WSJ: Obama Punishing Israel by Holding Up Weapons Transfers

obama and netanyahu

Usually the White House runs these “The Israelis are evil bastards” stories through the New York Times. This time it decided to run the story through the Wall Street Journal.

There are lots of anonymous quotes about how awful Israel is, but no one actually willing to go on the record which tells you that…

1. Obama Inc are cowards


2. The reporter is making things up

Today, many administration officials say the Gaza conflict—the third between Israel and Hamas in under six years—has persuaded them that Mr. Netanyahu and his national security team are both reckless and untrustworthy.


The focus of “Israel Outflanks White House in Pressing Gaza Strategy” is the claim that Netanyahu is somehow using Congress and the Pentagon to “outflank” Obama… even though Obama controls the Pentagon and Congress can’t do anything on foreign policy without Obama’s approval.

Jeff Dunetz disproves the opening thesis of the article that Israel somehow illegitimately extracted US weapons from the Pentagon, but even the actual article walks back that same claim several times, stating that “the military-to-military side was operating normally.”

But the thesis is spin to justify Obama’s blocking of these military-to-military weapons transfers. By spinning it as a reaction to Israeli wrongdoing, it puts the onus on Israel instead of Obama.

The White House and State Department have sought to regain greater control over US-Israeli policy. Instead of being handled as a military-to-military matter, each case is now subject to review.

The Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency, or DSCA, was about to release an initial batch of the Hellfires, according to Israeli and congressional officials.

It was immediately put on hold by the Pentagon, and top officials at the White House instructed the DSCA, the U.S. military’s European Command and other agencies to consult with policy makers at the White House and the State Department before approving any additional requests.

A senior Obama administration official said the weapons transfers shouldn’t have been a routine “check-the-box approval” process, given the context. The official said the decision to scrutinize future transfers at the highest levels amounted to the United States saying ‘The buck stops here. Wait a second…It’s not OK anymore.’

Except it’s not the United States saying it. It’s Obama saying it. And the bottom line is that Obama Inc. is now making it clear that it will use weapons transfers to blackmail Israel and that it’s blaming Israel for this policy.

The Times of Israel reports confirmation of suspensions.

A senior Israeli official confirmed to Israeli media that the US had suspended a shipment of Hellfire missiles to Israel amid worsening ties over fighting in Gaza

The decision to hold off on the transfer was most likely on grounds of increased diplomatic tension, the official said, corroborating a Wall Street Journal report earlier in the day that claimed the White House and State Department had been angered by a transfer of arms to Israel and had ordered greater oversight into future sales.

David Horovitz at the Times of Israel comments further.

After the abandonment of Israel by the UK, with its promise to limit arms sales to Israel if Hamas restarts its attacks on our civilians, we now learn that the US is already restricting arms sales to Israel, having halted a planned supply of the Hellfire precision missiles that enable Israel to strike at the rocket launchers set up by Hamas in the heart of Gaza’s residential areas.

It is frankly astounding to the overwhelming majority of Israelis that Israel is being blamed for and pressured to end a war it manifestly sought to avoid — against a terrorist-government sworn to its destruction that repeatedly breaches the ceasefire efforts Israel consistently accepts.

  • SoCalMike

    I hope I get the chance to spit in Obama’s Jew-hating face someday.


      And Obama’s America-hating face.

      BHO spent 20 years in Rev. Wrights “church” of Socialism and Fascism and claimed he never hear any anti-American rants from Wright?

      BHO only left Wrights “church” AFTER videos of Wright came out.

    • Pete

      Waste of spit.

    • andy semyte

      How does one go about getting a Jew-hating face? I really hope I have one.

  • gross profit

    Obama has become too dangerous to lead this country. He’s gone rogue.

  • Chavi Beck

    Hail Pharaoh! Who knew I’d see the day when even the English are less traitorous than the US president.

    When my heart was beginning to bleed,
    You ran off in my great time of need.
    I was counting on you,
    Then you told me we’re through.
    You’re no blessing, you poor broken reed .
    (by goldie of

    Isaiah 36:6: Lo, thou trustest in the staff of this broken reed , on Egypt; whereon if a man lean, it will go into his hand, and pierce it: so is Pharaoh king of Egypt to all that trust in him.

  • Habbgun

    Let’s not be unfair and say this is really an anti-Israel policy.

    You can definitely make the case this is simply a pro Muslim Brotherhood policy. Just ask the Egyptians.

    • Trinh

      I thought it was an anti-dead children policy.

  • digit

    Maybe it was the 72% civilian casualty rate that caused the US to take another look….or the firing on UN Refugee camps…or the images of children blown to pieces in UN Refuge camps while lined up to get food that made the US and the UK stop and revisit…saying “we do not deliberately target civilians” with a 72% civilian casualty ratio…means either Israel has terrible aim or the rockets must be defective….and calling people “Human Shields” because they couldn’t get out of the way fast enough doesn’t count as a legitimate explanation for a 72% civilian casualty rate…it took the death of 160 Palestinian children to make the tunnels running from Gaza to Israel…it took the deaths of over 400 more children to destroy them.. +1900 dead (+1300 civilians) and over 10,000 (+7,000 civilians) injured….Israel doesn’t target civilians but they somehow are managing to die in unbelievable numbers…and the irony is Israel has no sympathy for the Palestinian people…reading the comments I am abhorred by the rationalizations of the killing of innocent children and the images I have seen…..HAMAS uses women and children as human shields and ISRAEL knowing this blows them up anyway…seems perfectly legitimate to question the policy under those circumstances..

    • herbcaen

      HAMAS uses women and children as human shields and ISRAEL knowing this blows them up anyway…perhaps this will cause a change in policy of using human shields, knowing that it is not effective. If that is the case, it would be a great achievement and ultimately save the lives of future women and children

    • J H

      The unbelievable numbers are that Israel bombed Gaza over 3,500 times and 1,900 people we’re killed. Even though I don’t believe your numbers, if 600 of those were combatants and 1,300 were civilians, then that is almost 1 “innocent civilian” dead for every 3 bombs. If you think that this is a deliberate targeting of civilians, then you are crazy. Israel can level Gaza and kill every person there within an hour. This is not an example of deliberate targeting, genocide or any other word you have to condemn Israel.
      If you actually cared about innocent people, head a little north-east to Syria… Only 170,000 dead so far. But I forgot, it’s not a Jew doing the killing so nothing to see there.

    • J H

      And did I mention, that Hamas has now ended the 7th ceasefire that Israel agreed to? If they disarmed and stopped trying to kill the Israelis, there would be no blockade, no war and lasting peace.

    • thinkingthinker

      strange, that of these civilians, the vast majority were males (80%) and between the age of 16 and 40. what kind of civilians would those be? hmm??

      and of your last statement “HAMAS uses women and children as human shields and ISRAEL knowing this blows them up anyway…” you’re missing a piece. they use the human shields to shield their weapons. they actually launch these rockets remote control from deep inside civilian areas. they’re not even shielding their own troops, who are hiding in the tunnels. just the launchers. so israel blows them up anyway because they are targeting the launchers which are targeting israeli civilians. that is their duty as a government, to protect their own civilians. which they did very well, with a great civil defense and anti missile system.

    • Drakken

      It’s called warfare dumbazz and that is what you savage muslim friends get when they fire rockets into Israeli territory, if you have such empathy for these bloody savages, go join them, other than that I am all out of any sympathy for the savages deserve everything coming to them.

    • Winston

      But never to question Hamas’s policy of attacking a nation and using its people as human shields? It’s remarkable how your “morality” is so one-sided. Overlooking the fact that you are pulling numbers out of thin air, it is astounding to me that you profess the slightest concern for civilian casualties yet you refuse to hold Hamas accountable for anything it does. You don’t actually care about anything except bashing Israel. If you really cared about people and suffering, you would at long last hold Hamas to account. They engage in these wars because they think they can get away with it because of useful idiots such as yourself. It is you who has no sympathy.

      And what is an acceptable ratio against a terroristic enemy that violates every conceivable law of warfare? Do tell. Your 72 percent number is laughable, but even accepting it, tell us the ratio in other urban combat environments. How about the first battle of Fallujah as an example? You attempt to criticize without any context. The earliest numbers that were actually subject to rigorous analysis indicated a 50/50 ratio, which is unprecedented. A hundred percent combatant/casualty rate is impossible even against a enemy that does not have an avowed policy of trying to drive up civilian casualties so as to hook gullible people like you, but you don’t have anything to offer except fake numbers and no historical precedent as to what the “right” ratio is supposed to be. If you have invented a magic ray that can only target combatants, even those dressed as civilians, share it with the world.

      But the kicker is your absurd perversion of the laws of warfare. In your surreal theory, an enemy’s violating the laws of war by using human shields immunizes it from retaliation. So in your mindless view, Hamas should be immune because it uses human shields? So Israel just has to accept rockets fired at its people because civilian casualties are unavoidable? So much for the laws of war of even simple morality.

      Here’s an idea. How about blaming Hamas. Shocking I know. But a lot more decent and you might even save lives in the future if it knows that people will not so foolishly accept their tactics. But the notion that you admit Hamas’s despicable strategy and yet can only blame Israel is ludicrous. Quite a rationalization from someone who supposedly abhors them.

    • Fammon

      Craw back under the rock from whence yee came dumb@*s.

  • Pete

    A Hellfire missile would have much less chance of collateral damage than a 500 pound bomb, but the Obmaa Regime is not staffed with geniuses.


    Here’s a question that nobody seems to have asked: is it lawful for Obama to suspend the transfer? One assumes it had Congressional approval, that is, the force of law. Unless Obama was given discretion under the law, the sale should go forward. Of course, we all know how seriously Obama takes the law.

  • Gee

    Guess we should use a lot more 155mm rounds. That will ensure that more Hamas supporters die and cost a lot less to boot.

    Arabs of Gaza you can thank your Muslim Brotherhood sponsor for the next few thousand deaths.

    • andy semyte

      You jews show your true colors as the spawn of satan.

      • yoelk

        Achamd, I was wondering where you had been. So even ISIS rejected you as unstable? Pity.

        • andy semyte

          Not a muzzie here- aryan ubermensch

  • bonnie mincey

    NAHALKIDES are you for real? Let’s rummage around in the shadow world and
    see what we come up with. We went to war in Iraq for no reason, our liberties
    were taken from us as result of a fraud, and by all account according to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth expert opinions there was no planes
    that cause the destruction of World trade center but in fact demolition was the real cause. Who did this benefit; it certainly not benefits Americans.

    While in the shadow world if you do the history on WW1 and WW11 and dig
    a little deeper and read the “A Summary of Zionist Terrorism in the Near
    East —1944-1948 prepared for Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, UN Mediator for Palestine,
    ” who was a replacement for and ” in view of the tragic assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte by identified [Jewish terrorists] on September 17, 1948.” That summary listed 259 acts of bombings, murders, assassinations during that period by terrorist and yet Hama’s is a terrorist?

    It’s worth mentioning that four years earlier the assassination on November 6, 1944, in Cairo of Lord Moyne, the highest British official in the Middle East, and his driver who were murdered outside the minister’s Cairo residence by the same Stein gang. Why? What did the Palestinians have to do with these acts but watch in horror knowing what was coming. So why were these high officials murdered?

    Yitzhak Shamir said, ““He (Lord Moyne} was an anti-Semite, Lord Moyne. And he had a hand in the White Paper, in carrying out the White Paper policy….” Lord Moyne argued that the Jews were not descendent of Abraham, they were Khazars and that threaten the State of Israel, plus he wanted to ensure the Palestinian were treated fairly. Thus, the “White Paper Policy, “advocated a binational state in territory. To achieve this end, the White Paper Policy of 1939 called for a policy of restricting Jewish immigration in Palestine.” Therefore, the Stein gang assassinated Lord Moyne for his role since it did not mesh with the Zionist’s agenda. Is this normal behavior or a psychological and spiritual anomaly? But, wait a minute; something happened in 2012 at dittoed Lord Moyne Semite argument 68 years after his death:

    “In late 2012, yet another Israeli-born scientist, Dr. Eran Elhaik, of the McKusick Nathans Institute of Genetic Science, Johns Hopkins Medical University, published his research in The Journal of Biology and Evolution. Considered by geneticists worldwide as the “definitive study” and peer-approved, this authoritative research confirmed Dr. Oppenheim’s earlier findings and went even further. “There are no blood or family connections among the Jews,” reported Dr. Elhaik. “The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. Their genome is largely Khazar.” “Whatever Israelite blood the Khazar Jews have,” added Dr. Elhaik, “is miniscule.” The Khazar converted to Judaism in 6th c. Did Lord Moyne die in vain or did God get the facts wrong or is there more than one God? According to Freud we have Pharaoh Akhenaten to credit for Monotheism which the Israelite borrowed.

    Then there was infamous massacre of Deir Yassin. “April 9, 1948,
    commandos of the Irgun[i], headed by Menachem Begin, and the Stern Gang
    attacked Deir Yassin, a village with about 750 Palestinian residents. It was
    several weeks before the end of the British Mandate. Deir Yassin had a peaceful
    reputation…over 100 people, half of them women and children had been
    systematically murdered… “one plan, kept secret until years afterwards, called
    for it to be destroyed and the residents evacuated to make way for a small
    airfield that would supply the beleaguered Jewish residents of Jerusalem,” in
    the aftermath of Holocaust.

    A violent history, skewed with half-truths swept under the rub for years before the Palestinians became the new target, and with a blood trail leading to the present, where in 2001 video ( google it) Netanyahu boast, “America is something that you can easily maneuver and move in the right direction. And even if they do say something, so then they say something… so what? 80% of Americans support us! It’s absurd! We have such support there, and here we’re thinking ‘what should we do if?’… Look, I wasn’t afraid to maneuver [the Clinton Administration]. I wasn’t afraid to confront Clinton. I wasn’t afraid to go against the U.N…”
    Now with this recent narcissistic act, Netanyahu decides to go directly into woodshed of U.S. stockpile and help himself while undermining higher authority,
    having Americans undermine the authority of their own government and then sarcastically brush President Obama off as irrelevant is the height of arrogance. And you question whether or not an American President has every right to stop a foreign government from looting America’s weapons on the down low?
    Could any outside entity enter Israel and do the same? The question is, when will this psychopathic, ruthless, disrespectful and addictive behavior stop? When will America integrate her split personality and conjure up real courage that put Americans interest first and restore her reputation in the World? As far back as 1946, “Henry F. Grady, America’s top diplomatic soldier headed a 1946 commission aimed at coming up with a solution for Palestine wrote about the Zionist lobby and its damaging effect on US national interests, he wrote:

    “I have had a good deal of experience with lobbies but this group started where those of my experience had ended….. I have headed a number of government missions but in no other have I ever experienced so much disloyalty”…… “in the United States, since there is no political force to counterbalance Zionism, its campaigns are apt to be decisive.”

    So the fact that Israel helped itself with America’s weaponry without permission aside from being outrageous, its the far reaching implication that ought to be obvious. Do you realize what this means? It means we live under parallel governance, democracy for public consumption and Zionism tuck away in the shadow world– the government in exile, while Americans weren’t given a choice in the matter. I am sorry but what is your question and does it really matter? Creditable facts could care less about friends with mental disorders because this a friend that will surely get you killed. What good is it to control the world and risk losing your soul, mind and integrity simply to impose their will? How can they be the only democratic nation in the region…compared to what?

    • ASL

      “Lord Moyne argued that the Jews were not descendent of Abraham, they were Khazars and that threaten the State of Israel, plus he wanted to ensure the Palestinian were treated fairly.”

      …. by giving the land mandated for the Arab Palestinian state to a Saudi Arabian prince.
      Yeah, right…. British ‘fair play’ is it, old boy?

    • Zukov

      bonnie, you are stupid and insane and that is a bad combo. Your stupidity is such that you write about your paranoid delusions such as planes did not cause the 9-11 building collapses as if this was some accepted fact and the pictures of the planes crashing into the buildings were somehow computer generated. Exactly when would the government be able to secretly load the top floors of the twin towers with enough explosives to cause the towers to fall? I forgot, there is no traffic in NY and the buildings are all deserted. You belong in a mental institution along with your other paranoid anti-Semitic friends.

      • bonnie mincey

        Little late on this one: Thank you, I will proudly wear the label. So, let’s define what “insanity” means to you and let use the appropriate dictionary to define the meaning as you see it. Propaganda Dictionary/Insane:

        Any individual who thinks for self, or an individual who has [no] desire to turn over his or her mind and actions to the collective. The individual who values critical thinking and most of all common sense. The individual who examine history based on facts not on faith and who in all fairness abhor abuses of the mind-mental and historical distortions and the assault of the spirit, which is for the insane the worst human evil since crimes are provoked and rise, not from sound reasoning and compassionate but from unexamined emotions that demands name callings not because of anything a person has done, but solely on the reality that one exercises his or her own innate ability to think—that is the crime. The Propagandists view individualized thinking as threatening to its myths and therefore must at all cost undermine individuals free speech as an affront to its delusions and half-truths thus, addressing such threat is to mindlessly see to it that the sedated attack another and assign a meaningless label, such as insane. As Seal says, in his song “CRAZY”:

        “We’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.”

        Now for addition research read for yourself: Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul (1965) brief exert:

        “… For the proselyte (or new convert) incited to action by propaganda cannot be left alone, cannot be entrusted to himself. If the action obtained by propaganda is to be appropriate, it cannot be individual; it must be collective…In reality propaganda cannot exist without using… mass media. If, by chance, propaganda is addressed to an
        organized group, it can have practically no effect on individuals before that group has been fragmented. Such fragmentation can be achieved through action, but it is equally possible to fragment a group by psychological means. The transformation of very small groups by purely psychological means is one of the most important techniques of propaganda. Only when very small groups are thus annihilated, when the individual finds no more defenses, no equilibrium, no resistance exercised by the group to which he belongs, does total action by propaganda become possible.”

        Or check out Thomas Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.” The crucial problem that prevents genuine education from taking place today, and the eagerness to accept propaganda, according to Thomas Kuhn, centers on:

        “The inability to modify or abandon a currently held belief is one of the most serious problems induced by the style of functioning in most current educational set ups all over the world. Part of the cause is the mode of education that presents human knowledge as a collection of infallible facts, transmits ideas without evidence, does not distinguish between facts and interpretations, and does not provide the foundations for systematic questioning.”

        Here is the deal, we are all born into cultures with an established governing paradigm. We accept common held beliefs and assumptions without question as long as that culture is stable. But when that culture reveal wear and tear, and that is, whenever facts
        arise that are not compatible with this paradigm that we accepted as truth and when
        there are visible anomalies that arise as well–a “phenomena that cannot be explained by the established model, the paradigm begins to show signs of instability. only when a critical number of independent thinking individuals dare to examine or questioned
        “whether the traditional paradigm can solve many of the serious problems that face them,” at this point the traditional paradigm must give way to a paradigm shift as more facts are unearthed, probed and integrated; while this process tend to cause anxiousness and fear in true believers which is understandable, but one must be open to ideas and be willing to examine facts for self whether one like them or not, or remained forever, a sleeper. The only thing to fear is fear itself.


  • andy semyte

    Don’t worry yi ds- you’ll get your weapons to kill women and children with- the AIPAC wh ores in Congress will see to that.

    • yoelk

      Achmad, Achmad, Achmad, calm down and learn to spell. Then jump off of bridge

      • andy semyte

        What was misspelled he_be? And why do you think muzzies are the only ones that loathe “The Chosen”?

    • Winston

      I’m sure the US, Britain and the rest would respond very differently if an enemy started lobbing rockets at it. There would be no civilian casualties at all.

  • VHG1

    Obama belongs in prison!

  • Sally A. Fox

    Notice how the price of oil is declining? Is that due to higher oil production in the US? Serendipitous petroleum finds by our neighbors in the Caribbean or South of the border? Theoretically, the Obama administration might be reinventing President Jimmy Carter’s dynamic of brokering with Middle Eastern countries vis-à-vis negotiating on behalf of Hamas and the PLO for lower oil prices.
    Is it as elementary as an ostrich or as discreet as market manipulation when
    Americans are the highest consumers of petroleum on the planet? The USA is a known sales dealer and outfitter for military hardware to, for example, Qatar, a nation identified as having distributed weapons to terrorist regimes. And while the USA is demanding Israel stop destroying known PLO/launch sites, other nations have jumped on the self-sacrifice bandwagon (on the part of Israel) to place an arms restriction on Israel- including the export of the Hellfire precision missiles that assisted Israelis to pinpoint Hamas and PLO rocket launchers
    (responsible for the destruction of Israel).
    In a century, President Obama will be remembered as a Nobel Prize winner. He attended an Islamic school as a child and was influenced by its curriculum. Obama might want to go down in history as the greatest hero of the 21st century. However, Obama might be memorialized as a product of anti-Semitism , led astray, promoting the slaughter of six million more Jews-this time in Israel, reminiscent of WWII, FDR, and the 1939 voyage of the MS St. Louis.
    Some might assume Iran, Hamas, and other pro terrorist entities will leave the USA alone if we allow Israel to be sacrificed and killed by Iran, Hamas and the PLO. We know the truth: Israelis are real heroes and wonderful people-and
    Netanyahu: a superb leader.

  • Lanna

    The best way for Obama to help Hamas to win is to deny Israel from having the right weapons to defend themselves.