Under Obama, Warren Buffett is Investing Big in Big Government

You don’t get to be the Oracle of Omaha by passing up opportunities. And when the economy is ruled by the whim of a phone with a pen, you fundraise for him, you defend him in the media and then you lobby like there’s no tomorrow.

Because there just might not be.

Hmmm.  What happened in 2009 that so suddenly changed Buffett’s spending for lobbying?  I can think of one thing.  Probably you can too.Berk-Hathaway-copy-600x318

Lobbying of course has its privileges.

When most panicked during the financial crisis, Warren Buffett invested, reaping more than $10 billion, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Warren Buffett sat down and wrote Treasury Secretary Paulson a four-page letter proposing a larger solution to the financial crisis: a quasi-private fund backed by the U.S. government that would buy bad loans and other rapidly sinking investments. He proposed that for every $10 billion put up by the private sector, the federal government would kick in $40 billion…

As he admitted on CNBC at the time, “If I didn’t think the government was going to act, I wouldn’t be doing anything this week.”

“Warren Buffett is one of those people that I listen to.” Obama added that the Oracle of Omaha was one of his “economic advisers.”

There are are two recent cases where Warren has done everything possible to AVOID paying taxes that he actually owes. The first case involved a 14-year fight over the dividend-received deduction that was finally settled with the IRS in 2005. The second case is still pending after 10 years in which he owes just over $1 BILLION in back taxes.

Warren Buffett, like George Soros, has done quite well under the Obama Regime.

Under Bush, in 2004, Soros was no. 54 on the Forbes 400 with a net worth of 7 billion. Four years later his net worth was up 4 billion. Four years after that it was up 8 billion.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Follow the money, eh? i never liked Buffet. He’s too much an opportunist.

  • Edward

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  • A Z

    It makes me sick just looking at the bar chart showing Buffet’s lobbying.

  • wileyvet

    If Buffet is Obama’s economic adviser, then he his privy to information that other investors are not. Does that not fall under some sort of insider trading law and would be against the law if it occurred with officers of a company or a brokerage house? Why is there no conflict of interest here?