Whose Planes Keep Mysteriously Bombing Middle Eastern Countries?


Before the United States bombed ISIS, someone else bombed ISIS.

Media reports that the United States has struck targets in Iraq are not accurate, a Pentagon spokesman said on Thursday, as Islamist militants advanced across northern Iraq.

“Press reports that U.S. has conducted airstrikes in Iraq completely false,” Rear Admiral John Kirby said in a post on his Twitter feed. “No such action taken.”

There were suggestions that Iraq had done it, which Iraq denied. An anonymous source blamed Turkey, but Turkey also denied it. Now someone’s planes are bombing Libyan Jihadists.

Unidentified warplanes on Monday bombed a small arms depot and other locations in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, that are controlled by Islamist-aligned militias, suggesting that a foreign state had intervened in the escalating battle for control of the city.

At least six people were killed, The Associated Press reported. The origin of the planes remained a mystery.

The airstrikes were beyond the capacity of the limited Libyan Air Force, and Libyan authorities said the planes had come from a foreign state. The United States, France, Italy and Egypt all denied responsibility.

But the targets indicated the intent of the strikes. Although the month-old conflict in Tripoli is largely a contest for power between rival coalitions of cities and tribes, one side is considered to be allied with the forces of political Islam, while the other portrays itself as fighting an Islamist takeover. The strikes on Monday all hit the Islamist side.

The two sets of air strikes could be unrelated, but there’s a certain pattern in these light air strikes being carried out in failed states against terrorists linked to Al Qaeda.

If the US isn’t doing it, who is?

  • Pete

    Egypt has the capability, but they would deny it.

    Egypt has always had a better military than Libya since WW2. The only reason Egypt did not conquer Libya after provoked by Kadafy is because they did not want to do so.

    • uncle._adolf.


  • liz

    Batman wipes out terrorists – it’s about time!

  • DogmaelJones1

    Those “planes” must be from a secret base in Area 51 maintained by the U.S. under a secret agreement between us and the Jovian High Command in alliance with the rulling Methanite faction of Titan. Neither Jupiter nor Titan wishes to see Islam triumph in the Middle East. Also, daffodils flourish on the dark side of the moon.

    • CowboyUp

      That’s silly, everyone knows it’s the Helium Navy led by John Carter and the incomparable Deja Thoris

  • Frau Katze

    Syria? A recent report says the Libyan bombing is internal, Misrata faction claims it: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/08/23/us-libya-security-idUSKBN0GN0AS20140823

  • Drakken

    If they are Russian aircraft with no roundels on them, the chances are that those aircraft are being flown by contractor pilots.

    • Pete


      Now if it is for real i wonder how much they get paid.

      There were those Manpads that were looted from armories, which umber in the tens of thousands. some were scooped up by the U.S. and destroyed (some given to FSA?). Others were looted.

      Planes no doubt come at night. with no radar or round the clock watch with SAMs ready, the Islamic militias are just gong to have to take it.

      Would majorly suck if a pilot got shot down.

      • Drakken

        That is why they get paid a mid 6 digit figure to fly. I’ll say this for sure, flying in a Mi-24 does give you a feeling of protection that a Blackhawk or Huey doesn’t have.

        • Jim Fox

          ‘flying in a Mi-24′

          And you claim to have done this??

    • Jim Fox

      More conspiracy theory, zero evidence

  • Jake

    I assumed the earlier report of US bombing in Iraq (a day before we actually did bomb) was a Kurdish slip, purposeful or not. They were certainly told we were going to bomb, since the bombing was in support of their ground forces and they either prematurely released the information (perhaps mistakenly believing the bombing had occurred) or did so purposefully to keep the morale of their forces high. The only source of the information was Kurdish. I don’t actually think there was an earlier non-US admitted bombing at all. As for Libya, the country did have an air force at one time, I am not sure why the strikes were beyond their capacity but assuming they were, then Egypt would certainly seem the most likely candidate. They have a large US equipped air force and are not going to tolerate a Muslim Brotherhood state on their border, not in Libya and not in Gaza.

  • Moa

    Well, if it is the IDF then I say, “Bravo!” to them. Once again, Magen David (the Shield of David, the symbol on the Israel Flag) may be protecting us all.

  • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

    interesting – someone is filling the power vacuum the absence of the U.S. (thanks to Obama) left behind. Not that we should be bombing Libya, but then, if Obama hadn’t decided the most important place in the Middle East to use American power was to dispatch Quaddafi in Libya, no one would have to.

  • Chris Gait

    The planes probably smell of cheese…French cheese. I suspect the French still consider all of North Africa their sphere of influence and are trying to keep a hand in. That is if this story isn’t 100% fog of war news.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Has the BBC/ISIS blamed the Jews yet?

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Okay, I’ll ‘fess up. It was me!!!!!!!

  • lone scribbler

    Hang gliders with homemade napalm would work.

  • mackykam

    The answer to who is doing the bombing is really very clear: Lichtenstein!