Vast Majority of Gazans Killed by Israel are Adult Males


And that’s based on data from Hamas and its close ally Al Jazeera. The real data probably shows an even more extreme curve.

The Anti-Israel narrative is that the Jewish State is randomly killing civilians. Except that despite the use of human shields by Hamas even its own casualty lists don’t show that.

“Notably, only about 12 percent of the total fatalities are female, though females make up half the population,” CAMERA said. “Also, the median age of Gazans is reported to be around 15. Males under 15 make up just 13 percent of the total fatalities even though they represent half of all males in the Gaza Strip.”

If Israel were just bombing Gaza, there would be a much higher rate of women and children dead. Instead most of the dead are adult males which aligns with a wartime bombing campaign against military targets… even ones hiding in civilian areas.

In a study published on Monday, CAMERA said that a close read of the data “shows that, as in past hostilities, the fatalities are disproportionately [compared to the overall population] among young males, which corresponds with the characteristics of combatants. Males over 40 years old are also disproportionately represented. Some of the fatalities in those over 40 years of age likely represent senior members of terrorist organizations.”

The chart shows that 83 deaths were of men between the ages of 16 and 39, 28 were men over 40 years old and 20 were under 16 years old.

Those are pretty good numbers considering Hamas’ use of human shields and its locating of facilities near schools, in hospitals and even in mosques.

But it’s also bad news since it means that the IAF has been very conservative in its targeting and that Hamas’ core assets have hardly been touched. This creates a cycle in which the successful use of human shields promotes more extensive use of human shields leading to more civilian casualties and more human shields.

The US began experiencing the same thing in Afghanistan and it’s a terrible idea to go along with it.

  • Gee

    The only answer is to level Gaza and deport the illegal colonists

    • ObamaYoMoma

      20 percent of Israel’s population also consist of Muslim stealth jihadists as well, what about them?

      • mackykam

        From the river to the sea Israel will be arab free!

        • ObamaYoMoma

          Okay…what about those Muslim stealth jihadists?

          • mackykam

            Becoming less stealthy, more visible each and every day!Kick them out.

  • DogmaelJones1

    So, why doesn’t Israel tell Hamas and copy in the world: Stop using human shields, you cowards. Come out into the open so we can eradicate you and your core assets. Your using human shields makes you culpable in the deaths of any civilians. Don’t like those terms? Tough. You’re history.

    • glpage

      Hamas will not stop using human shields; they like seeing innocents killed because it’s great news to feed to the useful idiots in the west who are anti-Israel.

      • DogmaelJones1

        I know this. But it would be a great and effective policy for Israel to adopt. End this nonsense with Hamas and et al. once and for all.

      • Jason P

        glpage is quite right. If useful idiots in the West condemned Hamas for using human shields regardless of their sympathies for the cause of either side, Hamas would stop using human shields.

        Let’s face it, human shields don’t slow down bombs. They are not effective shields. They serve no purpose than to appeal to the blind emotions of idiots in the West. These idiots are enablers without which Hamas would immediately cease putting civilians in harms way.

        While the blood is on the hands of Hamas, the useful idiots play a necessary role without which these civilians would not be killed.

      • Drakken

        Well then, time to give them what they so richly deserve, Carthage.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Hamas will not stop using human shields; they like seeing innocents killed because it’s great news to feed to the useful idiots in the west who are anti-Israel.

        There are no innocents in Islamic totalitarian society, as all Muslims including women and children are obligated, per the dictates of Islam, to wage jihad (holy war) in one form or another. Thus, technically there are no non-combatants in Islamic totalitarian society, and also that is exactly the way Islamic totalitarian society views infidel society as well, as having no non-combatants.

        Moreover, women and children that get killed incidentally as human shields, which is also a form of jihad, in Islamic totalitarian society not only get to bypass purgatory and proceed directly to Allah’s version of carnal paradise, but they also become automatic shahids (saints), as they are hero figures of Islam’s jihad to ultimately make Islam supreme. Thus, they will have public buildings, schools, and streets named after them to commemorate their name and to memorialize their brave acts of jihad that led to their martyrdom.

        • glpage

          I suggest we use all means to expedite their sainthood. Might solve some of the world’s problems.

  • JackSpratt

    They can kill them all as far as I’m concerned. They deserve it.

  • mackykam

    The biblical Amalekites attacked old people and children. These great arab warriors, who hide their faces and fight from behind their women and children, are their direct descendants. The more things change….
    Eradicate these amalekites: It is a biblical commandment.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The truth is there are no non-combatants in Islamic totalitarian society, as waging jihad is a fundamental holy obligation incumbent upon all Muslims, including women and children, in one form or another, per the dictates of Islam. Thus, if the Israelis decided to suddenly target specifically women and children, i.e., fight fire with fire, as Hamas jihadists always do, I for one wouldn’t blink an eye. I also bet that it would be a much harder decision for Hamas in the future to decide to wage jihad against Israel as well. Especially if Israel unleashes the full force and might of its military.

    I also wonder how long it would take Hamas to call for another Hudna, i.e., a seize fire truce, under those conditions? I’m betting not very long.

  • truebearing

    We are now fighting wars according to political correctness, thanks to the political manipulation of the Left. War and political correctness are mutually exclusive concepts, but the left has welded them together into a perversion of nature to make wars impossible to win. Unwinnable wars serve their drive for more power.

    Every enemy Israel or the United States has is cast as a victim. Over and over, the leftist media postures mightily about the horrors of war, but never address the causes. By preventing wars to conclude with clear victors and devastated enemies, we are allowing our enemies to multiply, with more hatred toward us with each new generation. Like dry brush and dead trees that accumulate in Western forests and eventually ignite with catrostrophic consequences — because environmentalists want to preserve everything that ever grew– politically correct wars are building up a tsunami of well-trained enemies that don’t believe they will suffer annhilation in war. A conflagration is coming as a result.

  • wileyvet

    What if the IDF was as merciless with the Gazans as Muhammad was with the Jews of Medina. How about the IDF round up all Muslim men with pubic hair, slaughter them all by beheading and then sell their women and children into slavery like what Mo did to the Banu Quraiza. I mean if it is OK for Muslims and the religion of peace to do things like that then why not OK to give them back some of the same. It won’t happen because Israelis and Jews are civilized and not barbarians. Their moral code isn’t inverted like Muslims. The world really needs to wake up to how Islam got started, its history and its evident legacy, which are a direct result of the character of Muhammad himself and his vicious, spiteful and sadistic alter ego Allah.

  • Veracious_one

    a majority of those killed were probably engaged in rocket launching activities….

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  • Hard Little Machine

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