UN Envoy Caught Trying to Send $20 Mil to Hamas


Obama is funding Hamas indirectly by continuing aid to the PLO\Hamas unity government, but the UN’s Mideast envoy is in trouble for taking a much more direct approach.

Robert Serry, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process tried to find a way to transfer $20 million dollars from Qatar to Hamas.

According to diplomatic sources, Serry asked Israel and the Palestinian Authority to allow the transfer of the funds, but was met with refusals from both sides. He did not give up, however, and continued to push the idea through the UN institutions.

According to the sources, he wanted the money to be transferred to UN agencies, which would then transfer it to Hamas inside Gaza.

The sources said that Serry was trying to find an alternative avenue to getting funds to Hamas, since the Egyptians have closed the smuggling tunnels through which the money used to pass.

Serry is claiming that he would have only made the transfer if Israel had agreed to it, which it did not. Obviously.

The Qatar angle is interesting as it has its fingers in a lot of pies, including Hamas, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in general.

  • Johnny Palestine

    Is anybody able to verify the nationality of this creature? Is he American, Irish, Scottish or English?

  • Pete

    You would think Serry would know better.

    What did German occupation get the Dutch people? Starvation

    Why did Germany occupy Holland? Antisemitism.

    Truthfully, you could go back centuries tracing back strands from Louis the XIV’s quest fro “defensible borders” to the break up of the Carolingian Empire.

    But does anyone think it would have worked out quite the same way without antisemitism? Would Hit!er have gained power?

    Well we got WW2 and the Dutch certainly did starver in the winter of 1944/ 1945. You think Serry would have learned. Maybe his behaviour is brought on by genetic defects brought on by starvation.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We don’t disappear enough enemies.

  • Gee

    We need to expel all UN personnel from Israel period

    • Mary Curry

      And from the US as well. The UN should be in a neutral country now.

  • Drakken

    Hmmm and how much of a cut did Serry get?