White House: Hamas-Fatah Unity Might Be a Good Thing


Obama’s adviser and National Security Council coordinator for the Middle East told Jewish leaders that a Palestinian-Authority run by Hamas and Fatah might not be a bad thing.

The White House believes that the reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas “isn’t necessarily a bad thing” and could ultimately strengthen the hand of President Mahmoud Abbas to reach a peace agreement on behalf of the entire Palestinian people.

In a closed briefing on Friday to members of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, President Obama’s Middle East adviser Philip Gordon admitted that Washington was surprised by the agreement and disappointed by its “unhelpful” timing. Gordon said that Secretary of State John Kerry and other U.S. representatives expressed their displeasure to Abbas and reiterated that the Administration would cut off aid to a Palestinian government that did not abide by the Quartet’s three conditions of opposition to terror and recognition of Israel and past agreements.

Nonetheless, it is clear that the Administration also has a “glass half full” view of the controversial deal between the two rival Palestinian factions. Gordon told the Jewish representatives that it would be very difficult to achieve a peace agreement with “half a Palestinian entity” and not with those who are under the rule of Hamas. You can’t make peace with only a part of the Palestinian people, Gordon said.

And you can’t make peace with Hamas at all. Which means you can’t make peace with Fatah either. But it will still all be Israel’s fault… according to John Kerry and Barack Obama.

The U.S. does not oppose new Palestinian elections, and it will judge any new Palestinian coalition by its deeds, not by its words, he said.

Which means it won’t judge it all.

But what does Philip Gordon think is an obstacle to peace, if he doesn’t think Hamas is an obstacle? Jewish houses.


Philip Gordon, the National Security Council coordinator for Middle East policy, emphasized perceived Israeli transgressions in describing the difficulties afflicting renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in an address Tuesday evening to the annual gala dinner of the American Task Force on Palestine.

“The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement expansion,” Gordon said, an apparent reference to new housing starts announced by Israel in recent weeks.

Hamas, not a problem. Jewish houses, major obstacle to peace.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Any Jews who vote Democratic are Nazi collaborators. Full Stop.

  • Gee

    Islam is the only obstacle to peace

    • truebearing

      Agreed, but only if “Islam” includes the Meccan Horse, Imambama.

  • Arlie

    Could someone please send a copy of this book to all the idiots that DO NOT KNOW HISTORY OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL?? Stop the propaganda and outright lies about a fake place & people named”Palestine”for once and for all.

    “1695 Tour Book of Palestina” – maps and census of all the inhabitants of all Biblical & Roman named cities and towns etc. Found NO ARAB settlements in Palestina!

    See the article about the author’s tour of the land and his recored census findings in his 1695 published book here: http://www.mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/218015.php

    • truebearing

      The idiots won’t read it, and even if they did, they’d say it was a jewish conspiracy, or some other nonsense. They have taken the position of utter irrationality. It is impossible to reason with people who are so dedicated to hate and destruction. It doesn’t help that the idiots in this country who won’t accept the truth are just as mentally ill as the ones in Hamas. Just not as violent…yet.

      • Gee

        If it was a Jewish conspiracy then it is a more than 400 year old conspiracy that showed we were the natives

        • ahad_ha_amoratsim

          They’d find a way to say it was a modern fabrication.
          Or that the entire Arab population was on vacation the year the book was written, but came back the month after the book was published, in numbers 500 times that of the Jewish community.

          If you think I’m exaggerating, look at some of the comments to Danny Danon’s article at Politico; most of them criticise Kerry for not being tough enough on Israel. Some of the commenters are on full-ZOG tinfoil hat mode, and they seem to be in the majority at that discussion.

  • kilfincelt

    The “Qur’an” is like “Mein Kampf”. ” Mein Kampf” was Hitler’s blueprint for Nazi Germany and should have told people what to expect from the author. The same is true of the “Qur’an”. After reading it, an intelligent person would know that the Palestinians will never be at peace with Israel because they are following tenets set out in it. In Islam truces can only be temporary unless and until the nation of Israel is ruled by Muslims in accordance with Islamic ideology.