Working Class Hero Michael Moore Owns 9 Homes


I realize Mike is a little larger than the average person, but his mass isn’t so big that it can only fit into 9 homes.

According to the Detroit News, anti-capitalism “everyman” filmmaker Michael Moore owns 9 homes. On top of a $2 million, 10,000 square foot lakefront mansion in Torch Lake, Michigan, there is a Manhattan condo that was once 3 condos, and 7 other properties. Moore’s secret role as a land baron was revealed in divorce papers:

Moore and Glynn own nine properties in Michigan and New York, including a Manhattan condo that once was three apartments. pegs their wealth at $50 million.

In legal pleadings, Moore blames his wife for the expansion of the 10,000-square-foot home on Torch Lake, which has a value of $2 million.

Of course Moore has a right to own as many homes as he wants, but the problem is that he and his buddies want to limit that privilege to those on their team.

Their class warfare is selective hypocrisy. They have a problem when “some people” make too much money, but not when they do. They attack companies in public that, like Michael Moore, they invent in, in private.

We have a bunch of rich people attacking other rich people and claiming that they’re doing it all “in the name of the people” or in the name of income inequality. Meanwhile they’re flying around in private jets.

This kind of thing has to be exposed.

  • Pete

    Owning 9 homes unless about 5 to 6 of them are rentals does not make any sense. How could you possibly enjoy them?

    The aphorism that “You own things, but they also own you” is true. There is a lot of upkeep to keep the capital stock form deteriorating. Plus hired help won’t always be reliable.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      people who come into a lot of money aren’t necessarily all that smart or knowledgeable about spending it

      • dgala

        Exactly! Look at some of the fine examples in our (USA) pro sports and Hollywood so called stars.

        • Race_Dissident

          Fools and their money…

          If there’s any justice in the world, 2024 will find Michael Moore living in a cardboard box under an overpass in El Segundo.

          • jy kelly

            LOL, NOT El Segundo, though, make it El Paso, TX….. Sorry Texas friends….

      • laura r

        a problem w/ excess? fast food cant stop. buying homes cant stop.maybe the houses keep him busy? proberly bought for investment. thats what smart capitalists do,

      • Middle-Aged Male

        Tax breaks. Most wealthy people own multiple properties. He may be a hypocrite, but it’s a smart thing to do.

  • De Doc

    Michael Moore: Welcome to the world of the 0.001%!

    Altogether now: HYPOCRITE!

  • Race_Dissident

    I’ve said it elsewhere and I’ll say it here: Leftism is an incoherent mosaic of hypocrisy and double standards.

  • Cymbaline

    Who know John Lennon’s lyric would turn out to be cynically ironic?

    “…But you’re all f*cking peasants as far as I can see
    A working class hero is something to be…”

  • bob smith

    “This kind of thing has to be exposed.”

    Daniel, on matters such as these, I believe a new approach to fpm which would add an entirely new metric to exposing these people is to seek them out for commentary.

    You remember, just like he did in his sham movie where he took advantage of Charlton Heston.

    Ask for an interview and if the gutless pos turns you down, then call him out for the low life pos he is and always will be.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      already been done

      • bob smith

        I could only guess how that went (my apologies as I was being facetious regarding interview requests…it was a back-handed slap at msm which no longer knows what an interview means)

  • The Hammer

    It won’t matter if it is exposed. The politically correct elite are always right, and have vastly superior moral authority than the rest of us. It is all just business. The problem is that the 99% have been hoodwinked into thinking the 1% are bad when really, in the West, the idea is to be rewarded for effort and intelligence. The great unwashed ignoramuses have bought into the class warfare hoax, perpetrated by some of the most unethical people on the planet. Mr. Moore is not only a completely incompetent journalist, he is the worst kind of filmmaker, producing manipulative “documentaries” designed to further a progressive agenda and, of course, to line his pockets.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I’m trying to imagine Michael Moore in a private plane, and the pilot and copilot asking him not to move around much, because that perilously throws off the plane’s center of gravity and makes it difficult to avoid tailspins and other life-threatening situations. I wonder what his former wife looked like. She must have been a woofer if she found Moore “attractive.”

  • jy kelly

    JABBA the MOORE…

  • maggiejcarter

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  • iluvisrael

    This fat corruption of human flesh must go thru $1000’s a week on food alone.

    • truebearing

      Not to mention pot and alcohol.

  • wileyvet

    I personally would NOT want to see Michael Moore’s “thing” exposed.

  • cheechakos

    I hope all those silly little libs who ran out and bought tickets to see his cruddy mocumenteries feel like complete fools now. They made him rich and themselves dumber.
    Lard boy and his Hollyweird cheering section wanted socialism for the unwashed masses but they have no intention of ever living in the system

  • v

    I almost hate to say it, but those kind of people need a Fidel Castro and a Che Gevara to teach their collective asses a lesson.

  • notme123

    they are all a bunch of hypocrites, it’s about time they put their money where there mouths are an redistribute their wealth.

  • Steve Bryant

    It won’t matter to the morons who worship Moore and his pea green message

  • kevinstroup

    I just love the hypocrisy of Fat Bastard. He is hilarious.

  • scallywag

    Should we wonder about the purported public image of ‘an outsider hell-bent on exposing the inequity of capitalism’ only to find out that in reality they are the very thing they claim to hold accountable for society’s ills ….???

    $50 million and going ….

  • blackmumford

    I wonder how big the kitchens are?

  • Jenkem Jones

    I wouldn’t be able to afford a home if I had to feed that gaping maw.

  • Wattpuppy

    It cannot be true that he has nine homes!! He has public denied that he is part of the 1%. Why hasn’t he been audited by Lois?