While Vets Died, VA Wasted $400 Million on Green Energy

Barack Obama

Back in June, I did an extensive write up of the insane ways that the VA focused on solar energy and wind towers over vets.

Three years before Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki would be forced out of his job because of the veterans who had died under him, he visited the Massachusetts National Cemetery. He wasn’t there to see the men and women who had died because of him.

While vets were dying, Obama and Shinseki had turned their attention to something truly important; seeing to it that all the cemeteries where they were being buried had wind or solar power.

The Massachusetts National Cemetery was getting a wind turbine so that the dead veterans would have all the sustainable energy they needed.

A VA press release about the cemetery turbine boasted that “under the leadership of Secretary Eric K. Shinseki… VA is transitioning into a 21st century organization that better serves America’s Veterans.”

Shinseki arrived in person at the dedication ceremony to flip the switch on the cemetery wind turbine.

“Nationally, VA continues to expand its investment in renewable sources of energy to promote our Nation’s energy independence, save taxpayer dollars, and improve care for our Veterans and their families,” he said.

The cemetery turbine had cost $533,000. Veterans were dying to save the VA a few hundred dollars. Shinseki had made his order of priorities clear. Green energy boondoggles came first. Improving veteran care came last.

Now there are some hard numbers on just how much money the VA wasted.

The agency allotted $399 million of its stimulus funds solely to enhance its green energy portfolio, and more than 940 green energy projects were undertaken.

$400 million would have bought a whole lot of medical care for vets, but medical care for vets was never the goal. Under Obama, every Federal agency ignores its duties and pursues the goals of the left.

  • andrew semyte

    You think Israhell could chip in some for the VA since a lot of young American goys were killed or injured doing Israhell’s dirty work.

    • glpage

      Perhaps the political left in this country should chip in because so many veterans have been killed or injured protecting the right of the left to say really incredibly stupid things.

      • andrew semyte

        As long as Israel is not criticized one can say whatever one wants in the US media.

        • Habbgun

          I’m busting on you. Got anything or you just going to run to a different nick. I’ll follow you to other websites and bust on you there. Nothing you can do.

          • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

            Yes, please, if you can bust this %#$@, by all means do so. There must be some neo-nazi site he’d be more comfortable at.

        • glpage

          So, please persuade the NY Times to write a story stating Mohammed was a sociopath and pedophile.

    • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

      A lie, and completely off-topic, Mr. “Andy Semyte”. Perhaps you should have chosen a less-obvious pseudonym, like “A. Dolph Eichmann”.

      • andrew semyte

        I like your suggestion- will try it out.

    • Habbgun

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    • *Sharpshooter

      Really? Fact is, Israel has been doing our dirty work for fifty years,

      So, seig heil, sh^tbag.

      • andrew semyte

        Haha- how many US goys had to die because of BS mossad intel of Saddam’s WMDs?

  • *Sharpshooter

    Rather telling: the issue is not how much funding the nomenklatura has, but how tightly they are held responsible. In this case the answer is: NOT AT ALL, and for DECADES.

  • Berferd

    It always seems to be the same with the coruptocrats. I wouldn’t feel as bad about paying taxes, but the money is either wasted or misspent on crony earmarks and pet-projects that line their own pockets. Systems broke and the Feral Gov’t should be cut back to pre-income tax size or should I say, pre-progressivism?

  • jimbeau11

    Wasted it? You do realize they save on their utility bills because of it, which frees up money for care? It’s like any other investment – you spend money to make money.

    I’m not defending the VA’s incompetence on other matters related to care at all, but I strongly disagree with the characterization of investing in renewable energy as by definition “wasted”.