UK Unable to Deport $1.6 Mil Cocaine Kingpin Because He is the “Best Dad”


Cocaine kingpins beware. If you’re going to deal in millions of dollars worth of drugs, better take your kid to an amusement park first. Kids, like British judges, are surprisingly easy to impress.

A convicted drug kingpin cannot be deported after immigration officials ruled he is a good father who once took his family to a Peppa Pig theme park.

Princewill Oluoha, 37, from Nigeria, was sentenced to seven years for an attempted plot to smuggle £1m of cocaine to Britain in 2010.

Although the Home Office are desperately trying to deport him, he has been allowed to remain in the UK because he claims he plays a key role in the life of his British daughter.

Oluoha, who came to Britain in 2007, has two children and has been pictured enjoying himself with his family at Peppa Pig World, an amusement park in the New Forest based on the children’s cartoon.

At hearing in April last year, a Home Office bid to return Oluoha to Nigeria failed after a judge heard evidence from his partner about how he helps bring up his daughter.

Oluoha, who is thought to be on licence and immigration bail, told The Sun: “I want to concentrate on being the best dad.”

It comes months after a violent foreign criminal who held a knife to the throat of a victim overturned a government attempt to deport him due to his “right to family life”.

Lee Corbin, 50, has been allowed to stay in Britain because of what a court described as his “amazing” relationship with seven children he has fathered by three different women.

Corbin has 75 criminal convictions to his name and has been handed jail sentences totalling more than 16 years since he came to this country in 1978.

But you don’t have to be the best dad to be allowed to stay in the UK. The UK is fairly lenient on that score. You can even stab your daughter.

A Bangladeshi immigrant who stabbed her baby with a kitchen knife has won the right to stay in Britain so that she can have contact with the child.

The Nigerian cocaine kingpin could have skipped the amusement park. He could have even stabbed her. British judges are lenient that way.

This isn’t an alien issue in the United States either. The drumbeat of amnesty is based around not separating parents from children. Essentially the right to a family life.

  • john spielman

    toatl insanity, if the judges are this morally bankrupt and refuse to enforce the nations laws, the nation will be destroyed from within

    • Akusia

      Oh, I think our main political parties have been hastening the rot for at least 30 years..

  • Veracious_one

    it’s simply amazing just who the British allow to stay and just who they forbid to enter….

    • A Z

      Michale Savage might rile someone up and cause a riot.


      The people who might riot are always looking for an excuse so they will sooner or later. But best ignore it if you are a British governing class.

      In the meantime a drug kingpin can create addicts or enable addicts he did not make to get worse and die.

      But those deaths occur in penny packs so it is okay. it is easier to sweep under the rug.

  • kilfincelt

    Pure insanity! Anyone making these kind of decisions is not just morally bankrupt but has lost touch with reality. These judges need to be locked up in insane asylums.

    • laura r

      dont you think its done on purpose? the US is not far behind.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “A Bangladeshi immigrant who stabbed her baby with a kitchen knife has won the right to stay in Britain so that she can have contact with the child.”

    That says it all.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Criminals only have one right; due process.

  • Mullah Lodabullah

    Those Nigerian scams are still sucking them in.

  • muslimmustgo

    So happy that we defeated the british tyranny!! Just think,America could be half muslim by now if we subscribed to the british mindset!