Why Ukraine’s Russian Problem Won’t Go Away


That isn’t to say that the government might not eventually fall, but in the bigger picture the problem is that Ukrainian independence depends on the EU and the US. Under Obama, the US has become irrelevant and the EU has never been good for anything except terrorizing its own people with senseless bureaucracy.

The problem isn’t just limited to the Ukraine. It’s the same problem in Venezuela or Egypt. If you have a democratic system and a totalitarian movement or outside force seeking to take over, it just has to win one election for everything to go to hell.

On Obama’s second term, that’s something that we can all relate to. (If you’re a liberal, just go back to Bush’s second term. Okay.)

Russia is still the dominant player and if one of its puppets falls, it waits and moves in another one. That’s why Russia isn’t too worried about Syria, just as it wasn’t too worried about Iraq. Post-Saddam, it just cozied up to the new Shiite mafia. If Assad falls, it’ll figure out a way to work with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Putin is a brutal thug, but he’s the only one still playing great power games. And we used to be able to play great power games too.

Bush didn’t always get it right, but here’s what the CIA did in the Ukraine last time around.

“Eastern Ukraine is heavily ethnic Russian. The main industry is coal. The miners are rough, tough, and hate Yushchenko for wanting to take Ukraine away from Russia and toward the West,” writes Wheeler. “It was arranged for more than a thousand of them to be taken from Donetsk, the capital of the coal-mining region, by bus and train to Kiev, where, armed with clubs and blunt tools, they would physically beat up the Orange Revolutionaries. Such mass violence was not only to disperse the demonstrators but serve as an excuse for the government to declare martial law, suspending the Ukrainian Parliament (the Rada) and elections indefinitely.”

Now comes the secret weapon: vodka.

“When the miners got on their buses and trains, they found to their joy case after case of vodka – just for them. When they arrived in Kiev, trucks awaited them filled with more cases of vodka – all free provided by ‘friends’ of the Donetsk coal miners. Completely soused, they never made it to Independence Square. Too hammered blind to cause any violence at all, they had a merry time, passed out and were shipped back to Donetsk.”

Available only to subscribers of To the Point, Wheeler’s column goes on to explain who provided the liquor: teams of Porter Goss’ CIA working with their counterparts in British MI6 intelligence.

It’s a small touch, but it’s also a safe bet that the people running things now would never go for it. Let alone anything stronger. And that’s why Putin isn’t too worried. Even if he loses one round, he knows that sooner or later, he’ll be back, because he’s playing against the weak, not the strong.

  • A Z

    My take is that the administration does not think it can win or does not care one way or another. So they are sending in the B team for deniability’s sake. If the administration “starts” to look bad over Ukraine they can say “We thought Biden could pull it off, but we were wrong. If Obama only had time to solve the Ukrainian crisis, but he was tied up with the foot dragging Congress.”.

    “White House Leaving Ukraine Crisis Up to Biden
    The last noted conversation between President Obama and President Yanukovych happened nearly two years ago.”


    • Daniel Greenfield

      Biden to the rescue!

      • truebearing

        Problem solved.

  • darnellecheri

    Putin will never allow Ukraine – his underbelly – to be integrated into the EU and NATO. It is a matter of National Security and Putin’s KGB/FSB government will use every trick in their Cheka manual to make sure Ukraine remains in their orbit. As dismal as America views the EU, to the democracy starved Ukrainians, the EU is a mighty saviour that is near in proximity, as well as a real solution to their discontent. A discontent that the peaceful Orange Revolution did not solve, but paved the way to entrench more corrupt government, courtesy of Mr. Putin.

    • Von Stierlitz

      “Democracy starved Ukrainians” ? Who are they now, exactly ? The ones sympathizing with hitlerites, glorifying criminal ОУН and УПА thugs and allying with Chechen jihadists ? Terrorists, looters and vandals ? The armed, aggressive, well-organized uniformed brigades with “wolfsengel” on their sleeves and “democratic” sentiments like “kill the Russian, kill the Jew” (ukr. “Вбiй москаля, вбiй жiда”) ?

      This civil war was started not by the existing government or democratic pro-western opposition. It was started by the antisocial criminal radicals and neofascist terrorists ! I’m not even remotely a fan of Vladimir Putin, but this Slavic equivalent of “Arab spring” is definitely NOT his fault.

      • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

        AND, I just found Instructions For ‘Protesters’ Gear/Uniform In Tahrir/Maidan in Arabic & Ukrainian Languages Are Identical.

        The whole thing has been staged and carried out BY EU/Soros/USA.

        • A Z

          I take it you speak and read Arabic?

  • blert

    So, perhaps we’re looking at a countdown Clockwork Orange Revolution.

    As Putin might put it: “I’m bring in the pain,… bringing, bringing in the pain. What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again!”

    Spengler has a totally different take:


    I don’t know enough to weigh in.

    I can see that the Russian naval base at Sevastapol is a deal breaker for Putin.

    As is the Russian dependence upon (met) coal from the Donbas — nickel, too.

    And then there’s the transit ‘visa’ for Russian gas exports to the Europeans.

    I’d say Putin is all-in on this hand.

  • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

    Soros was in on this starting in 2011.

    Google: Ukraine, Soros, 2011.

    Then, Google:

    Instructions For ‘Protesters’ Gear/Uniform In Tahrir/Maidan in Arabic & Ukrainian Languages Are Identical.

    What Americans are failing to understand is America is not America anymore and evil people are in charge who fuel revolts all over the planet. Ukraine is just another ‘spring’ fueled and instigated by EU/USA.

    • Von Stierlitz

      Exactly !

      • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

        Right, but sad that I am right.
        I have been watching the Ukrainian situation since Nov/2013. I also watched Egypt, Libya and Syria–the same type scenarios happened there as is happening in Kiev, Ukraine

        • No RNC

          Good job TMJ…I agree w/ your observations…might add Yugoslavia/Serbia/Kosovo to this list of countries. Yhis was where the State Dept, NED, Google NGO’s 1st pulled together the take down scheme.

    • Silver Gonzales


      It is financed by the same evil powers that finance the US and North Korea. http://www.silverstealers.net Michael Savage is the Ed Shultz of the right. Schultz, Levin, Savage, Rush. Clowns and puppets. Have they ever lead a demonstration in the streets or advocated one? NO and never will.

      • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

        Nobody knows what you’re talking about.

      • A Z

        I have told others that Savage is “smug”. He is cantankeorus. I also think he shaded his academic record. Yes, he has all the degrees (2 masters and 1 doctorate) he says he has. I still think he has shaded his academic record.

        He is entertaining. He can be at turns morose and very upbeat. He talks about subjects other than politics, because he knows there is only is much that he and the audience can take.

        For all that he is still more entertaining, smarter and better informed than Ed Shutlz or all the “beta boys and b_____ broads n MSNBC” (Jerry Doyle).

        Maybe I will visit your website. I’ll make sure I do it through a proxy after beefing up my computer security. but after you just unloaded a broadside with a blunderbuss, I am asking myself what would I find there.

    • A Z

      Soros can or sue to be able to technically analyze the stock market and monetary policy enough to make billions. Other than that, he is a dangerous and worthless.

      I think he should be parachuted into Malaysia.

  • truebearing

    Putin better cut it out or Obama will get very angry and draw a red line. You know what that means.

  • Bamaguje

    It’s ironic that while many West Europeans are fed up with EU and want out, some Ukrainians are killing themselves to join the failing Union.
    Since pro-EU Western Ukrainians and pro-Russian Eastern Ukrainians want totally different futures for the country, why not just split Ukraine? Eastern Urkrainians would gladly rejoin Mother Russia.

    • A Z

      The EU is not necessarily a total failure.

      On the face of it I think it is a mistake to run national assemblies and an overall EU assembly. My opinion is that too many people can hide in the woodwork. It is the Dilbert Principle on steroids. Too many politicians circulate and recirculate among nonprofits, the UN, The European bureaucracy. If they had to get elected year after year to a national parliament, voters would soon tire of their policies and send them into oblivion. I have listed two such politicians below. Unfortunately, we are going to know John Kerry’s and Catherine Ashton’s names well.

      Baroness Ashton and John Kerry have accomplished something? Really? Then explain the Headline below

      “US asks Pakistan to halt nuclear transfer to Saudis in respect of talks with Iran” – Debka

      I am scared and you should be as well.

      – Baroness Young of Old Scone, a Labour peeress
      – Catherine Ashton, Baroness Ashton of Upholland

      How a Fanatical Environmentalist Deliberately Caused UK Flooding

      The Barren Baroness

      Those Who Mocked Baroness Ashton ‘May Wish To Apologise’

      Iran nuclear deal takes Catherine Ashton from ‘zero’ to hero

      A lot of people distrust Debka. They have an agenda. Who does not?
      Look at their analysis and look at their predications. At the end of the day (figuratively speaking) Saudi Arabia will or will not obtain a nuke from Pakistan. If they do then credit Debka. Keep a score card. They might have a prediction rate of greater than 95%. But also keep in mind who they work with. One day their will be a news story and you will not want to agree with it because it will be in Israels’ interest and not yours. that said I am still reading Debka.


    • A Z

      I hate splitting up countries. I really do. But maybe it is for the best. On the downside people will be dislocated, lose their property and have to move.

      It happened in Abkazia. 45% of that “country” was ethnic Georgian. Now they have been cleansed. Abkhazia smells like the exact opposite of @zz, because it is now pure. That was Putin’s & other Russian oligarchs doing. F______ Dumb __ Americans could not find the country if their life depended on it. We’re going to keep looking the other way and one day we will run out of allies or potential allies.

      “Prior to the 1992 War, Georgians made up nearly half of Abkhazia’s population, while less than one-fifth of the population was Abkhaz.[56] As the war progressed”


      At least if the country was divided the reconstituted Russian Bear would not be as big in terms of land are, population and resources.

  • A Z

    Correction after the period should be a copy right symbol or a trademark.

    “the EU has never been good for anything except terrorizing its own people with senseless bureaucracy.”

    From 2004 to 2007 the bureacrats and other vested interests tried several times to get the treaty establishing a constitution for Europe enacted. The bureacrats “all in” method of establishing law is not good. It would be better if several states made bilateral mergers of their nations states and keep going from there. It might take a few decades, but it is better than the “all in” approach.

    “Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe”

    Shortly after their extreme pressure we have the economic collapse and the euro people can do nothing to help Greece. If they can, it comes at the expense of eviscerating other people.