Village Voice Accuses Harold Ramis of Racism, Global Warming Skepticism



In civilized society, a man’s death is mourned. In progressive society, it’s time to accuse him of racism.

The Village Voice’s Alan Scherstuhl decided the way to commemorate the death of Harold Ramis was by suggesting he was promoting racism, sexism… and maybe even Global Warming skepticism.

Alan starts his article/paper for White Privilege 101 by claiming Animal House was racist. At least that’s the message you take away from the movie if you wake up every morning screaming, “RACISM!”

The early, proudly disreputable comedies of Ramis, Bill Murray, and Ivan Reitman may seem dated now in some respects…

And are we truly meant to root for guys who describe Otis Day & the Knights as an example of “primitive cultures”? (“It’s a joke,” the defenders of old racist/sexist/homophobic jokes tend to say when people get mad about them. “Lighten up!” they shout.

Liberals never lighten up. Telling a liberal to lighten up just means they begin scribbling new denunciations in their little red notebooks

“He told me to lighten up demonstrating thereby his unthinking white privilege. I must Tweet this immediately.”

In the film — attacked as racist by Andrew Sarris in the Voice upon original release — the slobs demonstrate their moral superiority over the snobs by appreciating black culture like “Shout!”

It’s a little known fact that the Village Voice has attacked every movie ever made upon its release as racist. The Village Voice’s review of The Lego Movie just consists of the word “Racism” repeated over and over again.

Meanwhile Ghostbusters, with its mockery of the EPA, promotes Global Warming skepticism. That’s the first time Ghostbusters was accused of promoting skepticism of anything.

In the latter film, in which we’re encouraged to believe Murray’s Dr. Peter Venkman ever cared enough about anything to finish his dissertation, he’s perfectly willing to piss away heaps of graduate funding in scam-artist ESP tests whose results he jacks to get himself laid.

Maybe that view of science explains why so many of Murray and Ramis’s demographic group — old white dudes — believe climate-change research is some gimcrack conspiracy.

Yes, that’s exactly why. People watched Ghostbusters and decided scientists were making it all up. Bill Murray and Harold Ramis have a lot to answer for.

By the end of Groundhog Day, after much consummate time-bending hurly-burly, Ramis teaches Murray’s weatherman a lesson that Hollywood itself still hasn’t quite learned: Hey, white hero, this world is something you should share.

Harold Ramis is dead. But so is film criticism, so all these little Pravda commentators denouncing every movie in line with their White Privilege handbook are going to have get real jobs pretty soon. I blame Caddyshack.

  • Christopher Riddle

    “Son Of Bi*ch”;”SH*T”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Seek

      LOL. That backstory scene in “Stripes” had me on the floor for 10 minutes.

      • Christopher Riddle

        Harold was GREAT!GOD Bless him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Gait

    If a zombie apocalypse broke out in the Village people would just think the bars were letting out. Pay no attention to what the Village Voice has to say.


      the village voice is a FREE newspaper – filled with ads for escort services.

      The village voice is irrelevant.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Don’t forget the cigarette ads.


          I did like reading the Michael Musto columns. I think he is no longer there.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            They fired most of the staff. It’s a skeleton now.


            Like WBAI.

  • bob smith
    Dear Alan, “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son”

  • De Doc

    On Alan Scherstuhl: “Yes it’s true. This man has no di**!”

  • comenow

    It’s more than bad manners or cowardice.

    Leftists ride on a wave of the arbitrary or the unanswerable.

    When they’re not criticizing some one who cannot answer,
    they moral preen with a purposefully complex topic that’s
    equally unanswerable like the climate or abortion. They
    very intentionally drag these topics into politics where
    they certainly do not belong. If you’re wasting your time
    arguing about science you can’t spend any time on the size
    of the government. Or actual, valid political topics.

    Even racism is more an issue of ignorance or morality and has
    nothing really to do with government. Or it should not.

    It’s as if the republicans have no impulse control whatsoever
    and follow the leftists where ever they are baited to.

    • truebearing

      A hearty dismissal like, “Nonsense, You’re insane” would be refreshing to hear sometimes, but I doubt we’ll ever hear it from the likes of Boehner or McConnel.

  • A Z

    The Village Voice has on-line papers in every major metropolitan market. I encourage you to visit them from time to time to see what Lefties think. Some of the articles will be good, but overall it will be the same Leftist slant (Of course use ad block and go though a proxy).

    This is the reason why I stopped patronizing Village Voice Media publications 3 years ago.

    • Frau Katze

      I’ve got lefty overload. Can’t stand reading them anymore.

      • Millie_Woods

        I agree. If it looks like it and smells like it, you don’t have to eat it to know you won’t like the taste.

  • Dominion Dancing

    Have you seen what the same lib yutz wrote about “Son of God”? the review is titled “Son of God is a Chintzy Melodrama About the Horrors of Capital Punishment.” typical lib, everything is about politics and justifies his view.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That’s not surprising from the Voice. Bashing Harold Ramis, a guy most liberals actually like, after his death is a bit much even for the VV.

  • Dominion Dancing

    it gets worse…… the review wasn’t enough and he also wrote an “article” called “Is the New Jesus Movie Son of God Tea Party Propaganda?”
    this is the same company that did the review of “Lone Survivor” that called Luttrell a liar.

  • truebearing

    Alinsky warned the Left to avoid open, honest debate. Well, making up lies about dead people is one way to do it.

    • DB1954

      A darned effective way it appears.

  • blert

    Daniel, be wary of crossing streams with the Village.

    BTW, Doesn’t it take the Village to raise a meme?

  • herb benty

    The dimwit leftist mind are about on par with the lo-info’s now, probably intentional. “There are none so blind as those who will not see”.

    • CaoMoo

      Or like I always say “Ignorance is bliss until it kills you.”

      Unfortunately for the willfully ignorant and elated by the time it gets around to that all the people who spent their lives cleaning up after the willfully ignorant or lazy are either going to be physically burnt out from it and unable to help (Like me disabled by 29.) Or mentally burnt out to the point where they say your choice suck it up or both.

      • herb benty

        CM, keep up the good work! Even encouraging and supporting other Patriots is indispensible.

      • Drakken

        I’m actually warming up to that guy Darwin, the lefty fruitcakes don’t believe certain aspects in life won’t kill them and turn around and blame those meany Tea Party types for the worlds problems, I say let Darwin have his due and sit back with a bourbon and let nature take its course.

  • Sharps Rifle

    Ramis’ movies were some of the most genuinely funny ever to come out of Hollywood. I laughed until I could hardly stand it at “Stripes” (I even knew an Airman who resembled “Psycho”…and, yes, he gained that nickname, and, yes, an instructor DID tell him to “Lighten up, Francis”–even though his name wasn’t “Francis.” Military training isn’t QUITE the lark Ramis wrote it as, but periodically there are a few laughs)…”Ghostbusters” was hilarious, and I knew a few people who shared characteristics of Bluto and Flounder when I was in college.

    Ramis’ talent lay in noting the humor in reality and magnifying it (no, I don’t believe in ghosts, but watch some of those deadly serious doofuses on the ghost hunter shows and notice how much their attitudes are similar to those of Spengler and Stantz in “Ghostbusters.” The way they believe so firmly in that garbage is where the comedy comes from…and then actually having the ghosts be real is what moves the story forward. Venkman is the con-artist of the bunch, and between his using card tricks in order to attempt to bed female undergraduates, and hitting on clients, he’s more like those TV charlatans than anything else…but, I digress) into comedic proportions.

    Leftists have no sense of humor. Sure, they may attempt to be comedians, but are any REALLY funny? Spouting profanity and complaining aren’t funny. I’ve never seen a “comedy” made from a leftist point of view which ever got me to even crack a smile, let alone laugh from the gut. Ramis may well have been a liberal, but if so, he was the rare one who understood humor. The pitiful schlub Scherstuhl is a more typical liberal: One who wouldn’t know something funny if it kicked him in his stupid butt (I’d laugh at THAT).

    I’ll miss Harold Ramis. With his death, this world just became that much more unbearable.

  • tagalog

    It’s too bad they don’t remember the Second City routine where Harold Ramis, early in his career, mocked yoga fanatics by assuming a sitting position, having the camera shooting about two or three feet above the stage, while his legs and feet were under the stage and the legs and feet in front of him were loose, non-jointed dummy bits of stuffing and cloth. The positions he put them in, calling out yoga positions, were hilarious. They’d probably demand re-education for him for that one.

    You know, a lack of a sense of humor is something that most of us, in the paranoid corners of our brains, associate with the same mind-set that puts people in labor camps and insists on blind adherence to someone’s grim sense of morality. They can’t stand the idea of anyone trying to deal with their alleged pet concerns in anything other than the most serious and humorless terms. “It’s NOT funny!” Maybe they should try watching an old Richard Pryor routine sometime. Or Chris “Only in America are the poor people fat!” Rock.

    My favorite example of lefty humorlessness is the true story of the time when Stalin authorized the publication and posting of a poster in the USSR, with a nice rosy picture and the words, “Under Stalin, life is better!” Some graffiti artist wrote the words “For Stalin” on one of those posters. He got eight years in the gulag for “anti-Soviet propaganda.”

  • Dallas25305

    There is nothing skeptical about outing the Great Global Warming fraud. It’s the biggest money making scam in the history of the world. It blows the doors off the Y2K fraud during the millennium. It’s about Socialism and money. The two things Socialist love most. In this fraud they demand you pay them your money to fix the problem and then tell you how to run every facet of your life. All while they get rich on the money taken from you by Socialist Governments. Like the one Obama is creating. Just a bunch of Liars, deadbeats and thieves.

    • tagalog

      Then when the obvious fact that their solutions don’t work becomes apparent, they’ll shrug their shoulders and say, “but we meant well.”


        That’s why the old Global Warming meme is now called Climate Change.

  • seewithyourowneyes

    Several years ago I read an article in the New Yorker trashing Laura Ingalls Wilder of “Little House on the Prairie” fame. Her crime? Pushing self-sufficiency, apparently. The article implied that she suffered from “fase consciousness” (though they didn’t use that word) about her happy family and that her grandfather’s failures caused the family to move around so much to the various “little houses.” The article pointed out that propaganda praising independence kept the common folk from demanding more help from the government. The article dug up a recipe written by Wilder’s mom (the original Laura of the books) which had been published in a small town newspaper; naturally, the writer dwelled long and gloatingly over the recipe’s mis-spellings. The article portrayed the younger Laura, the writer and journalist, has having a slutty, floozy reputation, but cited no sources. Then, for the coup-de-grace, the article pointed out that the “hypocritical” Wilder family had several handicapped members (blind or deaf, I’ve forgotten which) who attended a government-supported school.

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Wilder was a pivotal figure in the libertarian movement, something many have forgotten, so she’s an obvious target for the left.

      • seewithyourowneyes

        I had no idea!

        And I’d like to add a correction to my hastily-written comment. Laura’s daughter, the journalist, was named Rose Wilder Lane. Not Laura, as I wrote above. And, the extent of Rose’s collaboration in Laura’s works is a matter of debate.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Yes it is. That’s why the article was emphasizing the misspellings. They were trying to make the case that RWL was the real writer. Again another leftist hobbyhorse from back then.

  • laura r

    the VV became a degenerate publication many years ago. they existed on sex ads.

  • jbon

    Alan Scherstuhl you are a sick person please get help…..RIP Harold Ramis

  • Now and then

    rip Harold. Dear Lord, please bless me with the strength to be civil to the next nutbar leftard that gets in my face about global warming when I’m freezing my bleep off this winter.

  • Up is Down

    Wait until Ramis’ family, friends, and anyone else living who could have vouched for him are dead and then watch the GLBT claim him as one of their own.


      Like da Vinci, Michelanglo, Abe Lincoln, Cary Grant….

  • Heltau

    libturds follow the doctrine of: Every person they come in contact with are their personal sacrificial lamb for whatever whim they come up with at whatever time they come up with it. This is their actions and ways of life.
    Like: everything I ever wanted to know about islam I learned on 9/11. And along with the previous actions islam did over the past years before 9/11.


    I laughed my ass off, couldn’t breathe, over the swimming pool scene in Caddyshack.


    The funniest movie scene EVER.

  • AK

    “In civilized society, a man’s death is mourned”…so you mourned Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein’s deaths. Pure nonsense.