Hannity Hosts Epic Battle Over Islam

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Reprinted from WND.com.

Jamie Glazov of FrontPage Magazine, author of “United in Hate” and “Showdown with Evil,” is tired of being called “racist” or an “Islamophobe” for speaking out against the danger Islam poses to both Westerners and Muslims alike.

As WND reported, Glazov appeared last month in a panel discussion on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel program, in which fellow panel member Tamara Holder blasted Glazov as “a disgusting person” for claiming those who deny Islam’s role in jihad are complicit in perpetuating jihadist terror.

Video of the exchanges on “Hannity” can be seen below. Glazov defends Pamela Geller and Brigitte Gabriel at the 11:45 mark and confronts Muslim commentator Mike Ghouse on whether Islam is a problem at the 32:00 mark:

That kind of attack – labeling the champion of victims as the perpetrator instead – is exactly how the left operates, Glazov now explains.

In a follow-up interview with Ann-Marie Murrell, a WND columnist and author of the upcoming book “What Women (Really) Want,” on his own “The Glazov Gang” program, Glazov contends the left is winning the culture war, in part, because of its effective strategy of “demonizing” those who tell the truth about Islam.

“So many people are afraid to come forward because they’re called ‘dangerous’ people,” Glazov said on “Hannity.” “They’re called ‘racists, Islamophobes.’ But we’re the ones on the side of the victims, including Muslims.”

In his interview with Murrell, he elaborated: “What I’m so tired of hearing and what I was saying on the show is how the left has constructed the boundaries of debate. … [We’re] standing up for the victims of jihad and Islamic gender apartheid, and this means we’re also standing up for many Muslim victims, for many Muslim people. Do you think we’re ‘Islamophobes’ and ‘racists’ because we spend so much of our time trying to save and protect the victims? … Those are Muslim women, those are Muslim girls.”

Glazov pointed to the example of Islam critic Pamela Geller, who sought to build a memorial grove for Aqsa Parvez, a 16-year-old girl from Ontario, Canada, who was killed by her Muslim father and brother for refusing to wear a hijab covering. Geller has been repeatedly condemned as “racist” and “Islamophobic,” and her bus ads in Edmonton offering help to other Muslim girls in danger of honor killing were pulled down by the city, after officials accused Geller of looking to “demean and degrade people of Islamic faith.”

“When Pamela was trying to bring a memory to that Muslim girl and all the millions of Muslim girls that Aqsa represents in terms of the suffering under Islamic gender apartheid, she was called the racist, she was called the Islamophobe,” Glazov pointed out. “This is how it’s working, and this is what we’re trying to fight against because the left has built these parameters of debate.”

“The left likes to paint this that we’re speaking about all Muslims,” Glazov continued. “We’re not talking about people or Muslims, we’re speaking about Islam is and what it teaches, and we’re also worried about Muslim people and we care about Muslim people that are the victims of this ideology.

“[But] now, if you have a problem with Islam, you ‘hate Muslims’ – this is how they’ve constructed this, and this is what happened on the [Hannity] show,” Glazov added.

Watch Ann-Marie Murrell‘s interview with Glazov:

Murrell played some of the Hannity show confrontation over Islam.

“That clip was epic,” said Murrell. “This episode of Sean Hannity was one of the best ever in the history of Fox News. … It was one of the most important for sure.”

Murrell also talked with Glazov about those commentators, like some he faced on the “Hannity” panel, who assert Islam is innocent of jihadist killings, the fault instead lying with only a few, bad “radicals” within the Islamic faith. She asked Glazov whether such pundits are truly ignorant of Islam’s fomenting of terror, or whether they realize it and feign innocence anyway.

“That’s the question of our time,” answered Glazov, arguing there are different “brands” of Islam apologists on the political left. “There’s the leftist who knows exactly what he’s doing [like President Obama]. This is a deliberate destruction that they’re perpetrating. Also on the left, there are the people who aren’t so much conscious of what they’re doing; they’re complicit, they’re part of this destructive movement, but they operate out of fear. … Deep down, they are afraid to, No. 1, accept the truth.”

Glazov said it’s easy to accept the idea that there’s only a minority of Muslims who have perverted the teaching of Islam, “but the real reality and the darker horrifying reality just may be that there’s something in the Quran and in the hadiths and in the Islamic religion which inspires and sanctions jihad. And if that’s the issue, then we’re facing quite a threat, and we’re facing quite a conflict and a confrontation eventually. For many people this is too terrifying and depressing to accept, so they’d rather put their head in the sand and demonize the messengers and the truth-tellers rather than confront the threat.”

Glazov also said despite the flared tempers on the “Hannity” panel, he didn’t regret his “passion” for the subject.

“I’m upset that there’s a genocide being perpetrated against Christians throughout the world,” Glazov said. “I’m upset that three Israeli teenagers, for instance, were just kidnapped by Hamas and murdered and yet the whole world is still blaming Israel instead of pointing their finger at [the] Palestinian death cult.”

For Glazov, the news out of Israel is just one more proof for his point that apologists for Islam and their friends on the left would rather “demonize” critics of Islam than face just how dangerous Islam may be.

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  • ConcernedCitizen999

    Of course the elephant in the room is Sean Hannity himself.

    No one has done more to promote the existential and mortal fiction that “Islam is a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a few radicals and that most Muslims are moderate and peaceful people just like us who only want the same American dream that we do.” So by repeating this “big lie” often enough, Hannity deflects public awareness from the fact that it is the evil ideology of Islam itself that is the problem.

    Glazov says: “but the real reality and the darker horrifying reality just may be that there’s something in the Quran and in the hadiths and in the Islamic religion which inspires and sanctions jihad…” Just may be? JUST MAY BE? Read the Koran, not bit by bit, where you never see the big picture, but only the incomprehensible pieces of the puzzle, but read the Koran from cover to cover, and you’ll have no doubt, there is no “just may be” about it. Islam is the evil creation of Satan himself.

    As to the psychological motive for Hannity’s failure to tell the truth, he may not be deliberately promoting the victory of Islam as is our nihilistic President, he may not be a “Stockholm syndrome” baby who’s living in fear of the truth and the evil of Islam and so he’s thrown in with the enemy in a craven attempt to avoid being the target of Islam’s attack, it may be that, as with many people, he’s puffed up with his own “holier than thou” Christian self-righteousness. You know, love your enemy, turn the other cheek, blessed are the meek, all men are created equal, and so he’s perfectly willing to see himself and all of Western Civilization destroyed rather than raise a hand in anger against his executioner.

    • Michael Ackerman

      I agree. Hannity does America a grave disservice by postulating the misinformation of ‘hijacked a religion’. He knows better and is deliberately obfuscating the facts. Whether it is to appear as an honest (ie: ‘not racist’) broker, or because News Corp is now 10% Saudi owned. Perhaps O’Reilly can help– y’know because he’s always ‘Lookin out for the Folks’. What a sham FNC has become.

      • Damaris Tighe

        It’s frightening. With their billions the Saudis can flood the western world with mosques, ultra-conservative imams & sharia schools, & effectively shut down dissent by buying up chunks of western media.


          Err, they already have.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          They also own a significant share of Fox.

        • marko56

          True, more locations to plan their evil deeds and infiltrate when the time comes..Our next president needs to react to such clear and present dangers..

      • DB1954

        So Hannity is a huge friend of Islam? Look, the man is a bit shallow, that doesn’t make him a friend of jihad. Hannity is making all kinds of mistakes in the format of his show. It’s impossible for viewers to learn much when there are 15 to 30 guests all talking at once and in many cases, shouting at each other. I wish he would bring guests on one at a time. I suppose that Hannity wants to keep the discussion lively, but it really doesn’t work for viewers.

        Hannity is a (TV) journalist. I find most of these people are a bit shallow. That’s why I watch Jamie Glazov’s videos. You want in depth analysis of Islam and jihad? You have to go the experts like Jamie. Hannity serves as a conduit to those who have undertaken serious studies of these matters.

        You’ve also not taken into account the fact that Jamie Glazov had only a few seconds to present a subject that requires hours just to explain the basics.

    • Daniel

      This is one of the best replies I have ever read on this forum.
      Your psychological diagnosis of the first two groups is exactly correct and undeniable.
      It is your third category(the one you put Hannity in) that is the most interesting. Narcissism has reached such a height in our culture that a strange phenomenon increasingly exists. Individuals can criticize certain developments BUT you cannot. Hannity is free to make his comments but then he sanctimoniously lectures others about remaining “fair minded”. This creates in his mind a feeling of superiority. This sanctimoniousness is what gives these people a narcissistic mini-god complex.
      We see this all over, including in the so called “conservative” movement. We are seeing a collective mental illness in the West that portends a dying culture.
      Ironically, Mr. Glazov, who comes from the Soviet dissident traditon of his father and other greats such as Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov, is employing the most powerful weapon in existence……TRUTH.
      Glazov, like many Eastern Europeans have lived through their Communist hell and are not bowing down to the political correctness of the West.
      Solzhenitsyn said in the 1980’s…….”To we Russians…..Communism is a dead dog…..but to you Westerners it is still a living lion”.
      I hope the providence that allowed Solzhenitsyn to triumph in the end will infuse Mr. Glazov and protect him in his courageous pursuit.

    • DB1954

      Hannity is promoting the … fiction that “Islam is a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a few radicals ….” ? Huh? If that was true, why would FPM cite him as hosting an “epic battle”? You’ve apparently misinterpreted something Hannity said and gone off the deep end. I hardly think that Hannity is the friend of the evil that is Islam.

      You’ve also taken bits and pieces of what Jamie Glazov said and quoted him here out of context.

      If you’re not a nutcase, you’re probably a leftist troll trying to portray good and decent people as instruments of an evil ideology.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      ConcernedCitizen999, Well said.!!!!! Hannity is a mealy-mouthed, candy-a$$, panty-waisted, lilly-livered coward.

      • nightspore

        Hannity and Fox News in general are the only ones reaching millions of people with any kind of alternative point of view. They’re a hell of a lot more significant than you are. Asinine comments like this come from people who are as narcissistic as anyone in the progressive camp.

    • loulai

      I think Hannity has done a great job showing Islam for a violent political/social/militant global movement. He has done this by the selection of highly critical and articulate guest along with the others who simply apologists.. I would not expect Hannity to loudly call out Islam. Just to preserve his presence on the national scene he must hold back somewhat. But I think he obviously knows the truth and gives his guests such as Geller, Gabriel, and Glazov a national forum which they might otherwise not have.

  • Michael Ackerman

    Dr. Zuhdi Jasser says it is 30-40 % who are radicalized, not 10-15% as always erroneously reported.

    • DB1954

      While I’m sure that Dr. Jasser believes his figures, I think it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to quantify the matter of American Muslims who are radical or radicalized.

    • DavidG

      Studies show about 150M Antisemites in Europe today with the ME countries averaging 90+% of their populations. The only ” moderates” are the ones that don’t have guns just likelike our Commie/” social” democrats. They both lie,manipulate and deceive and why his numbers are totally wrong. I’m lazy, but bet he is an Arab and another lying ” Liberal/Adolf Dr.” and why I especially refuse their shrinks claiming Obama/Liberal Depression from too many guns in America. Don’t forget his fake ” doctors” in white lab coats at his Obamacare kickoff event….

  • ronhd

    Funny how the Left ignores the violence of the radical Islamist. Seems to me that most left/liberal ideologies, are in direct conflict with the Islam. Irony?

    • DB1954

      Maybe the libs ignore it, but the leftists use it to advance their agenda of self-destruction. They hate this country. They always have. Why? Because it’s not and never can be the perfect utopia they are hell-bent to impose on America and the world. They’re of course delusional. They think they’re in control of their jihadist allies, but they’re not.

  • notme123

    islam is satan’s religion, no peace, no moderates. it’s time to open eyes and see it for what it is. no moderates, because those who do not agree with the radicals, are too afraid to do anything, but in the end they will stand with their muslims brothers.

  • http://www.GodAuthoredBible.com geneww1938

    Hannity is wrong if he thinks Islam was highjacked into evil. It was always been extremely evil and originated by Satan. It has just become more obvious to us as that evil is expanding into our turf.
    That is not to say that there may be individuals who are “born Islamic”, have not read the Koran, and may be nice neighbors. But that is the same as there are many who are called “Christians” who have no clue about “Plan Of Salvation” or the “Gospel”.
    If you are not 100% sure of you eternal salvation in heaven, best you find a Bible teaching church or friend !!!

    • DB1954

      Quite frankly, Hannity is simply shallow, and his show format is terrible.

      • Lanna

        All the evening Fox News Shows bring in huge viewership of millions of people, because people want truth…not propaganda….from Greta to Hannity, so get over it!

        • ashlandalso

          Can I get in on the Hannity bashing? That way I can forget at least for a moment what an utter failure the joke residing at 1600 Penn Av. is. What is the definition of a total failure——–Obama you can’t get any closer than that. You coolaid drinkers must be finding it harder to ignore what an absolute liar he is. Obama lies .com if you dare. He is not lying he just miss speaks. What a hoot!!!


        Megyn Kelly is GREAT – smart and good to look at – except when she had some strange hairstyle.

  • Mik Pazula

    I can’t listen to Hannity either, but not for the reasons Concerned Citizen raises. I have no idea why he has succeeded in becoming a celebrated TV host. His lead in questions are almost always “yes” or “no”. For example, his opening question to the two ex-Navy Seals. Something like, Are we seeing an increase in radical Islam? That is not a real question. He pontificates by means of his question and then brings in the experts to support his position. Every once in a while try to listen when the topic seems interesting. Can’t do it.

    • DB1954

      You’re right. Hannity is shallow, but this is the way prime time TV hosts are. His format is awful. How can anyone learn anything on that show when 30 people are all shouting at each other? I watch Jamie Glazov’s videos for in-depth analysis of news. I regard Hannity as merely a conduit for real news.

  • Jake Neuman

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  • Lanna

    Everything that is happening is designed to give Islam more power over Infidels and Jews.

  • Webb

    Wow, you nailed it. Hannity is living under strong delusion. And it is indeed narcissism. http://samvak.tripod.com/narci

    • Daniel

      The funny thing about this is…….Bill O’Reilly is an even more extreme example of this narcissistic god complex syndrome.

      • DavidG

        Nothing but sheer Google stupidity by idiots thinking their shrinks,geopolitical Psychology experts and just more delusions of grander by young,dumb punks. You all keep proving age 26 to vote. You never even watch them and you ” know ” them so well… Yep, keep playing/ ” doing your part” by posting your tiny minds to your tiny screens. Yep, the Draft is your ” fair chance” to keep ” doing the right things” to get your ” fair shot” at your ” fair share” that’s calculated at 34% more than every body else. Yep, get your 5 minutes of TV fame that only costs an Arm and a Leg.

        Me? I’m rearly etired in style from your Obamabuck$ and seeing you soon on my sweet new 65″ LED TV. I’m chomping my Food stamps at Whole Foods for Pate,lobster,crab, espressos and even Caviar so keep doing your job….

        • Daniel

          Is LSD back in style?


    Who is Tamara Holder and why has she been a “pundit” on FNC and Hannity’s radio show for some time now? She brings very little intellectual heft to the table.


      Glazov should have retorted that Tamara Holder is disgusting.

      Tamara Holder slandered Jamie FIRST with that insult.

  • Jacky Treehorn

    The lady that liked calling people digusting said that the girls kidnapped by boko were Muslims too, I thought they were Christian, who’s telling the truth?

  • Miriam

    Hi, people! Most Muslim are terrorists, because of their Quran, that requires from them to join jihad against non believers and kill them in any place and any time.

  • Deagin

    I don’t trust any Muslim “moderate” or not. I don’t understand how anyone who has read the Koran and the Hadith and knows what Mohammad was like can remain a Muslim. Unless they secretly hate Jews and Christians and want to see us dead.

    • marko56

      Please understand Islam is movement for world domination..They are killing Christians, Jews,Hindus and all others that don’t follow their ways and have infiltrated the USA and Europe to alarming numbers..They do not want to live in harmony with others on this small planet..

  • GSR

    Good for Hannity to expose this with his huge audience.

  • KyraNelson

    Can’t help it,. Islam sucks & I DO hate muzzlims

  • Robert Reece

    This needed to be done. There are no such things as “radical muslims” either you are a muslim and believe the Quran and act out on it or you are a fake muslim – This was a great review of the fox news panel discussion- http://redgracemedia.com/redgraceradio-ep8-islam/

  • marko56

    Islam is a terrorist movement that threatens the survival of mankind and their will never be compromise ..Let the Crusades begin…They must be wiped off this earth..

  • DavidG

    Tamera is typical of their air-head/lying females leading their Sharia charge this time around. Their ” party” Platform specifically denies god and they leave Israel off of their maps really says it all about these very same fake ” humanitarians ” that millions died fighting against. So google Congress pending HB 3741 to see their true genocidal intent.

    But you just can’t miss the Pope’s new Ratline deal with the MB for their new ” ChrIslam” as their NWO ” religion ” for all. Yep, they sealed the deal with their fake ” Pallistinian” Parade/Chrade with their Commie Rabbi in tow. It’s why the Pope ” confessed” right after Kerry/Obama at the WH as well. They all promise ” Heaven” yet always deliver “Hell” every time…..Yep, the Church is the Original and biggest Commie/Antisemite using Israel/Jews as their historical false flags ever since their inception as history shows. Just Google the history of Magic and see the ancient coin operated Church as it’s biggest sponsor…..


    Read the Quran and you will know. Quran is here http://www.quranful.com