do you live? I have never seen any Christian groups burn a synagogue. Where? I live in South La. and there have never been any burnings or even protests against Jewish people.

          • Miriam Breslauer

            I live in Michigan. I have been told to my face by “Christians” that I am more Evil and will go to hell no matter how many good deeds I do to help people, than the worst serial killer of children who believes in Jesus.

            The bile spouted at me on this very page, reinforces the image that some “Christians” are intolerant bigots that have no problems harming anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as they do. I know that not all Christians are intolerant bigots, but I have definitely met a higher percentage of intolerant bigots that are Christians than Muslims, Jews, or Buddhists. I have met intolerant bigot Muslims and Jews as well. Heck I was even Stoned by my fellow Jews because the sleeves on my blouse weren’t long enough when I walked through an Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood. I admittedly only have a small friend and acquaintance circle of Buddhists which is why I probably haven’t met bigots from that religion.

            I have had higher quality extensive religious conversations with Muslims. One of whom I had started the conversation with had been taught from birth that Jews were Evil and the Enemy, but was willing to overcome his socialized training through polite conversation over a period of months.

            What are your excuses for being so rude and abusive to people that you disagree with?

            I find it disturbing how you can’t even see how your own hate speech can build in a person suffering from a mental illness enough to harm people and institutions from a different religion.

          • Robo

            It’s the.U.S. lady. People have a right to free speech. Those people were simply asking for information. Check out the videos before sticking your foot in your mouth.

          • Dan Borden

            They were there to let the Muslims know they would not tolerate Typical Islamic Behavior. Of course, the Muslims responded with violence. What really keeps our Muslims under control is the 2nd Amendment. They know if they ever try this crap with our daughters, we will kill them.

          • brandi

            we are going to need to deal with them in any event. they are training. I suggest we get started too. and the left will not be spared in the end either.

          • DILKe

            F*** off lying troll

        • Peter May

          no they are not all bad, but they are a collective and would stand by and say and do nothing to protect you from another muslim.

          • wanda faye allen

            the only good muslim is a good and dead one

          • Peter May

            well that makes us as bad as them? seriously though, uk is a huge muslim breeding programme, im ex british army and served in northern ireland, segregation and tit for tat killings is just around the corner….we should stamp out religion. keep britain british.

          • Miriam Breslauer

            Why on Earth would a moderate Muslim feel safe enough to comment in a space where hate speech about the “only good muslim is a dead one” is allowed to stay on the message board?

          • Peter May

            muslims are never safe anywhere in countries where islam is law, they are much safer in europe than anywhere else, for now! wait until families from all religious sects start losing loved ones, oil and water cant mix. christianity and islam cant mix or they can but will never be at complete ease, it will always be explosive.

          • Leslie Leonard

            I don’t recall any muslims being told to convert to Christianity or we are gonna cut your head off. I don’t recall thousands of muslims being chased to the top of any US mountain tops either. muslims are not the victims they are the aggressors.

        • wanda faye allen

          you then are Very Sheltered indeed

        • DILKe

          Sorry but the silence of “moderate muslims” is Deafening… They are complicit.

          • Leslie Leonard

            call them what they really are… sleeper cells.

        • Lisa Chandler

          they are not at the stage of complete violence in the US yet. Follow their history…move in as peaceful people, grow their population, infiltrate government, play the ‘victim’, (that’s happening Now), continue to grow pop… start demanding sharia rights…continue to grow population…intimidation…growing…violence…take over

        • Worship Dancer

          bull snot they don’t. it’s ILLEGAL to fly the Israeli flag, Christians are arrested, spat on, stoned. their police are mainly muzzies. trust me they are allowing it if not participating in it.

        • FuriousInfidel

          So Islam is okay in your book….but Christianity isn’t.

          That explains a lot about you.

      • MattBracken

        “Moderate” Muslim settlers in the Dar al Harb also serve an important jihad function. Not only do they establish the beach heads of the coming Sharia “no-go zones,” they become the anonymous forest that the violent jihadists may move through and live among in secret.

    • Amarnath

      Imagine the situation in India! Even in India Most of the muslims (Not all) take advantage of the fact that they are minority group and the crime they commit goes unpunished.

      • absolutelyharam

        Difference is that Indians actually fight back when they can as best they can.

    • Mick60

      The death knell for the Islamic savages will be when they (and it appears they already have) mistake the weakness of the American Government as weakness of the American people. I had a local police officer tell me recently: “I’ll be glad when vigilante justice kicks in.” It will be the armed American people who will set things right in this country when those Islamic barbarians decide to wreak havoc here…and we’ll save the Republic from the politicians themselves. Violence with violence, savagery with savagery, no mercy shown, no quarter given. It’s just a matter of time now.

      • jackie jackson

        Sadly us Brits will have to fight without guns, but fight we will,

        • Mick60

          Freedom and liberty loving people must stand together and support each other no matter where we are.

        • Gina R

          Makes me wish I and my female friends could bring our guns over there and go all vigilante on them for you. My heart bleeds for my British cousins. I read things like this and just want to go after these guys. I am SO thankful for our 2nd amendment, and would defend girls (any ‘infidels’) against these animals in a heartbeat. Already have a time or two. God be with you all.

        • Drakken

          Well I hate to say this but, As American was the arsenal of democracy in the good ole days, it will once again be so in a private capacity, plus I am absolutely sure the Russians and eastern European countries have a few million extra AK’s laying around that can be put to good use.

          • tom

            It is a Republic not a mob rule democracy.

        • James Murray

          The British have guns, its a myth they are illegal. Only two types are banned.

          • pazaparry

            No it isn’t a myth i had hand my SW pistol in in the 90s,the only people allowed guns/shotguns are farmers and clay pigeon shooting clubs.

          • James Murray

            Handguns are banned on the UK mainland, not in NI. Rifles and shotguns are legal. And anyone can own a gun as long as they have a licence. Im a ‘townie’ and I own both a rifle and shotgun. And 2.3m Brits own a legal gun.
            Assault rifles and mainland handguns, that what are banned. In NI, its all legal,

          • pazaparry

   ge The first page says this,The subject of ownership of firearms is a sensitive issue. Across Great Britain there are just over 170,000 firearms licences and around 620,000 shotgun licences on issue.

          • James Murray

            That will be about right. 800000 licences or so, and about 2.3m guns.

          • pazaparry

            You said 2.3 million Brits own guns not 2.3 million guns,that includes people who hold licences black powder antique etc.

          • James Murray

            Oops, sorry did I?.

          • James Murray

            That number will be right. About 800000 licences and about 2.3m guns.

          • Peter May

            very difficult to own guns here in uk, you have to prove you got somewhere to shoot, ie shooting club, you cant buy one for protection in any case.

          • James Murray

            I am a UK gun owner, I know the laws and obligations.

        • Paula Coyle

          Yeah, it worked for the Jews to fight without guns didn’t it? :-(

        • Tom

          Yeaaah. Seems like you already took off the uniform and are headed for the locker room showers on this one. No offense but you have your priorities backwards. Your citizens made a huge, giant, colossal mistake by obeying and not defeating disarmament. This is what some might call karma. Look at the current culture when the right to self defense is removed. Didn’t you folks just ban knives or some sh$#? Sorry, you’re all done. You have been PC’ed into self destruction. Come here to the U.S.and live in a state where you can arm yourself correctly. Help us fight the same beast that is laying siege to our liberties here. You will be appreciated.

        • Marty G

          Time to seek out those old gents who still know how to make a longbow and fletch arrows I suppose. Torches and pitchforks are always in fashion in times like these also.

      • hopkins

        Yes it’s time for people to look out for their own. That is the basis of civilization that the politically correct have criminalized. We no longer have a culture, and at some point we’ll be at the point of starting all over, with citizens taking matters in their own hands, like the original settlers of this country.

      • Guest

        Amen ! 111%

      • wanda faye allen

        Amen ! III%

    • Paula Coyle

      yes, they already are too politically correct and weak. If people don’t wake up we will all be speaking arabic and praying 5 times a day or dead.

      • Courageous

        Stay calm and take a bunch with you.

        • wanda faye allen

          Many ! as many as I can

        • wanda faye allen

          the only good one is a dead one

  • Ivan

    England is gone. They are finished. Lost. And they don’t even know it. London may be one of the most popular cities in the world, but the British have lost their free speech rights and there is a full blown culture of Muslim intimidation there. They can’t speak about it and they don’t have the guts to reverse it. Some cities are almost 100 % Muslim. cities of 500,000 people. The fire went out of the British a long time ago. Even 30 years ago it was part of what sociologists called “the great norther European plain of irreligion” stretching all across Northern Europe.

  • unclesam328

    Infidels are targets and women are property and then add gangs of jobless thugs who use religion and anarchy as a shield from justice. Coming to a neighborhood near you.

  • unclesam328

    I’m guessing these are mugshots. See any remorse in there eyes?

    • hopkins

      What I do see is pathetic looking sick souls who only think of themselves. Savages. The look in their eyes tell you all you need to know. That such low life get a pass from a great society as Britain used to be is beyond belief.

  • American Infidel

    No wonder GB is becoming….has become?….a MUSLIM NATION. BACK BONE is seriously lacking in that country! Where is Winston Churchill and the REAL men of GB when they are needed?

  • edlancey

    Of course the only reason pakis were prevalent is because most Mobots in the uk are pakis.

    • gustavusadolphus

      Here in the UK the Pakistanis have been by far the majority ethnicity of Muslims for the last forty or more years. They have yet to integrate. While they remain Muslim they never will. Many (the majority ?) of their young men buy into ‘yob’ culture, adopting disrespectful and arrogant behaviour.

      • Peter May

        but still belong to muslim collective.

        • gustavusadolphus

          They go through a “western” phase then often get “radicalized”. Either way they are troublesome.

    • TheRealSouthernBelle

      Mobots? That is priceless! Love it.

  • Enough is enough

    There needs to be a FULL AND OPEN PUBLIC ENQUIRY! All of those involved in this cover up should be tried and given custodial sentences if found guilty.
    Why is it, that the ordinary person in the street knows what’s going on, in multiple cities across the UK, but the police, the council officials and the politically correct turn a blind eye?
    Let’s see the kind of effort being used to bring these perpetrators to court as the effort to cover up these crimes.

  • yolanda

    4 Comments only. If these children were from Gaza, you’d have demonstrations all over the world. And I didn’t say peaceful demonstrations.

  • Thomas J. Hennigan

    Why should anyone be surprised about this horrific news item when the perpetrators are the followers of a pseudo prophet who slaughtered, raped and otherwise commited heinous crimes and has 1.2 billion forllowers who believe that he his the “perfect model of human conduct”? The question should be: Why would any civilized country allow these people into their country or not expell those who are there. If they are citizens, then life for them in the West should be made so diffiuclt and the practice of the totalitarian politican ideology cum religion restricted, plus pay them to leave. Paying them to leave would be a lot less expensive that having them continue, as most of them are on the dole and public assistance. When will Western politicians and media wake up from this madness?

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      They would take the money offered and not leave, or, alternatively, take the money, leave and come back.

  • SandyLester

    Goats and babies not surprised

  • Helsyd

    I wonder on what grounds the fathers, who were trying to rescue their girls were arrested? (presuming they were minors)

    • robert clark

      Did you not read the article you moron

      • Helsyd

        did you? I am referring to the following from the article above, and was wondering why the fathers trying to rescue their own daughters were arrested?;

        “The report heard of two cases where fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused only to be arrested themselves when police were called.”

        • gustavusadolphus

          Helsyd, you showed restraint after this clark fellow called you a moron. You asked a very relevant question. One that occurred to me too.

          • Lolly

            It sounded like local authorities were in cahoots cause possibly they were Muslim or liberal Christians or plain liberals.

          • efraim mackellar

            That could very well be the case. But I just saw a report that the police in Rotherham called in Barnardos to help in the child sex operation. Barnardos are a well known British children’s charity. Their Chief Executive is a certain Javed Khan. Sounds Muslim to me. This is pretty astonishing because Dr.Barnardo, the charity’s founder was a devout Christian. He is long dead. Just as well for Barnardos because I believe he would no longer allow his name to be associated with them. A few years ago they announced that they would be supporting adoption of their orphans (they run orphanages) by same sex couples. They have a charity shop near where I live. I used to frequent it regularly, but not once have I darkened its doors since it adopted this policy.

          • hopkins

            This is the trend in Britain. Prominent jobs dealing with security matters and religious matters are being given to Muslims.

          • Alan_McGinn

            Or possibly this paedophile ring went much further than just those exposed? It’s not such a wild idea considering how many high-profile paedophiles seem to be coming to light in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

      • jackie jackson

        He did , you obviously didn’t ,,, the fathers where arrested presumably for harassment because the kids where too terrified to complain

    • Stephen Williams

      If your daughter is being held captive by these Islamic nematodes, wouldn’t YOU do something about it????

      • Helsyd

        of course, which is why I was wondering why the fathers, who were trying to rescue their daughters were arrested, as it states in the article;

        “The report heard of two cases where fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused only to be arrested themselves when police were called.”

        • Hellosnackbar

          These policemen should be the charged with criminal activity !
          Protection of one’s daughters in such circumstances is logical and moral!

      • hopkins

        If you don’t have guns you ‘d have to orgazine many other Brits. And then the police come in with their own guns. In this case the moral path is to defy authority and arm yourself.

      • Drakken

        The police wouldn’t have been called and there would have been a stack of muslims no longer willing to complain.

    • Momof11

      “two cases where fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused only to be arrested themselves when police were called.” The article doesn’t really say… for what charge the fathers were arrested?

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        I wonder if the girls were saved? Probably not, as that would be islamophobic.

  • robert clark

    Here in the UK high profile white members like Rolf Harris amongst others were convicted of child molestations based solely on the evidence of women about events that happened 40 to 50 years ago who are now in their fifties or sixties. No police complaints were submitted, no medical evidence were submitted ie no DNA and they were convicted why? Well why should these women lie well I can provide dozens of reasons for this. Media publicity is my number one guess.

  • Texas Patriot

    The best hope for the West is that all jihadis in America and Europe respond to the call of Khalifa Ibrahim to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

    • Maria

      Yes, and then Iran round them up and deals to them…One lot down another big lot to go. I read a good article by ‘Spengler’ in Asia Times once about the war in Syria. It had a story as if Cardinal Richlieau (from old times) was giving advice to politicians from ‘the other side’. Essentially he said ‘don’t get involved…let them fight it out…they will kill each other…and then there will be less to deal with.’ As far as I am concerned their wars are their own business. Let them fall on one another. Rescue the weak minorities and let them trade places with the Islamic people…send them back and they can sort out all sorts of things amongst themselves.
      Personally I think Putin will save the ‘west’ before the west will save itself.

  • Maynard

    Thank the Lord that citizens in America can still keep and bear arms.

    • Stephen Williams

      For now at least. Look at Obama and the Lefties wanting to have a “national police czar”. I think of Heinrich Himmler and shudder.

    • Heartland Patriot

      I tell people: buy guns and ammunition. If you need them, they are priceless, and if you don’t, they are never worth zero.

    • TheRealSouthernBelle

      This will be the only thing that saves us!

    • Jerry C

      The purchase of guns & ammo in America have been through the roof since 2008. Americans are prepared for what is coming.

    • James Murray

      So can we. Guns being illegal in the UK is a myth. Only some guns are banned. Stupid yes, but 2.3m of us here own legal guns.

      • Drakken

        Sorry mate, but a double barrel shotgun though better than nothing isn’t going to cut it. Most semi-auto’s and all hand guns are illegal.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          In the District of Corruptistan one of my friends saw the results of someone being shot through their solid, wood frame door with a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot, from what he said aiming wasn’t an issue and the door was mostly one big hole.

  • Stephen Williams

    It’s simply amazing the amount of garbage that the United Kingdom has let into its borders. What’s even more amazing is that the UK government is COMPLICIT in human trafficking! When the country is completely destroyed and the monarchy toppled in favor of an Islamic Caliphate, the native Britons will be slaves in their own former nation. There are numerous Muslims that live in Britain currently enrolled as ISIS fighters in the Middle East. When they come home, they will institute an insurrection of major proportions that will bring down the current British government. Unless the native Brits wake up they are doomed. The current government seems in love with its own self destruction.

    • Arf

      You have to wonder why the British government “seems in love with its own self destruction.” It isn’t just a matter of securing votes. It is the deliberate abuse and enslavement of native British people, mostly children, in the most barbaric and cruel way and the tossing out of its culture and traditions for that of the worst of the third world.

    • PaleRider

      Once a citizenry allows themselves to be disarmed, their options are rather limited, especially in the face of a calculated third world takeover from within.
      Regarding the utter horror that is Rotherham, the fine-looking face of that Labour police official Shaun Wright belie the heart of a coward beating within. This man should be hung from the nearest tree for being complicit in the ruined life of so many young girls.
      Wake up, Brits, indeed…wake up!

      • Wayne A. Logan

        We are all awake it just seems we have a problem with government and councils they must be receiving some hefty pay offs to turn a blind eye to the truth coz no one is so dumb to have a highly paid position and not know whats going on

        • Drakken

          Well by God do something about it! Time to go loud ! TO SIT THERE AND TAKE IT ONLY INVITES MORE ABUSE.

        • Scott Young

          I have no respect for the British. How can anyone respect a people who are so weak and cowardly? Salvage what self-respect you’ve got left as a nation. Pathetic!

      • James Murray

        Guns aren’t illegal in the UK, that’s a myth.

        • Drakken

          Most of the types that are useful are. Sorry mate, your going to have to get the hardware that is required to make a difference.

        • PaleRider

          Okay, but in light of the fact that, in the United Kingdom, private ownership of guns is not guaranteed by law. Further, only licensed gun owners may lawfully acquire, possess or transfer a firearm or ammunition. And, an applicant for a gun owner’s license is required to prove genuine reason to possess a firearm, such as hunting, target shooting or collection. Last but not least, gun owners must reapply and requalify for a firearm license every five years.
          So technically, James, you are right…guns are illegal in the UK, though I never said they were.
          But they have allowed themselves to be disarmed through government regulation, and I think I will rest my case, thanks.

          • James Murray

            Most British people have never been gun owners historically, that’s why the gun laws passed with limited opposition or even support. I know the low level of ownership surprises Americans, but its just a different culture where guns are concerned.

          • Paula Coyle

            which means it’s easier to take over by infiltration.

          • johnrwalsh

            oh i dont know, pigs are pretty stupid too

          • michael mathis

            Actually they can be quite smart and cunning…especially when feral. And they can hold grudges….

          • James Murray

            Nobody is taking over anytime soon. 96% of the UK is NOT Muslim. The extreme Muslims make a lot of noise, but the Muslim pop overall (most of whom of course aren’t extremists) have no major political power (their greatest advocate is a white Scotsman), no economic power (the pink pound is stronger lol), and for all the noise, no social power. They aren’t even the biggest ethnic minority in the UK.

          • Courageous

            Yes, the Brits are much more like sheep than the Americans are. Baaaa!

          • johnrwalsh

            yeah the americans are more like pigs, snort , just look at the huge fat butts

          • Courageous


          • wanda faye allen

            lazy ass democrat welfare queens and thugs is that who you are talking about

          • James Murray

            Sadly yes. Stand back when we get pissed, but it too much to rile a Brit.

          • Hellosnackbar

            As a former gun owner in another country, I arrived at a conclusion, that the banning of gun possession is as valid as the banning and selling of illicit drugs!
            The problem of guns, is that killing of possibly innocent fellow humans is very easy !
            The number of people killed by gunfire in the UK is minuscule compared with the USA!
            It’s the only reason why I would not live there; everything else about the USA is excellent!
            We owe them a lot!

          • Peter May

            when us brits were dissarmed, our govt had balls and would have taken them all by force if needed.

        • Paula Coyle

          it’s just near impossible to own or use one without getting in trouble. ?? how is that any different? The bobbies don’t even carry. Ridiculous.

          • James Murray

            Its not impossible, you just have to clear some hurdles. And you find police not being armed ridiculous?. I don’t.
            I am happy that I live in a country, which despite its problems, is not so violent that it NEEDS an armed police force. Our murder rate is a quarter of yours. Our gun murder rate one-sixteenth. Gun crime rate is a fraction and actually going down. Famously, some of your cities kill more people a year than died in the 25 yrs (1969-94) of the terrorism in Northern Ireland!.
            If you came and lived in the UK, I think youd be surprised at how generally non violent and safe the UK is overall. Even the cities.
            Sorry, but god bless the British bobby who dosent carry. Long may it continue.

          • James Murray

            Utter nonsense you suggesting its impossible to own a gun in the UK. There are 2.3m of us. I own two. You simply have to clear some hurdles. And obey some sensible rules. Frankly, I would rather have that than the ultra-easy access you do. And I am a pro-gun man.

            And no, we don’t have CC, except in NI, frankly I am happy even as a progunner not to have a large amount of Brits walking the streets carrying, in the UK its not necessary. In the US, I agree it is.

            Remember in the UK guns are more for the gun range than home defence. Sport rather than protection. I utterly support you and other US gun owners, its just that guns in our countries are different, the cultures are different, even for UK gunowners.

    • wanda faye allen

      the Monarchy has their heads up their asses and their heads will be on a POLE or Stake outside the Castle Walls in the near Future if the muslims Has their way which they are Getting right now Hey this web page is being watched By the Govt # Truthy Thugs who are watching for hate speech ! Kiss my ass # Truthy

  • roccolore

    While the police were ignoring Muslim rapists, pro-England groups were targeted.

    • juanmeden

      Sounds like the United States.

      • Ryan Tippens

        yeah…in the USA its dem cities and latin communities that do that…..any leftist area it happens.

      • Skip

        We do have lots of Latinos, but it is absolutely NOTHING LIKE THIS! They pretty much stay try to themselves for the most part. My main beef with them is that they’re here illegally and although they will work(for now) the also suck off all the welfare they can find and they reproduce like cockroaches. After they’re legal the next generation is almost as bad as the negroes when it comes to work once they get on welfare. Also they are the same religion, so not nearly as much of a problem

      • groman

        We’re headed that way

      • Vladsmom

        You don’t know what you are talking about! That’s bullshit!!

    • Lallu Mishra

      Sounds like India.(don’t forget you left your legacy of appeasement to muzzies).

      • NiceAdvice

        Soon UK will be Islamic State United Kingdom. Most of the native people do not have a gut to fight.

    • Frances John

      Tommy Robinson.

    • StJohnofAustria

      If there were 1400 children molested and raped by Pakistani gangs in Rotherham , how many 1000000s must there be nationally ? Any guesses ? I suspect we may be talking hundreds of thousands . And the left wing morons dare to describe this disgusting situation as ” Enrichment ” Cretins .

      ‘Unemployment among ethnic minorities costs the economy almost £8.6 billion a year in benefits and lost revenue from taxes. Half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women are unemployed.’

      If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny.

      I suppose a bit of rape passes the time between collecting the welfare cheque.,,

      Over the last 60 years ,56% of Pakistanis, in Britain, are married to a first cousin, this figure rises to 75% in Bradford, Yorkshire. This vile, totally unbelievable amount of inbreeding and its well documented result of mental illness in the Pakistani community in our country, could explain a lot. Round them up. Throw them out.

      UK Police Arrested Parents Trying to Stop Muslims from Raping their Children

  • Dan Nowotarski

    The authorities are cowards and are drawing paychecks for what? People sick and tired of this especially the men need to band together and put a stop to it.

    • Ann Tipton Clemment

      Why especially men? I promise you women are capable of all sorts of things when their children and families are at stake, not to mention their own well-being.

      • jackie jackson

        I’m with you on that,,,, and ready to prove it

  • tedh754

    Asian? ASIAN? Did you happen to see any males in that group who appear to be Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese…I could go on, you get the point. Who does the media think they are fooling by calling them Asian?
    And the Brits think we are savages by keeping guns in our homes? Try that with my daughter! Men, real men, have been protecting their children long before there was a constitution.

  • vlparker

    Lefties are such disgusting trash. Reminds me of General Casey after the Fort Hood massacre making his moronic statements about “our diversity”. Screw our diversity. Islam is evil. Admit it.

    My God, these disgusting a**holes are allowing their young girls to be raped and won’t do anything about it for fear of being called racists? How do people get so nutty?

    I hate islam and I hate liberals.

  • Aaron1960

    It’s how a nation dies.

    • Heartland Patriot

      Cultural suicide. Both sad and disgusting. Enoch Powell was right (do a search).

      • Alan_McGinn

        Then I suggest you search Enoch Powell’s policies on immigration while he was Health Minister in the early 60’s in the MacMillan government . You’ll maybe see him for the political u-turning political opportunist that he really was,

        • James Murray

          Powell was never a racist. He wasn’t an opportunist. That speech was about culture, not race. Only the hysterical reaction made it so.

          • Alan_McGinn

            I would argue that every politician is an opportunist by nature, but point taken.

        • Hellosnackbar

          Powell was an intellectual Titan.
          It was only PC poltroons who criticised him; but were unable to destroy his logic.
          His prediction of the effect of dogsh*t dogma has been quite accurate!
          Sociology needs some derision with respect to multiculturalism; especially when a culture is of a supremacist,totalitarian fascist nature!

  • Marylou

    But they’ll keep on importing more.

  • Marylou

    Excuse me, Telegraph editor, but can you please explain again why it is “racist” to say “Muslim,” which is NOT a race, but NOT racist to say “Asian,” which IS a race?

    I didn’t think so.

  • drygoldfeld

    So how do we implicate Jews and Israel in this horror ?

    • SpecialOperationsExecutive

      Hmm. Good question. I know! The Jews MADE them do it! I’m surprised the muzzturds didn’t think of that before!

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        You would really think the Jewish people would be a protected group in Islam. After all, how can the moslem world exist without their favorite scapegoats?

      • Ganesha_akbar

        hmmm… you didn’t include a /sarc rag. Are folks free to assume you meant that sarcastically? Wouldn’t want strangers screaming into the ether about your lazy POS anti-Semitism.


        • SpecialOperationsExecutive

          Only moslems would be stupid enough to not know sarcasm & need a prompt.

          • Ganesha_akbar

            Guess that makes you a closet Muslim.

  • John Patrick Ellis

    Start shooting the cops and the officials involved in the coverup.And the same with the muzrat pigs.Everyone involved in this coverup should be made to pay- IRA style.

  • camp7

    “A Mingo is a Mingo, and God having made him so, neither the Mohawks nor any other tribe can alter him.”

    ~ Hawkeye

  • Jakareh

    It would be a perfectly reasonable action to kill both the Muslims and the corrupt policemen.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      The French Resistance not only killed N-a-z-i-s but those who collaborated with them.

  • UCSPanther

    This will blow up in their faces soon enough…

  • Maria

    This is so very very sad. It makes me feel helpless. How on earth will this ever be made right or will it never happen again.
    Jesus said ‘What you do to the least of these you do to me’. There will be justice…meanwhile the Cross.

  • Robert Pavich

    This is NOT “Radical Islam” so quit calling it that…it’s FAITHFUL Islam.

    THIS is the product of Muhammad and his teachings.

  • edward

    No muslims fighting with isis should be allowed back into Britain. All those involved in the grooming and rape of young girls should be deported after serving their prison sentences, they should also be chemically castrated. Council and police who covered this up should be charged and jailed.

  • herb benty

    Well my fellow Americans, take a good look at “stiff upper lip” England. THAT is America if the progs win.

    • Steven Fuches

      hey, we dont all have stiff upper lips, mate. Some f us are very much wanting to take the fight to the scum, but guess what, we dont have guns. They do though, the paedostanis….we’d be slaughtered and the pigs would stand by and side with them. Its very hard to fight an enemy when your leaders and law protect that enemy and make it difficult for the defenders. As bad as we are though, you have a muslim in the whitehouse.

      • Drakken

        Well Steven that is where creative genius comes to play, you have old IRA and lots of Eastern Europeans and Russians who have access to the hardware you require. Don’t you think it is about time you did?

    • Heartland Patriot

      Indeed. Its things like this that keep me voting Republican, even if some of them are big-business crooks…because letting the Democrats have free reign is a much worse alternative. There are still enough actual conservative Republicans to reign in the others, that cannot be said about the leftwing Democrat Party.

  • toni

    Rape is rape and the animals who do it should be dealt with regardless of race. Its not racial arresting someone who has done something wrong

  • bmartin79

    If some one tries this crap with my girl . Let’s just say he will never be seen again .

  • Jim

    Immigrants who commit criminal acts should have their UK passports withdrawn and after serving their time be deported to their country of origin.

    • Drakken

      Why deport them to do you harm later, get a rope, much cheaper and far more permanent.

  • Steven Fuches

    Pakistani muslims, in a nutshell, following the teachings of the paedophile mohammed.

  • blkdragon

    There are a whole lot of government officials should be hanging from short ropes until the crows peck out their eyes for what they allowed to happen in their jurisdiction.

  • Abeid Salim

    Hey greenfield can you post christians raping children too or is it just muslims that do it.I Knew you were an Islamophobe!!!!

    • TheRealSouthernBelle

      Abeid Saleim….it is always the filthy muslimes!

    • iluvisrael

      Right accchhhhmed, and I guess it’s those Christians who have slaughtered 160,000 + moslems in syria too.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      When millions of Christians settle in the Muslim world and rape thousands of Muslim children… I certainly will


      Basically, it’s just the Muslims. Their culture tells them it’s o.k.

      • 62727782848688

        I agree, except that Islam is not a culture or a race, it’s a political ideology/religion period.

    • Softly Bob

      No, because only Muslims are doing this on such a scale, you ignorant scumbag!


      abeid, You seem like an Islamofascistphile!!!

    • IronMaidenaregods

      Islam is evil. Let’s all draw cartoons of the prophet Muhammad and send them to you.

      BTW, the victims of rape are often executed under Sharia Law and such law is evil.

    • Balladeer

      Only Muslims are doing it in such huge numbers. Just like they’re the only ones beheading people on a regular basis. Join the 21st Century, fool. You might enjoy it.

    • Exton

      Name calling i.e. “Islamophobea” is a sign you do not have a coherent response and are trying to shut down all further conversation. It is a trick of the Liberal Marxist pushing an ideology not based on facts. Your comment is just sick and snarky. It is also a straw man argument, because the article and discussion are about muslims raping children, not rape in general. Facts kill your argument and you want to push the lie, that muslims are harmless, and not mostly terrorists.

    • SF Gal

      The fact that you feel this is a valid question or point says it all. Those victims were targeted because the perps knew how to use racism against their community, and successfully made a bet that the victims, their parents, and community would not fight back. This would have never happened in Russia or China. Those governments know how to deal with predators.

  • David Billa

    This is going on from last 7years,means muslims families & elders know but no one object it like Terrorism every muslim family knows but no one rise finger……… dirty culture dirty religion

  • Lolly

    Some of these guys are evil Edomites. You can tell by their floating eyes ( they have a white space below their pupil.

    • Jamie North

      The English Defence League had been vilified by the English press as Racist Thugs. In my city of Leicester the local radio station made out the “racist thugs” that the City didn’t need were throwing rocks n smoke bombs etc where uploaded videos hrs later showed thsee all came from the Unite Against Facists counter demonstration. Nothing reported about innocent white people being targeted in the town centre afterwards by Muslim gangs rampaging through the streets. Just an example of how anyone trying to stand up against Islam gets shot down by the media, local councillors and the Police. Rotherham is just a tip of the Iceberg. This is happening all over England and the Police, Child services and local Left wing councils ignore and refuse to do anything about it, despite damning evidence from groups like the EDL and BRITAIN FIRST,

  • Lolly

    Some of them if you got a side look, you would see they are Edomites cause they would have hooked noses. Edomites have hooked noses. If you see old pictures of the devil, you would see a hooked nose on the devil cause our ancestors knew . Edomites come from Esau .

  • johnnydelgado

    What is wrong with the UK Police? God please let the Crusaders reborn now.

    • James Murray

      If the men have gone into a house violently, even with the best of intent, then the police are going to get called by the homeowner, and the police are going to remove and arrest them, even if the homeowner is the paedo scumbag (the police at that time wouldn’t have known the men were sex trafficking the girls or attacking them) and the men arrested are actually in the right.

      The police are only responding to a call where people have broken in to a house and are threatening violence. You have to see where the police are stood on this. Its very easy in hindsight to blame them. BUT they wouldn’t have known the men in the house ultimately were rapists and paedophiles.

  • Joe hart

    Come near my Family they will know what pain is

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s clear that the UK government’s official response will be to ‘investigate’ the creation of Islamic Autonomous Regions in Britain. Rotherham will be one of the first regions where there is no civil or secular law and with the government’s blessing will be a sharia-only mini caliphate. Expect to see dozens of these in the next few years.

    • Hellosnackbar

      I believe that the nauseating behaviour of those criminals of Paki origin will start a legitimate opposition to the Muslimes!
      The decay of PC dogma needs to start immediately!

  • Elizabeth capecod

    These monsters are demonic hypocrites of the highest order. I can’t fathom how people , especially authorities can be blind to it.

    • Una Salus

      being blind is one thing, choosing not to see is another

  • *Sharpshooter

    UK Police need their heads $)(#)_# in.

    • James Murray

      If the men have gone into a house violently, even with the best of intent, then the police are going to get called by the homeowner, and the police are going to remove and arrest them, even if the homeowner is the paedo scumbag (the police at that time wouldn’t have known the men were sex trafficking the girls or attacking them) and the men arrested are actually in the right.

      The police are only responding to a call where people have broken in to a house and are threatening violence. You have to see where the police are stood on this. Its very easy in hindsight to blame them. BUT they wouldn’t have known the men in the house ultimately were rapists and paedophiles.

      And I am no great fan of the UK police, at least not the modern version.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        It’s too bad the police never did the same thing for the guy who used to head the EDL. When moslems showed up at his front door threatening violence they arrested him.

      • *Sharpshooter

        Then they’re not doing their jobs, or they have their heads up their asses, in which case, they need them kicked in.

  • Mick Treacy

    This is just the tip of the iceberg! Muslims here in the UK are treated like Gods by the liberal fraternity. In fact all ethnic minorities have far more rights than white people such as myself.

    • SF Gal

      In America, also. This is why Russia won’t build more mosques and why they don’t care if the Muslims don’t like it. I think Angola, for all of its corruption and civil problems, is the most courageous, having banned Islam by not legally recognizing it, hence the destruction of all but a few mosques resulting in outcries of racism and mild threats from the ME, but they didn’t back down

  • Lorenzo

    Thanks for the article. I am writing from Italy, unfortunately we are going in the same direction. It seems impossible, but italian supreme court recently stated that “racism” could be only from the whites to other races, not viceversa. We are going to die as nation, people, civilization. Immigrants – even illigal – have more rights than indigenous people. I am really looking forward to moving to Australia.

    • A true Christian

      Do not move to Australia! They are going the same way. In the future, there will be only to safe places to live: Texas and Israel…

    • SF Gal

      It broke my heart when I read about the Islamic museum that was being proposed in Venice, I believe (Please correct me if I am mistaken). Italy is the final conquest of the Islamists; I don’t think Rome will allow another Caliphate there

  • Martin Grimes

    Tip of the iceberg; so sad to grasp what is happening to the UK and this is why Christianity is in decline, because they are more atheistic than ever! UK must teach the Children about Jesus The Son of God, debate the value of multicultural and political correctness and its effect on the indigenous people and most of all have courage.

    • IronMaidenaregods

      No, the UK needs REASON, not more religious drivel

      • Michael Ejercito

        No, it needs God.

  • Stinky

    Stop pandering to this Muslim filth. Just execute them swiftly. Line them up against the nearest wall and shoot them. No trial. No jail. Just kill them.

  • Kent Horton

    This is disgusting. So much for the government doing it’s part to protect the most vulnerable among it’s people. Time for “vigilante justice” in England. Hang a few of them from light poles with signs reading “RAPIST” around their necks, and the others might get the word. Anyone trying that kind of sh!t to my granddaughter would learn about “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms…” from practical experience.

  • hrwolfe

    Here goes that Damn TEA Party again! When in this Country are we going to get past the PC Cover up of everything not gleaming in Islam? This is an indisputable track record that has rug burns on its top side. The cover up and shaming of victims is despicable.

  • El Cid

    See the NYtimes today on this issue. ‘Muslims outraged” is the headline. If you read the article, the only victims were Muslims. They were victims of “political correctness”. No kidding. But, the article does not report on what was done, or by whom or to whom.

    This is Kafkaesque, no?

  • Softly Bob

    Hanging is too good for them, they’d just be seen as martyrs. Castration is more satisfying

  • Empori

    It`s too late for Western Europe. Muslims rape our children daily.

    • Drakken

      It’s never too late, stand up, take action and be among those to be counted on.

  • hopkins

    Children especially and women are the first to be abused by political correctness. Sweden is now the rape capital of the world thanks to muslim scum. Because of pc the children are not prepared to see barbarity for what it is. Because of the attitude of the liberals in Britain, it is criminal to second guess muslims. These children probably had a perverse trust in them. Their own parents are afraid to tell them truth. How can they protect themselves? It’s the same here…parents don’t say anything about their children listening to rap music and its angry savagery. Truth is, rap music is just about as savage as it gets, and where do we hear the truth about this? The television has become demonic and pornographic and how many parents have the guts to protect their children? Same thing happening here.

  • maxim


  • PFN92

    Yep…and the British media has been complicit too. Any report on these gangs will ONLY refer to them as “Asian”, even though 95% of them were clearly Muslim.

    • IronMaidenaregods

      They refer to African muslims as ‘Asian’

  • Foxlor

    If it were my daughter I would skin them alive.

    • Chintu B

      Your false bravado is touching. However, everyone knows that in reality, like all those white brits, you would just start pretending that you don’t have a daughter, or she eloped or something. You will do nothing except posting these comments.

      • Foxlor

        This is no joke, the perp would be seen no more.

  • David

    The atrocity in Rotherham is the tip of the iceberg. Many other UK cities have similar problems. And people knew about the rapes and brutality. They kept quiet. Many were bullied and called racists. The UAF thugs in the guise of opposing fascism and racism used violence to silence protesters, and remember the UK Prime Minister, Cameron, is a founder member of the UAF street thugs. See what happened to folks who joined opposing political parties like UKIP; the authorities moved to have their children taken off them. The UK does not have a First Amendment which means that anything deemed offensive to the Islamists runs the risk of prosecution. But what is worse is the cooperation between the muslim comminity leaders and the leaders of Christian churches. The EDL are to demonstrate calling for justice for the abused children. I predict they will be prohibited after left wing threats of violence emerge.

  • Alf

    Labour let in these pedos, Labour an Islam supporting Party covered up for these pedos, now Labour must answer to the People for their sickening perversion.

  • Juan Pablo

    Too bad they don’t have a 2nd Amendment (even though we have a 2nd Amendment because of that freakin country!)

  • robert clark

    Research by BNP super-activist for Rotherham, Marlene Guest, provided the independent team with a wealth of material proving mass-scale abuse of children in the area. The BNP has been warning since 2003 of the threat to children by organised groups from the Muslim community across the country who have been preying on, raping and systematically abusing children from other communities. Despite the BNP being proved time and time again to be right, the authorities have consistently done all they can to silence and persecute BNP spokesmen and women.
    In 2003, the authorities, with help from the BBC, even tried to jail ex-BNP Chairman Nick Griffin for 7 years for warning people about it.

    • James Murray

      Oh please don’t make the BNP out to be heroes.

      • Here today Gone to Maui

        Oh please just shut your pedo defending hole.

        • James Murray

          I don’t defend peados. Do you, Maui, know anything about the BNP?. They are a racist party, whose head is a Holocaust denier. They claim to support Israel but are openly anti-Semitic. Many members question the holocaust. And they are a party with serious links to extreme rightwing groups and neo-nazis.
          You want to support rightwing Britain, support UKIP. Hell, even the EDL are a cut above the BNP.

    • mark

      BNP are nazi scum who prove themselves allmost as much, depraved liars as the muslims.

  • James Murray

    96% of the UK is not Muslim. Plenty of us still prepared to fight.

  • James Murray

    Utter bilge. 96% of the UK is not Muslim. And please tell me which cities are 100% Muslim. Name them.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      It only took a relatively small number of N-a-t-z-i-s to engineer the initial takeover of Germany. If you hijack the government, law enforcement and the judiciary then you’ve basically taken over the UK — regardless of whether or not your population is a majority.

  • James Murray

    The BBC’s TV coverage and radio (as well as Sky, ITV and others) have mentioned the Pakistani/Muslim angle, which has been a surprise. Even if the BBC website dosent.

  • Chad

    Every Anglo in England should be out in the streets calling for the removal of this filth or the heads of their politicians. Unfortunately, they’re like us Yanks who are so doped up on TV and media BS that they can’t muster the energy to do so (i.e. “it’s not my kid”). And whoa are us.

  • Drakken

    You don’t deal with uncivilized savages in a civilized manner, you pay them in their own bloody coin. What happened to you Brits, you have gotten entirely too soft and the enemy knows it.

  • peppers1

    its only when little lucy or freya from chelsea or tunbridge wells get attacked by this vermin,,,,,,, that the powers that be take action….the working class and their offspring are just cannon fodder……its time to take this country back….if this were my family members i can promise you a muslim blooodbath

  • juanmeden

    Let’s face it. The West is lost. We are in a moral maelstrom that will take our societies into the abyss. We are incapable of discerning right from wrong and even when our beclouded minds enjoy a moment of clarity, like here, and recognize how absolutely destructive our politically correct passivity has become, all we do is shake our heads and cluck our tongues, and in the end we do nothing to name the evil among us: Islam.

    • Here today Gone to Maui

      No. The elites are the machevellian phucks, not the average person.

    • Courageous

      Speak for yourself, coward.

  • Here today Gone to Maui

    Just try saying that rubbish to the untold number of males that have been falsely imprisoned based on lies by women for false domestic violence, false child abuse, false rape , etc… You wouldn’t last two seconds. Your false version of political correctness is dishonest.

    • hopkins

      You seem to have misread what I wrote. Everybody on this site would agree with me. There are very few false accusations of rapes and untold unreported rapes, but why drag that into civilized conversation? I’m not responsible for any of that. It has nothing to do with what I wrote. You have a chip on your shoulder. At this time western men and women should stand together to defend our way of life and our Democracies. You should try to get beyond it and promote trust on this site.

  • James Murray

    Handguns are illegal on the mainland, but not in NI.

  • James Murray

    Shotguns and rifles legal, handguns not, on mainland. All legal bar assault rifles in NI. Assault rifles illegal full stop.
    I opposed and oppose the gun laws, not licencing. Handguns should be re-legalised.

  • MattBracken

    Team Quisling AKA Team Treason AKA Team Mohammed is winning by miles.
    Winston Churchill must be spinning.

    • Courageous

      Spot on Matt.

    • SF Gal

      I’ve been reading articles on this putrid subject matter on RT.Com, the BBC, France24, and my own country’s news stations over the last year, and I must admit that the terms “Islamophobia,” and “racism,”‘are becoming less potent. Call me naive but I think Team Non Muslim is starting to catch on. Russia and China are the only two nations that will not put up with Team MOHMD’s crap

  • scotspete



    you as an individual decide what justice is best for these criminals. Don’t let the government take your right to justice and peace.

  • Sue Sidey

    This is happening in France also, big time! Coming soon to you in the USA and Canada, free of charge!

  • Scott Wilson

    Anyone who played a role in helping these child rapists needs to hang.
    That includes the police who did so.

    • SF Gal

      Too right!!

  • James

    My Fathers homeland is pathetic now. Back in the day the British army would have bayonetted the scum and hung them.

  • Shelgeyr

    “The report heard of two cases where fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused only to be arrested themselves when police were called.”

    I’m generally “Pro-Law”, except in cases like this where ” the Law” acts lawlessly, criminally, abuses their powers, and aids and abets the enemy. I also make it a policy not to encourage violence.

    That said, if a large crowd of local British citizens from places like Rotherham dragged their police force out of their buildings and executed them in the street, I’d understand.

    As my Indian friends say, “What can you do when the fence starts eating the grass?”

  • willow

    and of course my previous post was racist crap, but is the same as you morons are spouting. These perverts are everywhere, in every class, culture and race, you just use this stuff to spout you Neanderthal views, so you can feel justified in being racist morons. Stop finger pointing at other races and join together to fight the elites who rule us and condone these disgusting practices. Those muslim guys got away with it because the cops, councillors and social workers were into raping kids too, or else did not give a crap. Stop dividing you idiots, lots of muslim girls were also raped by these scum and loads of white kids are raped everyday by your politicians and councillors.

    • Evogene

      Do you just want to feel superior to racist morons? Congratulations! You are better than me, pat yourself on the back.

      If you read the article, the muslim guys got away with it because the muslim local government protected them. It is what happens when muslims vote in a bloc for their own candidates not based on an ideology but by racial solidarity. Everyone gets literally raped, not just figuratively.

  • Ryan Tippens

    you can do that other there…people are unarmed

  • willow

    white middle class child rapists involved, due to your logic all white people are child rapists.

    • Kebert Xela

      When Sir Cliff Richard, OBE was accused of abuse by a single individual, his home was raided, and he was questioned by police and the media was alerted. 1400+ victims of an Islamic sex trafficing gang and their parents faced scorn and arrest as part of an organized effort, by authorities, to enable the abusers. ‘Progressivism’ has a reductio ad absurdum and this is it.

  • willow

    seems moderators are censoring my posts, when I show articles about white middle class child rapists

  • Paula Coyle

    TRULY evil.

  • Paula Coyle

    The US too.

  • Shelgeyr

    Nobody is truly unarmed. Sure, the Brits may have stupidly surrendered their right to firearms, but ANYTHING can be (and should be) a weapon in the hands of those who know how to fight creatively/resourcefully.

    • James Murray

      Nope, only two types of gun are banned in the UK. Stupid as that is, at least in one of the bans.

  • Howard Treesong

    If that had been my girl I would teach that man that not everybody is as easily intimidated as an 11-year-old.

    I would also not go to the police, which is actually just as well for all the good they have been in stopping these heinous crimes.

    • SF Gal

      You could not! You would be deemed the perpetrator and the pedos would have been deemed victims of your “assault.” That’s how the Western Justice system works. It’s apalling, how foreigners use our laws against us and we allow it! The Ungar Muslims tried a few bombing campaigns in China and the Chinese govt’s response was very effective: they cancelled Ramadan; made it a crime to fast. They also disallowed beards and Niqabs on public transportation, in addition to not allowing the public attendance of services in mosques. The Muslims’ response was to sit down and take it. Becaise they knew they had no recourse

  • Tony Paulinsky

    its already here

  • johnrwalsh

    Its not just britain its all over western europe and the US too ,just in case you forgot they knocked over a couple of your oversized towers a few years ago ,then wanted to build a mosque one block down the street

    • Hellosnackbar

      That opinion was something I arrived at!
      Mudslimes would regard that mosque as a metaphorical victory!
      It’s quite common for such groups as the Hamassoles to proclaim victory when logically they should be annihilated!

  • concerned citizen

    If I hear of this happening near me I will personally beat the rapists to death with a baseball bat. That’s the “justice” they will receive.

  • Brad Mitchell

    We have a similar problem in the U.S. White victims of black crime are severely marginalized and those who manage to successfully survive such attacks are charged with Federal “Hate Crimes”. No non-Whites are EVER charged with the race biased Hate Crimes although over 90% of racist crimes are committed against Whites by Blacks.

  • truebearing

    Kill them all…every one of them, and any so-called police officer who is too big of a coward to defend the innocent. Cut’em down and don’t stop until they are all dead or have fled. Then track down those who flee and kill them too.

    Just channeling Winston Churchill…

  • AWCheney


  • Sailing J

    Wonder how long non-muslim English will put up with this from their government and from the muslims? When will enough be enough

  • nightowl_8936

    Heads really need to roll over this. From the cowardly bureaucrats who allowed this to happen, through to the wacky packies who are gang raping kids. Heads must roll. There needs to be a singular new resolve in the UK. If this event is not the tipping point that turns the tide against political correctness and cultural Marxism and immigration from muslim countries, the UK is lost forever. Come on UK, make some heads roll. And support the English Defense League too!

    • Chip

      To late mate!!

  • Conservative Soul

    Look at large muslim populations in the US. They tend to mass in cities & states w/restrictive firearm Carry & Concealment laws. In 1998 I was threatened for engaging in public prayer & followed as I drove with my family in my car! Federal LEO confirmed that though I was not a top target, I was to be a person of interest by the nation of Islam. But until I was assaulted, nothing could be done. The next time I was privately reminded of the long reach of Islam, I told my antagonists that 1- I served a God of love, 2- by law I had the right to keep & bear arms, & 3- I brought visual proof of my ability with various firearms. 16 years later, they remind me that I haven’t been forgotten. I don’t care, it is they that fear the truly faithful.

  • JVR

    It is of course so that the Left used to rely on the white working class voter to get into power and to rule England (this also in the USA).

    With that power the Left changed immigration rules, and elected themselves a new proletariat. They can now safely discard the white working class, and rely on a coalition of minorities and the upper class wealthy Left to gain power and control.

    This is why the Left do not care anymore about the white poor. They do not need them anymore (and they definitely do not need their children).

    In the end, the white working class now get what they voted for (and the upper class Left cannot care about them anymore).

  • Larry Farlow

    White middle class men in this same scenario would have been arrested long ago because no one worries about being labeled racist for saying out loud “there are some white guys going around kidnapping girls and raping them.”

  • MidwestMother

    Sounds like what is happening on Native American Indian reservations as well. Tom Sullivan, Regional Administrator of the federal ACF, has been reporting the rampant sexual abuse for two years to his DC superiors, and they have told him to stop reporting it. Lots of abuse has been reported to U.S. Attorney Tim Purdon and the BIA as well, and they have ignored it.

    The BIA director, Michael Black, was called on the carpet at a House Oversight hearing on June 24, 2014, but it remains to be seen whether that hearing will come to anything. As we all know, the House has held lots of hearings in the last year – and corrupt federal agencies continue to do whatever they want to do.

    At any rate – it is happening to children on Native American reservations and being ignored because too many officials do not want to get muddy fighting with tribal governments….who get more money per head for each child they force into the reservation system through ICWA. (“Cultural sensitivity” – the buzzwords. When will people learn that its always really all about the money?)

    So we know these things can and do happen. I don’t understand why it is allowed in the UK by Muslims, though. Unless it is the same thing with the officials there – not wanting to get muddy.

    I think that must be the thing with many bureaucrats. They just want to get their jobs done and at the end of the day, go home. Their jobs are fine as long as they aren’t expected to deal with anything too messy.

    • SF Gal

      In a nutshell, yes. But the Brits are also terrified of being bombed. And the Muslims know it. Look at a documentary on YouTube called “Luton” – or something like that. You will be shocked.

    • Kebert Xela

      Exactly. The police force that looked the other way for 15 years as 1400+ girls were systematically abused, showed up in force with a BBC crew in tow to arrest an aging pop star only weeks ago. They have the ability to act but no desire.

  • Chip


  • Chip

    You have lots of learning to do!

  • Stephen Williams

    Britain is becoming like Sweden. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe. Almost all the victims are White Swedish women and children and 99% of the perpetrators are Muslims. WAKE UP EUROPE!

  • Chintu B

    Ha Ha. This can happen only in Britain, and nowhere else. Well done Brits.

    • Steven Fuches

      At least we dont have a muslim in the whitehouse :)

      • SF Gal

        Three words: Trojan. Horse. FGM. For over a decade. Has not and would not happen in USA. 9/11 attack prevents that problem.

  • basspig

    Now you know how the Holocaust was able to happen, unimpeded.

  • kris

    Just to see those mugs makes you sure this is subhuman trash.

  • tpellow

    “Multiculturalism is to blame for the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal.

    Political correctness is a vile, perverted ideology which is wrecking our society and ruining the lives of the innocent.”

    By Leo McKinstry.

  • James Boom

    Commies are complicit with islam.

  • No Fear


    Abu Said al-Khudri said: “The apostle of Allah sent a military
    expedition to Awtas on the occasion of the battle of Hunain. They met their enemy and fought with them. They defeated them and took them captives. Some of the Companions of the apostle of Allah were reluctant to have intercourse with the female captives in the presence of their husbands who were unbelievers. So Allah, the Exalted, sent down the Quranic verse, “And all married women (are forbidden) unto you save those (captives) whom your right
    hands possess”. That is to say, they are lawful for them when they complete their waiting period.” [The Quran verse is

  • Helsyd

    would be interesting to find out

  • Yehudit Hannah Cohn

    Why, exactly, the description “Asian”? Does the writer mean “Southwest Asia”, that is, an attempt to bypass the idea of “Middle Eastern”? To what end?

  • *Sharpshooter

    You need to read the article, and this time, pay attention (and don’t try to interject per-conceived notions).

    • James Murray

      I have read the article and its incomplete. And as a Brit myself, who knows the UK police, and has dealt with them as a victim, my opinion is as valid as any others here.

      • *Sharpshooter

        It’s an ARTICLE, not an essay, much less a book.

  • michael mathis

    Leftists just can’t get past the notion that men can be downright evil in their core and a nurturing entreating approach to get such folks to join the human race will simply backfire. The dirty secret is such leftists in the US and Britain aren’t replacing themselves in the numbers that conservatives tend to do so they seek to augment their numbers with foreigner workers partly to have cheap labor and partly to pad their own voter numbers.

  • Krass

    This would not happen in America, not in the parts that have liberal gun laws.. Do this in America and those muslims are going to get shot, long before the police arrive!

    • SF Gal

      The pedos’ doors would have been kicked in, their bodies thrown to the ground, their faces shoved into the floor with a gun shoved in their faces while their personal items were searched, computers confiscated and vicious german Shepards growling and sniffing around for drugs. Then, they would have been dragged up by their wrists tied to handcuffs and sent to prison; given a quick trial; and housed in the general population so that the prisoners could take care of them -hard felon style. The cops would not have runaway out of fear of being called racist because here in America,’we take the sexual assault and battery of the public SERIOUSLY. I guess not so much in Britain. Russia would have just gathered them into a big crowd and shot them in the streets like the animals that they are

  • Krass

    Not in some states… In some states we are well armed!

    • Worship Dancer

      ah but well-armed states i GUARANTEE are NOT dem lefty states.

  • Hellosnackbar

    The description Asian is frequently a PC euphemism for Pakis!
    The fact that a general title involving Hindhus,Sikhs,Chinese etc is policy to avert newsreaders away from Pakis; the giggle now ,is that everybody knows that perverted PC is as ridiculous a dogma as Belief in Islam and the dogsh*t that imaginary Allah proclaims via the Koranus!

  • Peace Love Bunny

    Soon enough, it will be mandatory in England to bring your infant to a muslim for them to rape. FAILURE TO BRING THEM AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES.

    • Kebert Xela

      It is just the quaint Islamic custom of extortion unilateral gift-giving, Jizya!

      Celebrate the diversity.

  • TNT

    Muslims are a pollution on this planet. When I see evidence to the contrary, I will be sure to come back and proclaim it.

  • chrissie

    Question is: I Rothenham the only place where this is happening.
    It seems well organized and well covered.

  • chrissie

    Yes, the question about Asian heritage.
    Same in Germany, we have the term Südländer, means people from the south. But its is an insult to the real southern Europans, Italians, Spaniards, Portugese, who cause no trouble.
    Südländer means Muslim, testosterone, violence and no conscience.

  • Michelle

    I heard about this years ago and cannot believe this was allowed to continue for so long. What the hell was wrong with that police force? The local government? I don’t even live in the UK and I knew it was happening. If the local government failed why wasn’t there any external intervention? Just disgusting.

    • SF Gal

      I know.’ How do they live with themselves? It’s like the Penn State situation: “We don’t know cause we don’t want to know.” And that was over a football!

  • stopislam

    I’m Polish….in my country is little to Muslims but we try not to feel good here and when you wake up ?!

    • Kebert Xela

      The American and British political class (left and right) does not wish to face the inconvenience and social embarrassment that dealing with the piddling problems of their victimized hoi polloi entails. Being seen to prefer the rights of Englishmen or the Constitutional rights of Americans to the demands of Islam would be too humiliating. You had these people in Poland once, I think they called themselves the Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza (they preferred Russians). We need about a million Nigel Farages, Sarah Palins and Lech Walesas to dynamite our little socialist aristocrats off their behinds.

  • 3Storms

    Can’t be helped because LIberals WANT it to happen and are dumping in more “refugees and asylum-seekers” tn ensure it happens more and more often, and think white victimization is a necessary step to achieve a “diverse” nation where whites are a powerless minority with no place in the world where they’re the majority.

  • 3Storms

    Any government that does not protect its people from foreign invaders because it wants the foreign invaders to win as part of a social re-engineering master plan to change the face of the country is a treasonous government that needs to be overthrown.

  • Bill James

    This is the supreme example of how evil political correctness is, but slowly the truth about the freaks Islam spawns is coming to light, thanks to the Internet:
    -In 1995 there were 16 million Internet users, worldwide. On 9/11 there were half a billion. Today there are over 2.8 billion; 2.5 BILLION are non-Muslims.

    -In 2012 78% of Americans were Internet users, over 245 million people.

    -In 2012 only 4% of Middle Easterners were Internet users.

    11/21/08 Zogby poll: The web is the most trusted news medium in America — over TV and print combined.

    Before the Internet facts like these weren’t reported by the vile multiculturalist, liberal media:
    -Ayatollah Khomeini (Tehriro vasyleh, fourth edition, Qom, Iran, 1990): “A Muslim man can have sexual pleasure with a little girl as young as a baby. But he should not penetrate her vaginally, however he can sodomize her.”

    -3/18/13… Child Rape in Indonesia [87% Muslim] a ‘National Emergency’
    Maria Advianti, secretary of the Indonesian Commission on Child Protection
    (KPAI), said the most worrying part was that most rape or sexual abuses were
    committed by family members. “In such cases, the probability of the victim filing a report is even lower.”

    8/5/13… 95% of grooming [raising girls, from infancy, to become prostitutes] convictions in the UK involve Pakistani Muslims.

    No mammal is safe around Muslims:
    -Khomeini’s book, “Tahrirolvasyleh” fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990: “If one commits the act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrement become impure, and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed and as quickly as possible and burned.”

    This is no bottom, no boundary, no limit to the criminality of Muslims, no matter where they live on this planet:
    -3/23/14 Denmark 41% of all Ethiopian [Muslim] men were convicted of a crime in 2012.

    -2/10/14 At least 35% of Italian prison inmates are Muslims. [They are 2.6% of the population: therefore they have an
    imprisonment rate 13 times what it should be]

    -… 60% to 70% of all prisoners in France are Muslim even though they’re only 12% of the population.

    -7/15/08… While Muslims represent between 4 and 5 per cent of Belgium’s entire population, 35 per cent of the incarcerated population is of Muslim descent.

    -1/29/09… While making up nearly 14% of the total population of the country, Muslims account for 40% of India’s prison population.

    According to the House of Commons report of 22 Dec
    2010: Prison population statistics [PDF], page 11, the prison population is
    comprised of 12% Muslims, four times their population in the UK (3%).

    20% in young offender institutions identified
    themselves as Muslim in 2011/12, compared with 16% in 2010/11. Norway’s Minister of Justice from 2001 to 2005, Odd Einar Dørum, mentioned the problem in 2001 but has later gone quiet about the issue. The reported number of rapes in Oslo is now six times as high per capita as in New York City, yet the media keeps warning against Islamophobia.

    You wonder why democrats love Muslims? Here’s why:… Research Center: 15% of Muslims approved of Bush; 76% of Muslims approve of Obama.

    The longer we wait to deal with Islam the more babies they will have:
    -1/30/09 Timesonline UK: Muslim population growth between 2004 and 2008 was ten times greater than the rest of society.

    -10/28/10 Daily Mail: Mohamed or derivatives of that name is now the number one name in the U. K..

    -8/8/09 Daily Telegraph, London: Europe’s Muslim population has more than doubled in the past 30 years and will have doubled again by 2015.

    -9/29/13 “70% of global population growth over the next 30 years will be in Muslim countries.”

    God bless the Internet where we SEE the evil face of Islam.

  • James Murray

    UK Muslims have no political power, or economic. Nor social. The extremists make a lot of noise, and generally the UK is far too PC, but they have no taken over. Not even close. Even if we read stories like this. Muslims aren’t even the biggest ethnic minority in the UK.

  • James Murray

    The problem with that story was and is that claims and evidence don’t match up. Its hard to find out what happened, between sites like Pamela Geller (who should be taken with a barrel of salt) and normal news services. A lot of the news came from the EDL sites themselves. And OTT hysteria from the Gellers of this world.
    The available video shows a few Muslims barracking him (which should have been enough to get them dispersed) but no weapons. Later videos DO show 30 or so, but again little or no evidence of weapons. And the police stated that Robinson and friends smashed a car and beat up some of the Muslim group (not that I have a problem with that lol) .
    Frankly, two groups of thugs fighting each other. The guy you talk about is a convicted football hooligan, police assaulter, fraudster and for too many years was nothing but a frankly counterproductive rightwing thug. I will commend him for leaving the the EDL to fight Islam with a bit more guile and brains though.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    No it’s not

  • absolutelyharam

    Get it to your heads already, Euros: multiculturalism failed. Accepting the flood of immigrants under the banner of “humanitarianism”, or whatever you call it, due to your extreme apologist because of the colonialist history, doesn’t excuse allowing this sort of shit happening. Have tighter control of your immigration, have tighter rules regarding who gains permanent residence, and accept actually produtive people instead of just anyone who applies.

  • MRS ME

    your latinos are Christians, they are not on a hell bent holy war against Christianity, like the muslims are, then again, not all muslims want war against Christianity

    • Higlac

      The overwhelming majority of Moslems DO WANT WAR against Christianity – the proportion of those wanting it is not less than 80 to 88 percent!!!! Up to 20% of the total are the radicals doing the throat-slitting, raping, &c.; the remainder tie you up…

      We have to round every last one of them up, disenfranchise them of any and all Western citizenship and (if necessary by FORCE) deport them back to where they or their ancestors came from!!!! [Converts and others whose roots are in question can go to Iran if Shi’a, Saudi Arabia otherwise.]

      To prevent Moslem countries from trying to turn those wretches back to the West, those good-for-nothings need to be stripped of ALL their papers, money, possessions, absolutely EVERYTHING except the clothes on their backs!!! THEN, they need to be dumped by parachute into desert regions from low-flying aircraft while they’re sedated into unconsciousness (done BEFORE they’re put onto the planes, and meant not to wear off until after they’ve been expelled from the aircraft).

      The ONLY thing they would be allowed is ONE flask of ordinary water each; AFTER they are dumped, an ANONYMOUS Internet or telephone tip (it should NOT originate in the West) can be sent to the authorities of the countries receiving those arch-bastards so they can be picked up (if the authorities care to do so…).

      • MRS ME

        I agree but you have protest and get it done or else get it legally done

      • Dog

        20% from over a billion Muslims is about 200 million. peaceful Muslims are irrelevant. 200 million radical insane Muslims is not something to ignore.

      • Hammerlein
        • korie

      • Trond Larsen

        Well, there is a burgeoning number who want war with Muslims, and exactly why is chrystal clear.

        • Higlac

          The muzzies have brought it down upon their own heads – they’ve nobody to blame but themselves…

      • Vladsmom

        Hahahaha. I like the part about giving them water AFTER they’ve landed lol

        • Higlac

          It would be strapped to their parachute packs.

    • blue_&_white_avenger

      I read reports that there’s an alarming rate of Latinos (Christians) converting to Islam.
      Despite all these facts & widespread concern, Islam is the religion which coverts the most, by far. I don’t understand…

      • Rhazes

        Easiest way to find a wife and not just a wife but a wife that is a slave and completely submissive and if she isn’t just take her outside and get all your neighbors to stone her to death.

    • FuriousInfidel

      Muslims don’t have a choice. The Kuran dictates war against all infidels. Even if a Muslim happens to be a decent human being, if they don’t follow Sharia Law they are subject to death.

  • jcd0101

    I noticed how the UK always and i do mean always called them ASIANS..
    I knew (having lived in asia) that this was somehow a cover up..

    Now we know that the asian codeword is liberal speak for
    muslims – but we cant call them that..

  • Anti_Femastasis

    Well, that’s what you get when you allow women to vote.

    Women notoriously vote pro-political correctness and anti-free speech.
    Women vote for welfare expansion which then attracts even more Muslims.
    Women notoriously vote pro-immigration and feminist parties are the most Islam-loving parties. In fact women are up to 3 times(!) less likely to vote for an anti-Immigration party than men.
    The most femastasized countries (e.g. Sweden) are the most immigration-friendly countries.

    Women’s suffrage and Islamization of Europe are two sides of the same coin.

    Do you support the voting rights of women? No problem, but then don’t complain about child rape, beheadings and high taxes.

    • SF Gal

      complete loon or a Muslim. Perhaps both?

  • SF Gal

    What I cannot wrap my head, around aside from the grotesque subject matter, is how the victims begged law enforcement and social services for help and were told that they didn’t have a case and/or were liars. The British often brag about their country and so called superior culture and history, but have no spine when forced to confront unpopular social cancers. I hope that every person who dealt with these poor victims and provided no help are haunted with their stories and have to face payback in the form of disrespect, disdain, and blanket hatred for the rest of their lives

  • Here today Gone to Maui

    And you have the gall and stupidity to actively compare bnp with the ongoing islamic jihad of all western cultures, the protests/assaults/murders of Jews and against Israel worldwide by islamic criminals/killers/terrorists – Are you completely DAFT ? You are worried about a scratch while the artery is severed.

  • martie34

    There is obviously something really wrong going on the United Kingdom. There are three numbers that should be worrying: 80% of all Pakistani marriages in the UK are between first cousins. There at least twice as much British Muslims fighting with ISIS than serving the Royal armed forces and there’s this 1400 young girls that were brutally raped and trafficked by Pakistani Muslim gangs. The cause is the same and obvious to all who want to see. The UK must stop all Pakistani immigration and all Muslims immigration to their country. The must start sending them back to Pakistan which is a hellhole where they belong. Instead of complaining about Polish and other Eastern Europeans that come from Christians nations, they should stop Muslim immigration. It’s really a no brainer and the situation will get worse before it gets better. I don’t like to comment on other countries’ political issues, but it seems that only UKIP has the interest of the British people at heart.

  • Miriam Breslauer

    Muslim Countries where there are Synagogues: Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Indonesia, Qatar, Kuwait.

    Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow Synagogues or Churches. Pakistan used to have a Jewish community and Synagogues but they bulldozed it and put in a shopping mall in the 1980’s.

  • miscalienous

    Don’t be misled into thinking that this does not go on in North America.

  • Tony Turoczy

    $1000 a head, dead or alive, should take care of THAT problem!!!

  • Peter May

    scott, please come here and help us, how would you go about it, dont forget you will be put in prison just for saying the word paki ! cowardly? if your american why have you not sorted out deerbourn michigan?? show us cowards the way please…….with respect

  • BalramRules

    Hindus have more fight in them, look at the 1971 war, Hindus disgraced the Muslim pakistanis, with well over 91,000 POWs, never throughout the history of the human race has such a feat occurred, especially when today we have guns and bombs, and aircrafts, rocket launchers and what not, it makes it even more astonishing.

    However in Britain, they have some fight in them too, lots of it in fact, it’s just that they aren’t being allowed to fight back, because the government is brainwashing the population into making you think you’re a racist, and “islamophobic” if you do so, injecting the idea that your fear in islam is irrational, when hating islam is perfectly rational.

    The appropriate term is actually, ISLAMONAUSIAC, as the religion sickens me, if that’s what you’d even call it.
    Islam is not a religion, it’s a cult, of people of intolerance.

    • Peter May

      india is the new super power, democratic and intelligent, knows first hand about islam and its evil, brave people and dont take crap off anyone, i love the indians, im british white!

  • Lisa Graas

    On a side note, just so you’ll know, a child is less likely to be abused by a Catholic priest than by men in general. It is liberals who are at the forefront in the accusations against the Catholic priesthood. Due to ignorance, many non-liberals buy into that thinking, unfortunately. Being a Muslim man does not make you a pedophile, either, but being a liberal might make you see Judeo-Christian power structures (the Catholic Church and Israel) as the enemy. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is liberal-think, hence Islam is defended, Catholicism is attacked, Israel is attacked, and a blind eye is turned to Muslim crimes.

  • Michelle

    They should shoot the bastards and gaol the complicit leftists.
    Slightly (sarcasm) worse than Rolf but no where near the media coverage as they are not white.
    If this is democracy then give me a benign dictator with testicles.
    In ALL western countries with Muslim scum this IS happening.

  • Lyndel Beckwith

    Why wouldn’t the Britons go and kill these men if the police won’t do anything? I know they aren’t allowed guns, but man was killing man long before the advent of guns. Take an axe, a bow and arrows, swords, machetes. Go save your kids and make other safe!

  • curri

    Be careful, the ADL will attack you for spreading Islamophobia.

  • Lyndel Beckwith

    Why wouldn’t the Britons go and kill these men if the police won’t do anything? I know they aren’t allowed guns, but man was killing man long before the advent of guns. Take an axe, a bow and arrows, swords, machetes. Go save your kids and make other safe!

    • nickshaw

      You just assume “these men” don’t have guns?
      But I agree. If the police won’t help and parents actually get arrested for trying to get their children back, there will come a point that should have been reached a long time ago.

  • Michael Ejercito

    Britain has the real rape culture.

  • Michael Ejercito

    Do you have a cite?

  • Levchenko Natalya

    Why does England like muslims so much? It seems they have many benefits and migrants from Eastern Europe are worse than muslims migrants

  • Space_Cadet_1952

    Are we in the UK ‘Islamophobic’ or ‘Islamopheble’?

  • Frances John

    But what are the decent police supposed to do? I was living in the north of England in the 90s and was having lots of trouble with an English stalker-type neighbour (a known burglar). I told a police officer who came to see me one day that a friend of mine had offered to beat the guy up for me. The police officer looked to his left and to his right as if someone could hear him, and he pulled his chair closer to mine. “Don’t tell anybody I said this,” he said. “That’s what you’ve got to do now. Twenty years ago we would’ve gone round there and given him a clout, but you’ve got to do it yourself now.”

    And yes, way back then the very respectable young teenagers were telling me that the muslims were beating them up at school and that if the kids hit back, they were punished for racism.

  • Frances John

    I don’t think you are a woman. I lived in Los Angeles from 2006-2012. Do you know that in Central America the young men hit on old women, but in Mexico no? I couldn’t go up to Santa Monica Boulevard to get a container of milk without receiving unwanted attention. My message to the ardent swains of Hollywood: Mudhoney’s, “You Got It, Keep It Out of My Face.” (I don’t want what anyone can have.)

  • Higlac

    Well said, “dog”!!!!

    To boot, given that in the UK, 80% of all Moslems actively practise their ideology in addition to that 88% of the same body want “Shari’ah Law” – and that in the USA, over 84% preach hatred against “infidels”: mutatis mutandis, this means (when you cross-multiply) that not less than 2 out of every 3 Moslems are definitely HOSTILE against non-Moslems AT A MINIMUM!!!

    • Stretch90

      Wow, some of the greatest bullshit I’ve ever read. Try to actually meet people instead of believing made up numbers.

      • Higlac

        Those numbers are not made-up: they are statistics from carefully-formulated polls.

        Besides, I well remember meeting enough Moslems in my childhood and youth to confirm my suspicions.

        • Stretch90

          Everything you said is wrong, but it’s not surprising. You have completely incorrect knowledge of the Qur’an and you’re making up lies.
          It’s repeated many times throughout the Qur’an that the Messenger was only there to deliver the message and never to force anyone to follow Islam, and that rule applies to everyone. One example is 45:50.
          Muslims wanting to kill all non-Muslims is a lie but people like you are dumb enough to believe everything they hear…. coincidentally from people as dumb as yourself. You have definitely not met many Muslims in your life.

          • Higlac

            Ha ha, you Moslem shill!!!!

            I now know too well who you are – and know now that I’ve read enough of the Qu’rân and seen more than sufficient quotes from it (and checked with neighbouring verses) to know that what I have said is the TRUTH!!!!

            How about the ENTIRE Sura 9??? That last part of the Qu’rân is so violent as to forbid any peaceful interpretation whatsoever!!!

            Take ALL your muda’rat / taqiyya + kitman ELSEWHERE!!!! You’ll never get to pull the wool over my eyes…

  • Edward_Teach

    How has any European country benefited by opening it’s borders to these people? Do they make Europe a safer place to live? Have they made Europe great? Are they good for tourism? Do they bring anything positive to Europe? Do they respect the citizens of Europe and the customs? Do they support themselves without burdening the tax payers? Do they love Europe or what they can get from her?

    Do they victimize the European people in large proportions to their small numbers? Wouldn’t crimes against the European people foreshadow their true intentions? Do they trash up the areas they inhabit in Europe? If they victimize the host country’s people and trash up their land after they have been given a new start at life, wouldn’t that be like a direct “screw you”? Do they demand you to change your ways and customs so they can tolerate you? Do they respect the peoples government? Your family? Your people? Your culture?

    If they are guilty of three of these questions then It would be safe to say they should not be in Europe. There is more harm than good for Europe and her people.

    If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called “racist” and “Nazis” if they let them in, their country will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country and it’s people? Wake up before it’s too late.

    • RonHess

      Haven’t any of you figured it out yet? The “Nazis” were the good guys! If Britain had been invaded and occupied in 1940, the war would have been over and Britain and Europe would have had a far better future.

  • Karl Yang

    Talk about some of the most brutally ugly people on the planet – and the politicians are replacing whites with these ugly bast*rds.

    To paraphrase a lyrical line from an Armenian-American metal band – “There are no words, just anger.” F*** them.

  • andreabeth7

    You know, if a pedophile groomed or raped a female relative of one of these sub humans in their home country, they would have his head on a spike. Yet it is somehow ok in their admittedly simple minds to abuse white girls? I don’t think so, Abdullah.

    • Miguel Caron

      Actually Muslims are allowed to sleep with prostitutes if the prostitutes are not Muslim. Muslims devalue the life of non-Muslims and treat them as cattle.

      • andreabeth7

        Thank you for the clarification. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  • RonHess

    If a fellow white person calls you a “racist,” just smash their traitor face in. This is what “political correctness” does. This story explains fully why it is pure white genocide.

  • Miguel Caron

    Every nation ran by anglos is a nation of hypocrisy and degeneracy. Things like freedom of speech and democracy are rarely found in their nations, and they have all been tainted by multiculturalism without restraint.
    May England sink into the murky depths from whence it came.

  • William Hinkle

    The khazar rulers (false jews) disarmed Britain to protect themselves, British traitors and the paki invaders from the British people. They are hoping to do the same in America.

  • Jay Bee

    The Labour government PLANNED and ORCHESTRATED this. They have their own pedophile networks that keep politicians in line!

  • Navy Corpseman

    This is why we must fight tooth and nail for our 1st amendment rights in the USA. This is why we must fight for all our constitutional rights, so we don’t end up like the UK

  • terfull

    Ban moslems! Problem solved.

  • Periapsis

    If this isn’t going to lead to whites rising up and slaughtering these pigs and the traitors that abetted them, nothing will. If I had a daughter, and someone abused her this way, they’d better pray I do not find them before the police do.

  • Jason Ross

    Genocide of the white race.

  • Konstantinos Fasouletos


  • Ragnar Redbeard’s Ghost

    When Justice fails you take it into your own hands.

  • Ragnar Redbeard’s Ghost

    Honestly, if these were my kids getting raped and pimped, it would be TOTALLY worth going to prison for the rest of my life in order to exact vengeance. Since they like beheadings, I would start there. Of course it is important to douse them in pig’s blood first, to ensure their horror at going straight to hell.

  • Coop

    Sometimes you need to handle things yourself.

  • Helen Kistler

    In Islamic culture, an unaccompanied female is believed to be single and available for marriage. If a muslim man asks you if you are married or engaged, this is a sign of interest.

  • SF Gal

    You would not believe the articles in the BBC about this. The British Parliament keep asking what happened, and the response from the Rotherham Council and Yorkshire police is “we don’t know,” and “we didn’t think we could..” First Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham and now this. The public are still defending their Muslim communities. What planet do we live on again?

    • the old skeptic

      “All the world belongs to Allah”, so find yourself another planet, sister, the Muslims call dibs on this one.

      • SF Gal

        No. I’ll stay on this one. Becaise they haven’t won yet and I love a good fight. A culture that employs terrorism and threats in order to win an argument is not one that will succeed in the long run. Besides, you have to laugh at a culture that actually believes the sun is the center of the universe and the Earth revolves around the sun.

      • SF Gal

        Not yet.

  • James K

    So this is what your ancestors died in WW2 for England??? What a disgrace. R.I.P. England

    • SF Gal

      The parents, grandparents, great parents, who fought great battles, worked, starved, and survived plagues are now withering from the plague of Islam.

  • Ken Martin

    The rapists as well as those that protected them should be put to death like the savages they are.

  • the old skeptic

    Vigilantism suggests itself.

  • Leslie Leonard

    The parents know what they need to do and it does not include the police!! I would gladly sit in jail to make sure those pigs didn’t do this to another innocent little child. Pedophiles are disgusting and should be put in hell immediately.

  • deniss

    It’s my country and i can’t say i don’t like muslims, Islam, Blacks, Paki’s, why if it true what happened to free speech. If I as a person cannot say i don’t like something why can I no say? When i lived in England I had black, asian friends they could call me what they wanted, it was just a laugh. Whenever you ban something it causes more problems. These people are Muslims bastard rapists, if they were white and welsh they would be Welsh bastard rapist. Far to much PC in England, that’s why i live in Thailand you can say what you like, it’s called freedom.

  • Country_Dog

    Seven rag heads. I know what would happen to them in my neck of the woods. Wouldn’t be pretty but good eatin’ for the buzzards.

  • SF Gal

    New convert to Islam in North London,’UK,’beheaded a 85 year old woman and threatened several others before being arrested, yesterday afternoon, UK time. See full story on BBC.

  • Dennis Bullard

    Time for forming a vigilante posse. Baseball bats, plastic wire ties buckets and quick set cement for shoes. Hunt these rats down and spare no mercy. No surrender.

  • Verk

    Please don’t call them Asian. They are not Indian or Chinese or Vietnamese or Japanese. They are Muslims, through and through and it is their religion that drives them.

  • typical

    We Indians know about this problem inside out. Yet, only now western countries in a position to understand our, i.e. Hindus’, real problems. It is good that now you would appreciate our problem. And the problem is this: When Muslims are a small minority, they would do everything to enjoy the fruits of secularism and democracy by shouting hoarse over rights. They start organizing when they comprise around 10 per cent. And they would start committing all sorts of crimes with full social sanction once they reach around 20 percent. And once they are 30 percent they would start dreaming of a separate country. And when they reach 40 per cent, they start killing others. When they reach 50 per cent, they start killing everyone. And when 70 per cent, they start killing themselves. The issue is their religion. Ignore it if you want.

  • marktopic

    OH dear..the jewish problem keep raising its ugly head

  • marktopic

    No, why don’t you ‘grow up’ They rape are woma children.and murder our men..

  • Gamal

    Probably the British police force is run by Muslims

  • Misha

    Multi-culturalism at its best. Some cultures are ok, but lets be honest, most muslims have no regard for children, women, gays, europeans, or anyone else they deem inferior. They rape our children and the government helps them with it, in fact our taxes pay their existence in this country. Haven’t we had enough? :/ In Europe we created a society where everyone is free to live their lives, and it worked, now they came.. it all got f*cked!

  • Miriam Breslauer

    Oh for a thousand good ‘ole boy type cops from the South to come over and go through our Pakistani hellholes here in the UK, show our wimpy , useless cops the way to deal with these scum.

  • Denise Lance

    Why our we the hosts of the country allowing these asian men to assault our children..have people coming to schools calling white women slags and then get called racist if we complain…Wake up Britain are you all sheep…politically correct is a way of controlling the masses. I would rather go to jail for the rest of my life to protect our english children.

  • ackneyboy

    All of this fear of speaking out is down to the labour party and there Marxist thugs, common purpose, do the research. What should you do in May ? Vote Labour, or rape a child ? They are one in the same thing.

  • not_a_racist

    Extremist Christian Pastor rapes 14 year old

    Extremist pastor rapes 13 year old Alabama

    Extremist Christian scout association UK guilty of grooming children for sex

    Extremist Jewish rabbis NY give herpes to babies after sucking their penis after circumcision

    You can’t label such acts down to religion…. look above there is good/ bad /racist in every community you can’t blame and entire nation/religion for the indecent acts of 5-10 people…. there are rapista/abusers/murderers in every part of the world of every religion and these people only belong to the devil and the fire of hell and not to any religion that preaches one creator the Almighty.

  • James Wolfe

    Yes, it’s outrageous isn’t it. We have cops more than happy to bust in a Latino’s teeth or beat in a Black’s head, however, when it comes to TRUE crimes against society – involving Muslims – suddenly we’re pulling the racist bandwagon ticket.

    Particularly when 90% of Muslims are NOT following their own religion but pre-Islamic arabic beliefs. What they follow is cultural NOT religious creed.

    I wonder how these cops & authorities sleep at night? Or are they as pedohilic as the Muslims they defend.

  • David

    Even if the Muslim rapists did show remorse for their actions, they would literally be called infidels themselves (because it would contradict the Kuran for showing remorse to the infidels that the Kuran teaches is your enemy). Unfortunately this is what Muhammad approved. Islam has not changed its core belief in nearly 1400 years. And I doubt it will change any time soon. Leave the middle east alone, if they attack us then by the self-defense principle we attack and defend not invade. You got your religion I have mine, understand if you attack it gives me the right to get even with fighting back also. So in this case what I’m saying is no foreign entanglements, don’t attack unless a country (most likely) screws with you. Call me an isolationist, no I’m not interventionist, its not our business to dictate to the Muslim countries what they should do. We can on the basis that the Islamic world respects that we won’t bother you. Claiming that the USA is a isolationist country in its early years is false, it was actually doing trade japan, china, south america and France even Morocco (that even recognized USA independence in the late 18th century the first country despite being Muslim recognized USA a sovereign nation).

  • Vladsmom

    I’d rather have illegal Mexicans than legal muslims any day of the week.

  • Jack Whiskey

    See what diversity does to a nation

  • peace

    I’m sorry to say but a minority of so called muslims have put so much hatred into the hearts of the western world .The West believes that the majority of muslims are terrorists and abusers. If that was the case the west would not exist because islam is the most wide spread religion in the world and if it came to it the west would have been taken over by muslims. Secondly all these girls that were groomed and abused were girls from troubled back grounds who got swayed by the money and lifestyle they abusers were flashing at them. They were vulnerable and taken advantage of .I would be grateful if the media and the West would not associate every explosion , every rape, and every muslim with terrorism.because the people that carry out these attacks are not muslims .A true muslim wouldn’t even contemplate hurting anyone never mind carrying out these barbaric attacks .I’m sorry if iv hurt anyone with what I have written but I just wanted to clear the names of every innocent muslim out there who has had a finger pointed at just because he follows the religion if peace .