Washington Post Falsely Claims US Government Accused Shirley Temple of Being a Communist


“1. The U.S. government thought she might be a communist. When she was 10,” Jamie Fuller of the Washington Post claims.

As Mollie Hemingway points out that, nothing of that sort ever happened. A witness did testify that Communists were making use of celebrity names to promote their agenda.

The left, with its usual propensity for smearing and twisting anything it could use to discredit the United States, turned that into a claim that Congress was worried about Shirley Temple being a Communist.

J. B. Matthews, a witness who appeared before our committee, testified as follows:

“The Communist Party relies heavily upon the carelessness or indifference of thousands of prominent citizens in lending their names for its propaganda purposes. For example, the French newspaper Ce Soir, which is owned outright by the Communist Party, recently featured hearty greetings from Clark Gable, Robert Taylor, James Cagney, and even Shirley Temple. The League of Women Shoppers boasts of the membership of Miriam Hopkins and Bette Davis. A list of such persons could be expanded almost indefinitely. No one, I hope, is going to claim that any one of these persons in particular is a Communist. The unfortunate fact, however, remains that most of them unwittingly serve, albeit in this slight way, the purposes of the Communist Party. Their names have definite propaganda value which the party is quick to exploit.”

Harold Ickes, the father of Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff of that same name, did what the left has always done, lie and smear.

“They’ve [Committee on Un-American Activities] gone into Hollywood and there discovered a great red plot. They have found dangerous radicals there, led by little Shirley Temple. Imagine the great committee raiding her nursery and seizing her dolls as evidence.”

Here is what Secretary of Labor Francis Perkins said: “Perhaps it is fortunate that Shirley Temple was born an American citizen and that we will not have to debate the issue raised by the preposterous revelations of your committee in regard to this innocent and likeable child.”

It was the left that pretended that Shirley Temple was being accused of Communism and it’s the left that is still pretending that in order to demonize any criticism of an ideology that murdered millions.

  • Katie Smith

    Leave it to the WaPo to write crap about one of the most famous and beloved Republicans who ever lived.

  • Agustin Farinas

    This is the same newspaper that refer to the Castro brothers as “president of Cuba”, when in fact they have been in power for more than half a century without any free elections, no vistage of any human rights and ruling the population by terror methods. Naturally, when they refer to other Latin American dictators they always use the correct epithets: tyrants and dictators. But the leftist rulers of Cuba are an exception for some strange reason. These guys are “presidents”.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      If refers to President Abbas and he’s on the tenth year of a four year term.

  • tickletik

    No consequences. As long as there are no consequences for their lies and filth, then they will continue this. These people are the most miserable cowards on earth, for the most part they are stupid, and they don’t need to be smart or have courage because they realize we are too lazy to do anything about their endless lies and provocations.

    Read this article and you will begin to understand what we are really dealing with


    It’s a breakdown of someone manipulating and causing someone else to flip out. What people don’t realize is that the manipulator in question seems calm, but he has actually planned the entire incident long in advance. Watch and read, this is important.

  • Steeloak

    J. Edgar Hoover detailed exactly how communists use good ordinary people to unwittingly advocate for them in his classic book “Masters of Deceit”. In it, he details the tactics above, along with infiltrating and controlling civic minded organizations, and their myriad other methods of attack. It is still relevant today, as their tactics haven’t changed.