University of Utah Changes Fight Song to Make it More “Inclusive”, Ruins it Completely


Say what you will about the USSR, but they had the music thing figured out. The left’s musical propaganda in the US begins and ends with elderly leftists singing “We Will Overcome”.

So when they took a whack at making a fight song more inclusive, they ruined it completely.

The University of Utah has agreed to change the lyrics to its 114-year-old “Utah Man” fight song after some students complained it was sexist and oppressive – this despite the fact that most people who weighed in on the issue did not want it to be altered.

But the old lyrics “marginalized” some students and the campus wanted to be more “inclusive,” an administrator told the Salt Lake Tribune.

That always leads to good things.

The new lyrics were developed by a committee of faculty, students and alumni after the student government in April passed a resolution declaring the “Utah Man” song “can reasonably be interpreted as (a) reminder of a status given to male students or men as representatives of all students, even though many students … do not identify as men or being a man.”

Some identify as Pajama Boys.

The students also voted to change a stanza in that song that proclaimed “our coeds are the fairest.”

“This phrase can be reasonably interpreted as objectifying women on campus while also supporting a hierarchy built on complexion and skin tone, privileging a light or ‘fair’ appearance,” the resolution stated.

Social justice warriors are why we can’t have nice things. So how does the song scan now? About what you would expect from a committee of social justice warriors.

“I am a Utah man, sir, and I live across the green.” is now “I am a Utah fan and I live across the green.”

“Our coeds are the fairest and each one’s a shining star” is now, “Our students are the finest”.

They were going to go with “Brightest” but they wisely changed their minds.

“No other gang of college men dare meet us in the muss” is now “No rival band of college fans”

I’m sure the results would have been more inspiring if it were an anthem of the hardworking diverse tranny coal miners of Berkeley.



  • tagalog

    It reminds me of the old Stan Freberg routine “Elderly Man River,” except that one was satire and it was funny.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    I never learned the lyrics to any “fight song” in any school I attended. But if I went to the University of Utah, I would purposely learn the lyrics to the old fight song, so that I could irritate the politically-correct …

    • UCSPanther

      My idea of a fight song is one that would be the most appropriate in an ancient Viking Mead Hall…

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      • Wolfthatknowsall

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  • Herb Suhl

    They never rest.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    Okay, I’ve been sick to my stomach most of the day, and this story doesn’t help. So, I’ve decided to try to take my mind off my stomach — offering my lyrical skills to the University of Utah seems as good a way as any, so here goes:

    New and improved, politically correct version of their “fight song” —

    “I am a Utah man, sir, and I live across the green” should become “I am a Mexican, sir-or-madam, and I live across the borderline.”

    “Our coeds are the fairest and each one’s a shining star” should keep the wording, but change the meaning. Thus, “coeds” just means male and female (and perhaps transgendered) students. And “fairest” should be changed to mean “most fair-minded” (but the same word, “fairest”, should be kept). And the last part should be changed to “pining star”, as in someone who painfully desires to be a star. Thus, “Our coeds are the fairest and each one’s a pining star”.

    “No other gang of college men dare meet us in the muss” might be misconstrued as promoting gang violence across college campuses. It should be changed to “No other group of college men or transgenders wants to meet us, because each of us is a wuss”.

    I think my modernized version is more accurate, if not poetic. I also have a “pacifist song”, if they were interested.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “This phrase can be reasonably interpreted as objectifying women….” I don’t know one red-blooded guy who doesn’t “objectify” women. In most instances, it is for the good. An “objectified” woman is someone one admires and desires. I “objectify” Fox’s Megyn Kelley as someone I’d like to get to know better very much. On the other hand, one can “objectify” certain categories of women (and even men) for the worst. Rosie O’Donnell I’d objectify as Jabba the Hut. Michael Moore is a scary creature from a cheap science fiction movie about the invasion of a gluttonous race of aliens. Gays have always “objectified” Greta Garbo as someone they’d like to be. Valerie Jarrett is a distaff “Dr. No,” the evil genius (and Barack Obama is her marionette puppet) with designs on the world. Hillary Clinton is a Porky Pig without the stammer. I could go on. Also, the “fairest” isn’t necessarily “racist.” There are loads of attractive, pinup-worthy “women of color,” but Michelle Obama is not one of them.

  • Goob

    Guess that means no more fourth verse?
    “….there was a stalwart Ute by the name of Brigham Young,
    he was a mighty swordsman and he was mighty hung,
    he married 18 Pi Phis and kept them satisfied,
    if he had been an Aggie,
    he surely would a-died.”

  • toto2?

    PC nitwits forever!

  • SteveP

    Liberals are a virulent disease.