We Never Tried to Impeach Bush, Says Dumbest Democrat in Congress Who Tried to Impeach Bush


Instead of tossing out a lot of comments about how dumb Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is, I’ll just link to this.

Sheila Jackson-Lee might be the dumbest person in congress. She might even be the dumbest person outside congress. If there were ever a global championship for idiots, the country could send her there. And leave her there; because unlike Lassie, she wouldn’t be able find her way back on her own.

In February, Congress was debating federal spending. And Sheila Jackson-Lee got up to make her contribution denouncing a Pepsi commercial as racist. Other things that Jackson-Lee has denounced as racist include hurricanes, a balanced budget and secret service agents.

Lee tried to denounce the Tea Party as racist at an NAACP meeting, but in the middle of it she forgot the word for sheets, and condemned them for wearing, “uh, clothing with a name.”  Which is exactly how most of the rest of Congress refers to her.

Back to the present, Sheila Jackson Lee keeps reminding us that it is possible to be a mentally retarded member of Congress.

Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee argued Wednesday the Republican effort to sue President Obama is nothing but a veiled attempt to impeach him — something Democrats never did to President George W. Bush:

“A historical fact: President Bush pushed this nation into a war that had little to do with apprehending terrorists. We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush, because as an executive, he had his authority. President Obama has the authority.”

Except former Rep. Dennis Kucinich did actually introduce a bill to impeach Bush in 2008 — and Jackson Lee actually was a co-sponsor to the legislation.

And the bill was over the Iraq War. Obviously.

But how we can expect Sheila Jackson Lee to remember the time she tried to have a president impeached, when she can’t remember how the Vietnam War ended?

No seriously. She doesn’t know.



  • CapitalistPig

    Sheila Jackson Lee–the Pride of Texas Democrats!
    The article never even mentions her, let’s just call it, her “strained relations with her staff.”
    Known to be a rude, vicious, arrogant & vain boss who will fly off the handle with a torrent of abuse at the drop of a hat to any perceived mistake or oversight on the part of her help.
    And no force of nature will ever remove her from that seat.

    • gerry

      This tells a lot about those who elected her .Dumbest low life in the universe.

    • JR Kipling

      Well don’t say “never”. The fate of every black “leader” in the US is to be loved by their people for the very corruption that would have turned off white voters immediately. In fact the more corrupt the more incompetent the more ignorant the more the “black community” will embrace them.
      Marion Barry, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Kwame Kilpatrick, Jesse Jackson Jr.,Coleman Young, Sharpe James, Trenton;s Tony Mack, Baltimore’s Sheila Ann Dixon, the Chocolate City’s Ray Nagin, and on and on and on. What ends stupid and corrupt black “leadership” is never black people. Its the FBI. So there is hope for Sheila Jackson Lee, at least until black Obama, appoints black Eric Holder who creates an all black FBI.

      • Paige

        You are a racist bigot. These comments are so ignorant and so dumb. It’s interesting because you keep talking about “negroes” and “blacks” and how dumb we are.. Funny because last time I checked my mother is a college president (black), I am in law school (black) and my brother goes to the #1 public school in the country (also, black). Also, these people in Congress are working hard for us. Let’s not forget the “really smart” things Michele Bachmann has said yet you don’t have “stupid white people” comments going around about her. I hope you try to make an argument that has some substance to it next time because “pulling the race card” just shows your ignorance and why you aren’t in Congress yourself.

        • CapitalistPig

          Exactly what did Michelle Bachman say or do that in any way shape or form approached the level of either stupidity or corruption that the folks in the list “achieved”?
          Not simple political disagreement now, but actual stupidity or corruption? M. Bachman graduated with a Masters degree in tax law from William & Mary, one of the most prestigious schools in the US & a law degree & was a practicing attorney for the IRS for 5 years.
          Believe me, there’s plenty of “stupid white people” comments that could be posted starting with Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton & Harry Reid etc etc–it’s just that there’s a rather uncomfortable streak of coincidence when it comes to blacks who represent hugely black districts & are mayors of largely black cities in that they seem to share a disproportionately large share of corruption investigations & lets be kind & say “misinformed statements that elicit public ridicule”–like the Mars rover landing close to the flag the astronauts planted, our 400 year old Constitution & an island tipping over from too many Marines landing on it–to name a few.
          Don’t you find politicians like SJ Lee, Cynthia “PMS” McKinney (another intellectual heavyweight) Kwame “Rap Star” Kirkpatrick & Chocolate Chip Nagin a bit embarrassing—& a bit to often the norm in the black community?
          All this while so many in the black community openly ridicule a Dr. Ben Carson or Herman Cain.

        • Herd Mentality

          Point is you are one in a billion.

        • Sussex Girl

          Now, don’t get your knickers in a knot. Folks here are commenting on a black representative because that’s the focus of the article. If a white representative, oh, say, Nancy “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” Pelosi, said some dumb thing, she would get the same roasting (and has, many times). It’s got nothing to do with race and everything to do with stupidity.

          • Viet Vet

            The dumb Paige never considered that, because she’s a blind racist.

        • Viet Vet

          I saw the word, ‘black’, but not the word ‘negroes’. Maybe you need a remedial course in reading and english comprehension. I hope you and your mother are not one of the many, many affirmative action blacks. In modern America, that’s always suspect. I don’t have a problem with blacks per se, but I have a huge problem with black democraps. Just like I have a huge problem with white democraps. I hate the SOB’S.
          Ms Bachmann, along with Ms Palin are two strong women who have been viciously maligned by the democraps in their war on women. While the leftwing media piled on along with their democrap party affiliates, you don’t seem to see that with corrupt halfwits like Lois Lerner, Hillary Klinton, or Nancy Piglosi. Surely you and your mother didn’t condone the vicious attacks on Condi Rice and Janice Rogers Brown, did you? Or do you have selective indignation. You’re not just another democrap puke are you?

        • Akmed Bernie Madoff IV

          Hey dumb dumb dumb negro! You going to
          gang bang this weekend and make another
          demoncratic baby ???
          Guess what Negroooo America is in actuality:
          A 3rd world country like Liberia founded by ex
          black slaves……. You are a dumb dirty negrooo!!!
          Do not forget you dumb negros vote for the party
          of AIDS, Greedy Bankers and Hood Rat Ho’s !

          • Viet Vet

            You sound a bit unhinged!

        • truebearing

          You didn’t refute him though. If you are going to be a lawyer you better learn to present an effective counter-argument.

        • Credulous

          You lost me at “these people in congress are working hard for us” perhaps you meant working hard on us? For how smart you present yourself as, you have a stunning lack of awareness of how politicians of all stripe claw their way into office only to join in on the strip mining of this counties’ citizens and their wealth. Everything else, blah, blah, blah.

          The frustrating thing for me, as a white person (for those of you who insist on pigeon holing by race/political affiliation) is blacks in positions of influence who say they are champions of the poor, downtrodden, minorities, etc… Then proceed to squeeze what little those folks have into,their own pockets, or the pockets of their sponsors. Of course they try and play it off as a rich vs. poor drama, but what they really salivate on is the political/crony class vs. everyone else. Once you awake to that paradigm, you see inane comments like yours are just fueling the Sheila Jackson Lee’s of the world.

      • Viet Vet

        Unfortunately, you have made some great points. It’s sad, but I have watched over the years and shook my head at blacks attacking any black who achieves. Who goes about their lives in a normal manner. Blacks who are not hyphenated, but patriotic U.S. citizens. It is these blacks that the one’s in the Lee and Waters and Cummings moulds, attack and seek to denegrate. Bill Cosby can tell you about it. Or pick your normal successful black.

  • truebearing

    Lee’s stupidity is legendary and deserved, but she couldn’t showcase her single digit IQ without even dumber people voting for her. She may be the ultimate proof that democracy is fatally flawed.

    • liz

      Yes, it’s thanks to people like her that we have Obama for President.

      • truebearing

        Take a look at that photo. It’s a portrait of stupidity. Soused winos look sharper.

        Representative government can’t be sustained if morons like Lee are allowed to vote, or be voted for. We have cats that are smarter than her…way smarter.

    • JR Kipling

      We were never meant to be a democracy, but rather a Republic under the Constitution which denied blacks the right to vote. and , in terrible point of fact the author of the Constitution was James Madison who saw such intractable differences that he led the American Colonization Society and wanted blacks to have their own country with their own government apart from whites..Thomas Jefferson said the same thing, the two races “could not dwell under the same government”. They chiseled those words off the Jefferson Memorial, because while the idea of a memorial was okay we couldn’t have any memory of what Jefferson actually said. Well the Founding Fathers were wrong unless you consider that the Republic ended the moment blacks had enough power to have it their way.

      • Well Done

        Well, 0bama is trying to end “the Republic”, but he has a lot of help, in fact he’s just a face man. He doesn’t know or care about any of the issues.

      • Viet Vet

        Five to Ten percent of the black population certainly deserve the right to vote.

        • BC

          To be fair, that is relatively consistent with the percentage of the entire population, regardless of race, that should be allowed to vote.

  • theAcefromSpace

    Saw this linked on another site. The picture is actually Representative Frederica Wilson. Nevertheless, if the shoe fits…

    • David

      Ehh, they all look alike, right?

      • Viet Vet

        Truth is, I wouldn’t want to have to pick one out in a lineup.
        Funny thing is, people like Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Allen West, Condi Rice, etc., have unique personal features. It must just be the criminal class that look alike. White democraps also kinda act and look alike (mad and malevolent)

  • cxt

    When has any President ever been treated with such disrespect?

    Oh yeah the LAST guy that had the job

    Sheesh…….how soon they forget.

    • Viet Vet

      AND, Mr Bush bore the insults and arrows with CLASS.

      • orygone

        i dont think GW was even aware of them. watching cartoons probably

  • Alleged Comment

    Demoncraps like her because she is a guaranteed vote. Demoncraps like dumb Negroes. How else can they stay in power?

    • JR Kipling

      Wrong approach. Negroes like the party that likes dumbness. Try that angle.

      • Alleged Comment

        I did. I like mine better! LOL!

  • bigred0721

    She, along with Charlie Rangel, are the BEST argument for term limits.

  • bob e

    she is the smartest person in her district .. most of dee ress cain’t read ..
    dey be gettin’ news from da’ rappa’s ..

    .. dr livingston, i presume ??

  • JR Kipling

    Sheila is such a crack up. You can always expect a laugh being around her. She wanted NASA money cut for her “people programs”. “We don’t need NASA anymore Sheila declared, we go to the moon everyday” . The last time was 42 years ago, but facts don’t matter when you are permanently Off -Planet like Sheila.


  • David

    Wow, there is a lot of racism in these comments. That actually really upsets me. I agree she’s an idiot but there are plenty of stupid white people in Congress who get elected by white voters term after term. It doesn’t help that the picture is not of Sheila Jackson Lee. Ehh, they all look alike, right?

    • getreal5

      that is her.

    • Gooseontheloose

      There are indeed plenty of stupid people in Congress. Yes, that picture is a clear representation of SJL and no, they don’t all look alike. Describing a group that is as stupid as she is for electing her in the terms that some of the commenters have used is illustrative not necessarily racist.

    • Trappedincalifornia

      Agree that stupid comes in all colors, but this pic does look like Rep Sheila Jackson Lee. It’s certainly not my former Rep Barbara Lee who is no Einstein herself.

    • Viet Vet

      The “charge” of racism doesn’t mean much anymore due to it’s excessive overuse.

  • getreal5

    She is as stupid as her constituents. Bunch of stupid black demokkkrat welfare freeloading ebonic speakers who can’t read cursive that makes Jantel look like Einstein.

  • Stop2think

    She can see the US flag on Mars from her house.

    • Viet Vet

      To paraphrase Tina Fey.

      • GomeznSA

        That wasn’t much of a paraphrase, she really did say that there is a US flag on Mars…………….

        • Viet Vet

          No I meant the insinuation that Palin said she could see Russia from her house. She didn’t say that, Fey did.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Nancy Pelosi – Hamas is a “humanitarian organization.”
    Hank Johnson – Guam will tip over if we expand our military there.

    • Sussex Girl

      And didn’t Al Gore invent the Internet?

      • Viet Vet

        And “global warming/cooling.”

        • GomeznSA

          And blew the whistle on Love Canal……………..

    • dmsday

      Jackson-Lee is STILL the dumbest.

  • BubbaTex

    She goes to funerals of people she does not know in her district, campaigning!!!
    honest you can look it up

  • andrewjwilliam

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  • Chris Gait

    The stupid people are the ones who vote for this pathetic creature.

    • dmsday

      that’s exactly what i was thinkng, WTF is worng with the constituency?

      did she ever find out we didn’t go to Mars?

      • Chris Gait

        I’m kind of surprised the Martians don’t keep her informed. From the look of her she’s what we used to call a ‘space cadet’ in the Navy.

  • KunTewk

    Look at my avatar and tell me that doesn’t look like Jackson

  • DaCoachK

    Just a typical Democrat. Period. Left-Wing-Kooks addicted to welfare–oops, “government subsidies”–just keep sending this idiot back to Congress.

  • Credulous

    Such disrespect to the intellectually disabled, comparing them with Sheila Jackson Lee. Shame on you Daniel:) I’m not sure there is a suitable comparable status to the immense ineptitude that is Ms. Lee. Perhaps she needs to be what dumb things are weighted against? “That cantaloupe is almost as stupid as Shiela Jackson Lee.” Even more damning; “that canteloupe is almost as stupid as the people who keep voting this mouth breather into office.” Ironic how dumb that Bush was portrayed as, how dumb Sarah Plain was portrayed as, when this Lee character…. well, her ignorance knows no bounds.

  • Sterculius

    She should join the Tea Party where she would be among her intellectual peers.