‘Earthquake’ in the U.K.

635156-1bc4c180-e478-11e3-b327-fc34ef98ae31“An earthquake” is how the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) described what happened Thursday May 22 when all Britain voted to elect its share of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and various parts of the country voted to elect local councils.

While the results of the Euro Elections were not announced until Sunday to wait for the results of the whole European Union, where some countries voted later, the local election results were known immediately, and were pretty much as Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, described them: an earthquake.

In a country with a three-main-party system (Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats), the UKIP became firmly established as the fourth party. It didn’t gain overall control of any local council, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Labour won 338 more councillors than it previously had, the Conservatives were down 231 councillors, the Liberal Democrats took a bashing losing 307, as many as 40 percent of their councillors, and UKIP went from two to an astonishing 163 councillors, turning from a fringe, tiny party into a serious contender for government.

But it was last night, at the European Elections, that UKIP got a real triumph. Not only did it top the polls with more votes than all other parties for the first time in its history, but its victory also marked the first time in which a nationally-held election has not been won by either the Conservative Party or the Labour Party since 1906.

This historical event upsets all the current paradigms of British politics. For a start, it makes it much more difficult to predict future election results, including the 2015 general elections for the British Parliament, the “real” polls that will decide who’s going to govern the UK.

A three-party system is easier to understand and forecast than a four-party one. Without UKIP, Labour might have been cast as the next British government, benefiting from the dissatisfaction from the supposed “cuts” and “austerity” measures that the present coalition of Tories and Lib Dems in government had to enforce to heal at least in part the ruinously irresponsible economy and welfare policies of the past Labour administration.

Something similar happened in other parts of Europe, hence the BBC’s headline, “Eurosceptic ‘earthquake’ rocks EU elections,” in reference to the parallel result of Marine Le Pen’s Front National which won a record victory in France. 

Back in the UK, the Liberal Democrats were almost wiped out from the European Parliament, being left with just one MEP of the 11 they previously had. This is Catherine Zena Bearder, standing in the South East, the largest region in the UK, where my party, one-year-old Liberty GB, got 2494 votes.

These results show a clear shift in public opinion towards a decidedly anti-immigration, anti-European-Union stance.

The reaction of the (previously) three main parties and of the liberal media is interesting because it shows that they simply don’t get it.

They cling to justifications, rationalizations, excuses, pedantic nitpicking, like “it hasn’t been an earthquake because UKIP has no control of a single council” or “it’s just a temporary protest vote. They’ll come back to us.”

The Lib Dems project onto the UKIP’s future what happened to them. The Lib Dems, never genuinely contemplating the possibility of being in government, were ruined by their experience in power, where they didn’t keep their utopian promises to the electorate. In an act of wishful thinking the Lib Dems predict that the same will happen to UKIP.

My favorite is the reaction of Labour. Faithful to their Marxist heritage, they explain everything away with the economy. People on the doorstep tell us that they are not concerned about immigration per se, Labour says, but only about its economic consequences for jobs, wages, housing and so on.

We’ll sort these things out, they continue, the usual Labour way: by wasting more of public money and increasing taxes.

They don’t realize that no people “on the doorstep” will tell any Labour representative that they don’t want immigration for reasons of culture and identity, not just economics, lest they be considered racist by the aforementioned Labour person.

And UKIP took votes from all parties, including Labour, whose traditional base of working-class voters got progressively dissatisfied with it.

People who until now voted for the mainstream establishment parties — and people who didn’t vote at all — have decided to stop being silent and take action by choosing a party that says many of the things they think but cannot express.

We all take great hope and encouragement from this trend.

It took UKIP 20 years from its foundation to get to this point, and it struggled for recognition for a very long time.

There was a time when a vote for UKIP was considered wasted, but it turned out to be instrumental in putting pressure on the Tories on the issue of leaving the European Union. There will be a time when voting for Liberty GB will put pressure on UKIP on the issue of the threat of Britain’s Islamization, on which Farage’s party has so far been persistently silent.

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  • Chris

    Just when we thought that the Brits had completely lost it out they come with the astonishing display of good sense. Well done Nigel. Come on Enza and Paul Wesson let’s see you rip up the traditional half wit voting patterns.

    • hktony

      Chris I think the Brits never lost it, the middle class liberals have always lost it. But you watch as all these liberals start changing sides. They will start telling everyone they always supported the freedom of the UK. The spineless tossers will come out of the wood work. Journos will start admitting they knew it all along. But still some way to go. You’ve got the muslims still there and voting labour. There is a long way to go before we can kick out all muslims and hopefully liberals and tories, in fact all the MPs that turned the UK into a third world state. Good day for freedom for a push back against these liberal traitors and muslim scum!

      • Little_Cossack

        Push back against Left-protofascists Euro-socialism, Islamofascists & Europhile LibLabCon with lapdog media will not last long. For UKIP there is no rest until 2015 election is over to which end Liberty GB is inconsequential.

        • Hktony

          I think you maybe feeling the odumbo effect? But the people of Europe are suffering now. This is what I said people need to suffer and suffer a lot
          before they actually get off there arse and do something. Most aren’t driven by ideological ideas but what is in their pocket. Money and security now for the Brits at least is getting hard. Foreigners take their jobs and Muslims rape their kids. Unlike Sweden the Brits are not Marxists, well except the Labour Party, and the lack of security has woken them. Things are not likely to improve, Muslims continue to demand everything and give nothing, the eu continues to tax and control and offer even less if that’s possible!
          Let’s hope things continue to get worse and Muslims keep being Muslims. People are selfish and I never really liked them so let the suffering continue for the greater good to happen!

  • http://www.chaverimisrael.org Norbert Haag

    A light at the end of the tunnel. At least the Brits seem to wake up to the truth.

    Hope that some more EU countries will follow the lead rather than vote for pseudo-right-wing collectivists like the Golden Dawn and maybe Le Pen’s daughter.

    While UKIP is a party of freedom and personal responsibility, some, so called right wing, parties are no more than a socialist crowd with chauvinist roots.

    So be very careful whom you hail.

    Congrats to UKIP. Stay the course.

    • hktony

      Lets see then. Muslims or Golden Dawn/Le Pen. Think i will take my chances with the Europeans. Why the hell would I ever consider not voting for a party that wants to rid europe of muslims. Yes they are racist and xenophobic, arent muslims?
      You maybe right they maybe far right and scary so are hairy men shouting have a snack bar and running around like complete lunatics waving a knife at me. If they dont cut off my head I will have to pay them a tax or they stop my air supply followed but enslaving my girlfriend and daughetr because they are sex mad. Thank you for you concern but now I know that if ever there is such a dilema I know who to vote for.

  • samuraiajg

    Maybe now they will all vote to dissolve the E.U. which is nothing more than a Tick sucking up Europe’s money and providing Zero results.

  • Lanna

    What does it take to wake people up in the US too???

    • Debbie G

      That is the question of the century.

  • Jakareh

    Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the unelected, tyrannical, banana-straightening, utterly useless bureautocracy properly called the USER—the Union of Soviet European Republics.

  • ratonis

    Now, if they manage to allow Michael Savage, Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller to travel to the U.K. I may yet consider travelling there sometime.

    • Chris

      Speaking as a pom myself I was hugely disappointed and embarrassed when Spencer and Pam Geller were not allowed entry to the UK. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the extremely bright and courageous Rob Spencer some of who’s books I have upon my shelf. As for Pam Geller with a heart that big and such good looks it’s hardly
      a wonder that the Brit-femo dominated political and media scene didn’t want her in. She would have shown them all up on performance alone. Aye, it going to be a long hard slog back to something approaching normal.

      • Hktony

        I don’t care for odumbo and many other Americans does that mean I shouldn’t go to America. Surely there are nice Americans too! And as an English person it’s offensive to think all British people are anti Robert et al.

  • Oriac

    How many votes did Liberty GB get? Could not find anything on their website.

    • Little_Cossack

      Nada, Zilch, run by a disgruntled fallen away UKIP member who was overlooked for candidacy due to his extremely narrow, overly eccentric views which given the EU MediaDem enhanced cross-party Euracism Campaign, the mainstream LibLabCon Europhile press would have had even more fodder to hurl at UKIP if Paul Weston were still in UKIP. Thank God he’s gone, into oblivion, unworthy of citing. See my response to Enza Ferrerri’s misguided pro-Liberty GB biased article. How she could hoodwink @FPmag to print her article is amazing. She was a 2014 standing candidate for that party.

      • Hktony

        I though he was a good guy with a heart in the right place! He had principles and stood by them. Principles those things that often lead people to hate you but ultimately separate the brave from the weak! Even if he lost, so what. I remember his honesty and that’s worth something! I am pretty sure if Robert spencer stood for election in the USA he would be jailed . But that doesn’t matter he has principles, unlike the politicians such as read and pelosi but to mention two horrors from USA politics! Paul is a winner even though he lost. Cannot buy principles. Cannot negotiate with honesty! Well done Paul!

        • Little_Cossack

          There is a saying: ‘For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice.’ Paul Weston & his Liberty GB group consistently evaded my tweets concerning Eurosceptic priority to unify for the most important goal ⚊ to exit the EU ⚊ from which all other Eurosceptic related fiscal, social & foreign policy/defence policies follow. It was like talking to people who can’t see the big picture, can’t see past the end of their collective noses in similar groupthink fashion to Lyndon LaRouche’s cult following. Liberty GB priorities put the cart before the horse. Paul Weston & his followers utter contempt for UKIP is very unnatural, seemingly egotistical, one of those ‘too many chiefs & not enough Indians’ scenarios. All UK & European Eurosceptics should unite to exit Left-protofascist EU Euro-socialism. To single out other issues associated with that is counterproductive to the goal.

          • chris

            For many of us who subscribe to the general views of the fabulous FPMagazine, there is the enemy within and the enemy without. In the UK and Euroland the enemy within are, in part the the EU., as well as the MSM and assorted trash like the established self seeking politicos. The enemy without are the Isalamicists. I tend to think that that the bigger threat is is from the latter as they are intent on cutting my frigging head off.

          • Little_Cossack

            Will you boycott Lloyds Bank for their expanding preferential policies to Muslim customers? What will you do to halt sharia applied in British courts?
            Point is there are so many regulations multiplying from the EU there is only one way to stop the hemorrhage of lost control & that is to exit the EU.
            Islamic agenda in UK & throughout the world can only be effectively challenged by sovereign nations. Islamofascism emanates from petro-Islam wealth which buys PR firms, politicians, media, even Twitter’s two primary pre-IPO investors were a Saudi prince & a Russian. I would also contend these financiers contribute to the funding of multicultural secular progressive groups to aid Islamification.
            I just can’t see any proactive result that can come from glorifying Paul Weston & Liberty GB.

          • chris

            “I just can’t see any proactive result that can come from glorifying Paul Weston & Liberty GB.” Well I can.

            Paul W was arrested for merely quoting Churchill’s very perceptive comments on Islam in his book ‘The River War’. Winnie knew Islam from the campaign in Sudan against the mad Mahdi and also from his trips to the local market in India where he was spat upon for the sin of being white. Paul’s arrest, which you can see on video, brings sharply into focus the state of play in the UK vis a vis the Islamic threat and the British authorities’ spineless kowtowing to it. . Thanks Paulie for sticking yer neck out.

          • Little_Cossack

            Desperate for attention during the campaign, Paul Weston, as the following video points out, looked pathetic speaking to nothing but empty cars through a bullhorn in front of a public building where he had no license or permit to demonstrate & the volume was disruptive to office workers. His arrest had nothing to do with the content of Churchill’s message Weston read verbatim.

            Notice how Weston evades answering how many people were gathered. A completely drummed up fake event that he said was over in 3 minutes with NOBODY LISTENING. ► http://youtu.be/HQzV_-latew

            Weston is no martyr. You sound like one of his Lyndon LaRouche type cult followers. Paul Weston is a fallen away UKIP’er, a fraud who only aspires to be the big chief. I have no sympathy for you or any Liberty GB groupthink conceit.

          • LindaRivera

            Britons must have the right to free speech! If we want to quote Winston Churchill, our hero, in public, we should be able to do that without being arrested.

            LONG LIVE FREEDOM!

          • Joe D.I.R.T.

            Yup, just get a permit to demonstrate at that location or go to Hyde Park Corner & stand on a soap box. But then, intent was to drum up free publicity. That arrest got a bit of news time here in USA. I’d been aggravated if my office window was right by his bellowing through a bull horn to empty cars.

          • LindaRivera

            I listened to the video. Mr. Weston could no way be described as bellowing. Not that loud at all. I note you have a major problem with free speech when people have political beliefs that are different from yours.

            LONG LIVE FREEDOM!

          • Joe D.I.R.T.

            Utter rubbish! The video was shot from a considerable distance then zoomed in. The volume was loud in close proximity to the bull horn. I used to carry a $150,000.00 Ikegami camera on my shoulder having worked in live & pre-taped TV production. You are so disingenuous.
            You wear a hideous mask & have no clue about survival or freedom.

          • LindaRivera

            A mask? How hypocritical. Unlike you, I have never sought to hide my identity. You also conceal your internet activity on Disqus. I don’t conceal my Disqus activity. I have NOTHING to conceal! Have a nice day!

            LONG LIVE FREEDOM! Long Live the Free World!

          • Joe D.I.R.T.

            Utter rubbish.

          • LindaRivera

            Joe D.I.R.T.: To set the record straight. I’m a Liberty GB member. Getting out of the EVIL MONSTER known as the EU is a Liberty GB top priority. My other comment to you giving UKIP membership requirements bars patriotic Brits from membership in UKIP.

          • Joe D.I.R.T.

            Is this Paul Weston timeline wrong? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Weston_(politician)

        • LindaRivera

          Hello Hktony, Patriotic Brits who are against muslim
          colonisation, islamisation and sharia are barred from membership in UKIP. Paul Weston was in British Freedom as was I. (the patriotic British Freedom Party no longer exists). As a patriotic Briton desperately worried for my country I am barred from UKIP membership.
          Muslims are welcomed by UKIP to run for elections for UKIP. I’m now a member of Liberty GB.

          By applying for membership of UKIP, I agree: *
          To abide by the UKIP Constitution and the Terms and Conditions of Membership (available here). I am not and have never been a member of the British National Party, National Front, British Freedom Party, British People’s Party, English Defence League, Britain First or the UK First Party. UKIP reserves the right to reject applications or terminate memberships if these criteria are not met.

      • LindaRivera

        One of UKIP’s muslim candidates, Farooq, Ummer, advertised with a statement saying: ‘Stop Racism’. Telling you to vote UKIP and ‘Make a Real Difference’. The difference UKIP have in mind is to make Islam even more powerful!!!

        OUT OF THE EU NOW!

  • Little_Cossack

    I am not surprised given the leanings of FP mag the shear ignorance of this article’s final statement: “…There will be a time when voting for Liberty GB will put pressure on UKIP on the issue of the threat of Britain’s Islamization, on which Farage’s party has so far been persistently silent.”

    Liberty GB is a go nowhere bunch of fallen away UKIP members who place priority on issues which are secondary to the primary issue from which vast majority of others emanate & that is exiting the EU. Until then, not much can be done to reverse multicultural trends tied to EU policies imposed on the UK.

    Liberty GB evades reply to the following tweets:

    Apr 28 Disingenuous fallen away #Ukip-pers ➖ @MacGregor72 @jackbuckby @paulwestonlibgb @Liberty_GB ➖ @UKIP 2014 Manifesto Priority #6 covers Islam.

    Apr 29 @MacGregor72 @jackbuckby @Liberty_GB Is fallen away #Ukip-per @paulwestonlibgb desperate 4 attention speaking 2 cars? http://youtu.be/HQzV_-latew

    Author of this article is disingenuous in her final words. UKIP is not silent on Islamic issues and she knows it. Please view the following excerpts from the 2014 UKIP LOCAL MANIFESTO which address ‘Tackling Mass Immigration’ to include Islamic issues: ► http://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/themes/5308a93901925b5b09000002/attachments/original/1397750311/localmanifesto2014.pdf?1397750311

    6. Fighting crime and anti-social behaviour
    Britain’s communities suffer from an unacceptable level of crime and anti-social
    behaviour. We should overhaul the system to make sentences meaningful,
    rehabilitate offenders, deport foreign criminals, free up the police from excessive
    form-filling and tackle nuisance neighbours and anti-social behaviour.

    Safer Communities: Keep real police officers on the beat and stop the
    scrapping of front-line police jobs. Adopt a zero tolerance approach to anti-social
    behaviour and crack down on nuisance neighbours.

    Whether UKIP decides to specifically name Islamic issues in it’s upcoming 2015 UKIP NATIONAL ELECTION MANIFESTO is irrelevant. Islamification is currently one element included in 2014 UKIP LOCAL ELECTIONS MANIFESTO. Regardless, taking back control of Britain from the EU must precede addressing Islamic immigration, integration, assimilation and expulsion currently under control by the EU.

    No Border ● No Control ● No Nation
    “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.” – Ronald Reagan

    • Chris

      Paul Wesson’s heart is in the right place. And it’s a big heart too. God bless him. Cut back on the nit picking, man. Paulo W is walking on the right side of the road.

      • Little_Cossack

        Then if Paul Weston wishes to be proactive, he should be walking with UKIP as should Conservative Eurosceptics Daniel Hannen & the like.

        • LindaRivera

          Please don’t give out wrong info. Patriotic Brits who are against muslim colonisation, islamisation and sharia are barred from membership in UKIP. Paul Weston was in British Freedom as was I. (the patriotic British Freedom Party no longer exists). As a patriotic Briton desperately worried for my country I am barred from UKIP membership. Muslims are welcomed by UKIP to run for elections for UKIP.

          By applying for membership of UKIP, I agree: *
          To abide by the UKIP Constitution and the Terms and Conditions of Membership (available here).
          I am not and have never been a member of the British National Party, National Front, British Freedom Party,
          British People’s Party, English Defence League, Britain First or the UK First Party.

          UKIP reserves the right to reject applications or terminate memberships if these criteria are not met.

          • Joe D.I.R.T.

            Don’t mislead readers with your erroneous chronology. Fallen away UKIP member & UKIP candidate Paul Weston’s background can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Weston_(politician)

          • LindaRivera

            Paul Weston was at one time in the UKIP, a well-known fact, not important to bring up. What is IMPORTANT is the information I gave that’s on the UKIP site and the link to UKIP membership that bars patriotic Brits. I also gave information that is on the site with the link for MEP Sarah Ludford. The information she gives on her site is very important and a big concern for all patriotic Britons.

          • Joe D.I.R.T.

            What patriotic Brits? All I see is eccentric wannabes with a jealous streak a mile long. To elude to being the only or more patriotic is psychotic. You attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill. Of course, with rabid LibLabCon media out to demonize UKIP at every turn, UKIP is entitled to screen prior background of member applicants. There’s a lot of radical loony tunes & in my estimation that includes Liberty GB. Now be a good little girl & leave me alone.

    • LindaRivera

      A top priority of Liberty GB is to get out of the EU. Farage/UKIP refuse to defend British culture, the Golden Rule and our superior Western civilisation. These vital things are under massive attack from Islam, the Left and LibLabCon.

      Tory and UKIP MEPs fail to condemn female genital mutilation. 11
      December 2013. Lynne Featherstone MP and Liberal Democrat European human rights spokeswoman Sarah Ludford MEP have strongly condemned Conservatives MEPs who voted against or abstained in a European Parliament vote today on condemning the disgraceful practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

      Four Conservative MEPs – Marta Andreasen, Nirj Deva, Sajjad Karim and Timothy Kirkhope – voted against the motion to condemn FGM, and several UKIP and Conservative MEPs including Nigel Farage abstained.

      Lynne Featherstone commented: “It is deeply shocking that so many
      Tory and UKIP MEPs today refused to condemn female genital mutilation.” http://www.sarahludfordmep.org.uk/node/2329

      FGM is an intensely painful female-destroying muslim attack that leaves their victims in physical agony. Some victims die. The victims suffer life-long health problems.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Celebrating PC multiculturalism and diversity in essence is the celebration of the destruction of traditional American culture and values and traditional British culture and values. Yet no one says they don’t celebrate diversity, because to do so is considered a form of racism and at the same time will garner one much shame. It’s amazing what the impact of cultural communism has had on our societies. It’s also more than a little insane.

    The Left is now in the process of imposing the same PC paradigm where illegal immigration is concerned.