You Can’t Support Tax Cuts and Illegal Alien Amnesty


Let’s talk about consequences. Conservatism is nothing if not the recognition that actions have consequences. That policies have costs.

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, conservative columnist George Will had some harsh words for those who insist that the waves of migrant children crossing the border from non-contiguous nations in search of asylum.

“We ought to say to these children, ‘Welcome to American, you’re going to go to school and get a job and become Americans,’” Will insisted.

He seemed to suggest that those who advocate for the deportation of South and Central American minors underestimate America’s power to assimilate foreign-born populations.

“We have 3,141 counties in this country. That would be 20 per county,” he added.

Of course they’re not going to go 20 per county. But suppose they do. What is the cost to a county of suddenly having to implement Spanish language translations and translators or providing a new raft of social and legal services?

That cost will come out of property taxes. And the county will ask for help from the State and Federal governments. And they’ll provide it.

Now George Will is advocating a perfectly commonplace liberal position here. The problem is that he’s also advocating conservative fiscal positions and the two don’t go together.

You can’t have liberal social welfare policies and conservative fiscal policies. This one is really a no brainer. It’s the ultimate no brainer.

We’re not even talking about the absurdity of some libertarians who want open borders and no welfare state. George Will is essentially advocating for open borders, a welfare state and fiscal conservatism.

Let’s set aside the political demographics. The basic thing is that you’re not going to be able to settle tens of thousands of teenagers (they aren’t 8-year-olds with teddy bears) without spending a lot of whole taxpayer money.

So let’s be honest about that.

There’s lots of talk about having religious organizations do it. Religious organizations are already largely handling refugee resettlement. And the costs get passed down to taxpayers anyway. The “religious organization” is not going to educate those teens. It’s not going to pay the judges and the social workers. It’s going to come down to the taxpayer.

And if you support that, then you don’t support fiscal conservatism.

You support a welfare state.

  • Texas Patriot

    At this point America is in denial about our loss of economic competitiveness and the resulting loss of American jobs and indeed entire industries to foreign competition. The problem isn’t the presence of millions of Hispanics who have come to America to work and make a better life for themselves and their families. The problem is a lack of focus on rebuilding American economic competitiveness including excellence in education, excellence in health and physical fitness, lower corporate taxes, increase incentives for investment in plant and equipment and high technology research and development. The problem isn’t too many people. The problem is not enough high-paying jobs.

    • ricardo hernandez

      The problem is the tyrannical fascist government intrusion, regulation, overreaching. We are now experiencing the results of decades of politicians and crony businesses rigging the system. Eventually, things get so big and so out of control, that it comes crashing down, and it start over. Been that way since before Rome.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        quite true, unfortunately

        civilizations are brought down by their own corruption and complexity and the two are intertwined


      The fact remains that under Obama, and even under Bush’s last two years, the economy wasn’t growing fast enough to create new jobs. Under those circumstances, employment is a zero-sum game, and every immigrant who finds a job is taking it away from a native-born American. Since most of these immigrants have very little in the way of skills, the ones most victimized are the poorest Americans. Why do you think black unemployment is greater than 50% in some places?

      Secondly, the cultural/political impact of these Hispanic immigrants is to move the country further to the Left. That means more taxes and government controls, which are the true reason for the decline in “economic competitiveness” you mention. To put it as simply as possible, if you combine a welfare state with lots of immigrants who want welfare, you’re going to get a lot more welfare as these immigrants become “citizens”. How are you going to pay for it all?

      • Texas Patriot

        The vast majority of Hispanics are Catholic-Christians and, as such, represent the best hope for regaining a conservative political majority in America. The reason there aren’t enough high-paying jobs in America is because it has been the policy of both political parties to deindustrialize America and outsource jobs to foreign competition. That needs to change or there won’t be any America for either party to compete for.

        • NAHALKIDES

          You’ve been spending too much time listening to Karl Rove. These Hispanics love welfare and want government to be even bigger than it is today! They are natural Democrats, not Republicans, and their voting history proves it. They are why we’ve lost California – no Conservative can win that state, probably ever again until it collapses. More Hispanic immigration will turn the entire country into CA – is that what you want?

          • Texas Patriot

            You couldn’t possibly be more mistaken on all those points. t despise Karl Rove, but he knows that demographics win elections; and if you don’t have the numbers, you don’t have a chance. I don’t know where you’re from, but I live in Texas, and the vast majority of Hispanics I know regard the Democratic Party with pure and utter disdain and disgust, and if they vote for Democratic candidates, it is simply because there is no welcome, no home, no camaraderie, and no viable opportunity for them with the Republican Party. But have it your way. Just keep on slamming the door in the face of Hispanic Christians, and see where that gets you.

          • NAHALKIDES

            That explains your mistake – you’re judging by the Hispanics you know personally. A Pew poll showed that most Hispanics want bigger government and higher taxes, and the experience of California is rock-solid proof that you should be paying more attention to. Enough Hispanic immigration and we’ll lose Texas too – it’s a mathematical certainty. We’re unlikely to get even 40% of the Hispanic vote, which means the more Hispanics in the country, the harder it is to win until there are so many no Conservative can manage it any more.

          • Right Wing Surrealist

            In California most people favor big government and high taxes regardless of race. The white electorate in CA is more left wing than any other state’s electorate of any race.

        • truebearing

          Yes, the vast majority are Catholic, and that isn’t helping anything. The Catholic Church has leaned pretty far left for quite some time, and nowhere more than in Central and South America.

          As if the Catholic Church’s views on social justice weren’t problematic enough, a large percentage of Catholics believe that their priests decide their spiritual fate. They willingly let the Catholic Church tell them what to believe, as opposed to reading the Bible and developing their own relationship with God. This mediated spirituality makes Hispanics more inclined to accept authoritarian rule. Add to that the tendency of the Catholic Church to act as a welfare agency, and you have a group of people that are comfortable with big church and big government.

          • Texas Patriot

            William F. Buckley, Jr. was Catholic, and I’ve never heard anyone use that to attack his conservative credentials. Barry Goldwater on the other hand was an Arizona Episcopalian, and there is no question that he had a finer take on Authentic All-American Conservatism than anyone, including William Buckley. Otherwise, I can assure you that by and large Hispanic Texans are very proud of Ted Cruz, and Republicans are seriously dropping the ball if we don’t roll out the red carpet to Hispanic Christians. Personally, I hope Obama does grant them amnesty and a clear path to citizenship. Then perhaps we will be inclined to take their presence here more seriously. The truth of the matter is that a vast majority of Hispanics came to America for the opportunity to work and make a better life for themselves and their families. We need to make sure that opportunity exists.

          • truebearing

            I’m not saying all Catholics are the same in every way, but immigrants from Mexico, Central America, and South America were not raised in our culture, and their culture is far more likely to yield Democratic voters. That is a simple fact.

            You don’t seem to understand that voters inclined to want big government don’t just become conservatives because we want them to. Look south of the border and tell me where there is a nation that embodies conservative values. If these people are so willing to become conservatives, why are the countries they come from such a mess?

            Apparently, you don’t want a nation that respects laws or makes foreigners respect our laws. That will lead to a permanent political majority for the Left, which is why Obama is holding our borders open to begin with. I don’t know a single conservative who wants the illegal aliens to be rewarded with citizenship. I don’t think you are a conservative either. You support Obama and defend open borders. You talk about being a conservative but your beliefs don’t match up.

          • Texas Patriot

            TB: I don’t think you are a conservative either. You support Obama and defend open borders. You talk about being a conservative but your beliefs don’t match up.

            From my point of view, you’re the one who doesn’t seem to know what an American Conservative is. But I’ve known that for a long time now, and at this point I don’t really expect you to change. The worst thing about your brand of pseudo-conservatism is your willingness to lie about anyone who doesn’t agree with your hateful and self-destructive agenda for America.

            For example, you know very well I’m not for open borders. I’ve told you repeatedly that I favor an “electronic wall” from Brownsville to Tijuana using our latest surveillance and interdiction technologies and whatever troops we need to back it up. Under my plan, a gila monster wouldn’t be able to cross the most desolate and remote part of the Mexican border without our troops and border security guards knowing about it. But your blind hatred of anyone who doesn’t agree with you on every single issue won’t allow you to see that, and as a result, you keep repeating the false charge that I’m for “open borders”, or that I’m a Rand Paul Supporter, or that I support Obama, or any number of other falsehoods.

            For your information, all the Great Modern American Conservatives of the Republican Party including Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Everett Dirksen, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and William F. Buckley, Jr. were motivated, above all things, by the qualities of existential truth and universal love, but especially by love. Love of humanity, love of country, love of countrymen, love of enemies, and especially love for those who disagreed with them politically.

            Unfortunately, from my point of view, a steadfast commitment to the qualities existential truth and universal love, and particularly a love of political enemies, which is the hallmark of all great conservatives, is a characteristic which does not seem to be present in you to any significant degree at least as your character and personality are habitually manifested on this board. And that, my friend, makes you a very poor example of someone who claims to be an American Conservative.

  • Habbgun

    Go to school where? Get a job where? America is falling apart. George Will is giving a solution for which there is no option for Americans let alone an abandoned child.

    At least the Left’s version of this is workable. You will be a stateless, second class citizen all your life. You will rubber stamp the ruling Democratic party with a worthless vote that is just play acting and you will work jobs that Americans with options won’t do but now they will. Americans will have to. You will join the 99% but not the one Occupy lied about but the 99% that is the Democratic fascist goal.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It makes no sense whatsoever. People like this are detached from reality.

      Will ought to talk to Victor Davis Hanson

      • JR Kipling

        Do you mean Field Marshal Hanson? The armchair warrior military historian that is ready to fight every battle of the past 2000 years from his comfort zone in the TV room, but cant confront
        Racism Inc without surrendering?

  • JR Kipling

    George Will has been dead mentally for decades. If you read a column from 1985 its the same drivel he is uttering today. Nothing changes, There is no engagement with reality. His newspaper space serves only to separate the advertising for
    Erma’s House of Wigs, from Train to be a Telemarketer Today on page 23 of the Metro section


      I think he’s been as successful as he has because the Left doesn’t find him too threatening, as they would someone who challenged their fundamental statist premises.

      • JR Kipling

        Of course . He is the Left’s faux conservative house pet. He comes on TV with the fake “serous” look, with the wire rim glasses and the
        school boy bow tie. He pretends to be full of “deep thoughts” that are neither. In fact he is so without substance that he cant even offend the neurotically paranoid freaks at MSNBC. And that is saying something

        • NAHALKIDES


  • Pete

    “You can’t have liberal social welfare policies and conservative fiscal policies.”


  • Pete

    “There’s lots of talk about having religious organizations do it. Religious organizations are already largely handling refugee resettlement. And the costs get passed down to taxpayers anyway.”

    There is a term for these oh so generous with other people’s money religious organizations.

    They are called Volsags.

    These are the people, who brought us the Somalis.

    Who are the top Volags?
    By Office of Refugee Resettlement
    Volume 23, Number 4 (Summer 2013)
    Issue theme: “Refugee racket”

  • BMS

    If the illegals are not going to be sent back to the countries they came from (and they clearly are not because they are being sent in secret all over the country without notice to the states receiving them) then let George Will, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, all the other bleeding hearts and of course the President donate their ENTIRE salaries to pay for them. The rest of us hard working Americans don’t want to fit the bill for illegals.

  • DogmaelJones1

    It seems that George Will, frightened of the chance that he’d be called “bigoted” or “racist” if he opposed amnesty and the illegals, has performed some very fancy mental gymnastics and evasions to avoid the charge. I’ve argued with so-called libertarians, too, about the fact that you can’t have “open borders” and a welfare state at the same time, because a welfare state here draws more parasitical flies than it does honey-producing bees.

    • JR Kipling

      Remember, its always better to lose your country, your freedom, your culture, and your future than to be called “racist”.

    • De Doc

      One of the bitter pills of libertarianism I cannot take is their blind adherence to an open borders policy. When you have an entrenched welfare state, it is impossible to have a lax immigration policy for reasons you mentioned. I’ve also pointed out to my libertarian friends on this issue that the folks you allow to spill into our borders unchecked do not have the cultural legacy that spawned libertarian ideas. When the demographics finally kick in, and they will sooner or later, the Ron Paulbots will wonder why their movement is about as popular as the Whigs.

      • truebearing

        Libertarians of today are also blind to the fact that a successful libertarian society requires a singularly moral, self-policing population, otherwise crime will force an increase in external enforcement of “morality, thereby increasing the need for policing and the governmental apparatus that goes along with controlling immoral, intemperate populations.

  • glpage

    What makes people think that the US is responsible for taking care of the failings of other countries. I am sympathetic to the plight of these children, but, it is the fault of their government and businesses, not ours. If the ruling class in Mexico and central American countries don’t want to fix their problems why should we? We should be billing Mexico and other countries for the services their citizens receive here.

    • JR Kipling

      The sure fire way to stop all this compulsive phony “concern” is demand that those who believe in it, shall pay for it, up front and in cash. This sort
      of cure for “compassion” works like magic.

      • glpage

        Works for me.

  • GSR

    No one is against reasonable numbers of legal immigrants but what is happening today and frankly for the last 10-15 years is utter corruption and gaming of the immigration system.
    Business owners, ethnic lobby groups, Left-wing Democrats all want never-ending immigration, legal and illegal, for it benefits them and their careers. The USA actually needs a reduction in immigration for a decade. American citizens need a breather from the “3rd world-ization” of their country and also in the job market.

  • Tina Trent

    It’s very interesting to compare George Will and David Victor Hansen on this subject. They both come across as erudite and personally thoughtful, modest men.

    Will has spent his life in the beltway. Hansen has spent his life in the real world. And their views have been shaped accordingly.

    • Daniel Greenfield


  • Richard Fontaine

    George Will is a slightly less hypocritical “conservative” (sic) then Kathleen Parker. But if you have ever seen Kathleen Parker you know Will is cuter.