Making David Into Goliath

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Empathizing with the underdog is a natural human instinct. When we see a little David facing off against a mighty Goliath, our hearts go out to the little guy. But what happens when Goliath pretends to be David and then accuses David of really being Goliath?

That is the situation that Israel finds itself in and it is also the topic of Joshua Muravchik’s new book, Making David Into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel.

Muravchik’s book looks at how the Arab Muslim countries swapped a hard military war for a soft political and cultural influence operation that combined murderous terrorism with economic boycotts and academic programming to convince the world that Israel was Goliath and they were little David.

It’s easy to spot the absurdity of the region’s intolerant and supremacist Sunni Muslim majority reinventing its identity as that of an oppressed people, but Muravchik also shows how this reinvention used the so-called “Palestinians” as a political vehicle for larger cultural goals. The current portrayal of Arab Muslims as an oppressed group stems in part from their association with the “Palestinian” cause.

“The Arabs, notwithstanding their regressive social and political practices, nor their recent alignment with the fascist powers, now, in the guise of the Palestinians, assumed a place among the forces of virtue and progress while the Israelis were consigned to the ranks of the villains and reactionaries,” Muravchik writes in Making David into Goliath.

Israel, as David, was able to leverage its limited manpower and resources in strategic military strikes against much bigger, but less centered opponents. Its opponents however learned to leverage the less demanding tools of soft power, such as the United Nations, to win soft power conflicts by demonizing Israel in as many international forums as possible.

War is a hard test of competence and courage. Influence operations in an international body are a matter of alliances. Academia, whose corruption Muravchik extensively chronicles in his chapter on Edward Said, specializes in the ability to infinitely invert ideas and distort their meanings.

David could beat Goliath with a slingshot, but he couldn’t yell louder or lie better than Goliath.

Against terrorism, the virtues of a free nation become its weakness. A free nation has dissenters who sympathize with terrorists. Terrorists however massacre dissenters. Israel’s Fifth Column generates much of the propaganda against it, but there is no corresponding movement on the other side because Hamas and the PLO are ruthlessly totalitarian in practice and purpose.

A nation can put aside its differences and unite in wartime. Netanyahu’s approval ratings show that Israelis are still capable of getting behind a clearly just and necessary war. But terrorism is permanent warfare and no free society can set aside all its differences and unite permanently. The United States could not do it for very long after September 11. Temporary crisis unity also comes apart in Israel.

In the West, where sympathy for Israel, especially among the political classes, was even weaker, the wave of Islamic terrorism took it apart that much more readily. Few Western governments wanted to be drawn into an international conflict by acts of terrorism on their own soil or to brave oil boycotts.

For Muravchik the turning point came when the Six Day War demonstrated the limits of Pan-Arabist efforts to smash Israel through pure force. Israel’s victory created a disproportionate sense of its power and the military defeats of clients of the USSR led to a strategic shift toward soft power and terrorism.

The world’s historical “Clock” for Israel has been set to right after 1967. The initial perceptions of its aftermath; Israel’s military superiority, the “oppressed” Palestinians who suddenly came into being after coming out of the rule of Egypt and Jordan, and the urgent need for a negotiated solution, have been frozen in time as the default worldview with little regard for what came before or after.

By recapturing Gaza and the West Bank, Israel had hoped to put an end to terrorism and violence by putting the territories under its control. But instead the sponsors of the PLO had the responsibility for the terrorism lifted off their shoulders and the conflict increasingly came to be seen in terms of those territories, even though the conflict had long predated the Six Day War.

Muravchik deftly handles these topics with extensive looks at everything from the Goldstone Report to the academic work of Edward Said for a better understanding of the larger shift that took place in a variety of forums and arenas. He discusses everything from the influence of the Non-Aligned Movement at the United Nations to the impact of radical theology on the World Council of Churches and the work of domestic anti-Israel groups such as B’Tselem.

At times he overstates how popular Israel was. The Jewish State was never more than a brief stopover on the way to winning over Arab Muslim support for everyone from the British Empire to the International Left. It wasn’t so much that they turned on Israel, as their preference was for a powerful Goliath over an isolated David, even if they then insisted on pretending that Goliath was really David.

American liberals hung on longer than many others, but as liberalism was cannibalized by the left, it adopted its ideological critiques of Israel as colonialist and terrorism as a means of liberation. Liberals did not so much abandon Israel as they abandoned liberalism and adopted the radical politics that they were being fed by formerly mainstream outlets of liberal thought such as NPR and the New York Times.

The concerns of Israeli and pro-Israel Jews over the world standing of the Jewish State are real, but they are also symptoms of insecurity. Zionism and Israel were never all that popular with elites, especially those of the left. Western Jews correctly view anti-Israel sentiment as a reflection of the antipathy toward them, but that is an ancient reality that short memories after the Holocaust made short work of.

This insecurity leads some Jews to loudly broadcast anti-Israel sentiments in the hope of escaping anti-Semitism, but that too is a futile and destructive ambition.

David, for all that he was the underdog, did not set out to be liked. He set out to win. He took an insanely dangerous risk with faith that a Higher Power would help him accomplish the impossible. Israel came closest to that in the Six Day War. It is not Goliath, but it has also forgotten how to be David.

People are more likely to rally behind those with conviction in their own righteousness. The Muslim Goliath has carried off his imitation of David through the degree of his conviction. Israel and its defenders have strived for reasonableness over conviction, trying to prove their humanitarian credentials through a willingness to see both sides.

But as the conflict has become a war of ideas, it has become clear that wars of ideas are no more won by those who see both sides than wars of force are won by those who fight on both sides.

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  • David

    You can make an emotional argument or an intellectual argument. Emotional arguments tend to be more effective. The Arabs have the advantage in the emotional arena because they are poorer and do suffer more dead. The only way to beat someone with an intellectual argument who is using an emotional argument is to make people feel as if they would be stupid or gullible for agreeing with your opponent. That’s why snarkiness can be such an effective weapon.

    • Freedom Call

      When the arguement is about wheter or not savagery is justified – there’s no point in even debating.

      These people will never listen.

  • Bamaguje

    1.4 billion rabidly hateful Muslims against 7 million Israeli Jews – i.e. 200:1.
    Israel is definitely the underdog David!!

    • MukeNecca

      One should add to the “1.4 billion rabidly hateful Muslims” a few hundred million of discreetly hateful, mostly leftist/liberal non-Muslims. It is that discreet hate disseminated by most of the media and intellectual and ruling “elites” of the West which created the phony image of the muhammedan David.

      • truebearing

        As long as the Left controls the world’s media and education/indoctrination institutions, this will continue. They systematically oppose truth in any form.

        In Islam the Left finds an ally in evil. This evil emanates from the same source, and it is old and relentless. In all of the movements it inspires, ie. Marxism, N azism, Islam, evil is fond of projecting its own nature on those it seeks to destroy. It always follows the same pattern. Demons are the practioners of demonization.

        Their time will come.

        • MukeNecca

          “Demons are the practioners of demonization.”

          How very true!

        • carpe diem 36

          maybe we can see the beginning of something very different from the way it used to be: Egypt is not supporting Israel against Hamas, it is just as opposed to Hamas as Israel is, and an Israeli delegation is meeting in Cairo, Cairo!!! to mediate a cease fire between the two. Maybe we will see in this a glimmer of hope, although I do not have much faith in the UN not blaming israel for the killing of civilians and an imbalanced number of dead.

        • Ivan

          I like this comment. There’s a debate over why the left and islam are allies. The analysis is usually along the lines of “what are their mutual interests.” But u say, “they are allies in evil.” And u hit the nail on the head. Yes.

      • Ivan


  • Arlie

    How was this propaganda of Goliath to become the David funded? Arab oil money.
    What corrupt, traitorous people took the Arab oil money with glee into their slimy greedy bank accounts and spread this propaganda campaign? US PR firms sold their souls to the devious, treacherous Arabs and enriched themselves to spread this disinformation campaign through the press and academia and to all the brain-dead which are intellectually lazy and ignorant of true historical facts.

    • Lightbringer

      All true, but you forget another guilty party: The “environmentalists” who refuse to allow the US to become energy independent. They have a lot, past and present, to answer for.

      • herb benty

        Absolutely true. Enviro-loonies get paid by communists and OPEC.

      • Suzanne

        Absolutely correct. Not nearly enough attention has been given to that fact!

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      The FBI, in more honest days, used to run ABSCAM, a program that had no problems uncovering senators willing to sell their votes to faux Saudi sheikhs.

    • Well Done

      Gee, I can’t keep track. Is the U.S. a paid ally of the Arabs, or is Israel a paid ally of the U. S. Or is it both?

    • Ivan

      I’m sure that what you are saying is true. I know the Saudis hire everyone and have a huge contingent of Washington on their payroll. But is like to hear some names of some of these pr firms if anyone knows anything. I know the Saudis fund lots of things for ex politicians. It makes current politicians toe the line, in the expectation of receiving something from them when they retire. Just like Hillary makes $500,000 for a speech, which is nothing more than a bribe paid in advance.

  • wildjew

    This author, Joshua Muravchik, is going to have a hard time convincing me hatred of / for Israel is anything more than historic Jew-hatred disguised as support for the underdog. No question Israel is demonized in the mainstream media. Even Fox News anchors and commentators (which I have been watching through this recent conflict) do much hand wringing over the “tragedy” of innocent Palestinian being killed by the Jews. People believe about the Jews (Israel) what they want or choose to believe.

    • Webb

      Exactly. Historic demonic Jew-hatred is the reason it’s so easy to drum up support for more Jew hatred. Plus, Israel is kept perpetually impoverished from having to devote such massive resources to defending itself militarily. Israel is entirely justified in taking preemptive action to destroy its enemies in order to get itself on a sustainable economic footing. The alternative is this ongoing national suicide that continues to get worse. Hamas is demanding a deep water sea port for bringing in enough huge missiles to overwhelm Iron Dome and wreak massive civilian murder in Israel.

      • Ivan

        If Israel is stupid enough to give Hamas a deep water port under the guise of economic development, then they almost deserve to die. I never thought of this, the idea that Hamas would use it to bring in larger missiles. But that’s so obviously the case. You are dead on I think. The people on this site are amazing. The smartest.

    • Mike

      No moral person can remain untouched by the effect of war on innocent kids. The Fox anchors were reacting to that loss while remaining steadfast in their support of Israel. Israel doesn’t have a lot of friends but Fox is among them.

      • wildjew

        You are probably right. When you speak of moral persons, my guess is you are not a believer, a Christian or a Jewish believer?

  • Lanna

    The Bible tells us all of this in Zecharia 12:2. The times are coming in the future when Israel will be redeemed and defended by a power that is greater than mans. The World will be in awe! There are wars to go through, but all is coming to a prophetically predicted ending!

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    When the “beautiful people” sip wine and eat cheese in their salons, which of the following two arguments gets them worked up?

    ARGUMENT ONE: Israel is a tiny nation, surrounded by hostile nations and other actors. The only path to her survival is a vigorous self-defense. She must fight, or there will be a second Holocaust.

    ARGUMENT TWO: The slaughter of the innocents, who didn’t make war on anyone! And the poor little children! [tears shed, at the right moment]

    PM Netanyahu is one of the best spokesmen for Israel’s point-of-view that the nation has ever produced. But he make commonsense, but rationally coherent arguments, for Israel’s positions. They cannot compete with Argument #2, above. The overwhelming power of sheer emotion will win, every time, which is why such statements are never allowed in a formal debate.

    But then, Israel isn’t engaged in a formal debate. Israel is engaged in war, and must defeat Goliath, or die …

    • truebearing

      Netanyahu did a great job in his interview with Hannity. He may not have been able to counter the manipulated emotions of the willingly gullible, but he provided clarity for all who heard him so they can correct the hysterical types who think only with their emotions. It’s an uphill battle, but eventually truth will prevail. It’s too bad so many real victims have to die before evil is unmasked.

      If Hamas was truly devasted by the civilian casualties, why would they continue to fire rockets at Israeli civilians? Why would they store rockets in schools or other places where there are many civilians? These are Journalism 101 type questions, but our media is so corrupt and biased that it no longer asks questions that are intended to uncover truth. The “truth” is pre-packaged now, like Hamburger Helper, and instead of merely adding water, they merely add Hamas generated photos.

      • CurmudJohn

        Did you see the one they put out of a girl getting hit by an Israeli shell that was a clip from an upcoming sci-fi movie?

  • Randy CA

    Those last two paragraphs nail it.

  • Gee

    I have noticed that we are held to a higher standard than any other people in the history of the planet bar none.

    The Muslims are consider less than human because they are held to no standard at all.

    The Crusades and Inquisition considered anybody a heretic to be lessor and put to death – even the Christians evolved.

    The Nazis did the same and were destroyed.

    The Muslims are excused and anybody that opposes their crimes against humanity are called Islamophobes.

    The day is coming when Islam will no longer be tolerated and that day is coming soon

    • Habbgun

      What unit insignia?

      • Gee

        7th Armored

    • Drakken

      It will get worse before it gets better, the muslims really have no idea that once our wrath is unleashed, there will be no stopping it until we finally put a end to anything muslim and the voices of the leftist do gooders be damned.

  • Luis C.

    God bless Israel.

  • Danny

    The older I get the more resigned i become to the fact that resentment of Israel is merely another expression of Jew hatred. It also bothers me less now than it used to that Israel is guilty in the eyes of the world. Well I don’t want to go back to the period of the wandering Jew, a time that no matter where Jews sought a place to live in peace, it would be only a matter of time before he was persecuted, chased out and murdered. The world only loves us Jews after every holocaust, and even then just for a short time. So I think I’ll keep and protect my Jewish state, thank you very much, and if the world (and Arabs especially) have a problem with that, then you can guess where I think they should all go.

    • CurmudJohn

      And since G-d has said: “I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you;” they most certainly will.


      The big difference today is that Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jew of WW2 and the Holocaust.

    • thiru

      the Hindu majority in India stand with Israel, barring the left leaning Hindu idiots in media,politics and academia of course. Almost a millennium ago, Hindus provided refuge to Jews, allowed Jews to practise their faith without any conditions. Even now despite a growing fanatical Muslim population, the Hindus support Israel’s right to exist and defend itself .

  • Paul – Germany

    Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban & Co.

    Each and every one of them is a sadistic, psychopathic killer who feels sanctioned to murder unbelievers by their filthy ideology of pure, raw hatred, just as the SS felt sanctioned by their ideology to murder Jews and others they considered to be unworthy of life. Yet, we here in Germany are taught by our lefties and greenies that the only way to respond to this sick behaviour is with socialistic paedagogic crap such as “anger management” classes and other BS. Islam is not the problem in Germany. Our real problem is this leftie-greenie thing.

    • Drakken

      Those effing Turks and left/green communist in your midst are the problem. Time to fix the problem.

  • Armed_Infidel

    Giving up territory is not the solution but rather makes Israel more vulnerable. I’d rather be secure and hated than dead and loved.

    So, Thomas Friedman, you can go to ___; and I hope you choke on a pork chop at your favorite chinese restaurant.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Maybe the French should get used to substituting couscous for their brioche.

      • Frances john

        Let them eat couscous.

      • Drakken

        Never underestimate the French forces today, they are one of the most ruthless armies on the planet, especially the Legion and Naval Commandos. It will be fun to watch them unleashed on a muslim enclave.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          I can only hope. Does France have any boomers? Because I imagine Europeon muslim puppet states and the United States of 0bamastan might not stand by while France expels or suppresses its islamic-fascist 5th column.

    • The March Hare

      And once the muslim population becomes the ruling class in France, it will add to their power and Europe will fall quickly.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        I find this a more likely scenario for Western Europe. Apathetic amorality does nothing for courage.

        • The March Hare

          France is in Western Europe and is the key block that will cause the rest of Europe to collapse. Every state that is overrun and taken over then adds to the power base of the Muslims and the domino effect begins.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            Well that’s a depressing thought.

    • Drakken

      The muslim problem one way or another is going to come to a head, with or without the weak and feckless leadership who are scared to death of their muslim populations in their midst. Europe is headed full steam ahead to a nationalistic frenzy that is going to make a Serb blush with envy, the communist left and their muslim pets really have no idea what is coming and by the time it comes, it will be too late.

  • stringman

    Stand your ground, Oh Israel!

  • El Cid

    Very insightful and concise summary of the situation. Yes, Israel is “inconvenient” for those Jews with social rank or ambition. It takes sacrifice to stand-up for Israel when the chattering classes are openly anti-Semitic. My Grandfather, who died in Auschwitz, had earned an Iron Cross from the Axis army in WWI and was openly critical of Polish Jews for being “backward”. That didn’t stop the SS with the collaboration of his beloved Hungary from giving him a one way ticket to his death.

  • wileyvet

    Fourteen centuries of Islamic imperialism and aggression, from Spain to India, Malaysia and Indonesia. Hundreds of millions subjugated, oppressed or outright slaughtered due to the ingrained bigotry and intolerance of the Islamic faith. Millions of square miles of land swallowed up my Muslim hordes and the people and cultures of those lands destroyed and replaced by the intellectual and cultural rot of Islam. Three genocidal wars by Arabs to eradicate the nascent state of Israel and somehow Arabs are victims. The moral clarity of the world indeed has been inverted. Seventy years ago virtually every European country was invaded by the Third Reich and its supremacist doctrine. Yet those same countries believed themselves worthy of defence and ultimate liberation. Today the leaders of those same countries, whose freedoms were restored by a colossal world effort, have invited a more pernicious enemy of their culture than that which preceded it in 1939/40. They have sewn the seeds of their own destruction yet condemn the one nation in the world that is fighting the enemy of not only Israel, but of all mankind. It has always been convenient to see the conflict in the ME as a localized one of disagreement of borders and Arab versus Jew. It has in fact always been one of larger proportions in that it is really more Islam versus Infidels. The Euroweenies are infidels too. Israel is fighting our fight. Europe is Dar al Harb, The house or land of war. For Muslims this is an ongoing obligation, the primary tenet of Islam. Jihad. Israel is the civilized man versus the barbarous savage. Islam will not take no for an answer. European leaders and other sundry Leftists may resign themselves to their Dhimmitude, but Israel will not. She is a light of freedom in a sea of religious bigotry and tyranny. The darkness that is descending across Europe like an iron Burka will extinguish their culture in short order. Israel continues to keep their lamp burning, and should serve as inspiration and example to an otherwise morally bankrupt and ethically challenged world.


    Turn every sq. in. of sand of the off-spring of Ishmael into glass. Only after every democrat & pile of rino-dung, and all their voters have been sent there.

  • CARadical68

    The fatal flaw in the argument made by the author of the book and this article is in lumping the Palestinians together with all other Arabs. That’s pure racism, no better than those who blame all Jews for the atrocities of Israel and the Zionists. The Palestinians are a unique people with a distinct culture, as you can see for yourselves if you visit the Occupied Territories. If you therefore compare the might and influence of Israel against the might and influence (or lack thereof) of Palestine and Palestine alone, it becomes clear who “David” and “Goliath” are in this conflict. And given how things turned out for Goliath in the end, Israel should be very concerned about pursuing its current path of aggression, oppression, and disregard for international laws. It is time for Israel to join the community of nations and give up its designs on land that doesn’t belong to it.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      How many tribes … do you estimate … there are within the “Arab nation”? Six? 100? 1000? And do they not all have their distinct traditions? And yet, they are all Arabs.

      The Palestinians are merely Arabs, and share the commonality of Arabs’ hatred of all things Jewish.

      An Arab … by any other name … is still an Arab …

      And if you were a California radical in 1968, this was during the same time I served my country in Vietnam. There, I’ve given you another thing to hate me for, besides my disdain for Arabs.

    • truebearing

      The fatal flaw in your maunderings is that you don’t know what you’re talking about — not a clue.

    • CurmudJohn

      We rest our case!

    • Well Done

      The only legitimate palestinians are Israeli Jews. There never was a country named “palestine”, this was an invention done after it became obvious to the Arabs that their repeated attempts at genocide against Israel would not work. The only “occupiers” are the “palestinians”, who are squatting on Israeli-owned land in Gaza and the so-called “west bank”. Israelis bought that land from Arab landowners, and the Arabs doing subsistence farming on it were welcome to stay. They chose to leave voluntarily to make way for that war of genocide. It didn’t work out at all well. They have no “right of return”, besides there is lots of land in Jordan and Sinai. Too bad those countries want no part of it. Egypt keeps the Gaza border closed because of all the terrorist activity in Sinai that occurred when the Moslem Brotherhood opened that border…

    • Webb

      The homeless arabs squatting around the borders of Israel are loathed, repelled, and shunned by all other arabs. They will always be outcasts. They will never have a future. Most mercifully, Israel has taken on the burden of caring for them, which is a fatal error in judgment. They should be driven off far away. Let us see how they would treat anyone else who would care for them. A few years ago the ones in Lebanon lashed out, so the Lebanese army simply went into their areas and killed them. Nobody will ever know how many. It wasn’t deemed worthwhile to record any stats.



      If Israel were “the problem”, then Muslims would be getting along with their non-Zionist, non-Israeli neighbors elsewhere in the world.

      Are Muslims getting along with Bahais, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Zoroastrians and the wrong kind of Muslim?

      Clearly NOT. See Syria (160,000+ dead), Iraq / ISIS, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan (current day slavery), Mauritania, UK, France, Libya, Algeria, Turkey, Fascist Iran, 8 year Iraq/Iran war….

      1,400 million Muslims vs 12 million Jews.

      Who is David (Kind David) and who is Goliath???

      Are you a Socialist too????

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There are no Palestinians. They’re part of large regional clans stretching across the region.

      They are not a distinct people. They have never had a country or a different language or ethnicity.

      The only racism here is your ignorance.

    • B Miller

      In a shocking video that was presented in 2012 by former Muslim Brotherhood member and now peace activist, Walid Shoebat, shows a Hamas official declaring that Palestinians do not exist and never have existed while complaining about the lack of fuel from Egypt to wage Jihad.

      The video was presented by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) who explores the Middle East through the region’s media. MEMRI bridges the language gap which exists between the West and the Middle East, providing timely translations of Arabic, Persian, Urdu-Pashtu, and Turkish media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East.

      In the video, the Hamas official explains who the Palestinians are and that none of them are Palestinian but of Egyptian and Saudi descent; all with Arab ties.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        I’m sure the islamic-fascists of the world have no love for MEMRI — or the truth about their damned, dumb, Jew hating death cult.

    • Drakken

      If you love and empathize with those goddamn inbred muslim savages, go join them, I can hear Rachel Corrie screaming from here for more company, the problem with you of the leftist bent, when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is, you bloody cowards always fall short.

    • herb benty

      Israel has belonged to the Jews for 3000 years.

  • Gloria

    Israel you have all my support. I’m from Peru. I understand the struggle you are in and don’t care about anybody else thinks :) God Bless you Israel!

  • EamonnDublin

    I STAND WITH ISRAEL. May God protect you and your people.

  • herb benty

    I stand with Israel, and that gives ME peace. Lord God Almighty, end this evil soon we pray. Show this wicked world your unmatchable POWER.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Strange how the bloodthirsty Islamic barbarians are increasing their Caliphate to swallow up all of the Middle East and North Africa (and leaving a Mount Everest of dead bodies along the way) as Obama’s main focus is on shrinking Israel to nothing and in making sure that Jews experience Holocaust II. There is something wrong with the entire picture: Obama, instead of being the leader of the free world, is the dhimmi Vice President of the Ummah.

  • Simon

    The Stockholm syndrome also comes into play. Also why are there no out cries of victims from Arab-Muslims violence against each other. Since 1948 Arab-Muslims have killed over 11 million other Arab-Muslims. Nearly 10 Gazas. Why is that accepted? Does the world think it is normal for Arab-Muslims irrationality is their rationality.

  • Ivan

    I noticed that when obama met Netanyahu in Washington that obama said Netanyahu was leader of a great nation. Netanyahu was quick to correct him by saying israel was a little tiny nation. The people that make the jews out to be powerful and great are the ones who hate them I think. They say the jews control the world etc. when there are only a few million of them, living in the desert, surrounded by enemies who want to annihilate them. So I agree with the premise of the book.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      that’s an interesting point

      I hadn’t caught that

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Muravchik’s book looks at how the Arab Muslim countries swapped a hard military war for a soft political and cultural influence operation that combined murderous terrorism with economic boycotts and academic programming to convince the world that Israel was Goliath and they were little David.

    What you view as a soft political and cultural influence operation and terrorism is actually jihad, or civilizational holy war waged by any and all means both violent and non-violent at their disposal.

    Against terrorism, the virtues of a free nation become its weakness. A free nation has dissenters who sympathize with terrorists. Israel’s Fifth Column generates much of the propaganda against it,

    That’s partly Israel’s own fault. Indeed, had Israel correctly labeled the war being waged against it as being a jihad that is a tiny part of the much greater global jihad (holy war) at large waged by all Muslims against all infidels throughout the world in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam and its followers supreme, instead of labeling it as acts of terrorism perpetrated by terrorists, which it’s not, there wouldn’t be so many dissenters stupidly sympathizing with jihadists because they ignorantly believe them to be terrorists opposing harsh Israeli policies. Indeed, if dissenters and sympathizers were made to realize that they too are on Islam’s eventual target list for jihad, there would be far less sympathy for so-called terrorists. It’s common sense, I thought.

    Okay, this is where I stopped reading before I gave myself further brain damage. In any event, if anyone really wants to learn how the world turned against Israel read Bat Ye’or’s wonderful book, “Eurabia”. Read about the deals the Euroloons made with the Islamic totalitarian world for oil, and about how they agreed to open up their countries, their borders, their societies, their news media, and their institutions to massive Muslim immigration and massive Muslim infiltration all to appease the Islamic totalitarian world for oil.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Islam is a violent, racist, aggressive supremacist ideology that conditions its people into psychopaths.

    The contrast between Judaism/Israel and Islam is revealed in this story:

  • Felix Quigley

    While there is much in this book by Joshua Muravchik to be welcomed he is extremely confused by the position of Karl Marx on the Jewish people. Joshua Muravchik calls “On the Jewish Question” a “vitriolic monograph” and all of the capitalist ideologues on frontpagemag will go tut tut in agreement with Joshua Muravchik.

    But Joshua Muravchik is responsable here for shoddy scholarship in the extreme and he completely does not get what this essay was about. Bauer was an Antisemite and Marx was fighting Bauer as an Antisemite. Marx was opposed to Antisemitism and his friend Hess was one of the very first political Zionists.

    While I do not agree with everything Robert Fine says about Marx there is enough to challenge the position of Muravchik on Marx in this book. Furthermore if he gets it so wrong on Marx then his whole book needs to be examined more critically than the autor above is capable of doing. But I maintain there is still much of value in this new book for us to digest.

    If you read this subject properly then you will find that Marx was campaigning for Jews in Prussia to have full political rights. In making this call, which apparently was a big issue in those days, a kind of test case I suppose, Karl Marx drew on the American experience, where it did not matter what religión you were, or none, you could still hold public office.
    That is fact. It is in his writing. So some Antisemite!

  • Chris Tucker

    Bookmark this site and tell your friends, spread Truth and pray for peace…

    ALL THE JEW-BOUGHT political hacks of Congress and the White House were therecheering on the Jewish slaughter of Gaza.

    It was a grand occasion at the National Jewish Leaders Assembly on July 28, 2014 where the main topic was the massacre of Gazan civilians by the American-enabled Israeli military.

    Keynote speaker was Jew-owned Susan Rice (professionally inept and morally bankrupt) who chalked up future credits from her Jewish owners (slave trade agents) with words to mollify Jewish guilt of bloodshed in Gaza.

    “In a land where, in the haunting phrase of Yitzhak Rabin, ‘parents bury their children,’ today is a time of worry for all who care about Israel. Our commitment to protect Israel’s qualitative military edge remains absolute,” Rice told her bloodthirsty audience.

    One wonders if parents in Gaza can even find their dead children under the rubble left by Jewish bombs PAID FOR by America.

    For in Jew-bombed Gaza, Palestinian parents don’t get a chance to “bury” their children.

    And one might be tempted to ask Jew-owned, hateful-looking Rice if perhaps it’s a time to “worry” and “care” about the civilians in Gaza mowed down by Jewish bombs?

    How could that be? They’re Arabs, not Jews.

    For Jewmerica ONLY cares about “Jewish lives” while Palestinian cattle in Gaza are herded en masse for the slaughter.

    Next in the lineup of Jewish arse-kissers, and scoring points for his future political ambitions with media & monied American Jewry, was House Speaker, John Boehner.

    “In times like this, people try to isolate Israel, vomited out Boehner, “but we are here to stand with Israel. Israel’s enemies are our enemies.”

    THIS IS WHY America is in trouble.

    To render children, women, and elderly Palestinians in Gaza as America’s “enemies,” (for they surely are the ‘enemies’ of hateful Jews), then Jewmerica has lost its conscience and is beholden to bloodthirsty Jewish policies.

    Just this past week, the Jewnited States of Jewmerica has allowed Israel, while waging its massacre of Gazan civilians, to tap a US arms stockpile to resupply it with grenades and mortar rounds.

    “Stop Killing People!” is now an anti-Semitic message, according to Israel-Firster, Abe Foxman of the ADL.

    And Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center whines that it is Hamas’ fault that people all over the world are beginning to passionately hate Israel.

    AMERICA IS NOT its own. It’s been bought with a price. That price is selling its soul to Christ-hating, humanity-hating, neurotic, dysfunctional, detestable Jews.

    Woe to your country when its rulers are Jews!

    They murdered God on the Cross and now they’re murdering America!