White House Warns of Floods, Wildfires, Swarms of Killer Bees, Cats and Dogs Living Together in Sin


Here’s your super-scientific Global Warming report lead author.

Does it require urgent and unconstitutional action? Does a bear use non-biodegradable tissue and a non-regulation low flow toilet as specified by the Energy Policy Act of 1992?

Climate change will kill you. Then it will your neighbors. It will sweep away everyone you love in a torrent of long summers and then laugh.

Prepare to die.

Flooded rail lines. Bigger, more frequent droughts. A rash of wildfires.

Those are some of the alarming predictions in a White House climate change report released Tuesday.

“People have this perception of this being an issue that affects our kids but not us, or affects polar bears in the Arctic but not us, and what this report really brings home is the fact that climate change is affecting us right here, today,” said Katharine Hayhoe, a lead author of National Climate Assessment report.

Katharine Hayhoe is not only the lead author of this Chicken Little report, she’s also an associate professor of political science at Texas Tech University.

Yes you read that correctly. Political science.

Hayhoe is a Canadian who is mostly known for making videos where she pitches the Global Warming Ecoscam from an “Evangelical Christian” “faith-based” perspective.

That’s why Warmists keep pushing her into the limelight to try and split the evangelical consensus.

Hayhoe is a self-promoting clown who tries to blend religion with eco-religion, but since Warmists are desperate to convince Middle America, they keep promoting her a great communicator.

And yes, she stands to benefit in more ways than one. Her “work” has been repeatedly debunked. But that doesn’t slow down her promoters.

The White House report threatening rain rehashes much of the same already debunked Warmist propaganda.

She also told us “our weather is becoming much more extreme, where it’s either feast or famine. I’ve been here ( in Lubbock, Texas) for five years and in five years ………………….. we’ve had two 100-year rain events”

(even though precipitation records for nearby USHCN stations showed nothing unusual happening).

Cats and dogs living together in sin.

Watts Up With That has more comprehensive debunkings of the eco-evangelist’s scaremongering report.


  • DogmaelJones1

    I was disappointed that the Hayhoe picture wasn’t a real video. I guess it’s available on YouTube somewhere. I need a good laugh right now.

  • truebearing

    Now the Eco-Frauds are starting to talk about “climate disruption.” It seems like only a week or two ago that I predicted a name change…err “disruption” was imminent. The excessive ice that is now threatening the polar bears was the precipitating event driving the need for a name disruption. It seems the adorable polar bears are working against the global warming lies, so a new, more confusing dynamic has to be created. Next they’ll be calling it “weather change.” At least they’ll finally have something they can prove.

    This Hayhoe is a laughable carnival huckster. Like everything the Left preaches, her act is based solidly in the PT Barnum principle: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” She should change her name to Eco-Ho.

    • Lanna

      What the left doesn’t understand is that this civilization is Living in the Days of Noah, there will be a lot of hardship for man because of his evil ways…Do people really think that when they deny the maker of the Universe that things will go smoothly. The Blood moon did occur on April 15 th at 2:30 a.m. Many saw it, and these are signs and wonders in the heavens that have been referred to in the last Days. Nasa confirmed it, and the Bible confirms it. The next one will be October 8, 2014 and then two more in 2015 in April and September. All predicted in Joel 2:30 and by Peter in Acts 2:19-20. These are on Jewish Holidays Passover and Sukkot, signs that something is about to happen to change World History for the earth. These Blood Moons are signs in the heavens to the World and Israel. God established the dates of the seven Jewish feats in the Bible to include Passover and Sukkot. There have only been 3 Blood moons in the last 300 years.

      • truebearing

        You’ll never get the leftists to believe in any power greater than totalitarian political power. We are dealing with people who close their minds and hearts to everything but the mindless goal. The light of any truth is blocked out of their dark “utopian” delusion. They are a pitiful bunch.

        • carpe diem 36

          no cure for stupid.

      • carpe diem 36


  • herb benty

    This twit is NOBODY in Canada. Notice we have gone ahead with developing the VAST Oilsands projects and are in the process of trying to build pipelines to America and our West coast. America’s George Soros is financing anti- pipeline groups up here, as are OPEC. You in the US have Hayhoe irritating you and we have Soros trying to gum up the works. My Lord, what absolute idiots. Please America, don’t listen to her and we in Canada will try to shut Soros up.

    • CaoMoo

      Old age will shut him up sooner or later. He looks about 3 ft under already

      • herb benty

        That’s for sure, though he supports every wingnut leftist outfit imaginable.

      • pfbonney

        Never say die.

        People like old Soros seem to live on forever.

        He’ll probably leave his money to the Tides Foundation, or some such place.

      • carpe diem 36

        too bad that he has sons, at least one of whom is much worse than the father, Yimacvh Shemo.

    • carpe diem 36

      God Bless Canada!!

      • herb benty

        God Bless America!!

    • Lightbringer

      Good on Canada. Plenty of commonsense economic freedom. It’s too bad that there’s no meaningful free speech there and that the medical care is sparse, but if you guys can use your hate speech laws and socialized medicine to shut old Boxcar Georgie up and bring him a few steps closer to meeting his maker, so much the better. Here’s hoping he goes to visit you all and says something “bad” and then chokes on a chicken bone…

      • herb benty

        Yes, at the moment we have a good government for economics, however, we are bucking “progressives” also. Past leftists placed “their” people in all key posts. just as Obama is doing to America. Then, even if you elect a good government, all these twits make it harder to clean house.

  • kazzer66

    Maybe they can get Stephen King to write the next report. He’s just as qualified as everyone else they parade to the masses.l

    • Lightbringer

      Nah. Stephen King doesn’t know beans about writing scary stuff. They’re better off sticking with Pope Al Gore the First and the brilliant Mizz Heyhoe.

  • USARetired

    Anything to distract America from the important issues, like the ‘Illegal Immigrant’ masquerading as President of the United States!

    • The March Hare

      It is not a tool for distraction. It is the excuse they want to sell us in order to implement regulations and laws for the destruction of our economy and society. It is a tool to dismantle our economy. Jack up the cost of energy and forbid the use of some types of energy and we won’t be able to afford to purchase much. We will be spending a fortune to heat and light our homes, drive our cars and power our appliances. Industry will have to shut down the production of many products since the cost of producing them is too high and the consumer is hard up for cash to buy it therefore causing many businesses to go out of business. Much more unemployment which means less money to spend causing sales to plummet and even more companies to go out of business. The start of the spiral into financial oblivion

    • Dreamer

      If you can’t solve real problems, make up some faux issues that you can “wage war” on. And it doesn’t hurt to make these fake problems something the rabble will vote for you so you can promise to fix it.

  • DogmaelJones1

    All those disasters just waiting to happen as punishment for…wanting to live. But, for the environmentalists, there is hope. Maybe Godzilla will show up and begin tearing up the planet, too. And Mothra. You see, they were secret signatories of the Kyoto Agreement.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Nutcase! Trouble is that some people believe her hogwash! YIKES!

  • Jorge

    I’m PIZZED!

    Katharine Hayhoe the lead author of White House climate change report and
    associate professor of political science at Texas Tech University.

    The radio stations are reporting this uncritically. If you just here the radio version of lede and nutgraf, then the Whitehouse spin is making its mark at least on some people. I Heard it just now on KDWN

    But how can this be taken seriously, when you have a poly-sci professor of unknown metal leading this travesty?

  • mercury

    We’re going to disassemble our economic machine based on the wild theories of a nut like this? Do you believe that China will follow suit? No, way.

  • Schmitty

    More severe droughts? Worse than the dust bowl era?

    • figment


      since we now utilize no- till farming practices.

      but the overproduction of corn/soy for biofuels has polluted our waterways, so don’t fret- the EPA is working on THAT front, to destroy our private property rights.

      • CaoMoo

        Id say just eliminate biofuels to solve the problem they suck on all possible levels of sucking

  • Minny-Me

    Oh puhleeze woman…get a life!

  • Steeloak

    Hay Hay, Hoe Hoe, the Canadian Commie has got to go!

  • notme123


  • Lanna

    This administration will do anything to promote Climate Change the new religion of the Left!

    • Lightbringer

      So, the Leftoids seem to think that the First Amendment is about “separation of Church and State” but haven’t read its Establishment Clause? Congress is enjoined from creating a national state religion of the sort that the UK has. I have no idea why this has not come to the attention of the judiciary.

  • http://www.apollospeaks.com/ ApolloSpeaks


    For a good Wednesday morning laugh click http://www.apollospeaks.com

  • CowboyUp

    Regarding her tweet, it appears she’s admitting that it takes at least 49 degreed global warming hoaxters to even have a chance at countering one real scientist.

  • Charles B

    So what is really causing these “Extreme” weather events that the left is calling Global Warming….. is it CO2 or is it HAARP?

  • Fran B.

    Well you know, the gay agenda is alive and well. Check out this shocking video… I couldnt be;ive the HATE that was spewing out of this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhBKvsFtPg4

  • carpe diem 36

    “she pitches the Global Warming Ecoscam from an “Evangelical Christian” “faith-based” perspective.” I would like to see someone pitch the Global Warming Ecoscam from A Jewish faith based perspective. However, I believe Jews are too smart to do that.

    • Lightbringer

      No they’re not. At least not the ones who voted for Obama. But some of us get it.

    • Snellville bob

      George Soros was born a Jew and i will bet he is helping fund her. Of course he was also a Nazi in WWII.

  • Shawn McEwen

    Drought, wildfires, HOT SUMMERS???? OMG!! WE HAVE TO DOOOO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!
    Well, on second thought, perhaps keeping with the opinion that climate change is CRAP is the better option…

  • Snellville bob

    Why is it that the very same people who claim man made global climate change is going to end the human race also support Obama?

  • Dreamer

    Just like domestic engineering is a kind of engineering? Let’s get mom to build a bridge? Yeah, what could go wrong, as long as she’s a good communicator.