UN Climate Chief says Dictatorships are Best at Fighting Global Warming


So what we need is a dictatorship to save the planet? Say no more UN, we get the subtle hint you’re tossing our way. And we’re throwing out our system of elections and turning over rule to Emperor Gore and his penguin minions.

United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres said that democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. Communist China, she says, is the best model.

China may be the world’s top emitter of carbon dioxide and struggling with major pollution problems of their own, but the country is “doing it right” when it comes to fighting global warming says Figueres.

“They actually want to breathe air that they don’t have to look at,” she said. “They’re not doing this because they want to save the planet. They’re doing it because it’s in their national interest.”

Figueres added that the deep partisan divide in the U.S. Congress is “very detrimental” to passing any sort of legislation to fight global warming. The Chinese Communist Party, on the other hand, can push key policies and reforms all on its own. The country’s national legislature largely enforces the decisions made by the party’s Central Committee and other executive offices.

Communism was responsible for the deaths of about 94 million people in China, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe in the 20th Century. China alone was responsible for 65 million of those deaths under communist rule.

But you can’t make a Global Warming omelet without a little genocide and the best Warmunists are also Communists.

This is the same attitude that explains why the LA Times will no longer print letters questioning man-made Global Warming and why Green groups are encouraging other newspapers to censor climate dissent.

It worked for the Soviet Union. It’ll work for Warmunism too.

  • herb benty

    Yes, yes…..as Russia builds new pipelines to China, Nigeria will now jail gays, Venezuala’s communist venture has them imploding, The OPEC/Islamic world plots our demise……why aren’t we tapping into Canada’s vast Oilsands, that are both ethical, clean and keeps the money in North America, as Canadian’s buy a lot of equipment from America?

    • Well Done

      Saudi money is being invested to bring more opponents of oil sands development and marketing to the fore. The funding is well hidden and laundered. Anyone who doesn’t believe the Saudis aren’t throwing around a few million for propaganda, out of their yearly income of billions, probably thinks man’s CO2 is causing climate change.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        People are so stupid. They can’t imagine the Saudis getting behind the “green” movement because these idiots think there is some revolutionary solution to make oil obsolete. It’s all about about shutting down our power and Western efforts to find and utilize oil. Obviously the Saudis have no obligations to follow this lunacy themselves.

        • truebearing

          They’ve always despised us, secretly, but now they hate us because Obama lifted the Iranian sanctions — just in time to prevent domestic unrest from exploding and threatening the mullah’s rule.
          Naturally, they want to protect their golden goose and get even for Obama’s treachery. Even though they hate Obama , he’ll let them fund anything that hurts this country. He goes out of his way to create foreign policy disasters that are designed to boomerang on us.

      • truebearing

        What irony. The Saudis funding anti-oil environmentalists. The Devil works in ruthless ways…and the environmentalists have NO integrity.

      • herb benty

        Soros funnels the Saudi money to “Tides Canada”, an offshoot of his American Tides Foundation, then to various anti-development groups.

    • truebearing

      The nexus of the axis of international Marxism and Islam is Barack Obama. His job is to maintain the chokehold on the United States, sometimes by his actions, but most of the time by inaction. If he does a good job, there is always an impressive title and an empty puppet suit waiting for him at the UN. His Empty Eminence will appeal to the Third World, the Muslims, and the Marxists.

      • herb benty

        That’s for sure! Being a “world citizen”, Obama is not loyal to America.

  • Well Done

    “Save the Planet”? Good lord. No self-esteem problem among these U.N. wannabes! Never mind science, public opinion, or, for that matter, the public good. What they want is right, and if you don’t believe them, just ask the guy standing beside them!

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Get f’ed lady. We saw that argument coming decades ago.


  • darnellecheri

    No, she diddin’t! Is this beyond the pale or are there no pales to go beyond for the UN. Yeah, China can do surface remodeling because they are not a free society! What about the 1.2 million Chinese that was displaced to build the Three Gorges Dam, as well as the brutal affects on the dolphins and sturgeon.
    Why no UN outcry for the Chinese river dolphins? (They love helpless animals so much. Well, I love dolphins, too.) Why no outcry for the displaced Chinese? No Chinese citizen civic group would dare protest and wage battle against the government, or away to the gulag you go!

  • carltjohnson

    “UN Climate Chief says Dictatorships are Best at Fighting Global Warming”
    Of course they are. Their whole lives are based on a lie, Did you really think that they would fight for the truth or something?…come on! After all, they are parasitical humanoids. No brains, not human and live in a psychosis drug induced world.

  • onecornpone

    Oh My! Don’cha just know our POTUS gets a “thrill up his leg”, when this U.N. Climate Chief whispers his own ‘language’ in his ear?

  • truebearing

    China is “doing it right” alright.:
    “China warned people in northern regions, including the capital city of Beijing, to stay indoors today as air pollution surpassed World Health Organization recommended levels by more than 15 times.”


    The UN’s Climate chief isn’t praising China’s results, she is praising their dictatorial methods for cracking down on pollution, which begs the question: how did the pollution get so bad in a fascistic economy when the leaders could have dealt with the pollution long ago? No, Christiana is praising totalitarianism and sucking up to China for the kind of green the global warmists are really after.

  • Citizen k

    Environmentalists are like watermelons: green on the outside, red inside…

  • A Z

    Chairman was was allowed and encourage to retire after the Great Leap Forward by the Chinese Communist Party. Although a good war time leader for the CCCP, he had lousy economic policies.

    Estimates on deaths related to the disastrous policies of the Great Leap Forward are 18 million to 45 million. This is on the same order as the deaths of WW1 & WW2.

    The CCCP forcibly retired him. It was not a suggestion. So he turned around and started agitating with a publicity campaign to regain power and it worked. It is called the Cultural Revolution and it decimated China intellectually.

    The Chinese were so humped after the cultural revolution that they sat down and said “How are we going to reboot our universities?”. Their solution was to send 2 waves of students abroad. The 1st was to study English as a Second Language (ESL) overseas and return to teach the 2nd wave, promising pre-engineering and other tech students, English so they could succeed.

    That people love Mao and other people like him (Che Guevarra) show how utterly stupid or avaricious they are. That they like his methods show that they should be boxed.

  • ZZ

    Fighting global warming is easy. So is fighting dragons, giants, fairies and elves — and for the same reason.

  • Habbgun

    Does this mean that after the United States has created a Socialist health care model that is the hope of forward thinking people everywhere and will usher in an age of healthcare for all, peace for mankind and even aliens on other planets and an economy that will free artists everywhere to create wicker baskets dedicated to the idea we don’t need to live in a defeatist world of plastic bags the United Nations still hates us?


  • glpage

    If China is doing it right why do we see so many pictures of Chinese cities where you can’t see half a block down the road due to the smog? Then again, in a dictatorship the leaders get to say that what we are seeing isn’t smog and don’t dispute it.