Victim of Fake Receipt Racism Sues Red Lobster


This social justice warrior nonsense isn’t going to stop until restaurants get serious about incorporating it into their training. And since Red Lobster chose not to fire an employee who revealed a customer’s information on the internet, it deserves to lose.

A Tennessee man who was accused of using a racial slur on a receipt at a Red Lobster restaurant last year is suing the restaurant chain and the waitress who cashed in on the incident after she posted a copy of the receipt on the Internet.

Devin Barnes, 21, claims he never wrote the racial slur on the receipt, and that the negative attention he received as a result of the way Toni Christina Jenkins – the waitress who claims to have received the slur – publicized the incident is slanderous.

Jenkins left a caption on the photo that was uploaded to her Facebook page that read ‘This is what I got as a tip last night…so happy to live in the proud southern states…God Bless America, land of the free and home of the low class racists of Tennessee.’

In the weeks following Jenkins’ posting the photo on the web, the left-wing blog AddictingInfo started an online fundraiser for her that raised more than $10,000 – money Jenkins later said she planned to use to buy a car.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline shortly after the incident, Jenkins said she believes Barnes when he says he didn’t write the slur. She says she only posted the picture at all ‘to make a comment about racism,’ not to draw attention to herself.

The bigoted receipt thing became a trend, which already made it suspect, there were a number of similar scams. There’s an obvious profit motive to these scams. And companies are not going to start doing the right thing about making sure that customer information remains private until they start taking a serious hit.

That means employee training and it may mean other things as well.

  • Bill

    I hope this goes to trial and a jury awards serious money to this guy. Red Lobster should have fired this fraudster waitress for making the patron’s info public in her campaign to get money. Businesses will take no action against these people unless their bottom line forces them to do so.

    Boycott Red Lobster.

  • Ban Liberals

    Another Blaaack, victim, naturally.

    • kikorikid

      Never make yourself vulnerable to
      Diversity schemes of oppression.
      Much more easily said than done.

  • edlancey

    I expect it would be Raaayciiiisss to ask for a sample of her handwriting…

  • KyraNelson

    Where is the rayciss comment on the receipt? I can only see “none” where the tip should go. Maybe she should be a better waitress. BTW If merchants can write random comments on your CC receipts, they can also commit fraud with them. Writing anything but numbers on them should be illegal.


      She received no tip because this was a take out order

  • American1969

    I don’t see any racist comments on that receipt.

    • Canadianpatriot

      It appears that it has been blanked out digitally. The “n” word?

  • laura r

    so any waiter in the restaurant can write something on a reciept? the later claim the custimer did it, then sue? am i correct? if so why doesnt this happen every day?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      it started happening…

      • laura r

        new sue op for the waiters. the customer has to hire a lawyer & a handwritting expert to prove the writting wasnt theirs. then sue back. once this happends these cases will not be taken seriously. cry wolf many times, the courts will be sick of it.

    • KyraNelson

      Just curious- since when is it illegal to write anything “racist” and give it to someone if there is no threat of violence, direct or implied??? I’m so sorry I went to art school instead of law school! Cause I would “school” those race baiters for free. Waaaaah! You hurt my fweelings! I’m gonna sue yoooooooooo!

      • laura r

        theres a sue op every where. you are correct, maybe it is NOT technically illegal to write a nasty word on a receipt. who knows? personally i think its the wave of the future. you will see many racist homophobic receipts. question of the day: what if the receipt says “white trash cracka”? can a white person sue? lets ask a lawyer.

  • Notalibfool

    Steve Fair, where are you?