“You’ve Messed With the Wrong Muslims,” Family Tells Lesbian

Not the right Muslims...

Not the right Muslims…

Are there really any “right” Muslims to mess with? We are talking about a religion where killing your own daughters and sisters is a thing and whose acolytes chant, “We love death, while you love life”.

Until proven otherwise, it should be assumed that every Muslim is the wrong Muslim. And that goes double for immigration.

Six siblings from a “traditional Asian Muslim family” in Lancashire have been jailed after attempting to kidnap the white lesbian lover of one of their sisters, threatening to kill her because she had “messed with the wrong Muslims”.

“This case is about power and control,” Judge Graham Knowles, QC, told the family at Preston crown court on Friday. “It’s about striking terror into the heart, in order to control not just the body but also the will.”

At least somebody finally gets Islam.

Unhappy that Nazma, now 28, was in a same sex relationship – and with a white non-Muslim woman – six of Nazma’s siblings plotted to break up the relationship. They claimed a teacher at a mosque had told them to “take action now or it might be too late” and had given permission “to be violent”, the court heard.

I’m sure we don’t need to look any further into this mosque thing. And conveniently, we aren’t.

The family wanted Nazma to enter into an arranged marriage with a cousin or another man, and discussed putting her on a plane to Pakistan, the judge noted.

I’m sure that would have worked out fatally.

Three of Nazma’s sisters, one wearing a full face veil, were caught on CCTV kicking and punching Harrison, 35, after she finished work at USC Clothing in Blackburn town centre on 20 June last year.

They were shown dragging her to the floor by her hair and snatching her handbag, before rifling through it to take out Nazma’s passport and other things belonging to her. Beforehand, text messages exchanged between the siblings referred to “battering that bitch”. One, sent by Nayyar Mehmood, 36, the second oldest sibling, urged her siblings to attack Harrison and warned them: “A kaffir [non-believer] is taking over.” Another message referred to Harrison as a “honkey”, offensive slang for a white person.

Racism and Infideolophobia.

CCTV shown to the court showed sisters Nighat Morris, 39, the eldest child in the family, along with Atfah Ditta, 32, and Ghazala Ditta, 31, trying and failing to bundle Harrison into the back of a car before driving away. All three were sentenced to five years and four months after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm, attempted kidnap and robbery.

They were guarded during the attack by Tahmoor Ditta, 26, one of Nazma’s brothers. He had a bradawl “clenched in his fist with the spike poking out between his fingers” which he used to try to scare off one of Harrisons’s colleagues, who tried to intervene in the attack. He received a six-year sentence for conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm, attempted kidnap, robbery, possession of an offensive weapon and battery.

Both Harrison and her colleague told police Ghazala shouted: “Get her in, get her in, you’ve messed with the wrong Muslims, we’re going to kill you.”

Are there any “right” Muslims that don’t support this kind of action?

After the sentencing, gay rights activist Peter Tatchell said: “We regularly get reports from lesbian and gay muslim people who say they have been threatened, intimidated or beaten up by family members who disapprove of their sexuality.

“It is a minority problem but it is very worrying that the victims are so fearful that they don’t seek prosecution.

“It would be really helpful if muslim organisations and mosques spoke out and spoke out more frequently against all honour based violence, including that which targets lesbian, gay and transgender muslims.”

And then maybe Pakistan can have a gay pride parade in Karachi.

  • AG

    From what I see in the video clip, these are exactly the right Muzzies to be messing with. Fighting is clearly not their strong suit, it could have been way worse. The three of them couldn’t even manage to knock her down.

    But it is so typical that the term “hate crime” seems to be absent from the charges. I guess Lesbians are lower than Muslims on the protected classes scale.

    • tickletik

      The difference is that lesbians like most other subversive groups, don’t have much in the way of real courage. I.e. They are very tough against men who don’t hit back or men who fear the police.

    • john spielman

      this is clearly a “hate” crime targeted against homosexuals and should be reflected in the charges. This article should be sent to the left wing homosexual groups re Islamic sharia inspired treatment of homosexuals by muslims.

    • Byrum Blobshittle

      No, lesbians are totally equal with muzzies… the lezzies and the muzzies are ALL sick, demented garbage that should be removed from GOD’S SIGHT! Sick asswipes!

      • Charles Martel

        I wouldn’t go that far and say they have to be removed, but they are certainly both disasterious groups of people who do traditional Western civilization grave harm.

    • God is Love

      Byrum that’s a terrible thing to say. You refer to God in your post like he wants you to rid His sight of these people but do you really think that’s His heart for lgbt people! God does not demonstrate hateful actions towards people even if they don’t line up with the ‘rules’. God loves them too… He made them and his shoulders are large enough to handle whatever choices they make. He doesn’t need your help to protect ‘his sight’. They deserve to live safely. God will deal with them. Their personal choice they answer to God for… Nowhere does God advocate us to take action in this kind of abuse hate and violence towards people… including our words.

      God is love. You’re interpretation of God and his intentions is a perversion.

      • Charles Martel

        If we are speaking of the Jewish or Christian God, then you have captured only one attribute of that God. He is also a holy God. A Holy God has rules. One of those rules is sin is not tolerated. The Christian God allows for the forgiveness of sin through acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice for that sin. But you are also compelled to go and sin no more. That doesn’t mean you will not occasionally slip and fall but it does mean you should hate the sin and try to avoid it not live in it.

        Now a person’s interpretation of what sin is comes into play. People have always picked and chosen what they want to believe in the Christian bible. Most people would rather form God in their own image and live the life they like.

  • tickletik

    Interesting, but Non issue aside from entertainment value. After what the degenerates have pulled in the last 10 years, I now have zero concern or compassion. Had this also been a story about a leftist, or labor voter, or feminist, same reaction. They made their beds, they can sleep in it.

    • defcon 4

      First they came for the LGBT community and I didn’t care, then they came for the Christians and I didn’t care, etc.

      • tickletik

        Not the same thing. These are groups that totally emasculated and disenfranchised the “heteronormative males” of Western society to make this disaster possible. The mere fact that I even know what that lunatic term means backs up my point.

      • A Z

        I can find common cause with the Pink Pistols. I can find some common cause with GOP Proud and the Log Cabin Gays. But the rest are just plain stupid & avaricious. They are wrong on virtually every account. They’d just as soon desert or betray us as ally with us.

      • doramin

        Bullies and ideologues deserve each other. Gays love to trash Catholic and Mormon churches, notice they never seem to attack mosques or churches whose parishioners happen to be black, Hispanic or Korean.

        I believe the only reason the mosques don’t declare open season on gays or abortionists or feminists or leftist fellow-travellers is that they are happy to let these useful idiots continue to weaken mainstream society until they are of no further use.

        I’m just wondering when the Manosphere is going to embrace Islam. You never hear of Muslim men being butt-raped in divorce and family court.

        • JoFro

          I believe that had Islam allowed bacon and beer, the Manosphere would have gone Muslim ages ago!

      • Charles Martel

        Sounds like a nice little phrase people can get their narrow heads around, but it is for the unthinking.

        If,they came for the child molesters would i care and should i care? I look at eh lgbt movement the same as child molesters. They have done their best to infiltrate our schools and turn our children into highly sexualized beings for their entertainment.

    • Guest

      I can find common cause with the Pink Pistols. I can find some common cause with GOProud and the Log Cabin Gays. But the rest are just plain stupid & avaricious. They are wrong on virtually every account. They’d just as soon desert or betray us us as ally with us.

    • Charles Martel

      Agreed. They are both disastrous to the sustainment of civil society.

  • defcon 4

    “trying and failing to bundle Harrison into the back of a car before driving away” That would’ve been the last car ride of her life. I’m surprised they just didn’t saw her head off right there in the streets, after all, there’s islamic precedent to support such an action in the UK of Islamistan. I’ll bet the sister who was involved in the islamically unacceptable relationship must be experiencing the same kind of fear anyone kufr experiences living in any muslime state right about now. I’m sure Irshad Manji will soon be on the scene to assure the LGBT community that islam is really peaceful and tolerant.

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    I saw this yesterday and was struck by the last sentence: “It would be really helpful if muslim organizations and mosques spoke out and spoke out more frequently …”

    Of course there is the occasion Irshad Manji and she has a small following. Sadly most Muslims-in-name-only are intimidated by the threats of the radicals (or shall we say the more devout?)

    We should cautious advocating the “guilty until proven otherwise” approach to Muslim citizens. But I agree that immigration should be stopped. It’s just too hard to vet Muslims. And we have less problematic sources for immigrants … Ukraine, South Korea, Brazil, etc. In a zero sum immigration regime, why bump a Brazilian for a Muslim?

    • Katie Smith

      I agree with this, Jason! Immigrant groups should be rewarded or punished based on the overwhelming majority behaviors within their respective groups. It is SMART to choose a Korean over a Somalian. It’s just damn common sense. Koreans work their butts off, they create small businesses, and send their kids to Ivy League schools to become doctors and teachers and engineers. What do the children of Somali immigrants become? Yes, indeed Jason, you have made an excellent point.

    • Veracious_one

      Nary a mosque nor an Islamic school anywhere in the West has any program designed to stop converts to Islam from getting this idea, despite their claim to reject this understanding of Islam and jihad.

    • defcon 4

      Islamic nazis don’t have to be a majority to destroy your country, after all, not everyone was a Nazi or Communist when Hitler and Lenin made their moves to consolidate power. Islam is fascism. There’s nothing good about it or muslimes. At best they constitute a peaceful 5th column.

  • Katie Smith

    It’s sort of funny to me that they were angry not just that the sister was with a lesbian, but that the lesbian girlfriend IS NOT A MUSLIM. Like, would the gay relationship be okay of both women were Muslim? Of course not! But this is not only about bigotry against gays — it’s a deeply racial issue as well. White westerners can’t be racist. But everyone else can be.

  • Michael Roberts

    God, what an ugly shower. Never thought I’d say this, but better in burkas.

  • Tim N

    “Infidelophobia” ?!??! I like that one! I’m keeping that one in mind next time I post a response to an “Islamophobia” article in the Arab News.
    I already pointed out to them (in response to one of their articles whining about more Islamophobia) that I have a saying: “When you have a problem with one person maybe it’s that person. When you have a problem with everyone then the problem is you”. Believe me, that got some reactions. But then, I must be an Islamophobe.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Kuffarophobia is another alternative when dealing with Muslims.

      • Tim N

        Thanks- I’ll keep that one in mind too

  • Azazel

    Always in gangs of four or more, mabe this is what Chuchill likened them to rabid dogs, they don’t fight in packs they don’t fight at all.

  • YouHanoiMe

    I named my female pet dog Mohammad. Really, that is her name.


      Just keep her on a leash:)


    West Pakistan aka UK, is a failed country.

  • Infidel

    I was in a chain store last year minding my own business when I overheard a heated argument between a veiled woman & a white woman. Both were verbally abusing each other so they both sounded just as bad as one another until I heard the Muslim lady say to the Anglo, “don’t you know who I am I am Muslim”!

    All of us watching were disgusted at what this Muslim woman said. She was threatening her because she is Muslim!! What was she going to do, blow herself up?

    This is today’s problem, they think they are supreme to all infidels, yet live off the welfare system. Something needs to be done.

    • Blake

      prejudicial finger pointing is always only directed at white people

  • Infidel

    Just by looking at their faces indicates that they clearly are a product of inbreeding.

  • Muslim Comments

    What a bulshit article. Grow up

  • SandyIam

    Let me tell you what you’re going to hear from the pro-homosexual crowd:


    That’s because the homosexuals cower in their boots when faced with REAL hate and violence. They have no problems picking on Christians because they know they have nothing to fear from Christians who simply oppose their lifestyle; but let them face some Muslim opposition and all of a sudden they run scampering for the dark recesses like cockroaches terrified of having their heads cut off.

  • Skanderbeg

    We must eliminate these circumcision monkeys from the world community.

  • Ahmed Adel Aly

    Hi… I’m Ahmed from Egypt… I’m Muslim – AlhamdulAllah- and I’m proud of that… but let me tell you what I see up here is bad. These are not the right Muslims for Islam. Yes, it’s true that being gay is a toboo, yet Islam grants freedom of Action for everyone… You act now and You pay Back later, in Another life. What I see up here is not right Islam, these aren’t right Muslims… a Muslim should be against violence, I know this is not the image the world has been receiving about Islam, but yes these people do not represent the right Islam, for instance the guy from the mosque pr masjed he has not been given the right to allow and disprove violence… he’s not in charge of this. God created us all, God is taking us all back to pay back for what we’ve taken already. I keep to my prayers- AlhamdulAllah- although I believe that being gay is a taboo, regardless to whatever execuse ppl find for it, I also believe in freedom of choice and God is there to judge now n later… all I can donis give advice and pray for every gay person to change.

    • Miranda Moore

      This is one of the only decent, caring and ‘live and let live’ sort of comment I have seen. If I was in charge of deciding who a ‘good muslim’ was, I would choose people like this man.
      People should be allowed to do as they please no matter the religion they come from as long as it doesn’t have an unwanted negative affect on someone else.
      I’ll do my thing and you do your thing.
      On another note to all:
      If I believed in God, I would have my own theories about him; did people ever think that God created LGBT people and that it’s not wrong in his eye’s? Because in these holy books, it’s not really God speaking, it’s people claiming to speak God’s word, also I would like to mention that these holy books, be it the Torah, Koran, Bible. Book of Morman or whatever are also subjected to the time period in which they were written in such as the culture. So how can we know if the people who claimed to speak of God’s rules are telling the truth? (Not only because they might be lying, but are under the false influence that they are speaking his rules)

  • Syed Owais Ahmed


    1- Who ever gave the family permission to go violent is 100% “WRONG” and the courts must order to investigate about it and take action about that person in and the administration of the mosque if the charge of spreading violence is proven against them.

    2- Homosexual relations are forbidden in Judaism, Christianity and Islam but these religions do not allow their followers to go out and take violent steps to stop such an act but provide particular legal procedure which must be followed to prove that the alleged pair has done such an act. And even after it being proven, there are penalties for such acts just like other forbidden or criminal actions.

    Lastly I am also a Muslim but Quran and Prophet Muhammad SAWW never taught me or anyother person to be violent or to do crimes, no matter what. It is just an individual act of these people and has nothing to do with Islam.

    May Allah’s blessings be with all of us.
    Thank you.