Why the Democrats Might Repeal ObamaCare

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I don’t think this is as likely to happen as some conservative pundits do. The Dems would really have to be up against an electoral apocalypse in 2014 to bend on this.

But they have another motive that hasn’t been widely discussed.

Obama is now a lame duck. Their goal is to move Hillary in for 2016. And Hillary Clinton doesn’t have much to run on except being famous.

Obama had to come up with ObamaCare to challenge Hillary, who didn’t have much to offer except more health care. With gay marriage in and little interest in foreign policy, she doesn’t have anything else to push except illegal alien amnesty. And she can’t be too loud about that in a general election. It can’t be her signature issue.

If ObamaCare remains a mess, she can run on trying to fix it. But it might be more convenient for Democrats to sweep it off the table so it stops being a dead weight for them in 2014 and 2016.

Repeal ObamaCare… and suddenly the Democrats can start running on health care reform again.

Yes it sounds stupid, but remember we’re dealing with voters who sent an unqualified Chicago hack to the White House twice, because they thought he really cared about them.

Take away ObamaCare and replace it with HillaryCare, even though they’re basically the same thing. HillaryCare wouldn’t pass in Congress as it is now, but if ObamaCare remains an obstacle, then Republicans may end up with enough votes to straight up repeal it. And if ObamaCare continues to be a dead weight, the political gamble may be worth it.

ObamaCare might not be completely repealed, but it would be neutered and dismantled so that it was no longer on the minds of voters.

The obstacle to that move is Obama. There are many names that he’s been called, but team player isn’t one of them. Taking a hit for Hillary isn’t something he wants to do. Especially since without ObamaCare, his two terms come down to nothing.

As the Democratic Party preps for 2016, it may find itself in a sharp conflict with liberals, Obama’s OFA monster and the billionaires of the left over ObamaCare and bigger issues as well.

The progressives are already dreaming of bludgeoning Hillary with Elizabeth Warren. The left is increasingly eager to push single payer. And Hillary will have to make the case for either her own health plan or for ObamaCare. It would be easier for her to use her own untested plan, rather than argue that she is the best candidate to fix ObamaCare.

And again, that requires killing ObamaCare.

We may be seeing a repeat of the struggle of 2008 between the Clintons and the Democratic Party and the Obama machine.

  • Elizabeth capecod

    The way I see it, I don’t care if they repeal obamacare. It’s their fault for passing this legislation and disrupting so many lives. Too little, too late. But that’s the typical M.O. of democrats.: Screw things up and then vow to fix it, while they take a bow for vowing to fix the problem they caused in the first place!

    • DogmaelJones1

      And the Dems will still claim the right to press a gun to your temple and demand that you buy Obamacare or HillaryCare or even ReidCare, or else be thrown to the ground and handcuffed.

  • Lanna

    No matter how they change it, repeal it, or lie about it…it is a total failure!

  • truebearing

    An interesting theory, but I doubt they would do it unless they had something waiting in the wings that would give them more power. Maybe they would consider dumping Obamacare in a deal with the Republicans on Amnesty. Amnesty is the bigger prize — a permanent majority. They could make people forget the Obamacare debacle, then force single payer down our throats once they get their permanent majority. Boehner would fall for it. He gets fooled by the Trix Rabbit.

  • SoCalMike

    We better pray this lethal monstrosity never gets off the ground.
    Our system of modern medicine is a miracle too few of us realize.
    Allowing the worst, dimmest and most thuggish to hijack it is criminal in itself.
    Pray if fails on its own weight if were too weak to stop it.
    Under Obamacare we get death, lower survival rates and cheap pain killers at a discount but we don’t survive heart disease and 20 categories of cancer as successfully as we do now nor do we enjoy the invention and innovation we currently do.
    Bad Deal. Pray it fails. Exterminate with extreme prejudice before it exterminates us.

  • sail375

    After Obama and Obamacare, why would anyone vote for a democrat?

    This country is a mess and Auntie Hillary already has her body count. Why would she bother to run for President? She could not even save her own diplomats. How would she save the Democratic Party?

    I have to laugh about the concept of what a democratic voter is. Ever notice who the party leadership goes after? The poor, the disadvantaged, illegals, etc., etc. Too bad they never do any good for their own voters, let alone the entire country.

    Democratic voters cannot even understand that Obama is not a Black American decedent of black slaves. He is a mixed race White and Kenyan. See how smart democratic voters really are???

    It would be most interesting to see what Obama is hiding about himself. He sure has spent a lot of money to keep his past obscure and hidden. Maybe he was never qualified to be an American citizen? We already know he is not at all qulaified, even after five years, to be President. That he proves on a daily basis.

    Democrats will not get away from Obama, Obamacare and all the lies they ALL told about all of it quite as easily as they may think. We all are reminded every day about democrats every time Obama, Reid, Pelosi or Holder open their mouths.

    We live in a quasi-police state where government has failed to meet its promises to take care of everyone in the game of destruction democrats have played. It is time to get someone who can put this country back together. And that ain’t the democrats.

  • CapitalistPig

    Obama is in the process of all but repealing the Atrocious Care Act on his own. Every major part of its implementation just gets kicked past the next election cycle—-like he & the Democrats believe at some point there won’t an election cycle & they can go ahead & fully implement the law. Maybe they know something we don’t.

  • bob smith

    “Repeal ObamaCare… and suddenly the Democrats can start running on health care reform again.”

    Daniel, it is an intriguing option to be considered for for the first move of the political chessboard but let me point out why that won’t happen.

    The muslim has complete, unadulterated control of the democratic machine which he successfully wrestled away from the clintons. He has the press and he has the left with all of his minority minion multiple voters. He would have to be killed before your theory were ever allowed to be considered because the only people that he is considered to be a lame duck to are folks of the silent majority without media, folks like us.

    Aside from the thunderous campaigning and non stop fund raising he has been doing from day one (get while the gettin’s good), I think it highly more probable he will introduce his Medvedev sometime in late 2015 by which through this proxy he can ‘stay in Washington and continue to work on all of his unfinished business of transforming America’.

    Sadly, I believe this is what will take place.

    Failing that, he orchestrates an internalized coup by which he suspends the constitution rules even more openly by decree.

  • Bryan Schmick

    I have a hard time picturing a Democrat strategy where they say ‘Our first try was such a disaster that it can’t be fixed, it has to be repealed. Trust us that our second try will be better. We might even read it this time.’