US Embassy in Baghdad Preparing to Evacuate


The Democrats have a way of ensuring that history will repeat itself.

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is preparing contingency plans to evacuate its employees if necessary now that one of the deadliest Islamic militant groups in the region has taken control of large swaths of Iraq, a U.S. official told TheBlaze.

Mortar rounds and rockets have hit Baghdad International Airport and Mosul’s airport has been the target of militant assault. The State Department advisory warned U.S. citizens to avoid public gathering places because of the high risk of kidnapping and terrorist violence.

When asked about what plans are being made for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Ryan Brown, a spokesman for Nelson, said “Sen. Nelson has already inquired and there are contingency plans being made for a possible evacuation.”

State Department officials referred questions to a news briefing scheduled this afternoon.

The al-Qaida offshoot group known as ISIS has already captured the Iraq cities of Mosul and Tikrit and is heading toward Baghdad.

Meanwhile, a senior U.S. official confirmed to Fox News that Americans were being evacuated from a base in Balad, which had been one of the largest training missions in Iraq.

The three planeloads of Americans are mostly contractors and civilians, and were still in the process of being evacuated Friday, the Associated Press reported.

Two senior intelligence sources, though, told Fox News there is serious concern about how to evacuate other Americans out of Iraq if the situation further deteriorates.

“We need places to land, we need safe and secure airfields,” one source said, noting that the militants are “seizing airfields and they have surface-to-air missiles, which very clearly threatens our pilots and planes if we do go into evacuation mode.”

Sources said “all western diplomats in Iraq are in trouble,” and American allies are scrambling to put together an evacuation plan. Military officials said there are “not a lot of good options.”

There aren’t going to be many good options when you ignore Al Qaeda until it does something that you can no longer ignore. That’s how Bill Clinton paved the road to September 11. Now Obama has done it again in Iraq.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The upside is that now Iran has a bunch of targets for their nukes closer to home.

    • Gee

      Iran is sending troops and they will also be destroyed. The Shia’-Sunni war to the death has started. Iran will not survive

      • Hard Little Machine

        Who knows? Maybe these mysterious chemical and biological weapons will reappear.

      • Pete

        We don’t know that.

        But we can hope the resource drain will cause the End of the Iranian Regime.

        It would be nice to have a free Persian people again.

        • Drakken

          There are no Persians and haven’t been for over 800 years, the arab invaders bred the Persian out of them when they conquered them.

          • Pete

            Persian surnames often end in the letter “deh”

            I would agree there are a lot less Persians by blood than 1,000 years ago but they still exist.

            Otherwise Khuzestan in the southwest with its’ Arab population would not be such a big deal.

            A full genetic profile would show the truth. There area lot of Turks in Iran. It was a Turkish dynasty that was in power before the Pahlavi dynasty. I would not argue that m,any Iranians have Arabic heritage. But if we are going to split hairs lets look at the Y chromosome, mtDNA & microsatellites. That will tell the tale.


          • Drakken

            The Persian as in ideals, methods and way of life are as dead as the Persians of old. They are nothing less than inbred savages like inbred arabs cut of the same Islamic cloth.

          • Pete

            The Persian language is not dead. But I cannot argue the other stuff one way or another. Not sure I disagree with it.

      • Creed

        Iran may go nuclear.

  • Pete

    ” I know this music” Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (The 5th Element)

    ” … something that you can no longer ignore. That’s how Bill Clinton paved the road to September 11.”

    The Left is going to blame Bush ignoring intel briefing in August of 2001 30 days or so before 9/11

    It was the Left that made governance impossible starting with the transition after the 2000 election. Bill Clinton did nothing until mid or late December 2013 about the transition wasting a month to a month and a half. It went downhill from there.
    Just about everything was a knock down drag out fight taking up time, resources and attention. I blame the Democrats for 9/11.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      After the embassy bombings, getting Bin Laden should have become a much bigger priority. But Bill Clinton, like Obama, preferred to ignore terror.

      He didn’t even come down after the first WTC attack

      • Pete

        Let’s see.

        6 deaths
        1,042 other casualties.

        This is tough. I’m just getting angrier. Global Research is trying to obfuscate. I am surprised that FAS writes that Ramzi might have been an Iraqi agent.

        Ramzi Yousef, a.k.a. Abdul Basit Karim -the key man; likely Iraqi agent.

        “including al Qaeda, and illustrate that there is significant evidence to suggest that Iraq was involved: the 1993 Trade Center bombing; the 1995 plot in the Philippines to bomb a dozen US airplanes; and the 9/11 attacks.”

        “Mohammed Salameh had many communications with Iraq in a crucial, early stage of the plot. Between June 10 and July 9, 1992, when his phone service was cut off, he made 46 calls to Iraq (see GX 824, US vs. Salameh et. al”

        I am still surprised that Terry Nichols went to the Phillipines without his wife and people do not try to pigeon hole the reason Was is zex tourism, regular tourism, visiting the in laws of something else. They are just not curious. they have no objectivity and very little intelligence. It bother me because I think Terry Nichols could have talked to foreign agents of stater powers and to terrorist groups. They might have nothing more than supply information and egged him on. To me that is enough. that is a enough for a casus belli.

  • middleclassca

    I’m sure Obama’s team is scanning you tube for anti-islamic videos, just in case we suffer casualties at the embassy in Baghdad from a spontaneous incident.

    • DVult

      Here’s Imbecile’s plan 1.Have a flunky tell everyone he is monitoring the situation closely and mulling over a response. Make sure the flunky adds that all options are on the table. 2. Do nothing 3. Cast about for a scapegoat to take the blame. 4. Go golfing, admire himself in the mirror, invite other Imbeciles over to make himself feel better (e.g. Biden). 5. Consider sending Mooch on a holiday to Baghdad.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      or a cartoon

  • fpm

    Vietnam, sounds familiar?

  • Drakken

    As we speak, the Green Zone is in a state of panic, the burn barrels are going full tilt, and the Diplomatic Corps of Western nations and AID groups are trying to find a way out, everyone knows if the ISIS takes control there are going to be a lot of dead westerners and hostages for cash and trade. Security Contractors have the contingency plan in place and will use their own aircraft and convoys to get out. Gee, go figure that no one saw this coming.

    • Mark

      I would hope the burn barrels were going at full tilt.

      • Drakken

        That is a given when an area is about to fall to the enemy.

  • Hard Little Machine

    A new Pol Pot for Noam Chomsky to worship.

  • Sara

    He won’t let them leave – it’s too sensitive. Why doesn’t he and Nancy Pelosi take their place then to show their good will.

  • Sara

    I hope this doesn’t interfere with O’s trip to Palm Springs. While Iraq burns, he golfs. No sense worrying about optics.

  • Creed

    750 million down the drain.

  • ShovelThemOut

    What’s the latest news for getting our people out of the Embassy???
    NO NEWS COVERAGE of this in live time!

  • JozJag

    A little late Obama….the embassy asked for assistance over a month ago!

    • Shaeri

      Did the embassy ask for assistance or the Iraqi president? I heard that he had, but hadn’t heard about the embassy. I can not believe they were not getting them out last week. I hope we don’t have a Benghazi repeat.

      • JozJag

        To be perfectly honest, I am not positive. But I know that I read at least a month ago and maybe much longer, that either the embassy or the government made the White House aware if the pending attack. Now I am reading that our government is trying to figure out how to get the embassy people out because the airfields are controlled by the ISSI (?) attackers. So now it is difficult to get planes landed to pickup those from the embassy. This better work out… I swear.. it better not end badly!~