UK Will Allow Syrian Jihadists to Return, Make Them Attend “Deradicalization” Classes


So much for all the tough talk about not letting them back in.

To “deradicalize” a Muslim, you use Muslim clergy. So you can see where this is going. It’s like putting drug dealers in charge of Narcotics Anonymous and Jihadists back on the streets of London.

“Deradicalization” is a scam because the instructors are often every bit as “radical” as the students. There’s no way for current Western leaders to distinguish bad from good because their metrics involve things like democracy which leaves the Muslim Brotherhood in.

The Saudis began pushing the deradicalization scam even though their mosques and Imams were the ones pushing the hard Salafi lines.

British jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria will be forced to attend “deradicalisation” programmes to reverse their warped brainwashing, David Cameron announced.

Dangerous fanatics made subject to court controls will be ordered to engage in anti-extremism schemes as part of a raft of new measures to combat the risk of British Islamists returning to the UK.

At least 500 are feared to have travelled out and half are now back on the streets of the UK, potentially plotted attacks here.

Under the proposals, any terror suspect placed under a Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (Tpims) will now be forced to engage in the Government’s Prevent programme, which tackles radicalisation.

The Al Furqan programme, which is run in prisons, uses Imams to challenge the views of extremist Islam through religious teaching.

The Healthy Identities Intervention is a more introspective approach where psychotherapists try to discover what triggered terrorists to become radicalised.

There are no words for how stupid this is. Instead of denationalizing foreign fighters, the UK is going to force them to attend lectures by equally Jihad supporting Imams and talk to shrinks to understand why they want to kill people.

Wouldn’t just surrendering to ISIS be simpler and easier?

  • truebearing

    When my wife told earlier today that she had heard Cameron was getting tough and was blocking the returning jihadists, I immediately ran to the front door to see how many pots of gold the leprechauns left on the porch…imagine my disappointment. I’m only slightly less surprised that the pots of gold weren’t there then when I read this to find out Cameron went flaccid on his attempt to protect Britain.

    “The Healthy Identities Intervention?” Soon to be renamed “The Headless Psychotherapist Society.” Talk about moronic.

    • Pete

      Cameron may not be flaccid, but I find it hard to see what a red blooded woman would see in such a weak, insipid man.

      Still Cameron is better than Obama. If Cameron was the weak m0r0n he is, but was President of the U.S. we could at least impeach him.

    • Una Salus

      Cameron’s posturing is only misleading if you actually believe he believes his own spin.

  • Edward Cline

    Spinelessness is not just a physical ailment. It is also a mental condition. Perhaps Cameron will give the inaugural lecture to the beasts, and the Brits will never see him alive again, but perhaps in many pieces, in the way of Lee Rigby.

  • Pete

    So many of the people, who went to Syria committed war crimes. Simply sheep dipping the is asking for problems.

    You can count the number of cases of Coalition war crimes on one hand. They have been prosecuted. Unfortunately in at least 2 cases we did nit use the death penalty. The war crimes of Al Nusrah and ISIS are legion.


    The Saudi deradicalization program, for example, was considered a complete success until just last year, when the terrorist activities of 11 graduates were discovered.

    Similarly, since some rehabilitation programs involve extensive postrelease surveillance, some of their apparent success may result not from effective jailhouse deradicalization but from the deterrent quality of this monitoring. These factors are hard to parse, but researchers must do so.

    The approach is remarkably successful, according to Saudi officials, who say that only 3 percent of the program’s more than 850 graduates have returned to violent extremism. Foreign researchers, however, say many of the “graduates” were far from hard-core and never convicted of any crime.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      “remarkably successful…according to Saudi officials”. But who the f*%k believes anything the Saudis say? Saudi Barbaria just recently beheaded a man for practicing sorcery. Saudi Barbaria has already executed a man and woman for practicing sorcery and witchcraft, respectively, earlier in the 21st century. Saudi Barbaria also featured a man cutting his daughter’s tongue out and burning her alive for converting to Christianity which wasn’t a criminal act. Saudi Barbarian law enforcement also forced girls back into their burning school because they weren’t dressed appropriately. Why the school started burning in the first place was also suspicious. Saudi Barbaria also has laws prohibiting Jews from visiting their holey kingdom. Yet you want me to put faith in Saudi Barbarians? One of the top tier sponsors of worldwide islamic terrorism?

  • RossPoldark

    Frankly, I would give them two options. Strip them of their UK passport and deport them to a muslim country of their choice permanently, and 2. put a bullet between their eyes!!!!

  • DVult

    Try them for treason then hang by the neck until dead. That may or may not deradicalize them but they won’t be chopping any more heads, shooting up shopping malls or raping little girls.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      You would have to hang the corrupt traitors in the government of the UK first.

  • mollysdad

    The Spanish Inquisition used to run a deradicalisation program for the Muslims of it day.

  • patechinois

    Yet on our side of the pond, nobody at the White House is even acting as if it’s a problem to have sadistic, homicidal Muslims returning to America. It’s just a big happy homecoming and there’s a tee time to make.

  • camp7

    Sounds like Cameron’s deradicalization program doesn’t prevent the British jihadists from purchasing future round trip tickets to the Middle East. Would they then need to attend more deradicalization classes, or more accurately, re-deradicalized? Then how many deradicalization classes would be required to get a British degree in ‘deradicalization’? I think the Al Furqan programme is overlooking a tremendous educational opportunity for their students. Wet noodle Cameron will ‘full monty’ love it.

  • Mullah Lodabullah

    “… psychotherapists try to discover what triggered terrorists to become radicalised …”

    We already know what it has nothing to do with.


      The KORAN is what triggers them to become radicalized.

  • UCSPanther

    These are going to be hardened killers. How is a touchy feely class supposed to fix them?

    But then again, this is modern Britain we are talking about…

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Sort of like the sham de-radicalization programs instituted by Saudi Arabia a few years ago and used as an excuse to dupe GWB administration officials into releasing jihadists to them to be de-radicalized that otherwise would have been held in Guantanamo?

    It’s a myth every bit as big as the myth that Muslims are terrorists, that so-called moderate Muslims are somehow being radicalized by some sort of mysterious radicalization process that turns them into foaming at the mouth vicious radicals who then join various terrorist organizations.

    The real reality, however, is all Muslims in the world are jihadists in one form or another, either of the violent variety, as in the members of ISIS, or of the non-violent variety, as in the millions of Muslims that have migrated to the infidel west for the strategic purposes of mass Muslim infiltration of our societies and for eventual demographic conquest. Otherwise, they are executed for blasphemy, apostasy, or both according to the dictates of Islam.

    Indeed, more than it is anything else, Islam is a very draconian form of totalitarianism that seeks to make itself and its follower’s supreme, as opposed to being just a so-called religion. Hence, just like the old Communist Soviet Union sent all non-conformers to the Soviet Gulags, all non-conformers in Islam are summarily executed for blasphemy, apostasy, or both according to the dictates of Islam.

    It is this latter type of non-violent jihad that presents by far the gravest threat for the infidel world at large. Yet, because the myth that Muslims are terrorists is so prevalent and so prevalently promoted by writers that pretend to be informed, the vast overwhelming majority of people in the infidel world today are utterly oblivious of it.

  • kevinstroup

    The Brits had better start killing their elites or it won’t be long before it will be too late.

  • kevinstroup


  • Pete

    The part below the stars was provided without comment, which was a mistake. I should have at least said I do not endorse one way or another and said this is what is out there. If you debate or vote you need to know what is out there being discussed. You can be right and hot under the collar, but it won’t count for much unless you get 50%/51% or more going your way.

    Foreign Affairs is a a CFR publication. A lot of mid grade and higher officers read it. When I look at the people admitted to the CFR over the years I get a more and more jaundiced view of it. Condaleeza was or is a member. My view of her acumen was higher 10 years ago. Ditto Colin Powell. He let his guy Armitage sit still as Scooter Libby got frog marched. Other members are even more problematic. the CFR has been likened to a social club for Democrats and Republicans. We should not be at each other’s throats, but it looks like a Combine or as Michael Savage would say 2 card monte.

    The we get to the recidivism debate, where people end up after rehabilitation vi a vis other and the war crimes. As one paragraph of one of the articles points out, you cannot credit rehabilitation when there is a massive amounts of monitoring.

  • Pete

    You also have to do a survey and get conversant with debate strategies pro and con, because the other side will always pipe up.

    Hiernonymous is tenacious whereas American is persistent. There is a difference.

    Sheep dipping is a pejorative term. If I actually had sheep I would dip them to get rid of ticks.It get rid of surface (skin) problems. The term used in context of training of people is very pejorative. I have seen people en masse take a company paid prep course for a professional test/accreditation and not a one of the attempted the test or had any intention of taking it. But they all dutifully sat in the course. Maybe they did it to get out of work. Maybe they did it to absorb a little information without really working hard to try to absorb as much as possible.

  • Caped Crusader

    And there I was thinking this time ‘deradicalization’ might involve neutering…


    The UK is making its citizens attend DHIMMI classes.

  • glpage

    Oh yeah, that’s going to work. The only way to deradicalize a jihadi is a bullet through the head.

  • wileyvet

    So now the Brits are calling for re-education camps. That’s funny. But I thought it was dangerous “Islamophobes” like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller that would cause social unrest and disrupt the mult-culti harmony which Britain had created? This is not like de-Nazification, or denouncing Lenin, Stalin, Hitler or Mao. These were mere mortals, with a man made ideology. For a Muslim to be “de-radicalized” they would have to denounce Allah and Muhammad, the demonic duo of Islam, and renounce their Koran, which is impossible and still remain a Muslim. Cameron and his ilk are fools, still in make believe land. Wake up David, you have 3 million Jihadists in the UK. All dedicated to destroying English culture, law and government, and replace it with the Sharia, which has everything to do with Islam, dumbass.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    The ugly truth that no one will hear, preferring instead to chant most moslems are good people loudly enough to drown out that ugly truth.

  • Yoda Dundar

    Re-educating them won’t work, they are on a different planet when it comes to being part of the human race, their single mined mentality is to destroy all things Western, as if a few classes will change the blood lust of these “murderers” yep they should be charged as murderers, going in and cutting heads off, blowing young kids up, being part of rape gangs, well they will fit right back in in that dept in the UK
    They should never be allowed back into a civilized society, they want to live and act like some barbarian from centuries ago, fine, but don’t come back into our lands and expect a warm welcome

  • objectivefactsmatter

    In theory it could be part of a rational and sensible process. And then I think of the Rotherham protocols.

    I think I’m still worried.