UN Head Welcomes Hamas-PLO Terror Unity Government


If Hamas and the PLO would like to borrow a cup of sugar or a peacekeeping force, when they revert back to shooting at each other, the UN will be happy to help them out.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is really thrilled that Hamas and the PLO have gotten together again, moved into a new place and begun launching celebratory rockets from the roof.

The United Nations on Tuesday welcomed the new Palestinian unity government and said it was ready to lend its full support in efforts to reunite the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, a spokesman said. The announcement followed statements by the US and the EU Monday that they would recognize the new leadership in Ramallah, much to Israel’s chagrin

The spokesman for Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made the remarks after UN special envoy Robert Serry held talks with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.

“The United Nations has long underscored the need for progress towards Palestinian unity,” Ban’s spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in a statement.

“The United Nations stands ready to lend its full support to the newly formed government in its effort to reunite the West Bank and Gaza… under one legitimate Palestinian authority,” he added.

That’s great because finally bringing together Gaza and the West Bank under one authority makes the peace process 12% less ridiculous since before Israel was negotiating with only half of the unelected representatives of the Arabs in ’67 Israel.

But it also makes the peace process 45%x10 more ridiculous because Hamas won’t recognize Israel.

The UN however will cheerfully pitch in to help Hamas. Because it’s the UN.


  • Gee

    Considering that a vast majority of the countries in the UN are dictatorships, terrorists regimes and other low lives – no surprise in his actions

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The UN is a cesspool of Marxist totalitarians and Islamic totalitarians. We should leave that cesspool immediately!

    • SoCalMike

      So is the US State Dept.
      They’re on board this Hamas PLO train wreck in progress.

  • jordanariel

    The fact that the US is also supporting this marriage of Terrorists financially… Is absolutely disgusting. If they believe Hamas has no say in this new govt. I seriously have a bridge to sell them. Could take this money and fund Retroactive UI….

  • FUBO

    I propose air dropping that dumb UN Head into NORTH KOREA, after all, I am sure that

    “The United Nations stands ready to lend its full support to the newly
    formed government in its effort to reunite the North and South Korea under
    one legitimate NORTH Korean authority…”

  • SoCalMike

    Any member of the government or State Dept who even attempts to legitimize the HAMAS-PLO merger should be arrested and thrown in prison for a long time.
    And since the PLO speaks clearly about their true intentions in Arabic, the same should go for member of the US government supporting the PLO.

    Why would you give money and support to the criminal gang that gave birth to 20th century commercial airline hijacking??

    “We can make them like us” say Obama, Hillary, Kerry and the malignant State Dept bimbos. They all belong in jail at this point or even better swinging from a yardarm.

  • tamale

    One word: De-fund.