Union Bosses that Gave Big to Dems Charged with Burning Down Church


The Ironworkers helped push some $600,000 to Dems, including Senator Ed “I Invented the Internet” Markey. But apparently they didn’t donate enough to offset the whole church burning thing.

Local 401 business manager, 72-year-old Joe Dougherty, as well as union representatives Ed Sweeney, Sean O’Donnell, Christopher Prophet, and William O’Donnell, and five other officials are facing serious prison time if convicted of the charges, according to the FBI and prosecutors

Ten members of a Philadelphia ironworkers union face charges of arson and racketeering in connection with a fire against the church, which was employing non-union workers. Among the criminal acts mentioned in the indictment is the 2012 arson of a Quaker Meetinghouse under construction in the City of Brotherly Love — Philadelphia.

The group of self-described THUGS—an acronym for “Those Helpful Union Guys”—allegedly burned down the meetinghouse as part of a wider campaign of violence against non-union work sites across the city.

FBI agents arrested 10 of the union’s leaders Tuesday morning, including longtime head Joseph Dougherty, in a racketeering conspiracy case that appeared to affirm long-standing business complaints over the tactics employed by Philadelphia unions.

Prosecutors alleged that Dougherty and others have cost contractors hundreds of thousands of dollars over at least three years, and were indiscriminate in choosing their targets – equally willing to break skulls with baseball bats at a Toys R Us work site in King of Prussia or torch a Quaker meetinghouse under construction in Chestnut Hill.

Violence was not just a tactic in the ironworkers’ toolbox, prosecutors said. It is deeply ingrained in the structure of their organization.

Members earned spots on the union’s board based on their involvement in work-site attacks, and leaders relished their reputations as strong-arm enforcers, according to the indictment.

This is becoming a problem for all the Dem politicians who got big money from the THUGS.

The Ironworkers Union locals are major contributors to the Democratic Party and big supporters of President Barack Obama’s programs including Obamacare. So far, in the run-up to the November 2014 elections, the Ironworkers contributed over $600,000.00 to the Democrats especially Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., Rep. Bruce Braily, D-Iowa, and others, according to reports.

U.S. Rep. Allyson Y. Schwartz, a Democratic candidate for governor, announced that her campaign had donated to charity the $10,000 contribution she received from the local.

State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale quickly followed suit, giving up $7,500 he took from the group in 2012.

One candidate, though – State Rep. Brendan Boyle, a Democrat running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 13th District – defended the ironworkers’ contribution of $10,000 to his campaign last year.

I see Brendan has a promising future in the Democratic Party.

  • barry soetoro

    I’m sure FBI (Eric Holder) will see justice is done HAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAAA. Just kidding.

  • truebearing

    Must be a renegade branch of the FBI that arrested them. They have no future in the FBI if the Democrats retain dictatorship.

  • cme run

    I bet this case never sees the light of day.

  • Berceuse

    I live in Philly and agree with the skeptics. Oir hyper-partisan mayor and city prosecutor are not going to be inclined to cooperate with or support any action against the unions here, and the Holder DOJ already has a record of burying cases against Obama thugs here (such as the New Black Panthers).

    • john spielman

      that may be true but one can always SUE the union bastards in civil court and bankrupt the union (like the KKK was bankrupted)!

  • Yasha7

    No, wait, didn’t Al Gore invent the internet?

  • UCSPanther

    Where are the Pinkerton Mercs of old when you need them?

  • remmy

    Union goonism goes back years and years. If you are not union and working in Philly you are going to get physically attacked and your equipment will be wrecked. The locals look the other way because of the political donations they get.

  • Hunter

    I wonder how long it will be before normally law-abiding and civilized citizens finally get more than sick of this sort of thing and then, seeing that ‘the law’ does little or nothing about it, takes up arms to hunt these thugs down like the vermin they are. Think of it as societal self-defense…when your house has rats, do you call the police?

  • Boomer

    These guys are heroes in Liberaland. I’m sure behind closed doors medals and a free ride for life awaits them. Such nice gentleman; model demonrats to be sure.

    • StallChaser

      This is what Republicans actually believe.

  • JamesPiekko1

    Is it a good idea to write here? they might find out what our real names are using the hacker union, ever since Obamacare came around they have even more time to be on the interwebs using the computers to hacktivist against Real Americans.

  • dick_sakwrinkle

    Church burning is bad?

  • Mikey1969

    “Inventing the internet” is not even CLOSE to what this Markey guy claimed. If I can’t even trust the first sentence in your piece, what are the odds that any of the rest of it is true? The only things you got right is his name, and the fact that he mentions the word “internet” somewhere.