White House Cites Economist Who Praised “Model of Socialism Pioneered by the Soviet Union”


You can see why he would be a good choice for this administration when promoting a minimum wage hike.

After a proposed minimum wage increase ran into economic objections, the liberal Economic Policy Institute collected the names of economists who defend the measure. Since the organization released the list, the White House, Democratic elected officials, liberal organizations and various media outlets have cited the list of 602 as evidence it will be economically beneficial to boost the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10.

The Employment Policies Institute has examined the list. According to their analysis, of the signatories who actually hold a Ph.D. in economics, 259 (45 percent) did not specialize in labor economics.

Researchers concluded that ten people on the list do not even hold a Ph.D. in economics. One of them appears to be an undergraduate at Queens College who, according to his LinkedIn account, is seeking employment as a security guard.

It could be worse. At least he’s not Paul Krugman.

One of the list’s members defined a rogue state as “a fierce and dangerous animal, like an elephant, that separates itself from its herd,” and labeled the United States “the world’s number one rogue.” Another called former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez “a great leader.” A third wrote a paper in which he praised the “particular model of socialism pioneered by the Soviet Union.”

That last fellow was Dr. Kotz, who wrote that,

This paper will argue that socialist reform need not lead to a restoration of capitalism. The experiences of the Soviet Union and of China hold lessons which can help in devising a strategy for transforming a Soviet-type system into a viable socialism that will bring renewed social and economic progress without abandoning the core socialist values of equality, solidarity, cooperation, and democracy


Only socialism can assure everyone material comfort, individual security, and a guaranteed opportunity to participate in productive labor, without some exploiting others. Only socialism can build a society based upon the better aspects of human nature, rather than its baser aspects, and finally enable people to become the real masters of their fate.

But it gets worse…

Another signer, Paul Zarembka, edited the book,“The Hidden History of 9/11.”

A 9/11 Truther and a Math Truther in one.

  • john spielman

    amazing that these taking heads do not know history. The mantra of the socialists is that the end justifies the means, even if those means are 25 million dead in the name of socialist utopia in The USSR and many more in China.

    The reason that pure socialism/communism never works (except in a strict religious context like monasteries and convents) is that people are inherently lazy and will not put out for the state like hey would for themselves.

  • NYgal

    All communist countries called themselves socialist, on the road to communism. The total lack of improvement in the standard of living was evident to all, that was why the people had to be locked inside their respective counties, never allowing the entire family to vacation abroad. The system was incapable of manufacturing products people wanted, instead producing shortages.

    I truly detest those who continue to advocate the political and economical system that turned out to be such a failure that was overturned by the ‘proletariat’ the the moment the Soviet Union got a leader who lost his nerve to use lethal force against the people.

  • truebearing

    Obama wouldn’t care if Trotsky was on the list. He knows most Americans won’t research anything and will accept nearly anything if it seems like a large number of economists claim to approve of it. If the Obama administration polled Disney cartoon characters and claimed 75% believed the minimum wage should be increased, Obama’s base would trumpet the celebrity endorsements. Krugman is damn near a cartoon character himself.

  • Phil

    Obamao is a communist. What’s the big surprise here?
    Remember Anita Dunn had to go for making the mistake of pronouncing her admiration for Chairman Mao?
    Remember the Chairman Mao ornament on the White House Christmas Tree.
    I do.

  • Anukem Jihadi

    I don’t think this is uncommon amongst many with academic economic training these days. The desire to manage markets is too appealing and China seems to offer vindication for their ambitions.

  • spamster

    Some of these “economists” should have to live under the actual socialist/communist system they espouse. I have never met a person who thought living in the USSR was a good thing.