What’s Next for Britain?

ukipAfter an earthquake, we gather the pieces hurled and scattered all over the place by the magnitude of the event, put them together and reconstruct. This is precisely the situation Britain finds itself in after last week’s momentous elections.

The big question in British politics now is who is going to win the 2015 General Elections for the British Parliament, which will produce the majority to form the new government.

The local and European elections were much anticipated and the outcome has been analyzed at length. The elections are supposed to give an idea of the next occupant of 10 Downing Street, the British Prime Minister’s residence.

But the new four-main-party-system that the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has introduced by storm makes these predictions much more complicated. UKIP has been the nightmare of pollsters and number crunchers, who admit defeat in appraising the current situation — and more importantly, admit that predicting the future will be much more difficult.

Without UKIP, it would be relatively easy to forecast next year’s results. If, as is often the case, on May 22 the incumbent party in government had fared badly and the opposition well, it would be seen as a sign that it’s time for the usual reversal of roles between them.

But now the Labour Party in opposition, although electorally performing better than the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in the government coalition, has also hemorrhaged a stream of votes to UKIP. Therefore its percentage in the polls is not much higher than the Tories, which does not indicate a safe Labour victory in 2015.

On the other hand, most votes for UKIP have come from the Conservatives (Prime Minister David Cameron’s party). This means that these two parties of the Right will be forced to share votes in the General Elections as well, thus reducing the Tories’ chances to win. But by how much we don’t know, because a certain number of people who voted for UKIP at the European Elections won’t do so when it comes to electing the UK Parliament and deciding the next Prime Minister.

It may seem appropriate to choose UKIP, a party that is largely one-issue (leaving the European Union) at the Euro polls, but from the national government many voters, albeit sympathetic to party Leader Nigel Farage’s views, want something more. These voters are interested in a wide range of issues that affect their lives, such as the economy, education, health, crime, welfare, housing, employment, and so on. It’s difficult to know how many will desert UKIP for the Tories next year.

The three main parties, Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats — often placed in the same bracket and derisively called “LibLabCon” to indicate that what they have in common is much more significant than their differences, giving the electorate no real choice – likely do not understand the message of the recent election.

In order to do so they would have to change what they are to become something completely different. All their aims and policies are predicated on carrying on as usual, offering the country more of the same, the only difference being in degree. Yesterday it was recognition of same-sex civil unions, today the law on same-sex marriage. Today it’s racist to quote Churchill’s anti-Islam words, tomorrow it will be racist to describe a pet as “a black cat with a bit of white.”

Incidentally, many votes were lost by the Conservatives to UKIP because of the Tory Prime Minister David Cameron’s insistence on making homosexual marriage legal.

All the three main parties are egalitarian and strict followers of political correctness. They vilify people for legitimate concerns over where the country is headed, explicitly or implicitly calling them names. They never stop to wonder whether people might be right; at most they express sympathy, understanding and “concern” for how people feel, not so subtly implying that those feelings are irrational and based on false perceptions, whereas reality is what the business of politics is all about so those feelings should be disregarded.

The following voter account sums up the reasons why many voted UKIP:

Despite all of this, I will vote UKIP at the Euro-elections, and there are two main reasons for this: first, that I wish to carry the message, very strongly, to the LibLabCon alliance that they do not have a right to be in government, they do not have a right to power—something that Labour and Conservatives have, I think, utterly forgotten (leading inexorably to a corruption almost as total as the Republicans and Democrats in Washington).

Some pundits frequently note that UKIP’s voters are mostly men, over 50 and blue collar. Implicit in this announcement is the view that such demographics should say a lot about UKIP, specifically how bad it must be if it attracts predominantly people of this despicable sort.

It’s reminiscent of the media in the US and elsewhere, which at the time of the presidential elections were highlighting how Mitt Romney was disproportionately preferred by men, with the same ominous implications of backwardness and “uncoolness.”

That London is not part of the UK any more, due to its strong immigrant and Muslim presence, and is becoming increasingly so, was confirmed once again by the last vote pattern.

London is the only region where UKIP is still struggling, whereas Labour is doing fine. Immigrants in general and Muslims in particular tend to vote for the Labour Party, which has opened wide the doors of the country to them when in government, is overgenerous in its welfare policies for everyone, and is favorable to Islam to the point of distraction.

This is only one of several cases in which the Muslim vote has shaped European politics in recent times. In some cases it’s proved decisive: the analysis of various groups’ votes showed that, without Muslims in France, former French President Nicholas Sarkozy would have won — the election of socialist Francois Hollande as President was determined by the followers of Islam.

What does the future hold for UKIP and for Britain?

The UKIP will try to get its first Member of the British House of Commons elected this June 5 to fill the seat of MP Patrick Mercer, who recently resigned.

European UKIP representatives, including Farage, have said that at the General Elections of 2015 they’ll target and concentrate their efforts particularly on those constituencies where they already have councillors or have done well in the local elections. They say that this has been the successful strategy of the Lib Dems, who have been in a similar position of being outsiders in the past.

In the long term, Farage aims to repeat the destruction of Canada’s Conservative Party two decades ago, when the rebel Right-wing Reform Party, that many compare to UKIP itself, caused another political earthquake.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Farage said that a Canadian-style Tory meltdown “could happen” in Britain. Canada’s century-old ruling Conservative Party was destroyed overnight in the country’s 1993 election by the populist, low-tax Reform Party, which had been called “racist, sexist and homophobic,” some of the epithets thrown at UKIP, along with the “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” that PM Cameron used for UKIP supporters. According to Farage:

The split in Canada’s Centre Right enabled the Liberals, Canada’s equivalent of our Labour Party, to take power.

But after ten years of infighting, the Reform revolution succeeded. The Canadian Alliance, a merger of Reform with the ruins of Canada’s old-style Tories, led to former Reform official Stephen Harper becoming Prime Minister in 2006.

Farage compared attacks on himself to those on Reform Party leader:

‘They called him a Right-wing extremist, a nutter, away with the fairies, he’ll never get anywhere and what happens? They won one by-election, a schoolmistress way out West, who resisted every bribe and temptation to rejoin the Conservative Party.

‘Now you have a Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who was first elected on a Reform ticket, as were half the Cabinet.

‘Don’t think this can’t happen here. The public want something different. We are catalysing a big change in British politics on fundamental issues that have been brushed under the carpet and ignored by a completely out-of-touch career political class for too long.’

In all this euphoria, we mustn’t forget UKIP’s limitation, first of all that the party’s not opposed to Islam. In fact, it even has British parliamentary candidates who openly advocate Sharia law, like Dean Perks:

“Sharia law, in my opinion, works as a prevention. And prevention is better than cure. If you think you’re going to get your hands chopped off for pinching something, you won’t pinch it.”

A UKIP council candidate who tweeted that Islam is “evil” was suspended from the party. Farage distanced himself from his own immigration spokesman, Gerard Batten, who had proposed a special code of conduct in the form of a charter calling on Muslims to accept equality, reject violence and accept the need to modify the Quran, which Muslims had to sign. And in public speeches the UKIP leader is careful to limit his comments on Islam to politically correct ones.

Even more tellingly, membership of UKIP is forbidden to current or even previous members of the English Defense League and other groups who are outspoken on the Islamisation of Britain and dare hinder it.

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  • Hktony

    Ukip may end up as you imply, becoming more Muslim friendly whilst perhs getting a referendum . This will not stop the problem of Muslims in the uk! I am not sure farage can deliver the freedom man Ukip voters want which is not just the eu issue but Islam under control! They have shown their colors by censoring a tweet. So they also believe in censoring supporters opinions. Very poor start and their gains will be wed out if supporters see this happening too many times.

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  • JohnPalestine

    The best thing is to ban all emigration from the UK until they are able to investigate and control all of their Muslim terrorists. Especially those who are living off welfare and pimping white girls to other Muslims. Of course I would delight in seeing the Queen crawl on all fours while begging – in Arabic – to go to the water closet. UK is the source of so much awful history: wars, invasions, the Depression, brutality to African peoples and more wars and invasions. BAN ALL EMIGRATION FROM THAT MISERABLE GREY ISLAND.

    • Mark Gullick

      You must be a genuine pleasure to know in private life.

      • Johnny Palestine

        Well thank you. This is the truth you do not wish to know. i doubt you own any gold nor silver and worship Republicans. As a result you are doomed.

        • Joe D.I.R.T.


          • Johnny Palestine

            (New York Times, June 3, 1930, page 32) AND CAUSING



            WORLD’S FINANCES”

          • Johnny Palestine

            Lord Irwin, then British Viceroy of

            India, proceeded to oversee the melting and dumping of Indian silver rupees on the world market by the hundreds of millions of ounces, crashing the silver price to an all time historical low of 24.5 cents per ounce in February 1931, triggering the Great Depression by wiping out the majority of the buying power of India and the Far East and China, to whom American industry could no longer export goods, throwing millions of workers out of jobs and into the freezing cold in wintertime, forcing Mexican silver mine workers to choose banditry as the only alternative to starvation after their government couldn’t send in enough corn they could subsist on.

          • kikorikid

            You asswipe! How many Brits died in the Silver
            mines of Potosi? How many? Don’t lecture
            on who knows what about history. You don’t,

          • Johnny Palestine

            The British were inhuman to all those they conquered.

          • Joe D.I.R.T.

            With such fantasy comes instability. Has lithium been prescribed for your condition?

          • Johnny Palestine

            All you can do is post insults. You are all unfit for an historical debate. You are ALL ignorant. I feel sorry for your children and grandchildren you would gladly burn for the Union Jack.

            Soon as that island ceases to be
            The better we shall be

          • Drakken

            The Brits will be there long after you inbred wetbacks eat your children.

          • Johnny Palestine

            I am not a wetback as u so crudely say. I just despise the British. Nobody has the guts nor acumen to debate my point. The British have a date with karma. This time their betters are aiming the gun at them. Good Show!!

          • Drakken

            You and historical knowledge in the same sentence is an oxymoron. If it wasn’t for us Europeans, you would still be sacrificing people and eating their hearts dumbazz, your welcome.

          • Joe D.I.R.T.

            Take your lithium like a good little psychopath.

          • Johnny Palestine

            The British were vile against the people of India, Africa and attempted to plunder Cartagena but they failed.

            May 1741. If they succeeded Colombia would be named British Colombia of her Royal Majesty.

          • Drakken

            Columbia would have run far better had the Brits ran things there, instead you inbreds are running a narco-democracy.

          • Hktony

            Johnny, Johnny 220000 people die every year due to Islam. That is “Per year” of its 1400 year history. Every country has had a poor history at some point but the koran encourages killing, death and slavery TODAY and everyday! I keep the reply short because I know you won’t read it and if you do you will dispute the figures and claim victim hood! If these terrible things by Britain and the west are so bloody terrible and you hate it so much get off this technology it’s western and probably hurt some Muslim. Design your own cars, planes, phones and computers. Dig up your own oil. O sorry you cannot without those terrible westerners. Too busy complaining about the west whilst 50% of all Muslim countries are illiterate! Of course it’s the wests fault or the Jews! Do you know how terrible it sounds to hear people complain about being the victim then to see them treat weaken people like shit? No? Take a look at any Islamic country!

          • UCSPanther

            And so were the Spanish and the Belgians. Your point?

          • Drakken

            Funny how the world hummed along when the Europeans ran things isn’t it, and here you are wetback, from the 3rd world, crying like a little girl, that you didn’t get your cookie.

          • kikorikid

            The brutality of Islam is what is “inhuman”.
            The Brits, in the delusion of Empire, sought
            to bring “infrastructure” to “Colonies” around
            the world. After they left, most countries
            benefitted by these improvements. They had to
            leave because the “Emperial” boot was too heavy
            on the People. A great many Brits still think of
            Americans as “Colonist”. fantasy.

        • BagLady

          I own a bit of gold and silver and worship neither party. Am I missing some valuable info here?

    • Saxon Warrior

      Your name says it all – ignorant,misguided and clueless. You’ve also proved what a disgusting lowlife you are with your comment.
      You obviously hate Britain. Why? The crusades probably still hit a nerve when you hear about them, and you’ve never got over the British Empire which forced every Muslim to bow down to the superiority of the Christian faith.
      The truth is, Islam is destined to fail and the Palestinians are doomed to oblivion. That’s a truth that you can’t handle, knowing one day that God will destroy the false religion of Islam and send Allah to Hell where he belongs.
      Leave this site and take your sore-loser attitude with you Mr. Palestine!

    • BagLady

      Of course I would delight in seeing the Queen crawl on all fours while begging – in Arabic – to go to the water closet ”

      Perhaps you should have a little respect for one of the most hardworking women ever. She has never put a foot wrong in her entire reign. She represents ‘Great Britain’ like no other leader could and could teach everyone much about good manners and diplomacy.

      • Johnny Palestine

        WOW!! I am exposing the morons on this site. David Horowitz must be laughing or crying.

        Good manners? Diplomacy? She is the queen of theives. The beginning was when Francis Drake attacked the Spanish Armada to steal gold and silver. The British invaded land after land to steal riches, language and resources. Even the word British is foreign. The British were brutal in India, Africa and China. What gave them the right to occupy Palestine?

        The British invented the concept of a central bank that is the source of all of the massive debt by the USA.

        Everybody wants to come to America to usurp it. The USA is a bankrupt colossus on one hand and a blessed country on the other. Many non Americans know that it is a bankrupt colossus.

        The Americans will deny it to the end. In all due respect, Russia and China know it that is why they are purchasing all the gold and silver they can.

        • BagLady

          The British invented the concept of a central bank that is the source of all of the massive debt by the USA.”

          I think the original concept of banking has changed somewhat, eh?

          We always judged our wealth in terms of weight of gold. Our problems began when we chose to flog it off to the highest bidder and rely on fairyland. We are now driven to find new actual benchmarks. At this moment in time Wall Street has stooped to messing with the value of the very basic foodstuffs that sustain the very poorest among us.

          • Johnny Palestine

            No the original concept has not changed at all. You are posting drivel. Accept it. Our currencies are worth less than toilet paper

          • zoomie

            arguing with a pig in mud is never an intelligent activity

          • Drakken

            It’s a macho Columbian thing, smack them with a stick and it cures them of their foolish notions.

        • Drakken

          God Save the Queen, maybe your Spanish forbears should have been better at keeping their gold then huh sparky? To the victors go the spoils.

          • Johnny Palestine

            GSTQ??? She is a burden to us. The British are responsible for so much evil in the world as are the American elites. Name one country outside of Europe and Japan the Americans turned into a Democracy after bombing the crap out of it.

        • JAMES

          time to go to bed little johnny

    • Drakken

      Piss off you goddamn wetback, your just jealous that your from a sh*thole 3rd world country, maybe we can get the Spanish to recolonize you inbreds and actually run your country right again.

  • Pepe Turcon

    Ukip more than a solution is a consequence of failure and by just being they have already started a wake up call together in the world with the Tea Party in the USA.
    This is the same consciousness that saw in Nazi Germany a threat and acted and died all over the world so we here can write these lines. It’s time to do it once more and it is happening, thanks God.

  • Aurelius

    This is a very important story. While UKIP is a step in the correct direction, in reality it is only a baby step. We in the West cannot seem to come to grips with how civilizations and societies work, how they are maintained, and what things lead to their dissolution and eventual destruction. We don’t even like to think, let alone talk, about it.

    What is going on in the West has been described by some as murder while others insist it is suicide. One thing we can agree on though is that our societies are coming unraveled. We’ve violated too many of the principles required for our continued existence.

    • BagLady

      One thing is certain. We can’t turn back the clock. The damage Thatcher, Blair and his cronies have done is irreparable. The most we can hope for is to stem the devastating flow of poor, ill-educated third world people who know nothing of maps but know only that they will receive an huge income for doing absolutely nothing. The more children they produce, the more the income increases and Health and Safety demands that there must be a maximum of two per bedroom. Bedroom? What is a bedroom?

      Very iffy educational establishments have been allowed to spring up all over the country. For every foreign ‘student’ enrolled on the books, the ‘college’ is rewarded with +$6000. Hundreds of thousands of these so called students have vanished into the underworld.

      Cameron’s government continues to promise to tighten the system but it doesn’t appear to be on the real agenda of The New World Order.

  • Joe D.I.R.T.

    To suit himself, Nigel Farage has progressively taken a libertarian bender. The only reason conservatives have voted UKIP is because of the paramount importance of backing the only party whose mission it is to exit the European Union. Other than that, on fiscal, social & foreign policy/defence issues UKIP is whole hog libertarian because it is best suited to Farage’s substance abuse lifestyle. It is a myth to think UKIP’s “Traditional Values – Forward Thinking” sticker applies to True Conservative values.

    Lots more British people would follow Nigel Farage & UKIP if he would only detox, rehab & get on a fitness program. “What wife doesn’t complain” was Farage’s CLASSIC ALCOHOLIC retort utterly disregarding & dismissing his wife Kirsten’s “Nigel drinks & smokes too much” red flag remark last week.




    For the future it might be better to compare Nigel Farage to the mayor of Toronto than any Canadian political party. My main concern is whether Farage can prevent another LBC interview car crash going down the stretch in the 2015 general election if he remains on his current lifestyle course. Like any good alcoholic would, Farage wrote off his car crash at the hand of LBC’s James O’Brien to being “TIRED”. NO, NIGEL, YOU HIT THE ALCOHOL & NICOTINE WALL A WEEK BEFORE THE 2014 LOCAL & EUROPEAN ELECTION !!! HOW MANY VOTES WERE LOST BY THAT IRRESPONSIBLE DISPLAY?
    As a UKIP member, I just can’t see how UKIP can hold it together going into the 2015 general election if Nigel Farage continues on his current lifestyle avoiding detox, rehab & fitness plan. In other words UKIP policies will resemble the man & severely underachieve unless the man acknowledges his addictions & strives to become accountable & sober where viewers won’t see any more on the telly Nigel’s molars floating under influence of alcohol. The biggest danger in the UK 2015 general election is an un-rehabilitated substance abusing Nigel Farage.

  • Spencer Warren

    UKIP is a one-issue party: anti-EU. It doesn’t seem interested in how Islam is colonizing Britain or in mass immigration.

  • Johnny Palestine

    Britain deserves all the hate of the world for their financial crimes and piratic crimes against humanity.

    Britain is a source for the 1812 War, WW1 and WW2 and so on.

    I am not a Muslim but I know history. Read of the failed invasion of Cartagena in May 1741. Am I now a Latino?

    Neville Chamberlain purposely acted so ensuring the invasion of Poland. Am I now a Pole? I am guided by history and this site is full of brain dead England worshipping fools who will gladly fight for that miserable island. I say to thee, allow it to sink into the sea of Islam as a recompense for their dastardly deeds.

    What land did the British invade in this day in history to steal jewels, documents, women and gold?

    The Britis expelled Les Acadiens. Am I now a Quebecois?

    • Softly Bob

      WWI was caused by Germany, so was World War II. You are a revisionist moron, just like all the other misguided scumbags that belong your ilk. Even your name suggests that you’re an insipid piece of crap.
      I personally don’t care about your evil little opinions. I’ve heard crap from morons like yourself before. Anybody who fights in wars, you see as a perpetrator because you’re unable to distinguish between aggressors and defenders. Your lies will be your undoing. You’re not fit to lick my boots.

      • Johnny Palestine

        Ww1 and WW2 were both british inspired events. The british influenced Versailles Treaty enraged the Germans as the british knew it would.

        British elites are evil. For this reason Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi. He thought it would be cool.

        Britain caused the Depression. A horrific event established by none other than Earl I of Halifax.

        Are the Anglos so devoid of a brain that they can no longer debate?

    • BagLady

      Neville Chamberlain purposely acted so ensuring the invasion of Poland.
      Am I now a Pole? I am guided by history and this site is full of brain
      dead England worshipping fools who will gladly fight for that miserable
      island. I say to thee, allow it to sink into the sea of Islam as a
      recompense for their dastardly deeds.”

      Simple answer darling. Stay out of my country.

      PS. You shame my Palestinian friends, Troll.

      • Johnny Palestine

        I would never go to your disgusting island. Enjoy your Palestinian friends in your rickety apartment


        Simple answer piggy. Stay in your failed state.

        You want to destroy your country, fine with me – and don’t come begging for help.

      • Drakken

        You must mean arab friends don’t you? No such thing as Palestine or Palestinian.

  • BagLady

    You only have to look at the recent demographic map of the UK to see the problem. It had nothing to do with racism, integration nor multiculturalism. It was all to do with money and the New World Order.

    There has always been an undulating graph of migration figures that have kept the UK’s identity as the ‘quaint mother country’ with lots of personal space.

    Margaret Thatcher started it but Blair took it to totally new levels. Cameron has made no effort whatsoever to stem the flow.

    Logically, there can be but one conclusion. The New World Order controls both sides and has decreed that we, the little people, must now share our erstwhile personal space with strangers.

    It won’t work or course. It would take a few generations before we could stand such an elementary loss. Westerners have been known to go crazy when their personal space has been reduced to inches. Correct me if I’m wrong but, in Hindi there is no word for ‘privacy’.

  • zoomie

    “These voters are interested in a wide range of issues that affect their lives, such as the economy, education, health, crime, welfare, housing, employment, and so on. ”

    doesn’t make much difference if you don’t have a country, does it ?

  • Johnny Palestine

    heck out this page – photos of these distinguished weasels who have ruined so many lives. All based in the UK: Not one Jew in the bunch.



    Damned if do damned if you don’t. The U.K. must change direction some how.
    But I fear it is too late.

    • Johnny Palestine

      It is too late. Britain is being colonized.

  • kikorikid

    The three main Parties use Clinton’s, “I feel your pain” tactic,
    while causing it.

  • kikorikid

    Softly Bob carry big stick.

  • Viva

    First we’ll take EU out of the equation (UKIP)
    Then we’ll destroy Islamist ideologues.