Under Obama, the New Mission of the Special Forces is to Make Muslims Like Them


CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) has become the cancer underlying American policy toward terrorism and Islam. When the chief of NASA said that his main mission was to improve Muslim self-esteem that was CVE being put front and center.

CVE is the likely reason why the Benghazi mission didn’t get the security it needed. CVE is all about winning the War on Terror by getting Muslims to like us thereby “isolating the extremists”. What it translates to in practice is appeasement.

Now the Special Forces appear to be going full CVE under Obama.

I expected to learn about Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and their air force and marine counterparts. I thought I would hear about the exploits of this 67,000-strong command operating in 84 countries, maybe even about the taking down of Osama bin Laden. But that was not to be. Instead, he and the other officers talked at length about their new mission, starting with the command’s motto, “You can’t surge trust.”

It took some time for it to sink in because of their turgid language, but here’s a key paragraph from the Operating Concept for special operations forces (SOF) that was handed out to the CFR group:

The Special Operations Forces Operating Concept captures the essence of the SOF heritage as it could be – as it should be in the year 2020 and beyond. The concept moves beyond the first decade of the 21st Century, when SOF primarily supported large-scale contingency operations by conducting counterterrorism operations to find, capture, or kill our adversaries. Although of great value to the Nation, these operations were never intended to be decisive. Operating through the Global SOF Network in support of our Geographic Combatant Commanders and Chiefs of Mission, SOF now have the opportunity to achieve strategic outcomes by working with and through interagency and foreign partners to understand and influence relevant populations.

Translated into English, this says:

Special Operations Forces used to be about capturing or killing America’s adversaries; its new mission is to shape public opinion.

Or, it the words of a bullet point in the Operating Concept, the goal is “Elevating SOF non-lethal skills to the same level of expertise as lethal skills.”

The non-lethal skills of Special Forces personnel were sharpened in pursuit of ultimately lethal goals. Winning the trust of some of the natives might make it easier to operate, etc… but this is a shift beyond that. It treats them as rough and ready diplomats who can show up at a moment’s notice in an Afghan village to sip tea with the elders and convince them that America can help them.

In the process they can learn all about the enemy from enemy sympathizers who will urge them to help pursue enemy goals in order to… defeat the enemy.

This is Hillaryism at its worst. It puts diplomacy first, which is problematic enough when it’s done at the policy level, but a good deal worse when military personnel are told that they can only win the war by winning over a population that can’t be over. This isn’t how wars are won, it’s how wars are lost.

Forget counterterrorism. The ideal now is inter-agency interaction and three cups of tea. You don’t need operators for that. You just need bureaucrats and political appointees.


  • Drakken

    If anyone is wondering what this insane policy is producing and what the results are, it is very simple, the SOF community is losing people in droves. No one in the SOF community wants to lose their lives trying to win hearts and minds and be shot in the back by savages. That is why missions now are being sand bagged as not to lose people in this political stupidity. Well one good result is that PMC’s are now gaining valuable personnel and skills.

    • truebearing

      Obama is stripping the military of our best offensive weapons and troops. No military commander would do that unless he wanted his troops to lose.

      • Mongo66

        The Joint Chiefs are handing down these orders, and they not only have the right, but the obligation to refuse all unlawful orders. That makes the senior brass compliant in these illogical directives and equally as guilty in the dissemination. And it isn’t the first or only time either. They are also guilty of turning our Airforce into al Qaeda’s airforce in Libya.

        • Tanks-a-lot

          It’s too bad that the intertubes and knowledge of islam were not around when Clinton waged jihad from the air against the Serbs.

      • Naresh Krishnamoorti

        I don’t think it’s entirely insane to suggest that Obama dreams of becoming Caliph of the World after he leaves office here. To achieve this goal, he must neuter America – the principal obstacle standing in his way.

        • truebearing

          I have wondered the same thing. He delivers a weakened, subordinate United States to the UN, or whatever global governance cabal, and is rewarded with greater power and a new title. Or will he be rewarded with a lifetime dictatorship of the US, replete with unlimited foreign troop support to quell any American rebellion?

          Soros once said the US is the primary obstacle to a global government. In 2004 he also said he would destroy the US economy if Bush was reelected. Obama is marching to the Soros Open Society agenda, step by step. OSI wanted open borders, legalized drugs, amnesty for illegal aliens and the super majority it would bring. This is exactly the template Obama is following. Of course, the Center for American Progress is more powerful than Obama’s official cabinet. They are running things and they are heavily funded by Soros and were created by Soros, Hillary, and Podesta during Bill Clinton’s last term. All of them are transnationalists, rapacious for totalitarian power.

  • glpage

    So, Obama is adopting a policy in which our special forces go into a hostile area announce they will be targets so they can find out why the bad guys have their knickers in a twist over the US. Is there anyone in Obama’s administration with functioning synapses between their ears?

  • tagalog

    When will our leaders learn that the role of the armed forces is to blow things up and kill people who are incapable of being our allies, while the job of the diplomats is to win the hearts and minds of people who are capable of being our allies?

    The two goals are conflicting ones and should NEVER be confused.

    If the administration wants to be diplomatic, send in the diplomats and NOT the soldiers, marines, and airmen.

    Isn’t the state mission of our armed forces to close with the nation’s enemy and destroy them? Why would we want to change that? Our armed forces are very good at it.

    Every day I see TV news reports about how this part or that part of our armed forces is being cut back or diplomatized, and I wonder where we will find the people who would have joined the armed forces when the armed forces provided for organized violence, when we need them.

    • truebearing

      The US military is Obama’s enemy, so he’s destroying it. I hope our military has a survival instinct and exercises it with extreme prejudice.

  • Gee

    The job of the military is to protect their country period. The rest is nonsense

  • Josh Randall

    Another example of political correctness run amok. The only thing a Special Forces man should do is liquidate. Let Allah sort out the rest.

  • De Doc

    Obama is obsessed with getting Muslims to like him. His 2009 ‘reset button’ with Muslims in Cairo went over like a lead balloon. His directive to NASA to make Muslims feel good about their contributions to science has also been a boondoggle. He’s burned in effigy throughout the Islamic world and decried as a typical American kafir and still Obama confusedly shakes his head and attempts to yet again to enact more silly ideas to gain Muslim adoration. The only Muslims who feign liking him are the ones in his administration and that mainly because he is a useful tool (and fool) for their own ulterior motives. This is the fruit borne when your nation elects a knuckleheaded, narcissist to its highest office.

    • Mongo66

      The ones closest to him are aware of his Taqqiya. Don’t underestimate him as a fool, that’s just what he wants us to think.

  • USARetired

    NEVER HAPPEN! SF personnel don’t even like O’Bozo so why would they choose to like their other enemy!
    Semper Fi & Airborne

    • Mongo66

      Because when you don’t you end up Court Marshalled, disgraced, or worse.

  • A Z

    I went to sofrep.com. I have not seen where they have an opinion on this change.

  • T800

    this is all about WEAKENING the US military,rendering them useless. it’s why Comrades Obama and Billary let homos into the military,openly. It’s why they’re pushing for women in combat roles.
    it’s enemy action.
    Comrade Obama IS the muslim Manchurian Candidate.

    There’s a reason why,post-college,Comrade Hussein traveled to Pakistan,of all places. it’s not because he was a Christian. There’s a reason why Comrade Hussein was aided in getting into college by Saudi money and influence.

  • truebearing

    The degradation of our military seems to be escalating at a rapid rate. Is it Obama’s warped ideological perspective that is to blame or something more sinister?
    What’s next, making our guys fight with rubber bullets?

    • Drakken

      The program is the same with any socialist movement today, slash the military for the bread and circuses of the masses to keep them entertained. Such is the fickleness of the crowd.

  • A Z


    They might have started earlier but the weather service has taken to naming snowstorms and rains storms like hurricanes with the first names of people.

    Every 2 or 3 weeks Obama or the executive branch unleashes a rash of bad decision. That is they are bad from the standpoint of America. Like the story on the Tomahawks and Hellfires.

    We should name these bad decisions or policies and call them with names like Obama storm Emily or DNC storm Julia.

  • Habbgun

    “Although of great value to the Nation, these operations were never intended to be decisive”.—- So the Obama types make them far less decisive….remember we lost to this guy.

  • mike

    In an earlier era States that had lost the will to effectively resist used to bribe their enemies with their women. While the Byzantines would marry off a princess to a western prince to cement an alliance, they also sold their women (in arranged marriages etc.) to nearby emirates as a way of avoiding wars.

    Caught in a demographic decline with too few fighting men, they spent their resources fighting themselves and employing their conquerors as mercenaries in their internecine conflicts.

    People forget that for 1,000 years before the Arab rise in the 630s the Middle East was a ‘multicultural society’ with a significant Greek overlay. Even after the Arab conquests of the 7th Century, Greek civilization rebounded to such an extent that by 1025 all of Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Georgia, Armenia were under the control of the Empire (and this did not include Imperial territories in Europe).

    But success has its price, and at the height of its power, the conflict between factions intensified. The wealth that had been used to protect the empire was redirected to enrich and engorge the elites of Constantinople. And so it was that by 1071, the defense in depth using local forces and professional cavelry had been weakened and ‘cheaper’ mercenaries were substituted for citizen soldiers. The stage was set and Manzikert and the loss of half an empire that resulted was the afterthought….

    Now there are many of you who think that this is ancient history…. But humans do not change, and parallels can be drawn from ancient history that have some bearing to the events of today.

    We have leaders, both here and in Europe, who betray the people that they – as public servants – should protect. They use social programs to bribe voters, and they substitute the government for the functions of church and family. The wealth that should be used to protect and to invest in the future is squandered in the satiation of the senses and accumulated in the hands of the politically well connected.

    In a sense government has become a blood tick that engorges itself to the detriment of its host. But this is nothing new, but part of the larger cycle of human betrayal. First you prey on your neighbors… and when that becomes unfeasible you prey on your children and your fellow citizens. The motivation for this is a desire for immediate gain no matter the cost. It was the same motivation that underlay the use of slaves in colonial America, or the enclosure movement in Scotland that impoverished the rural poor… for the elites measure success in the moment, and forget the future costs which will be borne by others after they die.

    • Drakken

      Very well said, as they say history repeats itself. We are living in those times today, what we end up with as regards to govt will be a crap shoot though, I would venture to guess it involves someone with a very strong personality and a certain ruthlessness to get it done.

    • truebearing

      Very well stated.

  • Jakareh

    Then it’s real easy: convert to Islam and kill infidels.

  • KyraNelson

    After reading this stuff day after day, I wonder why EVERYBODY isn’t on antidepressants.

    • Drakken

      That is why we have booze, it proves to us that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Have a shot of bourbon and it will give that clarity you need.

  • notme123

    just ask Israel how to make the muslims like you. This is just insanity at it’s best.

  • pennant8

    The doctrine states that the goal is to “understand and influence relevant populations.” “Relevant populations” looks like the latest euphemism to avoid terms like Muslim, Islam and jihad. How do they keep coming up with these goofball cryptograms? Actually, the goal to to understand the “relevant populations” is a good one. The problem is that we have already gone out of our way to insure that there is no understanding of the “relevant populations.” Case in point is the purging from FBI, DHS and DoD training materiel’s any references that the “relevant populations” find objectionable, which is just about everything.